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Shifted Reality
Draco M. & Harry P. & Hermione G. - Words: 45,465 - Rated: K+ - English - Drama & Friendship - Chapters: 17 - Reviews: 341 - Updated: 26-02-2018 - Published: 02-09-2015 - by Duochanfan (FFN)

I don't own Harry Potter, just having a little fun while I can.

Well, here it is, finally. I am really, really nervous about it, so I do hope that you will all enjoy it.

Thanks to TyanataDraven on AO3 for the title idea, I love it!

Shifted Reality

Chapter One

Harry buttoned up the shirt he was going to wear. A large smile was on his face as he was once again celebrating his birthday with his friends and his family. That last word still gave him a warm feeling in his chest. Harry turned around as there came a pounding of feet towards his bedroom and the door burst open. Harry laughed as his little brother went over to his bed and climbed onto it.

"Mattie, be careful," Harry told him as he went over and watched as his little four year old brother started jumping on the bed.

"But it's fun Harry," he complained as he gave a large jump and landed on his bum, laughing.

"I know, but you can fall off and hurt yourself, I should know I've done it a few times," he gave a little sigh, still smiling.

Mattie looked to him a grinned, his pale blue eyes were filled with laughter as he stood up on the bed once more and jumped off, landing right next to Harry, "See, I'm good Harry!" he exclaimed, grinning widely.

Harry huffed a little and then smiled to him, he ruffled the light blond hair and then pulled his little brother into a hug, "Just be careful, you're my little brother and I'm supposed to watch out for you," he told him.

Mattie nodded his head, "I know."

Harry pulled back and looked to the window as he heard a tapping on the glass. Harry grinned widely as he rushed over and opened the window. He took the letter from the owl and said, "Thank you, I'll send my reply later."

"Is that?" Mattie asked as he walked over slowly, eyes wide as he looked to the letter that Harry now held.

Harry nodded excitedly as he grabbed Mattie's hand and pulled him from the bedroom, "Come on, we have to show mum and dad," he smiled as the two of them went down the stairs.

"Mummy, daddy!" Mattie shouted as they went, "Harry has his letter!"

Harry chuckled as they reached the bottom of the stairs. Medusa sitting there waiting to meet him, the six year old dog was still as hyper as she had been as a puppy, but still loyal to her Master Harry. Harry went over to his parents and smiled at them, "Look," he said, waving it around.

"Well, open it and read it then?" Marge grinned as she sat on the sofa, Tiberius standing nearby.


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc, Chf. Warlock,

Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. Of Wizards)

Dear Mr Potter-Malfoy

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term Begins on 1st September. We await you owl by no later than 31st July.

Yours Sincerely

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Harry finished reading it out and then looked to them, "But I have to reply today!" he exclaimed as he saw the date.

"We know, we asked if they would send it today for you, since I thought it would be nice to receive it on your birthday. A lot of students get them on their eleventh birthday because they are during the year," Tiberius explained to him.

"Like Hermione got her last year, and Draco on his birthday?" Harry asked him.

Tiberius nodded to his son, "yes, it didn't seem fair that you would get it early, so I talked to Professor McGonagall and she said she would send it today, we all know that you want to go, so I already told her that you would be."

Harry grinned, "So I don't have to send anything to her to tell her I'm coming dad?"

Tiberius shook his head, "no, you don't."

Mattie was silent as he looked between his parents and his big brother. He sniffed a little as he realised what was going on, "but… but that means you're gonna leave me," he said as he burst into tears at the thought of his big brother not being there to play with after school.

Harry put the letter down and went over to his little brother and pulled him into a large hug, "It's okay, we can write to each other all the time and I will come back at Christmas. Luna will still be here and you'll have your friends from school as well," he told him, rocking him a little.

"But it wont be you," he sniffed a little as he held his brother tightly.

"I know, but I have to go and learn how to be a wizard, just like when you get older you will as well," Harry told him, smiling down at him as he pulled back.

