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The Alexander Chronicles Year 4: The Rise of the Darkness
Daphne G. & Harry P. & OC & Sirius B. - Words: 259,251 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Romance - Chapters: 38 - Reviews: 85 - Updated: 07-07-2017 - Published: 01-10-2014 - Complete - by the22nddoctor (FFN)

The Alexander Chronicles Year 4: The Rise of Darkness

So here is a new chapter, from now on thoughts will be in underlining. Parseltongue, dreams, and inner voices will be in italic. Please enjoy the chapter and remember that I don´t own Harry Potter, J.K Rowling does.

Chapter 3: A talk with Father.

"Sirius," Alex hissed as his eyes fall on his father. He looked nothing like the last time Alex had seen him, the raggedy clothes were gone, and he was clean and shaved. But no matter how he looked, his timing sucked, now wasn´t really the time Alex wanted to hang out with his father. "What are you doing here?"

Sirius looked from Daniel, who was crying to the unconscious woman, that was some meters away. Then he grabbed Alex in the arm pulling him up, "I could ask you the same thing."

"What does it look like I am doing? Now tell me what are you doing here?" Alex said breaking free on Sirius´ grasp.

"Never mind that," Sirius looked at Daniel again, who were crying, "We are leaving Alexander." He said trying to lead Alex to the door.

"No way, I am busy." Alex said forcing himself away from Sirius. "So I am not leaving until I am finished here. So just leave me alone so I work in peace."

"It is not a debate Alexander," Sirius took out a wand from his robes and pointed it at Daniel, "oblivate alteratio," he said and Daniel looked dazed before passing out. Sirius then did the same to Linda.

"What did you just do?" Alex hissed.

"Saved you neck, now come here."

"No," Alex said, "you can´t force me."

"Oh yeah watch me." Sirius growled, grabbing Alex by the shoulder,

"Hey let me go!" Alex hissed trying to get free of his father grasp.

"No you are coming with me!" And with those words. Sirius apparated them both out of the house.

The next thing Alex knew was that everything went black; he was pressed very hard from all directions; he could not breathe, there were iron bands tightening around his chest; his eyeballs were being forced back into his head; his eardrums were being pushed deeper into his skull. Then it was over as he landed on hard floor, nearly falling. Alex shook his head and looked around to see that he was back in his Grandfather's sitting room.

"What are you think you are doing?" Alex screamed.

"Never mind that. Now you got some explaining to do Alexander," Sirius said as he forced Alex in to a chair. "I want the truth."

"Like I said what did it look like? Now take me back so I can finish it."

Sirius grabbed Alex´s shoulders and looked him in the eyes, "This is not a joke Alexander, tell me what you wanted and tell me now, and do it without the attitude."

"Fine, I was going to make him pay okay. Make him pay for all that stuff he did to my mother, when he lived with her. What he did to me too," Alex replied angrily. "But you already know what he did, that he made my mother and my life a living hell. So yeah Sirius. I would make him pay – and I would humiliate him - torture him with the-."

"The what?" Sirius interrupted sounding angry "Not the Crutiatus Curse? Or was that the one you would use at him."

Alex didn´t respond, he just stared at his father. What did it matter if he said it or not.

"Well Alexander I am waiting."

"Yes." Came Alex´s short reply, as he was starting getting angry, how dared Sirius come here and tell him what he should do. How dared he judge him, Sirius didn´t know him so how dared he come here and act like that. He had no right. Beside if Sirius should be doing anything he should have helped Alex punish Daniel.

"So what were your plan after you had tortured an innocent muggle?" Sirius asked again, making Alex look at him "just leave?"

"Tsk like I would let him of that easy." Alex said crossing his arms.

"Then what?" Sirius asked looking at Alex sternly, "would you use the killing curse?"

"Maybe," Alex said looking at the ground, "properly, no wait, yes I would. He tried to kill mother, he deserved it." He said looking his father in the eyes.

"He deserved what? Death?

"He didn´t deserve to live after what he did."

"What would happen after you killed an innocent man, come on tell what do you think?" Alex didn´t answer. "You would go to Azkaban that is what. You would be put in the darkest cell and have all your good memories be sucked out, until you would get mad and stop caring about it."

"Well at least I would be with mother," Alex finally spat back.

"Don´t be a fool, it would crush you mother seeing you in that place."

