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The Alexander Chronicles Year 4: The Rise of the Darkness
Daphne G. & Harry P. & OC & Sirius B. - Words: 259,251 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Romance - Chapters: 38 - Reviews: 85 - Updated: 07-07-2017 - Published: 01-10-2014 - Complete - by the22nddoctor (FFN)

The Alexander Chronicles Year 4: The Rise of the Darkness

Chapter 2: The Forgotten Past

First of all a big thanks to those who have reviewed and added my story.

A little warning this chapter is very dark, and there is some violence in it, it might to a little too much, but I think it was important for the story.

If you don´t want to read it, then skip Alex´s dream and the last part of the chapter.

Anyway please enjoy the chapter.

"But Alex you file should be here, everybody has a file in here." Blaise exclaimed.

"Yeah, they do if you know where to look."

"But your file should be under Bonteri right? I mean no wait if he isn´t your real dad then"

"I have never been a Bonteri by blood, only by adoption. I just assumed that my file would be under here since it said Bonteri on my Hogwarts letter. "

"No, the Hogwarts letter uses the surname you use, so if I were to change my name then the letter would change as well, but this magical only changes if you are blood adopted by someone. I daubt you mother would have use a blood adoption with a muggle."

"Alex nodded, "no I think it was just a normal muggle one."

"Okay, so the muggle isn´t your father then, we have no way of finding it. I mean your mother´s file have been sealed, since she is in Azkaban." There was a small pause in which Blaise appeared to be thinking. Alex watched his friend with curiosity.

"Wait I got it," Blaise said, "you said you had an idea about who you real dad is?"

Alex nodded," I do, but what is your point?"

"That the file will be under that name."

Alex nodded, "Yeah it should be there, then it is the Bl section."

"The Bl section? Just who is your father?"

"You will see in a moment." "Alex said. Blaise sighed and followed Alex all the way back to the beginning of the aisle and then moved to the Bl section, and down to the Bla.

"Wait Bla – it is not Black is it?"

Alex nodded "I think it is." He said as he opened the cabinet, and began searching for the Blacks, it didn´t take long, and after flipping through a couple of Blacks he found it – Black Alexander. So it was true Sirius Black was his real father, meaning he had been lied to, but it didn´t really bother him, his mother had done it to protect him. "It is Black actually, or at least this is what my file says."

"Are you serious?" Blaise, "do you mean like Sirius Black?"

"Yeah he and my mother was together some time after school." Alex said as he opened it and read it, Blaise reading over his shoulder.

Name: Alexander Alphard Black

Blood Status: Pureblood

Birthdate: July 1, 1980

Current Age: 14

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Grey

Current Height: 5'3

Special fractures: small scar on the back.

Name of Mother: Cyrina Bonteri (nee Ambrosius)

Name of Father: Sirius Black

Spouse: Has not married yet.

Children: None as of yet.

Wand: cypress, 11 inches and it cores is basilisk skin and a phoenix feather.

Discovered Abilities: Parselmouth

Pets/ familiars; Archimedes (owl)

Ailments: A memory block since the age of six.

The last part made Alex worry a bit, what kind of memory block was it. And more important why was it cast on him.

"No way," Blaise breathed out in shock, standing up straight. "You father is the fugitive and murderer, Sirius Black!"

"He is not a murderer!" Alex snapped, looking up from the file. He was sick of hearing people calling his father a murderer.

"Hey it not like it is your fault; I mean my dad is the biggest jerk ever, and I hate him for it."

"I know, but you misunderstood. I really mean it Sirius Black isn´t a murderer. He was framed. "

"How do you know that?"

"He told me himself." Alex said flipping through his file where all his grades were listed as well as past aliments, like the injuries he had gotten when his cousin had pushed him into the pixe nest.

"He told you?" Blaise asked in disbelief. "How? When?

Alex looked up again, "Yes he told me. It was just during the Quidditch finial, Sirius saved me from the Gryffindors who beat me up." Alex paused, "that is why I didn´t spend time with you guys last year, I was helping Sirius look after Pettigrew who is alive and the reel traitor."

"Wow unreal, but why didn´t you tell us, then we could help."

"I am sorry; I should have told you about it. It was just - uh there is no excuse. I just been so stupid. You should hate me, not help me with this."

Blaise smiled and waved it off. "Nah I don´t hate you and I forgive you, and I sort if understand, I guess you were afraid that we might think Black were using you."

"Yeah, and he made me swear not to tell. Still-"Alex paused again, "I am really sorry not involving you guys."

"Hey Alex it is okay really, I mean you should have told us, but it is fine." Blaise said patting Alex´s shoulder. "You should explain all this to Daphne, I think she just want to know why you didn´t talk to us."

Alex nodded, "yeah but I will do it when I can talk to her face to face."

"Sounds like a good idea," Blaise said, there was a small pause. "Hey what is that in you file? A memory block?"

