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Shifted Reality
Draco M. & Harry P. & Hermione G. - Words: 45,465 - Rated: K+ - English - Drama & Friendship - Chapters: 17 - Reviews: 341 - Updated: 26-02-2018 - Published: 02-09-2015 - by Duochanfan (FFN)

I don't own Harry Potter, though I still wish upon a star each night. It's not going to happen.

Sorry for being away for so long. Near the beginning of last year, I had a health scare and didn't get the all clear until the beginning of November. Taken the last two months to get back into the swing of things. So hope you enjoy this chapter.

Thanks to Madyamisam who went through this chapter, any remaining mistakes are my own.

Chapter Ten

Harry walked into their little room and sat down at his desk. The others were in the room as well. It was the beginning of November only a day after the Troll and he was wondering what his quarterly report card would be like. He had done his best and he just hoped that he had gotten good grades so far. Harry pulled out some paper and a pen, not wanting to use parchment and quills and began to write a letter back home, well three of them. His friends were all going to be doing the same as well.

To mum and dad

How are you both? Is the baby all right? I miss you all so much. I knew I would, but I really want to be here and I know that I have to be as well. Just sometimes, I wish I was with you, on the sofa talking, reading or watching a bit of TV. Watching over Mattie as he learns something new. I miss being home.

Thank you so much for sending the candle. I used it. I went outside and spent a bit out there just thinking of Mother and Father. My friends came with me as well and they talked to my parents. I didn't want to at first, because I thought they would just make fun of me, but they did it as well. Then they talked to people that they had lost as well. I forget sometimes that I wasn't the only one that lost someone close to me. My parents were the last and because of something they did he was banished. I know he isn't gone, I just know it.

Headmaster Dumbledore said he would let me see a few memories of my parents in his pensive, he said that he would do the same for Neville and Susan for their parents. And Fred and George for their Uncles, they lost them in the war as well and their mother doesn't like to talk about them much, it makes her sad.

So, on something happier. Are you going to tell me if I am going to have a brother or a sister? I want to know mum, you kept it secret when Mattie was born. I wish I was there, I want to feel them as they kick and show us all that they are there. I remember when you were pregnant with Mattie and I felt him move and kick. It was brilliant and so weird but kind of cool at the same time.

I miss you guys, keep safe and happy and give Mattie an extra hug of a night from me.

Love Harry

Harry smiled as he finished the letter and put it away, he pulled out another page and began another shorter letter.

Hello Mattie

Are you being good and helping mum and dad? You best be, you're going to be a big brother don't forget. You need to help and be there and watch over them, it's your job while I am away. I miss reading to you. Are you having some fun as well? And how is Dionysus? He is behaving himself, I know that he will soon be in the house with Medusa and Ripper. Is Medusa behaving as well? I know I asked you to keep an eye on her for me.

You have fun, take care of mum and dad and watch over them all.

Love your big brother Harry.

Another letter down. He looked around the room and smiled as he saw that the whole group was there and the twins had been able to drag Lee with them. It was nice to see him there with them. He was starting to come a little hang out with them more, but not as often as the twins were there with them. He pulled out another page and began his last letter. This one was going to be the most important one of them all and needed to go out as soon as possible as he required a little help with something.

Dear Uncle Remus

How are you? How was the last full moon? I hope you are better now. I need your help. Last week the twins played a bit of a trick on me and my friends. I knew it was coming, I just knew it. They are just like you and my dad. They had us singing for about half hour during breakfast in the middle of October, thankfully not many people were around. And yes, I have to admit it was funny. The thing is, I want to prank them back I have a few ideas, but I can't tell which would be the best one to use.

Idea One - I can turn them a colour and let them be like that all day.

Idea Two - I can make them do the foxtrot together in the Great Hall and make them do a circuit around the room. (I like this one the most)

Idea Three - I can make a potion to turn them into animals, but I think this one might be a little dangerous to use just yet. I don't want to get it wrong and hurt them, so maybe I'll skip this one unless you can send a potion to do it. (Hint hint.)

So, which one do you think would be best. Now I'm going to be doing it at the same time and I know that twins think that I have put it behind me. They need to learn not to mess with a Marauder's son and nephew.

Take care of yourself Uncle Remus, love you loads.


Harry put the letters into separate envelopes and wrote the names on them, he turned around and smiled as he saw that Hedwig was waiting still. She had delivered letters yesterday and had stayed in their room instead of going to the owlery, not that he minded. He went over to her and stroked her chest.

"Hey girl," he smiled at her as he then tied the letters to her leg, "take these to mum and dad, Mattie and Uncle Remus," she bobbed her head, "Thanks," he smiled as she then flew off and out of the window.

Harry watched her go and smiled. "Ack," he felt arms go around his shoulders on either side.

"So little brother, what are you up to?" the twins asked as they looked at him, a gleam in their eyes.

"Nothing much, just sending letters home meant to have done it last night but with the Troll, wasn't like we could come here and write in peace without someone wanting to know what I am doing," he replied with a shrug. He had learned not to write letters home in the common room or in any place that people outside of his friends were. They were all nosy and wanted to know what he was sending all the time.

Fred nodded his head, "Yeah, it was a bit of a pain, wish we could have all come here."

"I heard that they found it wandering higher than the dungeons late last night," George mused.

"I know I heard something when we were going towards the Ravenclaw dorms," Harry added.