"Don´t bring what she wants in to that, and you claim that man is innocent, well he wasn't you and I both know he deserved worse then what he got. I should have done it, it would pure justice."

"Is that worth to breaking your mother´s heart for," Sirius said calmly and Alex looked away as he knew that his mother would not want to see him locked up. "Besides, "Sirius continued, "you can´t act on your emotions like that, every action we makes have consequences, that we have to live with."

Alex sneered, "yeah that is a bit rich coming from you isn´t? I mean come on Sirius. It is coming from the guy who in his anger that his best friend was killed; was so eager to kill the traitor that he walked right in the traitor´s trap, and ending up be framed as the traitor and a marauder. So don´t lecture me about acting on my emotions and their consequences, Sirius, because you are the last one who have that right."

"Alexander you can´t just."

"NO, you know what if you had used your brain that day, we wouldn´t have been in this situation. You could have then taken care of my mother and me, and then maybe I would be a little more content and not so angry. But instead you acted on impulse showing that just is an hot headed idiocy fool-"

"Stop talking to me like that I am your father." Sirius said hardly.

"You can´t call yourself that, a father is there for is child. Where were you?" Alex half yelled as he pointed at Sirius. "As I said the whole thing is your bloody fault, if you had been there, my mother would have gone to you when she saw who Daniel was, but instead she stayed with him, so I would stay safe, she took responsibly for me, unlike you."

Sirius sighed and wiped his face with his hands, "look Alexander I am sorry that I wasn´t there for you," he paused and looked at Alex, "but if you had done as you planed, then trust me you would have regretted for the rest of your life."

"I don´t think I would."

"Trust you would! You would wish you could take it back"

"Why do you even care about this?" Alex asked.

"Why – try because you are my son and I want you to be happy."

"Oh really, that is your answer."

"Yes really," Sirius said calmly, "look you is right I acted impulse, and for that I lost my chance at seeing you grow up, I mean now you a grown boy. I have missed so many things in life."

"Is there is a point to all this?" Ale said crossing his arms.

"There is. I lost everything because I was stupid. But I am out of prison now, and now I want to watch over, I want to guide you through you teen life. I want to be your father."

Alex snorted, "really so what do you have in mind; do you want to play chess while you explain the life, or do you just want to play some ball?"

"Maybe, it would be a start," Sirius paused.

"Look I don´t have time for this how did you even find me? If you are on the run you, can´t have been following me. "

"One of your house elf saw you in your mother´s house and followed you, when he saw what house you were going to, he warned me."

"Yeah, why would one of my mother´s house elf talk to you?"

"She ordered them to watch over you and warn me, if you did something I could stop."

Alex stood up and walked towards the door, "whatever as I said: I don´t have time for this. I trust you will let yourself out."

"Where are you going?" Sirius asked following Alex.

"I am going back at the muggle, and finished what I started. The thing need to be punished, I want him to beg for mercy – and then maybe I give it."

"Alex no," Sirius said grabbing Alex´s arm, "look I too was angry when I heard about this, but trust me let this go. There is no point in you breaking the law."

"No Sirius there are things that can´t be forgiven."

"I am not asking you to do that, just let the man be. Your mother didn´t die, and I am sure you will see her again. So please let it go – be the better man."

Alex pulled himself away from Sirius, "I AM already the better man."

"What?" Sirius asked in disbelief.

"What I am saying I am already the better man, he is just a muggle and I am magical. He is beneath me."

"You really believe that?"

Alex looked away from Sirius, "I don´t know." He muttered, "but I do know I am better than him."

Sirius laid his hands on Alex´s shoulders, "then prove it. Show you have it in you to let him live."

"And let him go unpunished?" Alex said trying to get away, but Sirius held him in place. "How can you say that you say after you know what he has done?"

Sirius nodded, "I do know what he did, and Merlin knows that I truly hate that man for it, but do you really think that seeing how far he pushed you won´t leave it mark on him."

"Yeah but then you made him forget all that."

"No Alexander, I didn´t I only took the memory away from him that you attacked him with magic, he will remember how angry and sad you were. Now he have to live with that for the rest of his life, don´t you think that will be enough punishment."

Alex smiled a bit. Yes it would be a good punishment, the memory of seeing how Alex had acted would most likely ruin Daniel´s life. Finally, Alex nodded, "okay I leave him alone."

"Good," Sirius said slowly, "you are making the right call."