Alex looked at the paper again with worried eyes. "Yeah I don´t know, but it funny when I think back at the time my father oh step-father left, it is like it isn´t real."

"What do you mean?"

"What I say, when I think back at it, it like it not real. It have been this way ever since the demmentors attacked me, and after that I sort of have weird dreams about Daniel leaving." Alex said before rubbing his temples as he had gotten terrible headache.

"Hey mate are you okay?"

"No actually my head hurts pretty much." Alex whined.

"Maybe we should get out of here."

Alex nodded weakly even though it hurt more, "y-yeah." He quickly placed the file back in the cabinet and closed it. "Let us move."

The two teens began walking back, but Alex´s headache was getting worse, so they had to move slowly.

"Come on Alex, I don´t want to be seen here?"

"Well the odds for someone coming inside are slim, from what I read even the ministry workers have reason for being in here."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah we be fine." Alex whinnied, as he grabbed his heard.

"The headache?"

"Yeah could we not talk right now? It just hurt so much"

"Sure, and let me take your bag."

Alex smiled in gratitude and handled Blaise his bag. Then he walked with his friend, who supported him as he began to stagger.

"Alex you look like a ghost." Blaise said as he looked at Alex, "I think we should get you to a healer or something?"

"I," Alex stopped as he hissed in pain, "i-it just a headache, no healer."

"Yeah one so bad you can barely walk, look we are going to a healer. Even if I have to drag you."

Alex nodded, "o-okay", he said as it was getting harder to focus, "Blaise I don´t feel so hot right now."

Blasie nodded, "Yeah no kidding."

The two boys hurried towards the exit and moments later they came through the door at the aurror office, there was no sign of Erik anywhere or the mess he had left behind. Alex blinked several times as things were getting bluely

"So we just walk through? And say we got lost or what?"

Alex nodded, "Yeah we – agh." Alex grabbed his head and fell on his knees; the pain was worse than ever. "Make it stop," he said in no more than a whisper.

"Alex are you okay?" he could dimly hear Blaise ask. Then no sounds came out his mouth, as the pain got worse, it was as if his mind was shattering into a hundred pieces. All he could do was scream.

Alex´s scream alerted all aurrors to their presence, and Alex collapsed screaming and rolling around in pain. Soon everything became foggy, and the screams turned into groaning. Alex closed his eyes, and there was just pain, and the sound of a child crying.

Alex didn´t have any sense of time. He opened his eyes as he felt that he was picked up, he was being carried, and he couldn´t see that whoever was carrying was taking him away, or where he was. He couldn't think the pain was now unbearable so soon everything faded into darkness.

It was the same memory again, he was six years, it was the summer and he was climbing the tree. Only this time his father wasn´t around, otherwise it happen like before. Alex´s mother came outside and told him to be careful and Alex grabbed the branch that snapped.

At first the young boy screamed as he fell, but as the descend slowed down to the point Alex was flying like a feather, the young boy laugh and squeal in joy as he slowly landed on the ground.

"Alex dear are you okay?" Cyrina asked when she ran over to him.

The young Alex laughed, "Yeah it just tickled mommy, it was like I was a bird. Magic is funny."

Cyrina smiled, "I know it is sweetie, but you need to be careful okay, not everyone will understand the special thing we can."

"Okay mummy,"

"Good your lunch is ready."

The young Alex stood up and was about to walk into the kitchen, when he notified that his trousers had been torn up. "Mummy, my clothes is broken. Will dad be mad? We won´t have to tell him that I have been playing in trees right?"

"No sweetie I will fix it before he get home, then you can watch me do magic. But first you have to eat your lunch."

The young Alex cheered before running into the kitchen

As Alex sat down at the kitchen table waiting for his mother, who came shortly after and placed a plate with chips and a burger in front of him.

"Yummy a burger." Alex said as he began to eat. Just as he had taken to second bite of the burger, the front door opened and then closed with a loud bang. Alex glanced up, a sinking feeling was growing in his stomach, knowing whom it was. A few seconds later, a tall man in a black suit, brown hair and grey eyes and a handsome face, walked into the kitchen, looking worn.

"Honey you are home early." Cyrina said, a bit worriedly as she hugged her husband, who angrily pushed her off.

"Those idiots at the office fried me." He said tossing his suitcase on the table, causing Alex to jump a little. He never liked when his father was in that mood.

"You been fired?"

"Yeah," Daniel said loudly, "I can´t believe it, but I get my revenge." , He loosed his tie, and walked towards the fridge." I have a lot of information about them I can sell," he growled as he took a bear before, slamming the door of the fridge, scaring Alex again.

"Honey could you keep your voice down, you are scarring Alexander."

"Don´t tell me what to do," Daniel said before taking a sip of his bear then looked at Alex, "why are you so dirty boy?" Alex gulped, but didn´t answer, "Well answer me boy." Then Daniel noticed the hole in Alex´s trousers, "oh and you have ruined your cloths again. i just got you them, for your birthday - it was two weeks ago."

