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Best served with pain
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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter franchise or any of the characters. This is my very first fic please be kind love it or hate it R\R.

During the summer following the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Harry Potter was returned to Privet Drive. His relatives become immediately aware of the drastic change in him. Harry's aunt reasons to just leave the boy alone. Her thoughts are this is the best way to protect her family, in addition to allowing the freak to eat regular meals. She may be able to detour any unwanted retaliation from her nephew. While not overly friendly the Dursley's become civil.

The summer holiday progresses, Harry becomes increasingly irritated with his so called friends. He had received only one letter from each. Ron's was first and was short as usual but said nothing:


Hey mate good to be on hols, have a good summer.

Don't let the muggles get you down.


His other supposed best friend Hermione was similar and that was most unusual:


I want you to know that Cedric's death was not your fault.

Hope to see you soon.



Those letters were two weeks ago, and Harry has received nothing since. He even wrote to his godfather Sirius and received admonishment for contacting him and ended it stating safety concerns.

Disheartened Harry was sitting staring out the window of the smallest bedroom, when he noticed a scent of fire whiskey and stale tobacco. Leaning out and glancing down he sees the shimmer of an invisibility cloak but the person seems to be facing away from the house. The next day Harry noticed someone different appeared to be standing watch. He decided that the old coot must have placed them their on orders. 'Great' he thought I have minders. A pattern emerged the watchers would be there from anywhere four to six hours then someone new would take their place. This irked Harry to no end. He concluded that should he leave the house he would be no doubt followed and be returned voluntary or not. So now he was confined to this…place.

While Harry did not sleep well at Privet Drive, his fury at his "friends, godfather, the old goat fucker and his minions", kept most of the nightmares at bay. His imagination began to play out scenarios that had Weasley and Granger together doing gods know what.

The feelings that had developed during the course of the previous two years, died. These feelings were replaced with suspicion and loathing for both Weasley and Granger. Harry had an epiphany that he truly was alone and the only person that he could count on was himself. The irony of this realization was it was those in the wizarding world and not the Dursley's who were responsible. The wizarding world finally broke Harry Potter.

Having decided to remain accosted in his bedroom at the Dursley's and not venturing out, despite the extremely balmy weather of July, found he had no desire to leave. This decision would prove to be a blessing and a curse. A few days prior to Harry's fifteenth birthday, he was rereading all his old textbooks and taking copious notes. Dudley his obese cousin and is gang of thugs had become the targets he was meant to be.

Unknown to anyone else in Dumbledore's band of morons a deranged Ministry official had sent a pair of Azkaban's guards toward Little Whinging. The dementors found the teens and trapped them in the viaduct and began to administer "the kiss". Leaving the soulless bodies behind they swooped down on an elderly lady walking back from market and she never stood a chance, Mrs. Arbela Fig was left soulless as well. The only evidence the dementors were even there was the frost burns where they grabbed their victims.

The days that followed Vernon and Petunia were at the hospital the cause of their sons and his friends' condition was ruled poisoning by gas, Methane or carbon monoxide. The Dursley parents would come home in shifts to freshen up or get a few winks in a comfortable bed. It was during one of these times that Petunia saw Harry as he came out of the loo.

"Oh you're still here then? I suppose you're pleased my poor diddyumkins is in hospital in a coma." Petunia said a little heatedly.

Unmoved by the tone Harry says, "Not really we weren't friends but in would not want to see anyone in a coma."

Petunia gets a look of shock on her face and schools her features again "yes well at least the burns cleared up no chance of infection now." Said more to herself than anything.

Harry was walking past and to his room when he caught what she had said and spun on his heal and quickly asked, "Burns, what burns?"

Petunia zoned out refocused on her nephew and said, "oh yes he had burns on his upper arms they say it looked like frost burns. But how that's possible in this heat I don't know."

Harry suddenly went very pail and Petunia caught this right away "what do you know something? Anything that can help my Dudley?"

In a voice just above a whisper Harry says, "Nothing can help them now not even magic."