"But can you tell me something?" Alex asked after a minute of silence, but he didn´t wait for Sirius. "Why did you go after Pettigrew? I mean I get that you hated the man, he as good as killed Harry´s parents, but you had a family. First of you had a son that you were supposed to take care off, then there were my mother, if what you said were true then the two of you were about to start seeing each other again. What I am saying is, that you must have known going after Peter would make all that impossible.

Alex paused but continued before Sirius could answer. "You must have known that killing Peter would make it look like you betrayed the Potters, and you must have known what it would mean for your family life. You must know that you had to live with those consequences, no matter what they would be like. You knew all that and you still did it, you just didn´t care about my mother and me."

Sirius looked shocked, "What no you were and still are important, you and your mother means everything to me"

"Then why do it. You just left your family for your own selfish purpose. You wouldn't have done if you cared about us." Alex yelled. "You did it because the Potters were more important than us.

"Alexander that is not true. I know I messed up, but I was just so angry. James was my best friend - no wait he was like my brother. When he died, I was just so angry that I couldn't think about everything else but revenge. I was I fool, and I don´t want you to make my mistake."

"You still put your best friend before you family, you can´t deny that."

"Alexander I want you to listen to me, I don´t want you to think that you isn´t important to me, because you are, both you and your mother. When I met her after Azkaban, I asked about you as the first. So trust me son you are everything to me."

"Sure I am," Alex, said not believing it, or maybe he did he didn't know. "What are you going to do now?"

"I have to leave before anyone sees me."

"Oh yeah that a good idea. I mean it would be stupid if you got caught just after me and Harry freed you." Alex said then paused, "but if you are hungry then I am just about to eat, so you could join me." He finish awkwardly.

Sirius smiled, "do you want me too?"

"Maybe- I mean it could be nice - I don´t know." Alex paused looking at the ground, "I mean you don´t have to do it."

"Hey," Sirius said touching Alex´s shoulder, "I would love to eat with you."

"Great," Alex said smiling, but his smile faded as he heard that someone came though the fireplace and his grandfather´s voice.

"Alexander I am home."

"Carp basket I forgot grandpa would be home as this time, you should hide. He doesn´t know the truth about you - does he?"

But Alex´s grandfather´s voice revealed it all. "Black what are you doing here?"

Alex turned and saw his grandfather pointing his wand at Sirius.

"Wait grandpa, it is not what you think, Sirius isn´t a killer, it was all Pettigrew. Look just call Dumbledore he will say the same thing."

"Alex walk away please." Fredric said walking closer to Sirius, "do you have anything to say?"

"Fredric please I know how it looks, but I never betrayed the Potters and killed those muggles it was -"

"Yes I know it was Pettigrew," Fredric interrupted, making both Alex and Sirius look at him in confusion. "Yes Dumbledore told me, the question is why didn´t you say something young man?" He said looking at Alex.

"Eh it never came up," Alex said lamely as Sirius laughed.

"Nice one sir, you really got me this time."

"Yes," Fredric said lowering his wand a bit, "but I still want to know why you brought my daughter in to this."

"I am sorry about that, I shouldn't have done that."

"Well she always wanted to help an innocent man. That just who she is."

"So uh did Dumbledore also told you that Sirius is my father?" Alex asked.

"Wait father?" Fredric said as he let go of Alex looking from him to Sirius, "he is your what."

"Yeah uh I assumed Dumbledore told you, uh it turns out that Sirius is my father."

"This is news, I can´t believe she never told me."

Sirius cleared his throat, "yeah am it was my fault at first I didn´t want her and Alex to be a target and then Cyrina just didn´t want Alexander known as a marauder's son."

"I should be surprised by this, but I isn´t," Fredric said looking at Sirius, "I knew that you and my daughter liked each other. He paused. "So have my grandson invited his father to stay for dinner?"

Sirius nodded, "he did."

Alex smiled a bit, but it faded when he thought of something, "Grandpa, why did you never told me about what happen to my mother?"

"Alex I-"

"I know that she was attacked by Daniel that she was shoot by him?" Alex said in a harder voice then intended.

"Yes I know. I thought that you didn´t remember that."

"Why did I just forget it?"

"I am glad you did. You were so terrified of what you saw that you would wake up screaming, so if Cyrina hadn´t made you block it out, then I would have used the Obliviate myself.

"So you knew

"Yes and so did you grandmother. We all decided it was for the best." Fredric said softly. There was a little pause, "how did you remember this Alexander?"