Alex nodded, "sorry, I was just playing, but I didn´t mean to ruin it."

"Sorry, you said sorry the last four times. You listen well; I am not paying money so you can look like a freak. I except you to dress respeptle and take care of your things. Do I make myself clear?" Daniel sneered.

"Daniel clam down it just a small hole, it what happen when boys play. I can fix it." Cyrina said placing her hand on her husband's shoulder.

"Shut up." He said pushing her hand away.

"No, I want you stop being so much after Alexander. He can´t do anything without you criticizing him. His schoolwork, that happens to be prefect, and each time he plays. Daniel you have to let him be a boy. "

"I want to behave, I won´t let his childish behaviour drag me down."

During the argument, Alex had stopped eating and was now looking at his parents. "Eat you food boy." Daniel growled, as noticed it "this for adults."

"I am not hungry dad."

"I told you to eat, or you are grounded for a week, you need to lean that things cost money, and I paid for this food."

"Daniel stop this."

"I said shut up and let me discipline the boy". Daniel said as he raised his hand, Cyrina backed away fearfully. "Otherwise he end up as a loser."

Alex noticed that his beloved mother was afraid of the man, and felt a great hatred towards him.

"I said eat boy!" Daniel growled before walking over to Cyrina.

"Daniel can we talk in private."

"Yeah just make sure your son eats up." Daniel said, before walking in to the dining room.

"Sweetie it going to be okay." Cyrina said softly as she kissed her son´s forehead. "Just eat and I talk to daddy okay." Alex nodded and watched his mother following his father. Even though he tried not to, he could hear everything.

"I want you to stop talking to my son this way." Cyrina said hardly, "I am really sorry about what have happen today but Alexander is a child, he is not someone you can let your aggression out on."

"I'll talk to him however I like," Daniel replied. "I am really getting sick you being so ungrateful Cyrina. I was very kind when I took him in just because you ended being knocked up by a no good criminal that just left you. I was even kinder when adopted the boy and told everybody he was mine, just because you didn´t wanted him to be connected to that no good loser you dated. I took the boy in, even though he isn´t mine and I expect to be thanked for it."

"Don´t talk so laud please." Alex heard his mother say, as he stood up. Daniel wasn´t his dad, then who was he and why wasn´t he here.

"Don't tell me what to do, woman."

"Daniel, please. Just calm down."

"I said not to tell me what to do!" Daniel hissed, and a loud slapping noise was head followed by his mother cry.

Alex walked over to the doorway of the dining room to see his mother and father talking in the middle of the room. His mother had a large bruise on her cheek, and it made Alex very angry. He had hit her.

His mother was about to leave, but Daniel grabbed her arm. "Who said you could leave."

"Let go you are hurting me."

"I know, "Daniel smiled; "now here is what you do. You take your filthy son to weird family and say we can´t have him anymore, then you stop working and be alone with me."

"No, I won´t lose my son." Cyrina sobbed.

"Then I start hitting him to." Daniel growled, "You wouldn't want that do you."

"Don´t hurt him; please I do whatever you want." Cyrina said, laying her hands on her husband shoulders, but he shrugged her off.

Alex watched Daniel slap his mother again, and he was filled with rage. "DON`T HURT MUM." Alex yelled bravely.

Daniel looked away from Cyrina, "Go to your room boy. Your mother and I want to be alone."

"No, you are a bad man."

"Do as I say boy, I am your father I demand your respect."

"You're not my father; my real daddy will hurt you for this."

"Alex sweetie just run," Cyrina said

Daniel laughed, "So you know, but then you need to know this too: You real father was a criminal, and your mother was knocked up by him, and he left you. You mother have been very bad."

"She have not, you are just stupid"

Daniel raised his hand and Alex felt a sharp pain as he was slapped. He could fell his eyes beginning to tear up from the pain, but he wouldn´t cry not in front of Daniel.

"Don´t you lay a hand on my son." Cyrina yelled, "don´t ever hurt us again, I am leaving you Daniel, you are sick."

Daniel growled, "shut up, it is you son that will leave." Alex watched as he walked over to his mother and pushed her on the ground.

Alex was filled with rage, "don´t hurt mummy." He yelled and jumped at Daniel who tried shacking him off.

"Get of me you little freak. I should never have taken you in. I am glad you're not my son. It no wonder your father left, who would want such a week son." Daniel managed to get himself free and Alex fell on the ground. He looked at Daniel, and spat at his feet. "That is it; you are in for the beating of your lifetime boy, then you can watch as I do the same to your mother ." Just as Daniel raised his hand. He was blasted back by an invisible force away from Alex and into the far wall, sliding to the ground.

"What happen?" Daniel moaned as he stood back to his feet. "What the hell did you do?" he said, pointing his finger as Alex and then Cyrina.

"Leave Daniel, you have no idea what we can do." Cyrina said in a voice that clearly showed her distaste.