Mattie nodded and gave another little sniff, "Okay," he mumbled. He liked the idea of going to Hogwarts himself, but he would miss his brother a lot.

"Right, are you two ready?" Marge asked them both.

"Yes Mummy!" both boys said, smiling a little.

"Good, we have a party to get ready for," she smiled as she stood up and pulled them both into her arms, "I know you will do well at school Harry, and Mattie, soon enough it will be you leave and then I will really be crying at the thought of you all leaving me at home," she said, giving a little sniff, as she didn't like the idea of Harry leaving.

"It's going to be all right mum," Harry sighed as he hugged her tightly.

"I know, now lets finish getting ready, guest will start arriving soon," Marge smiled to them both as she stood up and took Tiberius hand as the small family got ready for Harry's eleventh birthday party, this one will be party number seven for the little wizard. To Marge it still felt like yesterday that she had everything she needed to be Harry mother.


Harry grinned as he looked around the back garden. There were so many dogs around and all of his friends had been able to make it again. His friends parents were there as well. He was happy, how could he not be with so many celebrating his birthday with him. Harry rushed over to where Draco and Hermione were begging their dads to play a game with them all.

"All right, All right," Lucius said as he held up his hands to stall the two of them in their words.

"So you will dad?" Draco grinned up to him.

Lucius smiled and chuckled, "Yes, we will. Now, there will be no magic, since you little ones cant use it yet," he grinned as he looked to the others, "So is everyone up for a water fight?" he asked the adults, mainly looking to the dads of the group.

Dion nodded his head from where he was standing next to Lucius, "may as well, its good weather for it," he grinned. Nate, Xenophilius, Tiberius, Septimus Greengrass and Amelia stood up.

"I think we are all up for it," Amelia said as she looked to her niece Susan, who grinned to her Aunt.

"This should be fun!" Dean yelled, as Luna laughed lightly.

"Quiet boys," Marge admonished a little as she looked over to Michelle Thomas and Pandora Lovegood, both of them had babies on their laps. Two little girls, a baby sister for Dean and a baby sister for Luna.

"Don't worry, I put a charm over them so no mater how loud things get, they wont be waking up any time soon," Pandora smiled as she looked down to her seven week old daughter and then over to her eldest child.

"I am so glad of that," Michelle laughed lightly as she bounced her fussy eight month old.

"Right, rules," Tiberius said as he looked to the children that had all gathered around, "We keep away from those not playing, we also stay away from the food. Each of you will have a super soaker with is spelled to not run out of water, we adults will have the same. Which ever team is the driest wins. It shall be old verses the young," he grinned as he began to hand out the super soaker's that he had spelled.

"This will be fun," Xenophilius grinned as he took one and looked to his daughter, "be warned Luna, I shall be going for you," he teased her.

Luna laughed brightly, "You can try Father," she said as she gave a little twirl.

"Astoria, Daphne, I shall be doing the same, you stand no chance against your old man," Septimus grinned to his two daughters.

Astoria and Daphne shared a look, "We shall see Papa, we shall see," they grinned together as they looked to the other kids and smiled. They needed a plan of attack.

As soon as the children all had a super soaker each, they all went off to one side of the garden and started to plan. The dogs went over to them and gave them all a little input as well. Every one of them had a Guardian Dog. Marge had been overwhelmed since Harry had gone to live with her, the number of puppies per litter had gone up dramatically, and magical families had been going to her for Dogs as well. Tiberius knew it was an omen of things to come when those children grew up, the Guardian dogs would be needed.

Marge sat near the other parents as she watched her husband and children. She placed a hand on her stomach and smiled, she couldn't wait to tell her two boys. It had been a bit of a surprise, since they had thought she wouldn't be able to have another child. Mathew had been the biggest surprise, and helped along a lot by magic. Narcissa and Perdita were once again taking as many pictures as they could of what was going on. Narcissa couldn't help but laugh loudly as she watched her husband fall to the ground and get soaked as Draco, Harry and Hermione ganged up on him.