Alex looked at his grandfather. He should be angry that his mind had been messed with. However, he knew they had did it because they loved him. It didn´t make it right though. "You should have told me."

"I know, and I am sorry." Fredric said, and he did sounded sorry. "We wanted you to be happy, and then time just passed. I can only imagine that you didn´t took that memory well."

"No he didn´t," Sirius interrupted before Alex could say anything, "he attacked the muggle."

Alex gave his father an angry look. He just had to tell.

"You did what?." Fredric said grabbing Alex´s shoulder.

"Yeah," Alex said shortly, not looking his grandfather in the eyes.

Fredric whipped his face with his hands, "Oh Alex you shouldn´t have done it."

"But he had it coming, and you didn´t."

"I know he did, but you should have left him for someone else, like the muggle police or just plain old blackmail, but never violence. But I assumed your father already have talked with you about it?" Alex nodded, "Good, then there no reason that I tell you how wrong it was. Now cast a spell."

Alex was a bit confused but did as he was told.

"Do you think the Ministry will track this to Alexander?" Sirius asked, "Because I did removed all memories of him attacking the muggle."

"They might still detect that magic have been used, and there isn´t that many wizards that knows that man" Fredric said just as knocking were heard, "Alexander stay in here, Sirius hide."

Alex watched as Sirius transformed into a dog, "that is a really brilliant." He said as his grandfather walked over, opened the door, and started talking to someone. Then he came back to Alex. "You know yours rights."

Alex walked to the front door where there were two men standing on the porch, both wearing Ministry robes, both red.

"Mr. Black- Bonteri," the one left to him said.

"Sirius Black was my father, so that is my surname," Alex said having accepted that Sirius was his true father.

"Well then Mr. Black, my name is Arron Smith and this," Smith pointed at the other wizard, "Johan Anderson. I have to inform you that there have been an attack on a muggle."

"I am sorry to hear that, but I fail to see it is my problem."

Smith gave a fake smile, "It is because the name of the muggle was Daniel Bonteri."

Alex did his best to look surprised, "well the man hated wizards, maybe he messed with the wrong one."

"Is that so?" Anderson cut in, "because we know that you have problems with that man."

Alex shrugged. "I do, but how is that relevant?"

"It makes you a suspect?"

"I am sorry on what grounds are you changing my nephew?" Fredric said having walked back to the door unnoticed by Alex. "I assume you have some kind of evidence?"

Both the ministry wizards looked uncomfortable. "No," Smith said, "but who else would want to hurt him?"

"Is that what you want to use; there are muggle haters out there, it might be one of them. As you know they don´t need a reason."

"It might be them. We just would like to rule out you nephew by searching his mind." Arron smiled.

"Sorry you want to read the mind of a four-teen year old unpunished wizard, without any hard evidence. We both know auror Smith that you don´t have a legal base for that." Fredric paused, "tell me have you talked to my former son in law; he must have said something about his attacker."

"Yes, we have, unfortunately all he remembers is a masked man breaking in to his house," Anderson said, "but he keeps saying that he failed his step-son. Tell me Mr. Black did he fail you?"

"He left my mother and me Sir." Alex said in a quiet voice, "and he did many other things to her. Maybe if was reminded of that when he was attacked."


"But it wasn´t me I am still tried after I collapsed in the ministry, I wouldn't have been able to manipulate someone's mind." Alex looking at both aurors, who looked at each other.

"It is true he fainted." Smith said after a while, "the healer at the Ministry confirms it."

"So you think that after my grandson, after he had used his strength recovering could cast the memory alteration charm? A spell that is taught in the seventh year on Hogwarts. Do I need to remind you that my grandson just have turned four-teen on the first of July, meaning that he only have finished his third year at Hogwarts."

"We could quickly verify if he have used it or not," Anderson said, "in fact we have a spell for just that."

"Fine," Alex said handing his wand to Anderson "cheek it."

Anderson took the wand and whispered something while pointing his own wand at it, but nothing happened.

"So can I help you with anything else?" Alex asked, trying to hold the breath of relief back, while he hoped that they wouldn't cheek for any curses.

"No," Smith said looking Alex in eyes, "if you really claim that you didn´t hurt Daniel Bonteri."

"No I didn´t," Alex calmly, "will he be alright?"