"You are demons, you are just a bunch of freaks," Daniel screamed and then ran out of the house.

After he left, Cyrina ran over to her son. "Alexander, are you okay?" she asked.

"What did I do mummy was it my powers."

Cyrina nodded, "you were very brave. Now we need to go to grandpa okay?"

Alex nodded and then began to cry, "Why was he so mean?"

"Oh sweetheart I am so sorry about this, I shouldn´t have stayed with him." Cyrina said as she hugged and kissed her son on the forehead.

"I hurt him, didn´t I? So now I am a monster like him." Alex wailed.

"No you are not sweetheart," Cyrina said softly as she stocked Alex´s hair, "you are the sweetest, kindest, caring and bravest boy a mother could have, and I am so proud of you. And you are the most important thing in my life."

"B-but mum if Daniel isn´t my dad, then who is?"

"Well you see Alex."

Two hours later, Cyrina had explained everything, how his real father was Sirius Black, and how he was in prison. She explained that no matter who Sirius had done Alex would still be Alex. Then Cyrina had comforted him, since Alex still were sad about Daniel and now Sirius, but she also had to pack their most important things, then Alex´s grandparents could get the last later.

Now mother and son were in the furthest part of the sitting room. They were sitting , their suitcases, hidden behind the couch, waiting on Frederic, Alex´s grandfather, when the front door burst open, and Daniel´s voice were head, "where are you freaks?"

Alex began to cry and hid himself at his mother´s lab, as she was trying to slush him. It didn´t take long until Daniel was in the room with them.

"Why are you here?" Cyrina asked, as she was standing in the corner of the living room of her own home, holding her six-year-old son close to her. She looked around for something, wishing she hadn't put it in the suitcase. Daniel took a step forward and brought up his arm, which was holding a gun, and he pointing a gun at Cyrina and Alex who saw this and cried even harder.

"Get that brat to shut up."

"He is scarred Daniel, just leave us alone, we be leaving in a moment, and you never have to see us again."

"No I won´t you need to be punished." Daniel said, taking off the safety of the gun. "Farewell Cyrina!" And the triggered was pulled. Bang! Bang!

Alex fell to the ground something falling on top of him, but he wasn't in pain. He looked behind him to see that his mother had fallen on him and that she was unconscious. He looked up towards Daniel, only to see him run away. Alex untangled himself from his mother, and looked at himself, he had blood on his clothes, but it wasn´t his. "Mum wake up." Alex said shacking his mother, "wake up I am scarred."

There was no answer.

The young Alex began crying, "Mummy wake now Mommy."

Still no answer, Alex looked at his mother and paled, the blood was coming from her, "SOMEBODY HELP ME, "he screamed."

However, no one came, the tears was rolling down Alex´s cheeks. "Please help me," he whispered. He was just so scarred what should he do? Maybe his mother lie on something soft. He walked over to the couch grabbed a small cushion, walked back to his mother. "Mommy do you want a pillow?"

She didn´t answer, but nonetheless Alex placed the cushion under his mother´s head, where a lot of the blood was coming from. As Alex removed his hands he noticed that they were covered in blood, Alex wanted to vomit as he looked at his bloody hands. He wanted to look away, but he couldn't. He slowly backed away from his mother afraid that he had might hurt her – afraid that he might had ended up making things worse, he back away until he felt the wall on his back. Then he sat down, still looking at his bloody hands.

Alex heard the door open again, and he closed his eyes: what if it was Daniel coming back.

"Hallo Cyrina it is me." It was his grandfather, "Hallo Alex it is grandpa where are you?"

"And your Grandma." Said a female voice.

"Help me," Alex said weakly "help me," the last part was a little louder.

"Alex is that you? Where are you?"

"In here please help." In seconds Alex´s grandfather was in the living room, he paled as he looked at Cyrina.

"No No please don´t let me lose her?" Frederic looked around and saw Alex, "Alexander it will be okay – Cassiopeia come quick."

Within seconds Alex´s grandmother as in the room too, she gasped as she saw her daughter, but since Frederic was at her she moved towards Alex.

"Alex dear it is okay grandma is here."

Alex didn´t look at her, his eyes were fixed on his bloody hands.

"Alex look at me Alex."

Still no reaction, "Alex – Alex – Alex - Aleeex – Aleeeeeex – Aleeeeex"

His grandmother´s voice started to change it became more masculine and started to come from any where. "Alex," the scene faded away in fog.

"Alex come on it time to wake." Said a familiar voice, Alex didn´t know how, but he know it from somewhere. He opened his eyes and starred at a man with blue eyes, framed by glasses. He had red hair, but he was balding. It was Arthur Weasley.

"Hey there are you okay?"

Alex nodded and touched his heard, it exploded with pain, "Yeah except for the headache I am fine."

Mr. Weasley handed Alex a goblet, "here drink this, it helps with the pain."

