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Shifted Reality
Draco M. & Harry P. & Hermione G. - Words: 45,465 - Rated: K+ - English - Drama & Friendship - Chapters: 17 - Reviews: 341 - Updated: 26-02-2018 - Published: 02-09-2015 - by Duochanfan (FFN)

I don't own Harry Potter, just playing with them all for a while.

Back from Alcon, and I really enjoyed myself. Hope you all enjoy this chapter!

Shifted Reality

Chapter Two

Harry stood in the living room holding his summer robe as he looked to his parents as they finished helping Mattie get dressed. The younger boy was too excited to even try and do it himself. As soon as they had finished he bounced over to Harry and grabbed onto him arm, pulling him down. A large grin was on his face and pale blue eyes shone brightly.

"Mathew Tiberius Malfoy! Please stop bouncing around!" Marge scolded him a little.

The little boy stopped and looked to his mother as he began to rock on his feet instead of bounce, though he still had a hold of Harry's arm, "But mummy, we're going to Diagon Alley and I really want to go, we don't go very much because people always try to see Harry," he pouted a little at being told off.

"I know you're excited, but we are going there is nothing that will stop us. Now you just have to be patient so we can all get ready and take the portkey," she told him, a gentle smile on her face.

"Yes Mummy," he sighed as he pouted even more, but he stopped the rocking and waited for everyone to get their robes on. The only time they would wear them was when they went to Diagon Alley, and that was mainly hoping that they would blend in.

"Okay," Tiberius said with a smile, "Let's go, we'll be meeting the Granger's and my Nephews family at Gringotts," he said as he pulled out the small lengths of rope that they were using to get to the Alley. It would drop them off at the Portkey point inside the Leaky Cauldron.

The four of them took hold, with Tiberius also holding onto Mattie, making sure that he didn't accidentally let go. With a whirl of wind they were off. Moments later they were in the Leaky Cauldron. They walked off the Portkey point and into the pub. Tiberius checked them all over, making sure that they were all right. Marge looked a little green so he went over to the bar and asked for a glass of water. Tom handed one over and Tiberius gave it to his wife.

"Thank you," Marge smiled to him as it helped settle her stomach a little, "I do hate travailing like that," she murmured.

"I know, but it's only a couple of times you need to, using the floo is all right as well, but the floo can get backed up during the month leading up to September 1st.

Marge smiled and then looked to her boys, who were waiting patiently. Harry had explained what was wrong with her to Mattie, as he had worried that his mummy was becoming ill, "Well, shall we go into the Alley?" she asked them.

Mattie nodded his head and almost darted away if it wasn't for Harry grabbing his hand and pulling him back, "Mattie, you know you're not to run off, you have to keep hold of my hand," Harry told his baby brother.

"Sorry," he grinned, not really repentant.

"Mattie, you stay with Harry, you keep hold of his hand or I'm going to be carrying you around the alley all day," Tiberius threatened his son, a sharp look to him.

"Yes daddy," he nodded, pouting once more but behaving and keeping hold of Harry's hand. He didn't like being carried everywhere, that was what happened the last time they had come to the alley and he couldn't look at all that he wanted to last time.

Tiberius smiled and took Marge's hand and they walked out of the Leaky Cauldron and towards Gringotts. It didn't take long for word to spread that Harry Potter was in the alley, and people began to crowd around. Harry hated the attention that it would bring.

"Oh, Harry Potter in Diagon Alley, it's so nice to see you out," said one of the gathered mothers.

Harry gave a little sigh as they reached the steps of Gringotts and he turned to the gathered crowd, "I thank you for coming out to see me, but I wish to have a peaceful day shopping with my family as I start a journey we all take. I will be going to Hogwarts this year and I need to do my shopping, like ever other student. So I please ask that you leave us all alone," he said politely, just like Tiberius and Uncle Lucius had been teaching him. He hated being diplomatic, he would rather shout at them sometimes.