"He has been hospitalised in some muggle hospital that is all I know. Do you have any idea who might have done it?"

"I can´t think of anyone. Then again, I haven´t seen him since I was six years old."

"Well we thank you for your time Mr. Black enjoy the rest of the day."

"Thank you," Alex smiled, "and a nice day to you too."

After the Ministry workers had left, Alex, his grandfather and Sirius eat a nice dinner together. Alex told Sirius about school, which subjects he liked, what he did when he was with his friends, and Sirius also asked stuff about Harry. It annoyed Alex for some reason, but he shrugged it off and told Sirius what he wanted it know.

In return, Sirius antold him stories about their time at school, and Sirius even told Alex the story about how he and his mother met. It was late in the evening when Sirius left.

Just after Sirius had, Alex´s grandfather told Alex that he was grounded, until the Weasley would come and pick him up, He also took his wand during that period. Alex didn´t even try to get out of it, he knew he deserved it.

Not that he felt sorry for what he did to Daniel, because he didn´t. No what bothered him was that he almost had gone over the edge. He had tried using an unforgivable curse again, and even though the muggle might had deserved, that curse was wrong, he hated that curse. The torture cruse just could not be used for anything good it just brought pain. The thing about the curse what really what borthed Alex the most it was that wasn´t the first time he had wanted to use it.

He had talked to his grandfather about it, he had told exactly what had happened the day his mother had been hurt, but more important he had told him; of how scarred he was of truing dark. And how no matter what he did the that fear, always seemed like the only future, and how that little darkness Alex´s boggart had hinted was a part of him.

His grandfather had told Alex that he understood his pain and said that he never would believe that he could harm innocent, but he gave Alex the advice that every time he felt the anger, he should count to thirty.

All in all Alex´s grandfather had been great even though he had to punish Alex, first of his punishment was only limited to not leaving the house and doing some essays that Fredric assigned him. So it wasn´t really that bad,

And so the days passed, with Alex looked up in the house, he did managed to get a message to Rose saying that he couldn´t go out with her, because he had been grounded. Alex didn´t know why he wrote her, but he just thought she deserved to know. And a little part of was actually sorry that he couldn´t see her.

Even though Friday had felt like ages, during Alex´s punishment, time did pass, and soon Friday came.

Alex woke up early that day, and sighed; even though his house arrested had ended, he had to deal with Ron. The only bright side was that he could hang out with Fred and George. After a quick breakfast, Alex began to read in one of the spell books his grandfather had brought him, it sucked that he could not practice any spells yet, but at least he could take some notes. When he wasn´t reading Alex would threw some paper balls in the air.

Around the middle of day just before lunch, Fredric came inside in the room. "So I will leave soon." He paused, "I trust you can take care of you self until the Weasley will pick you up."

"Yeah they should be here in an hour." Alex said as he sat up smiling at his grandfather.

"Oh good," Fredric paused, and then took something out his ropes, that something was Alex´s wand and placed it on the table. "You should have this back; otherwise it might be hard for you to lean new spells."

"Thanks, "Alex said, walking up to his grandfather, "I miss you."

"I miss you too, I will write you." Fredric said hugging Alex.

"Yeah I miss you too, and I promise to write you to. So are you going back to America?"

"Yeah, I have some meetings there, and I have to stay there for some time."

An hour later, Alex was sitting on his trunk with his bag and owl, in front of the fireplace waiting for Mr. Weasley. He didn´t have to wait for long until the green flames came to life in the fireplace and out stepped a very familiar looking Weasley wearing a tan shirt and brown pants. A couple seconds later, an identical Weasley stepped out of the flames wearing the same thing.

"Fred – George," Alex said sitting up smiling at them.

"Ah Alex my dear friend. How is it going?" Fred said grabbing his right hand.

"Ah how have you summer been, and are you ready to have even more fun," George said grabbing Alex´s other hand. Both twins started to shake his madly, making Alex laugh.

"Yeah it have been fine. – What about you guys?"

"It have been fine my friend –so this it you new home?" Fred said looking around.

"Yeah it is my grandfather's house."

"It explain old man style, "George added looking at a picture of a younger Alex playing with his grandparents, while Fred looked out of a window.

"But it is close to the city, so have been out to mingle with the muggles?"

"Yeah my and Blaise have been walking around there a bit, until I got grounded that is."

"Grounded, what for breaking in to the Ministry –nice job by the way.