Alex nodded and accepted the goblet; as soon as he had drunk it, he felt the effects. Then he noticed that he wasn´t in the aurror office anymore. Instead, he was in a bed in some kind of a hospital, "where am I?"

"In the healing wing of the Ministry, wasn´t really sure if we should have taken you to the real hospital. However, our healer wanted to wait and see since you were stable. But what were you doing in the Ministry?"

"Oh I was just looking around, taking a tour." Alex lied.

"Right, you shouldn't do that, there is some part of the Ministry there is dangerous."

"Yeah sorry about that."

Mr. Weasley smiled, "I raised Fred and George, so I know you not – But ignoring that where is your grandfather? We tried calling him."

"I don´t know he said he had some business to take off."

"So you are alone."

"No Lux, my grandfather´s house elf is watching me, and he will be back tonight for a short while. Can I have some water?"

Mr. Weasley nodded and handed Alex a glass, which he drank in one go, "by the way have you seen my friend Blaise?"

But before Mr. Weasley could answer, Blaise stepped the room, throwing, an empty box in the nearest trash can. "Oh you are awake."

"Yeah I just needed a quick nap." Alex said with a smile.

"Quick? You have been napping for an hour and a half."

"Really you waited?"

Blaise smirked and shrugged as he took a seat on the other side of the bed, opposite of Mr. Weasley. "Well you seamed so helpless."

"So Alex when is your grandfather coming back?" Mr. Weasley interrupted.

"I don´t know about two weeks time, but my grandfather will check up on me."

"Right," Mr. Weasley said as he got up, "I leave you boys alone while I make a floo call."

When Mr., Weasley had left Blaise looked at Alex. "Well?" His friend said. "What happened to you?"

"I'm not sure," Alex, answered, sitting up. "We were talking, and then my head was about to explode, or like it would shatter. Anyway the pain got worse and worse and I blacked out, where I had a dream."

"What kind of dream?"

Alex looked at Blaise, "promise not to tell anyone, and that includes Daphne and Tracey."

Blaise nodded, "promise."

Alex paused, "well I dreamt about when my father left, it was different he was more evil towards me and my mum. He hurt her – he-"

Alex stopped talking as his mind flashed back, he could remember everything now, and he knew it was real. What he didn´t know was why he had forgotten it, the memory charm most likely. But who had cast it, was it his mother, but why had she done that. And how had his mother survived the injury.

Alex felt so angry as he thought about that his stepfather had tried hurting his mother, how he had hurt her and Alex. How dared he. "He just was an asshole to my mum, he hit her man, he hit her."

"Sorry about that." Blaise said, "I had no idea, I am so sorry."

Alex gave him a weak smile, and looked down thinking about what had happened, and how much he wanted Daniel to suffer for his crimes.

"Hey Alex are you okay?" Blaise asked, after a minute of silence. "You look like you're going to be sick?"

"I'm fine," Alex answered with a reassuring smile, though his eye twitched. "Don't worry about me, it just a bit strange that I don´t remember that Daniel was that big of a jerk. But I be fine after all; I am the Heir of Slytherin, I can handle these things," he said without thinking.

"Wait you the heir of what?" Blaise said looking at Alex.

"Oh didn´t I say oh Slytherin."

"Slytherin when did you lean about this?"

"Oh um after I had been in the chamber."

"Hmm and you didn´t tell me," Blaise said sounding slightly hurt.

"Sorry, but you never asked why I could speak to snakes, and to be fair I only told Daphne about."

Blaise smirked, "you told Daphne?"

"Yeah it just came up," Alex said curelessly.

"Well, it must be pretty cool to be related to Slytherin, and having the snake powers as well. I mean look at the possibilities." Blaise paused, "but I guess that having you-know-who in your family tree sucks."

"It does, but then again it is pretty cool to be the heir of Slytherin."

"So have you been exploring the chamber since you had been there in our second year?"

"No," Alex said as he looked at his friend, "why would I do that?"

Blaise grinned, "It is the chamber of secrets. You know secrets as in plural."

"Oh," Alex smiled, he haven't thought about that, but before he could answer Blaise, Mr. Weasley came back.

"I have some good news Mr. Bonteri."

"Black." Blaise said, making Alex kick him, "is how I prefer my coffee."

"Right," Mr. Weasley said as he looked at the two boys, "anyway Alex I have an offer for you."


"How would you like to spend a little time in my house?"

Alex looked away not want to upset Mr. Weasley, "I am sorry, but oh I don´t really think that would be so good right now."

"Look I know that you and Ron isn´t friends at the moment, but I also know that Fred, George and Ginny would love to see you, and before you answer me. You should know that Harry and Hermione will stay there as well."

"Well oh if I say yes, then I have to ask my grandfather first as I said he is responsible since my mother is away."

"I already talked to him and Molly, and they both said yes."

Alex paused, having hoped his grandfather would say no, "well then oh."