"Oh, such wonderful memories," she laughed.

"I know, it's why I'm recording this time," Perdita smiled as she glanced over to her friend.

"Muggle technology, so wonderful," Narcissa grinned over to her.

"Yes, I have had Tiberius charm them all so they will work in the Wizarding homes. He is a bit of a genius," she smiled back.

Narcissa nodded, "He has lived as a Muggle for so long, he knows what they can do and how to charm them so they can work in a magical environment," she smiled, happy that she would be able to watch these precious moments again without having to find a pensive, which were expensive and rather rare.

The day carried on and the young ones won the game as the adults began to charm them all dry. Presents had been opened and it was time once again for the cake to come out and for Harry to make a birthday wish. Marge went into the kitchen and picked up one of the cakes that were on the side and brought it out. Everyone began to sing Happy Birthday to Harry. Harry grinned as he was able to blow out the candles and make his wish. He grinned as he looked around his family, he didn't think there was anything more he could wish for.

Marge smiled, happy that she had been able to get the cake to the table and turned around to get a knife from the kitchen. There was a flurry of barking and the pounding of feet as three dogs headed towards the table. Marge turned and sighed as she watched the three bash into the legs of the table and the cake went flying into the air.

Marge wiped cake from her face once more, "Every time, every single time," she sighed as she gave a little chuckle.

"I got it on film this time!" Perdita called out, laughing, as were all the others.

Draco, Hermione and Harry stood there as their dogs were sat next to them, looking sorry for what they had done, "Sorry!" the three called out to Marge.

Marge smiled to them, "it's happened every single time you three, every single birthday party, even Mattie's cake has ended up on my head a few times."

"I think it has become a tradition Marge," Tiberius said as he went over to his wife and cleaned her up with a spell and placed a loving kiss on her lips, "I'll get the other cake," he smiled as he flicked his wrist to summon the other cake as Lucius set everything right in the garden again.

"I do love coming to your parties Uncle Tiberius," Lucius said as he looked to the man, "Always fun to watch," he joked.

The rest of the party went by with no more incidents. Marge said goodbye to the last of the guests and went into the living room where all her boys were sitting on the sofa. Harry reading to Mattie as Tiberius sat nearby watching them with a happy smile on his face.

"Shall we tell them?" she asked as she walked over to Tiberius, who stood up and took her outstretched hand.

"I think it would make one last present for Harry," he chuckled as that got the boys attention.

"What is it dad?" Harry asked as he looked to his parents.

"Well, at Christmas we will be having someone new join our family," Marge smiled to them.

Harry frowned for a moment as he puzzled over the cryptic clue, "Oh," he said as his eye went wide, "A baby!?" he exclaimed as he jumped form the sofa and went over to his mother.

Marge nodded her head, "yes, a baby, you'll have to wait till around Christmas to find out if it will be a baby brother or sister though," she told him, as she wanted to surprise the two of them.

"I'm gonna be a big brother?" Mattie asked his parents.

Tiberius nodded as he picked up his youngest son, "yes you are, just like Harry," he told him.

"Wow," he grinned as he looked down to Harry, "I'm gonna be like you Harry!" he said, excited about being like his big brother.

"Yep," Harry nodded, smiling back, "Don't forget that you have to protect them and make sure they are happy. It can be hard work sometimes," he warned him as Tiberius put the little child down.

Mattie looked to Harry and nodded his head, "Okay," he said, "I will do my best like you."

"That's wonderful to hear," Marge smiled at her two sons, "Well, lets get you both ready for bed, I know its a little early, but after the excitement of the day, you both need an early night."

Harry and Mattie gave a moan as they went up stairs to change and get ready for bed. Marge and Tiberius smiled as they watched them. They shared a sweet kiss as Marge followed them up to tuck them in, Tiberius following in a few moments later.

Well, there you go. Do hope you have all enjoyed the first of thirty chapters. More to come next week!

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