Alex was about to respond when the fireplace went off again. This time it was a red-haired girl.

"Ginny," Alex greeted as she stepped out the fireplace. Alex noticed that Blaise was right Ginny sure had grown pretty, although not was pretty as Daphne. "How have you been?"

"I am fine, "Ginny smiled as she looked around, "nice place."


"Ginny wasn´t you suppose to wait back home?" Fred asked.

"Well I was bored."

"Fair enough." George said as he walked over to Alex´s trunk.

"Who is that in the picture with you Alex?" Ginny asked were looking at a picture of him and his grandmother.

"Uh," Alex said as he walked over to her, "that is my grandma."

"You look happy."

Alex gave a sad smile, "yeah it was great visiting her and grandpa."

"So does she live here too?"

Alex´s smile faded, "no she died when I was nine."

"Oh I am sorry about that." Ginny said putting the picture back.

"Thanks Gin, but I still got my mother, grandpa." There was a small pause. "Where is your dad?" Alex said as he and Ginny walked over to the twins, "I didn´t really expect to see your guys here."

"Alexander I am hurt, "Fred said in a mock hurt voice.

"Yeah," George added. "Would you rather hang out with and old man then you dashing friends?"

Both Alex and Ginny laughed, "Dashing?"

"Yeah dashing and brave." Both twins said in unison.

"Fair enough," Alex said after he had stopped to laugh, "I only meant that I thought you father would pick me up."

"That was the plan," Fred admitted.

"But he was called to work and asked us to do it," George added, "well Fred and me, not our little sister that was supposed to stay at home."

Ginny smiled, and walked around a bit "I told you I was bored. What will you tell on me?"

The twins exchanged a look, "we could." They said in unison.

Ginny gave an innocent smile, "well then I might tell mum about your little project that she have forbidden you to do." She paused, "it just might slip out."

"You wouldn't," Fred cried.

"I would dear brother, but if you keep quiet I won´t. So do we have a deal?"

Alex laughed as the twins nodded, "wow blackmailing the twins. My my Miss Weasley I am impressed."

"Why thank you Alex," Ginny smiled "I do lean from the very best."

"She might to be too good." Fred said, making Alex roll his eyes.

"Come on you are impressed, admit it."

"Well she is our sister," George said, as he waked over to fireplace with Archimedes cage on one had and grabbing some floo powder with the other "and it is better than she chose to be like Percy?"

"Oh don´t even say that." Fred answered as he followed his twin dragging Alex´s trunk with him. "not even as a joke, you know maybe we should use her as a ginnuepig instead of Ron."

"Nah, Ronnie is much more fun." George said, before throwing the floo powder in the fireplace then shouting, "The Burrow!" He shouted, then disappeared with Alex´s owl. Fred was next and he disappeared with Alex´s trunk.

"How is Ron about me coming over?" Alex asked, as he and Ginny walked over to the fireplace.

"Well he wasn´t in the room when dad told us, but I wouldn't expect a warm welcome. He is been badmouthing you all summer."

"Oh," Alex said stopping up, "well maybe I shouldn't I mean I don´t want disturb the house peace."

"What?" Ginny said stopping as well, "look Ron is just being a git, and well Fred, George and I are really looking forward to hanging with you. So please come, it will be fun to hang with you this summer."

"Yeah I suppose I can avoid him."

"Yup," Ginny smiled, so are you coming?"

Alex nodded and walked over to the fireplace, "Hey did happen with you and Ron?"

"We just disagree on some house views," Alex said, grabbed some floo powder

Ginny nodded then flooed back to her home. Alex waited as he looked back at his grandfather´s house, thinking it actually had been great living here, then he stepped into the fireplace, threw down the powder, and shouted, "The Burrow!" and disappeared into the warm green flames. He spun faster and faster, elbows tucked tightly to his sides, blurred fireplaces flashing past him. Then, when at last he felt himself slowing down, he threw out his hands and came to a halt in time to prevent himself from falling face forward out of the Weasleys' kitchen fire.

"You have gotten a hang on your landings huh?" Ginny smiled.

"Yeah, "Alex said looking around in the room, "so did you mum noticed you were gone?"

Before Ginny could answer, Mrs. Weasley stepped in to the room. "Ginny there you are, have you- oh Alexander it nice to see you."

Alex adjusted his shoulder bag, "thanks Mrs. Weasley it is nice to see you too."