"Come on it will be fun, and then you could come see the Quidditch World Cup with us."

Alex´s face lit up, even though he wasn´t Quidditch fanatic, he would love to see the final match of the world cup. Alex looked at Blaise who nodded enthusiastically. "Okay Mr. Weasley I accept." He said.

Okay, good," Mr. Weasley spoke, nodding. "Okay, well we'll get you two home, and then you can pack, and me and my sons will come pick you up in a week." Alex and Blaise nodded as Mr. Weasley nodded once more.

"Well, looks like you just became one lucky bastard," Blaise spoke with a smirk.

"Yeah," Alex said while he was stretching, as he was feeling better. "But I had sort of hoped that I could have a Ron free summer."

"So would I but for tickets to see the Quidditch finial, I would tolerate him, you are just so luckily."

"Yeah so would I, but still it will be a challenge not to curse him."

Blaise lightly punched Alex´s arm, "Come on stop your whining, you might have to hang out with Weasley but you also get to hang with two attractive girls, which boy wouldn´t dream of that."

"You mean Hermione and Ginny." Alex asked curelessly

"Yeah come on Alex you had to have noticed how pretty they are."

"Maybe, I haven´t really thought about, but yeah they are pretty."

"See then maybe you should make a move on one of them, or if you in to the muggle romance then call the girl that gave you her number."

Alex blushed, "I don´t know, I think not." He finished as he thought of a certain Slytherin girl he rather would be with.

"What why not?"

"I just like someone else?" Alex blundered out without thinking.

He realized what he had said as he saw Blaise´s smirk, "you like someone else who?"

"I don´t know what you are talking about." Alex replied looking away.

"Hmm, well if I had to take a guess then I say it is Daphne?"

Alex felt himself blushing a lot and Blaise saw that, "Ha I knew it, you are so in to her that is why you never stops talk about her. Come Alex admit you like her. "

"Oh please Daphne is great, but she is a friend."

Blaise smirked, "really? Don´t you heart beat a little faster when you talk to her, doesn´t her smile just make your day."

Alex sighed, "okay maybe a little bit, "he noticed that Blaise looked at him knowingly, "okay maybe a lot, in fact I am in love with her."

"I knew it." Blaise said smiling, "I mean why else you turn such a pretty girl as Rose down, admittedly Tracey and Daphne are prettier, but she did had dating potential, so have Hermione and Ginny."

Alex blushed again, "yeah they do, and it might be easier to be with Rose then Daphne, but it would be wrong to date someone when you like some else."

"Yeah you like Daphne I get it or what was it you loved her," Blaise teased.

Alex smiled and throw his pillow at his friend, "Shut up, and if this get out then I curse you."

"I won´t tell promise, but seriously tell Daphne how you feel."

Alex looked at his friend, "maybe, but first of all I need her to start talking to me again. Even then I won´t risk losing our friendship with her."

"What why would you lose your friendship with her?"

"She isn´t exactly talking to me now does she?"

"Yeah but I am sure she will come around."

"Yeah, but even then, "Alex paused, "I mean if I tell and she doesn´t feel the same, then it would be so awkward being with her."

Blaise nodded, "I understand, but she might say yes, I think you should risk it."

"Okay I think about, but as I said first of I need her to get her to talk to me,"

Half an hour later, Alex, Blaise, and Mr. Weasley were standing in front of the Head Auror's own personal floo. "Here you go," Mr. Weasley said. "It is time to get your boys home, now Alex I know you properly want to have some fun time, but you better head home and get some sleep okay?." Alex nodded. "good, Mr. Zabini, you first."

Blaise nodded and walked into the fireplace, "See you later," he said to Alex, and then through down the floo powder, shouting his destination.

"All right Alex you are up."

Alex walked into the fireplace and grabbed some floo powder. "Bye Mr. Weasley I see you soon" he said, then then through down the floo powder, shouting, "House of Ambrosius!" In the flurry of green flames, Alex disappeared from the Head Auror's office and fell out of his own home's fireplace, landing onto the floor with a thud.

Alex groaned as he pushed himself to his feet, "I got to work on these landings." He said to himself as he looked around at his grandfather´s house, nobody was there meaning Lux was busy somewhere else. It suited him fine; Lux would have asked where he would be going and then tired to stop Alex from doing what he was thinking. It was really simply see Alex wanted only one thing and it was justice.

Alex walked out of the sitting room, and out to the muggle London, he walked to the nearest library hoping they had the information he was looking for.

It turned out it did, one of the old ladies that worked at the library showed Alex a phonebook, and after flipping through the pages he found it, Bonteri Daniel. Alex sneered as he saw that the man were still living at the same place he lived with Alex and his mother. Alex quickly walked out the library and over to his grandfather´s old house, there he took the floo to his mother old house.