Petunia stairs in disbelief something even magic can't fix and she starts to cry. Harry just walks back to his room knowing he can do nothing to ease the truth that Dudley Dursley is no more. His aunt and uncle remain faithfully at their son's side for the next week. On the 30th Harry was drifting off to sleep when there was a crash the sounded like it came from the kitchen. Harry grabbed his invisibility cloak and the cricket bat that was leaning on his door frame. Harry quietly descended the stairs and skipped the squeaky one he makes it down and can hear voices now.

"Nymphadora, must you be such a klutz it's going to get you killed one day?" said the gruff voice of Alastor Mad-eye Moody in a near whisper.

The bubble gum pink haired girl growls as her hair turns fire engine red and says through gritted teeth "don't call me Nymphadora!" while this was going on Harry was slowly making his way behind the two.

Without warning Harry strikes sweeping out Moody's legs and on the down swing knocking him out cold. Next on the upswing takes out the now pink haired girl and follows that with the blonde woman. The shock on the faces of the remaining two fades as the blonde falls and they start to fire stunners at their attacker. But Harry being Harry dodges and takes out one of the remaining two and the last still firing gets caught in the back swing of his buddy going down. Seeing that all the intruders are down Harry goes to the garden shed and grabs the rope, searches them and begins to tie them up. He realizes that the pink haired girl is a metamorphmagus and secures her extra tight and puts her in the cupboard under the stairs. As Harry is coming back from that he sees Moody start to stir he has the cricket bat ready. Moody notices he is tied up and missing his magical eye. He begins to look around and a scowling and very angry boy-who-lived glaring at him with the bat being tapped in his palm.

"Good work lad take down the unknown, before you get into trouble. Constan…" Moody groans out.

"Shut. The. Fuck. Up. You overly paranoid psychopath!" says Harry and hits Moody knocking him out again.

During this commotion the other three come too and watch as Harry knocks out Moody.

"Where's Tonks? What have you done…?" says the blonde woman.

"I SAID SHUT UP! Good now if you mean the metamorphmagus she is in my old bedroom. I don't need her changing shape and getting free. Then she stuns me and I'm off to some gods forsaken location. Now that, that's cleared up. Why in the Holy Blue Fuck are the disciples of Dumbledick here?" Harry says irritably.

The group still shocked at the young man's outburst take a moment to collect their thoughts. The blonde woman speaks up again, "well Potter we are here to take you to headquarters." As if that explains everything. By this point Harry has moved past irritated and is rapidly approaching livid. That did not bode well for this group that was tied up.

With a distinctly feral growl, "and why should I go to this headquarters?" Harry says and begins to pace.

The blonde is the one to answer again, "Your friends, Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger are there with your godfather." Harry freezes in place with a very stiff appearance. The words spoken are realized to be a very bad thing to say. Harry begins to shake and his eyes begin to glow an eerie shade of green. He turns.

"I have no friends nor do I have a godfather is that clear!" the words from Harry broker no argument as they are said though gritted teeth. "Now as there is no reason for me to go to this 'headquarters' I am going to have to ask you to vacate these premises and never return."

The group is at a loss of words. Moody has stirred once again and just can't help but egg Harry on "boy untie us this instant and get over your little temper tantrum and…" he falls for the third time as Harry has knocked him out again.

"Now that's better, anyone else have a comment they'd like to share? No I thought not. Now does any of you carry a port key?" Harry looking pleased with himself as he had remembered from last year.

In a quiet voice the blonde says, "I do."

"Good now what is it?" Harry is now just looking for an excuse to hit someone.

"The pocket watch." She says quickly.

Glaring Harry says, "How is it activated?"

"By my wand only and on a three second delay." Supplying the information she knew he would as next.

"If you are lying to me you are going to soo sorry do you understand?" giving her a critical eye "good now which wand is yours?"

"The dark brown with the auburn handle." Hoping he will give it back.

Harry left with the wand and returned with the still unconscious Tonks. He then takes a length of rope and wraps the watch and the rope around the five. He taps the watch and the blonde shouts, "what about our wands?"

"When my owl gets back you get them back." With that final word they are away in a flash of colours.

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