"I trust you have been well?"

Alex nodded, "I am fine, how are you?"

"Fine – now where are Fred and George?"

"Oh they took Alex´s trunk upstairs," Ginny said quickly.

"Right hmmm you didn´t follow them did you?" Mrs Weasley asked.

Ginny´s eyes flickered, "no why would you think that, I just ran in to Fred and George and decided to wait for Alex. "

"It is true Mrs. Weasley." Alex lied.

"Hmm fine, anyway welcome Alexander." Mrs, Weasley said, "Ginny have you done the thing I asked of you?"

Ginny nodded, "yes."

Alex cleared his throat, "Um where exactly did the twins take my stuff?"

"Upstairs in Bill´s room "Ginny said, "I show you."

Alex didn´t mentioned that he already knew where it was, since he seemed Ginny would like to get away from her mother. As soon as they were out of Mrs. Weasley hearing range. Ginny whipped for forehead, "Phew that was close, thanks for the back up."

"Sure," Alex smiled, "anything for a fellow prankster."

Ginny giggled, "Thanks my hero."

Ginny led Alex up the stairs up to the third floor and told him what room it was before she left to her own.

Alex walked in. The room was fairly simple it had two beds and tables. At one of the beds stood an older redhead boy, at the other bed the Weasley twins had placed Alex´s belongings.

"Hello," the redhead said, walking over to Alex holding out his hand. "I'm Charlie."

"Oh sorry I thought you were Bill, I am Alex" Alex shaking the Charlie´s large hand and feeling calluses and blisters under his fingers which Alex knew the cause of them, because Ron told him of what Charlie did for a living. Charlie had a broad, good-natured face, which was weather-beaten and so freckly that he looked almost tanned; his arms were muscular, and one of them had a large, shiny burn on it.

"Yeah well I am in his room, so an honest mistake." Charlie said letting go.

"So you are a dragon handler, what is that like?"

"It has its ups and downs," Charlie said, moving over to sit on the bed. "But I like it. Wouldn't trade it for anything else." Alex nodded when someone else entered the room. He was tall, with long red hair that he had tied back in a ponytail. He was wearing an earring with what looked like a fang dangling from it. his clothes would not have looked out of place at a rock concert, except that Alex recognized his boots to be made, not of leather, but of dragon hide. He was, lack for a better word, cool, no wait cool wasn´t a fair description he was beyond cool.

The man smiled as he saw Alex, "Hallo you must be Alex, I have heard a lot of things about you."

"I am," Alex, said as he shocked the man´s hand, "I assume you must be Bill, the oldest of the Weasley siblings."

"That I am," Bill said sitting beside his brother.

Alex to sat down on his bed observing the two boys: Bill was different. Alex knew that he worked for the wizarding bank, Gringotts, and that Bill had been Head Boy at Hogwarts; Alex just figured that Bill would be like an older version of Percy: fussy about rule breaking and fond of bossing everyone around, but he seemed anything like Percy. Charlie however was just as expected, he truly looked like to be the amazing seeker Wood claimed and he also looked like he could handle his dragons.

"So if you want then Ron is in his room," Charlie said, "if you don´t want to hang out with us older gentlemen."

Alex shrugged, "Uh I was kind of hoping not to, I mean we don´t really see eye to eye."

"What did he do now, "Bill said, "Steal your girlfriend?"

Alex shocked his head. "As if he could", he thought to himself, "no I uh don´t have one. Uh let us just say that we don´t have the same views on the Slytherins:"

"Yeah, the twins mentioned you had friends there – that is good; they are nice people." Bill said.

"Yeah it too bad that Ron can´t see that, then again most Gryffindors can´t which is really sad it prevents a lot of friendships from happing,"

Alex nodded "you right. I am mean my best friends are Slytherins and they are the nicest ever, and they don´t believe in all that pureblood crap. "Alex said.

"I am sure they are." Bill said just as Mrs. Weasley shouted for Bill and Charlie to help her with something. Alex sat alone for a bit thinking if he should go see Ron, he had to see him at some point, might as well get it over with. Ron might actually have changed, but it was unlikely.

Alex exited the room and began to make his way all the way to the top of the Burrow, where Ron's room was. The door was closed, so he knocked. The door opened to reveal a girl with very pretty girl with bushy brown hair.

Alex smiled at Hermione, she too had grown prettier during the summer, she sure had changed a lot. "Hey Hermione."