Everything looked like it used to, Alex don´t knew why but he had expected it to look different, like the house like him was affected by his mother´s arrest. However there was nothing, it was a sign that the world was going on without his mother, it shoundn´t hurt like that, but it did. Alex shocked his head and walked out of the sitting room and up the stairs, and stood in the middle of the second floor hallway. He looked up, seeing a piece of string hanging from the ceiling.

Alex jumped up, and pulled the string, making the cover fall down, revealing a ladder leading up to the attic. Alex climbed up and into the attic where boxes and filing cabinets littered the area. Alex walked up to the first box that said pictures on it, and opened it, seeing some photo albums. He picked one up and began looking through it, seeing pictures of him when he was younger; there was a lot of him and his mother and a few with Daniel in them. Alex grabbed one where they all three was in, and pocketed it, in case is stepfather need to reminded of what he had did, and who he had wronged.

Alex left the attic and house thinking of a good way of getting some transport, The Knight Bus could be an idea. Here he could summon it without being noticed by muggles. Alex walked out the house, and looked around. Prefect there was no-one to see him, Alex took out his wand and pointed it up in the air, seconds later, there was a loud BANG, and a triple-decker, violently purple bus, appeared out of thin air, stopping in front of Alex. Gold lettering over the windshield spelled The Knight Bus.

Then a conductor in a purple uniform leapt out of the bus and began to speak loudly to Alex.

"Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard just stick out your wand hand, step on board, and we can take you anywhere you want to go. My name is John Smith and I will be you conductor this evening." The conductor bowed to Alex and then grinned; "now you look like you want to go somewhere."

"Yeah I do,"

John smiled a bright smile as he helped Alex on the bus, "so will you tell me where you want or do you just want to drive around?"

Alex gave polite smile and handed John the paper where his stepfather´s address were written down, "how much?"

"Hmm that will be seven Sickles,"

"Fair enough," Alex said and handed the money to John, who in return gave Alex his ticket, before walking over to the driver.

"Right Ernie, 66 Tick Street let us go." he said, sitting down in the armchair next to Ernie the bus driver's seat. There was another tremendous BANG as the Bus then began to move super-fast, in between the vehicles of muggles. Minutes later, the bus stopped at the intended destination and Alex exited the bus. He stepped onto the sidewalk and stared at his childhood home, the home where his mother was nearly killed by a psychopath, a home were that psychopath still lived. Alex didn´t know what he would do, but Daniel needed to suffer and maybe he would also end the muggle´s life. After all he had tried to kill him and his mother.

Alex walked slowly up to the door, and took out his wand. He paused, and then he pointed his wand at the door and whispered, "Alohamora." The door unlocked and opened. Alex took a deep breath before he entered the house. The only thing that could be heard was the television; Alex moved further in the house and reached a doorway. He peeked inside, which was the sitting room, but it was empty though the tv was on. Alex´s eyes moved from the TV over to the corner that used to be hidden by a couch. It had been there where he and his mother had been, when Daniel had confronted them. Then Alex looked at the wall where he had sat when he was an innocent boy, a boy that had died a little when he had stared on his hands, that had been covered in his mother´s blood.

Alex went past the sitting room, and walked further down the hallway, he walked past the stairs that lead to his old room.

Alex then moved towards the kitchen, where he had head a noise He slowly entered the kitchen seeing a different table, with an six year old Alex, sitting there eating food. Alex closed his eyes, and shook his head. When he opened them again, the boy was gone. He continued to hear the clinging and turned towards the counters and sink where a woman in a white sundress and apron stood washing the dishes.

This was wrong; it was only Daniel that he wanted to hurt, not an innocent. Alex slowly stepped back, but his foot hit the doorframe, making the women look up, "who are you." She asked eyeing the wand Alex was holding. As he didn´t respond she asked again," who are you? What do you want?" This time she sounded really scarred.

"I am only here for Daniel," Alex replied softly. "You should leave."

"My husband? Why what do you want with him, no wait how did you even get in I locked the door?"

"He is your husband; do you know what kind of man he is?" Alex said slowly.

"He is a kind man." The women replied, "Now get out of here before I call the police."

"Don´t do that." Alex hissed.

"Then leave."

"Hon, have you seen by black tie," sounded a male voice and soon after a man in a dark suit stepped inside coming another doorway. From what Alex remembered that doorway let to the dining room and the bedroom his mother used to sleep in. The man froze as he saw Alex, "who are you? And what are you doing in my house?"

Alex felt the rage flowing though him as he saw his former stepfather, he felt as a monster was awakening inside him, just wanted to take control, and he would gladly let it do just that. "I am looking for you Daniel," Alex growled as he tighten his grip on his wand.

"How you know my name?"

Alex didn´t respond, he just starred at man he had hated for years, but now he hated him for a whole different reason.

"I said how do you now my name?" Daniel in hard voice.

Alex gave an cold laugh, "You really don´t remember, do you? – now Daniel I must say I am disappointed."

"Look I don´t know you. I swear."