They nodded and left Harry be, as Lee called them over to get started on some homework. Harry smiled and went to his desk to do the same as Perseus came through the little door for him and Crookshanks jumped on the desk, looking smug. Harry gave him a fond stroke and started on his homework.


It was two days later when Harry received letters back from everyone. He put them away till he could read them in peace, people were watching him all the time. It was annoying, but he dealt with it like dad and Uncle Lucius had taught him. Uncle Lucius would be teaching Draco and himself to manage an estate, he had the Potter estate to look after when he came of age and during the summer he would be taught the beginnings of it.

The day seemed to drag on as he wanted to read his letters. Finally dinner ended and Harry ran off before the others and headed to their room. He went in and sat down on the second sofa that had been found and curled up as Perseus came to him and jumped on his lap.

"So what has you so smug?" Harry asked him.

"Just teaching a rat that they shouldn't lie," he purred and settled down on Harry and curled up.

Harry shook his head, "Leave the rat alone, I don't want to get in trouble," he groaned.

Perseus just ignored it as he carried on lying there. Harry shook his head at him and opened the first letter.

Dear Harry

A Troll! A Troll! What the hell was a troll doing in Hogwarts, your dad and Remus explained about them to me and showed me a picture as well. Nothing else better get in that school or I swear I will find a way to teach you at home. I want you safe and sound not surrounded by danger.

It's good that your friends were with you and I am going to try and see if you would be able to come home next year. I know that you will want to go as soon as you come home for Christmas break. So Tiberius and I plan to take you. It was nice of Albus to offer, Tiberius is searching for one as well, has been for a while, but Penisives are a bit rare. There are not many that still make them, but he is looking.

I am not telling you what you are having, it will make a nice surprise for when it happens. Now you be good, try and behave in school. I will see you soon and don't forget to write back. I look forward to your letters all the time and I still have the others that you have wrote to us.

Love mum and dad

Harry smiled and then shook his head, "Why won't you tell me, you just like to torture me," he mumbled to himself when he saw that his mum wouldn't be telling him if he was having a baby brother or baby sister. He looked at the next letter, he knew that it was from Mattie because of the bad writing, but then he was only just beginning to learn properly.


I miss you too and I am taking care of mummy. Her tummy feels weird when the baby kicks. Did I do that? It's okay here, Luna and Astoria come around a lot and we go to Luna's too. Luna's mummy is getting better as well, though she is tired a lot. I'll make sure that to take care of them and I'm going to be a brilliant big brother just like you are. I miss you Harry, I want you to come home.


Harry gave a chuckle as he read Mattie's letter, he never wrote a long letter, but he knew that he was still only just learning and was having a hard time. He had to admit that he missed Mattie, he would be five soon and he wouldn't be there for it. He would miss a party, but he knew that Mattie just wanted him home. He wondered if he would be able to make something for Mattie's birthday.

He grinned as he took out the last letter.

Dear mini Marauder

Well, it seems like you are following the path just that little bit earlier than us. We didn't start pranking until after Christmas our first year. But no matter, as for your ideas, I agree that your third one isn't one that you should be doing until you know Potions well enough. Anything can go wrong with them.

I think in the end maybe you should do a mix of one and two. Have them change colour and dance around the Great Hall. Make them know not to mess with a Marauder, even a son of one. Always start with the smaller things when you prank, if they prank you back after this one, then I'll think of a few things that you can do.

You be careful and try not to get into trouble. I know it will happen, but please don't tell your mum that I helped, she'll skin me.

Love Uncle Remus

Harry giggled as the door opened and the others began to walk in. He would have to make sure he had the spells down to use. He had been practising them, so it shouldn't be too hard in the end.


It was time, it had been three days since he had received the letter from Remus. He had asked Neville to let him practice with him and it had worked each time. Now it was time to put it into action. They were at breakfast and the twins were coming over to join them at the fifth table. Neville hid him from view of everyone as did Draco who was sat on his other side and he sent the two spells at them both. He grinned when they hit.

Fred and George changed colour to a lime green and a neon pink as they took hold of each other and to music they could only hear, they began to dance around the room, doing a version of a waltz that was sure to leave them aching afterwards. The group smiled and began to laugh as the students that were there began to laugh at the two as well. They were known pranksters and most had been their victims at times. They finally finished a circuit of the room and ended up in front of the head table.

They looked tired but were laughing themselves as they then took a bow and went to the fifth table sitting across from Harry, "We know that was you," they said as one, eyes gleaming.

Harry grinned to them as he leaned forwards, "Never mess with a son of a Marauder," he told them.

Their eyes went wide as Fred said, "Marauder?"

Harry nodded, "Yeah, I'm the son of Prongs, my father was a prankster when he came to Hogwarts," he told them, smiling.

"Oh wow," they said in awe as they looked at each other, "We have a map, a Marauders map."

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good," Harry announced, with a frown.

"Mischief managed," Fred and George grinned, "We pinched it from Filches office in our first year," Fred said as he looked at his brother.

"Yep, has helped us more than anything," George smiled.

"Remus gave me his, the one you have belonged to my dad, it got taken from him when he was in his last year," Harry said softly, "They made four of them, he doesn't know what happened to the others."

"You know a marauder, can we meet them?" they asked.

Harry laughed and nodded, "Christmas maybe," he smiled as the others did the same.

Fred and George were distracted for the rest of the day as they finished breakfast and headed to their classes.

Thank you for reading this chapter and I do hope that you have enjoyed it.

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