"Sorry," said one mother as people began to do as he ask and leave them all alone. The young Potter-Malfoy knew that he wouldn't be left alone fully, but it would stop a lot of the people from coming up to him and trying to hug him. It caused his mother to panic the first time it had happened, thinking someone might take him away, which was an unfortunate possibility.

Harry gave a smile and looked to his dad, "How was that?" he asked him softly.

"I'm very proud with how you handled that, it's always best to remain polite, I know you don't like all the attention, but Lucius and I know how fickle the world can be, you never know when that fame you have might be needed for something," he told him as he ruffled messy black hair.

They walked into Gringotts and spotted Hermione and her family getting some money changed into galleons. Draco was waiting with them as Lucius stood at the teller, having some money drawn from his vault. Tiberius went over to one and did the same as well. Harry went over to his two best friends, Mattie keeping hold of his hand.

"Hey," he grinned to them both.

"Harry!" Hermione smiled widely as she quickly hugged him, "I am so excited, been waiting to do this for months. Mum and dad said we wont do my school shopping until we could all go together, so we had to wait for you," she pouted and huffed at having to wait.

"Yes, but we have been having lessons with Remus for the last several years, so we already have a leg up on most of those that are going to school," Draco pointed out to her.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "I know," she sighed.

"I know you want to learn everything Hermione, but that will never happen," Harry teased his friend, a large smile on his face.

Hermione scowled at him and gave him a light punch on the arm, "Not nice Harry James."

"Sorry Hermione, but we know what you are like," Harry said as Draco nodded in agreement.

"You want to know everything, no one will be able to do that. I doubt even Rowena Ravenclaw would have been able to learn everything there is," Draco said to her, a smile on his face.

Hermione sighed softly as the parents began to gather around then, "I know, so lets head to the book shop first!" she said as the four children led the way out of Gringotts.

Dion looked to his daughter and shook his head, "She takes after you and your father," he said as he looked to his wife.

"I know," she chuckled and they held each others hands and walked side by side out of the bank.


They headed towards Olivanders, they had gotten trunks, books and everything they needed for Hogwarts. The last thing they needed was a wand. They walked out of Madam Malkins and towards Olivanders when someone large loomed over them as he walked down the alley.

"Wow!" Mattie exclaimed as he looked up to the man that was about to step around him.

"Oh hello there," came a booming voice.

"Hi, I'm Mattie," he greeted as he then introduced the other kids, "This is my big brother Harry, and out friends Hermione and Draco," he said in the way that his dad had taught him.

"Well aren't you a polite one," the man said, "I'm Rubeus Hagrid, keeper of the Keys of Hogwarts, and I see that you three will be joining us there," he smiled, beady black eyes warm and friendly.

"Yes Sir," Harry nodded his head, smiling back.

"Oh, no need to call me a sir, just Hagrid," he told them all, "Well, I can't stop, got a little business to do for Dumbledore, I'll see you all at Hogwarts," he grinned to them as he gave them all a friendly nod and headed down the alley towards Gringotts.

"He seems nice," Hermione said with a little smile as they carried on to Olivanders.

Draco nodded, "He looks like he might be a giant though, or part giant," he said as he remembered some of the lessons he had with Remus and the others.

"Yes, but that doesn't matter, don't forget that," Harry said as Draco and Hermione nodded as they walked into the Wand Shop.

"Hello, well, Little Malfoy and a Little Potter side by side, never thought I would see the day, and between you a young woman who will be a force to be reckoned with," came the misty voice of Olivander as he walked over to them all.

"Hello," the three children said as one, as Mattie went to hide by his mother, the man had spooked him a little.

"Mr Malfoy," he said as he looked to Draco, "Which is your wand arm?" he asked as Draco raised his right arm, a measuring tape went swirling around, as he then did the same with Hermione and Harry.

Olivander started with Malfoy first, handing him wand after wand. The seventh one felt warm to Draco as he gave it a swish and multi coloured lights rained from it, "Hawthorn, unicorn Hair, reasonably spring, powerful as well." He said as he then boxed it up and Lucius stepped forwards to pay.