"Shut it muggle" Alex hissed, "now I know it hard but try searching your puny brain and remember."

"Look son I just can´t."


"okay I am sorry." Daniel said, he looked over at his wife who had begun to cry in fright.

"Daniel I am scared."

"Linda it going to be okay, we just give him what he wants."

Alex laughed again, "oh the lies, you shouldn't do that." He paused, "then again she have done nothing to me."

Alex turned to Linda, "Ma´am I am sorry about this." He said sincerely as he pointed his wand at her and said "Stupefy," the red light hit Linda who fainted.

"What did you do to her?

"Relax she will be fine, I just put her to sleep, after all she is not the one I am after."

"Who are you?" Daniel cried out in confusion and fear.

"Oh I would advise you to remember me or things will get unpleasant for you."

Daniel made a sudden movement towards the kitchen table and grabbed a knife. Alex sneered in annoyance and cast a stinging hex at the man. Daniel cried in pain and dropped the knife when the hex hit his hand. "I wouldn't try that again if I was you, or I will hurt you even more."

"Look," Daniel begun as he rubbed his hand, "just tell me what you want – Is it money because then," he took a wallet out his pocket and handed it towards Alex, "here take it there are 3000 punds in here and my wife also have some cash."

Alex sneered and slapped the wallet out of Daniel´s hand before pushing him to the ground, "do you think this is about your filthy money?"

"Then what do you, do you want information on my work?"

Alex sneered, "look at you –you disgust me at the first sign of trouble you are willing to betray someone."

"Just tell me who you are."

Alex sneered and cast another stinging hex at Daniel, making him cry in pain. Alex grabed his head forcing him to lock him at the eyes, "just take a look Daniel, and I mean really look."

Daniel looked and gulped, "I just don´t know."

Alex slapped Daniel in the face, "then maybe this can help," he said as he throw the picture in front of Daniel. "Look at it and tell me you remember them."

Daniel took the picture up.

"So tell me Daniel who are they? If I was you I would have this answer."

"It is my ex-wife and her little son, it been so long. How did you get this?"

"Yeah how did I Daniel. How did I" Alex grabbed Daniel´s heard once again and smashed it in the wall then forcing him to look at him. "Look at me and tell me who I am, you should remember you ruined my life."

Daniel looked at Alex then at the picture then back Alex, "no it can´t be A-Alexander – Is it you?"

Alex digged his wand at Daniel´s neck, "very good stepfather. You do know who I am, now tell me if you remember this too," he said slowly, "do you remember that you always yelled at me no matter what I did or how hard I tried to please you? How you made me fear you – Do you remember hitting you wife, I bet it made you feel good. Was it also nice to hit me huh was it nice to hear me cry when you did it?"

"Alexander I am so sorry, I was a different man back then."

Alex slapped him again, "save it, I know it what you tell yourself now. It might also be what you have told you wife, if she even know about us – but I am sure she doesn´t know everything. Because there is one more thing, you should remember muggle. Do you remember that you shoot ing your former wife that you wanted to kill her and your stepson too who was just an innocent child."

"I do remember it how could I not I thought you had died too, because of me."

"WELL I AM NOT DEAD AM I," Alex screamed but continued in a low tone, "but I can´t really say the same about my mother can I."

Alex didn´t know why he lied about his mother had died; maybe it was because in Daniel´s mind he as good as killed her when he left her for dead, or maybe he hoped that thinking she was dead would ruin the man´s life. "You just left her Daniel, do you know how terrified I was. I was a boy powerless to help her, I could just sit there with my hands covered in her blood."

"Alex I am so sorry, but I was scarred bac-"

"Shut it Daniel, we both now you were a monster long before then."

Daniel nodded as he began to cry, "you right I am so sorry, I feel horrible for what I did, I wanted to kill her and you a little boy – what kind of man am I – I am so sorry, there is nothing I can do to make up for this."

"No there isn´t Daniel, and we both now you are not sorry – monsters don´t feel remorse."

"Alexander I am truly sorry, you have to believe that, I am so so sorry."

"You are not," Alex sneered as he pointed his wand at Daniel, "but you will be – You deserve this more then everyone." The last part Alex more to himself then everyone. "Soon Daniel you be begging for death."

Alex raised his wand, but paused; could he really do this. Sure he wanted to hurt him, but was this the way to do it.

"Do it Alex" said a voice in his head, a voice that sounded like his boggart. "you know you want to do it – he deserve it – you know you want to hear him scream – dooo it – you feel so good afterwards I promise – just do it – show him how powerful you are – make him cover in fear at you feet – do it take you revenge – I know you want you – it will be justice - he must be punished - do it - do it.

Yes Alex finally thought he wanted to do this. He pointed his wand at Daniel and was about to say the incarnation that would cause so much pain, "cru-"

"Nooo don´t" screamed a voice and Alex was pushed aside, making him fall to the ground, as he look up to see whom it was he froze.

Chapter end

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