"Alex!" She shrieked, jumping towards Alex and hugging him, and then let go. "Why haven't you been writing us, and what's up with you not saying goodbye anymore?

"Oh, I...don't know," Alex spoke, and then he was saved when Hermione was pushed out of the way by Ron who was the same, but taller.

"Hello, mate! How was your summer?" Ron asked, shaking Alex´s hand and pulling him into his room. It hadn´t change much: the same posters of Ron's favourite Quidditch team, the Chudley Cannons, were whirling and waving on the walls and sloping ceiling, and the fish tank on the windowsill, which had previously held frog spawn, now contained one extremely large frog. Ron's old rat, Scabbers, was here no more, but instead there was the tiny grey owl.

Ron spoke up again making Alex look at him. "Mine was pretty good, and it's going to get better with the Quidditch World Cup and all. Even Harry will be here, can't wait."

Alex was a bit taken back by Ron´s friendliness maybe he had changed, well stranger things had happened. Then it might just be a good summer. "It been a great summer," he said slowly, "and yeah the world cup sounds pretty cool, Think it be an Irish victory." Alex said in an awkward voice.

"Yeah but the Bulgarians have Krum." Ron said.

Alex nodded, "True, but still he is just a man."

Hermione rolled her eyes, but smiled none the less, "boys and their Quidditch, I think I will see what Ginny is up too, see you guys later."

Alex watched Hermione leave the room, and then said, "granted Krum might be worth six men."

"Yeah shut up, no one cares what you think." Ron hissed.

Alex turned and saw Ron´s annoyed face, "what?" he asked confused by Ron´s change of mood.

"Listen here Bonteri if it was up to me you wouldn´t be here."

"What, you are still playing this."

"Yeah," Ron hissed, "because you are still a dark wizard."

"Oh please," Alex as his encounter with Daniel played in his mind, "don´t start with that again. So what you still have a problem with me being friends with Daphne and the others?"

"Yeah I do, I know you plotting to do something bad. Snake or snake lover it is the same thing, it means that you are a bad egg."

"You know what Weasley, cut it out okay. Just stop acting like a child, and get in your heard the Slytherins isn´t all evil and I am not evil."

"Just shut it, I am on to you. I know why you always tries to be friends with Harry. I know that you are just doing it so you can betray him."

"What have you heard yourself? Why would I betray Harry? You know what just shut it, just don´t come near me."

"You can´t tell me what to do beside you already have betrayed him.

"How?" Alex sneered, "How do you get to that?"

"I don´t know, maybe by stealing his girlfriend."

"What in Merlin´s name are you blabbing about?" Alex asked.

"What I say Hermione likes you, I bet you are the reason she left Harry. She asked me to talk nice to you, but she isn´t here right now. So now I can speak my mind loser. And I know that you messed Harry´s relationship up, because you didn´t wanted him to be happy."

"Have you heard yourself," Alex asked still in shocked that Hermione liked him, why did she do that. They were just friends, so why did she want to date him, he wasn´t anything special. "Hermione and Harry just broke up because they wasn´t right for each other. Hermione wouldn't end things just because she wanted to date some else, she isn´t like that."

"Sure they just broke up with no reason – No as I said I bet you were the reason. Hermione isn´t to blame, I bet you twisted her mind somehow."

"Why, would I want to do that?"

"Because you are psychopath Alex."

"Stop calling me that, I am not a psychopath. Beside I was happy for those two."

"Sure you were, Harry getting a girl before you didn´t make you jealous?"

"No, it didn´t, I don´t like Hermione in that way, why does she even likes me I mean we are just friends."

"Don´t ask me loser, I still can´t figure out why she even would be friends with someone like you." Ron hissed. "In fact how come anyone be friends with you, why does anyone even want to spend time with you?"

"You know what Ronald piss off. I have better things to do then to listen to your crap."

"Fine, then leave the house. I don´t care. Piss off and don´t come back."

"Don´t tempt me."

"Fine piss of Bonteri, so go back to your own house."

Alex was tempted to do just that, leave and take home and have a totally Ron free summer Quidditch final or not, then he thought of the other Weasley children; Fred, George and Ginny. He could hang with them. "You know what I won´t do that, I was invited here by your father and your siblings. So let us make a deal I leave you alone and you leave me alone." Alex said before walking out of the room and back to his own, so he could cool off.

Chapter end.

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