Hermione was the next one to find her wand, "this one," she said as she got the same reaction as Draco.

"Very nice, Vine, Dragon Heartstring, we can expect great things from you Miss Grange, a challenging wand and temperamental," he said as he then boxed that one up and the Granger's paid for it.

Harry went through nearly all the wands that Olivander had in his stock, he went into the back and came back with a dusty box, "Try this one young Potter."

"It's Potter-Malfoy," Harry corrected him as he took the wand and felt a swirl of warmth hit him and a song only he could hear.

"Hmmm, its very curious Mr Potter-Malfoy that you should have that particular wand, it had a brother wand, very few wands have brothers, but that one does. It's owner got it in 1938, went on to do great but terrible things with it, You-Know-Who was powerful and magic came easily to him, and he did some dark things with his wand. I expect you shall do great things in time. A wonderful and unusual combination of Holly and a Phoenix Feather. I look forward to seeing what you do with such a wand," he said as he then boxed it up.

Harry looked a little shaken by what had been said. Marge saw the look on her sons face and went over to Olivander and said, "There are some things you shouldn't say to a child," she scolded the man.

Olivander blinked a few times, not used to someone telling him off, "I apologise," he said, a little unsure.

"It's all right Mum," Harry said as he smiled to her, reassuring her that he was all right afters Olivanders words.

Marge looked to him and nodded, "Thank you for the wands Mr Olivander," she said as she walked her family out as Tiberius quickly paid.

"Right, I believe it is time for us to go home," Marge said with a sigh, it had been a busy day and she would love nothing more than a cup of tea.

Mattie was once again holding his brothers hand as he looked around the Alley, "Mummy, daddy," he called out, getting their attention, "Can we go and see the animals before we go home, please!" he begged as he looked to his parents.

Marge and Tiberius sighed and then nodded, "Why not, Harry can have a pet when he goes to Hogwarts," Marge smiled as the group headed into the shop.

Harry was looking around as he spotted a beautiful snowy owl, "Well hello, are you beautiful," he said as he stroked the birds chest. The owl puffed up a little and leaned over, preening Harry's hair.

Marge watched her eldest son and went over to him, "She is beautiful isn't she," she said as she looked at the information.

"Yeah," he smiled to her as he gave a little frown. There was something niggling at the back of his mind, and had been since he had walked into the shop.

"What is it?" she asked as she saw the look on Harry's face, she looked to Tiberius and noticed that Hermione was looking a little puzzled as well.

"I want to go over there," he said as he went to another part of the shop.

Hermione joined him and they looked down into a pen, where two different litter of kittens were playing together, "Oh are they gorgeous," she said as she looked to her friend.

Harry nodded and on instincts the reached into the pen and both picked one up. Tiberius watched them and could see what was going on. Dion and Perdita walked over to them, as Marge joined them as well.

"What is it?" Marge asked, a little worried.

"They have a familiar, the kittens are part-Kneazle, and the bond is already in place," Tiberius explained, "no one else would be able to own them, they would be returned time and time again until their true owner comes. Some are never claimed though," he said softly.

Marge and the Granger's listened to more of Tiberius explaining about familiars and their role in a young witch or wizards life and as they grow older. It didn't take long for the kittens to be brought. Marge had taken a liking to the Snowy owl and had brought her as well. It would be a way for them to be able to write to Harry. Draco had ended up buying a hawk owl, loving the one that he had found.

"Well," Marge said as they headed towards the Leaky Cauldron, they were going to be flooing back home instead of the portkey, since it would be a little easier to do it this time, "I wonder what Medusa and Ripper will think about your new pet Harry," she smiled as she looked to her eldest.

Harry's eyes went wide, "I have no idea," he said.

Tiberius laughed as he picked up Mattie and started to send his family through the floo and then through himself, a long day finally over with. Though he dreaded the meeting between Cat and Dog.

There you go, the next chapter. Thank you all for the wonderful and fantastic reviews. You are the best. I do hope that you have enjoyed this chapter as well!

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