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Shifted Reality
Draco M. & Harry P. & Hermione G. - Words: 45,465 - Rated: K+ - English - Drama & Friendship - Chapters: 17 - Reviews: 341 - Updated: 26-02-2018 - Published: 02-09-2015 - by Duochanfan (FFN)

I don't own Harry Potter, just having a little fun for a while.

Well, wedding over and now NaNoWriMo is about to start, be warned, I might not update each week during October and November. I am going to try and do so.

Shifted Reality

Chapter Three

It was the last week before Harry would be leaving for Hogwarts and Mattie was still unhappy that he would be losing his brother. He may have friends from his school, but it wouldn't be the same. The little boy walked over to Hedwig, their new owl and stroked her chest. He had taken to talking to her most mornings telling her things that he couldn't tell anyone else.

Harry stood in the doorway watching his brother and smiled sadly, "I'm going to miss you as well, but I have to go, I have so much to learn and then in time you'll be going and mum and dad are going to miss you," he told him as he walked over to Mattie.

Mattie looked up and shook his head, "Not the same," he complained.

"It is, you just don't see it yet, but give it a few more years," he chuckled as he ruffled the blond hair, "Uncle Remus will be here soon for our last lesson, I know you're going to be on your own for a bit would you keep an eye on Medusa and Perseus?" he asked him, hoping that giving him a task would take his mind off things.

Mattie giggled, "Are they still fighting?"

Harry laughed and nodded, "Yeah, last night Medusa ate a little of Perseus food, so this morning when Medusa was eating, Perseus decided it would be a good idea to jump on her head, shoving her face into her food and getting her messy," he told him.

Mattie giggled and laughed, "Poor Medusa," he said through them.

Harry laughed as well, "Yep, but they keep doing things towards each other, Perseus usually comes out on top though."

The fire flared and people started to come in for their lessons. They were usually held at Marge's house since it would mean that Mattie wasn't alone. Remus ruffled both boys hair and smiled to them as the fire flared again and again as one by one the children were dropped off. Michelle had come through with her baby girl and Dean and decided to remain with Marge out in the garden for a while.

Luna smiled as she came through the floo with her mother, "Hello," she greeted everyone with a hug.

"Have a good time sweetie, I'm going to be doing a little work while your father takes care of Celestia," she told her daughter as she gave her one last hug before heading through the fire back to her little workshop.

Luna smile and twirled around the room a little, she had been more energetic that usual since her baby sister was born. They walked into the room that Tiberius had set up for them. Luna, Astoria and Mattie went to play with Medusa and Perseus out in the garden since the lesson was for those going to Hogwarts. He wouldn't be able to play with his puppy Dionysus for another two weeks, when he was old enough to be away from his mum and play for a bit.

Remus was going to go over the basics for potions and wand movements. Testing them all to make sure that they would be able to get it right. He went over a little of the Latin again, all of them had learned the basics of the Language, since it would help them to understand the spells that they would be learning.

"Okay, so you have the basic movements that we use, sometimes they change a little for different spells, more powerful ones. But you have what you need for your first year at least," Remus said as he finished his demonstration, "now lets see how each of you practice the swish and flick," he smiled as one by one they stood up and demonstrated. He corrected them a little when it didn't look right, "Well done all of you, you've done well so far today. You have the basic seven wand movements down," he smiled to them all.

"Well, at least we are prepared a little," Harry smiled to his friends, they all nodded in agreement.

"Yes you are, now the other thing that you all need to know about is about Potions, now as you know the wrong move in potions could mean the cauldron will explode on you. There are different methods of preparing ingredients and stirring, and it's important to learn them all. Slice, dice, fine cut, cubes are some of prep methods, while the figure eight, clockwise and counter clockwise are some of the stirring methods," Remus then began as he started to explain the different ways ingredients are prepared and potions mixed. He would be coving a lot over the next two days before the weekend.

It was half way through the lesson when Remus heard the floo go. He didn't pay much attention until he heard a frantic call. He stopped talking and went out to see who it was.

"Xeno, what is it?" Remus asked the man as he saw him standing there by the fireplace, Celestia in his arms crying softly.

"Pandi, she… she…" he began but stopped each time. Marge came into the house as she had heard the call, along with the children all beginning to gather around.

"Daddy?" Luna said as she went over to him a smile on her face.

"Oh Luna, we need to go to St Mungo's, mummy was hurt really badly," Xenophilius finally got out as he looked down to his beautiful daughter.

"Oh god," Marge said as she looked to the man, "How is she?"

Xenophilius looked to them and said, "They don't think she will make it," he then looked to Luna, "We have to go and see mummy."

Luna nodded as her light blue eyes began to fill with tears, "Okay daddy."

"I'll come with you," Marge said, she didn't think it would be a good idea for them to be alone.

"I'm coming too," Harry insisted as he grabbed hold of Luna's hand.

"I'll stay here with the kids and start telling others what is going on, Xeno," Remus began as he looked to the man, "I think Celestia might be better staying here. If you want her there then you can send for her," he said, thinking it might be easier for them to go without the baby, she was only young and he had no doubt that Michelle would be able to cope with two babies for a moment.

"We all want to go," Neville said as he looked to his friend as she clung to Harry's hand as well as her dads.

"No," Marge said as she shook her head, "We'll go and we'll send word all right," she told them all, "now I need you all to be good until your guardians come and get you, I know you want to be there for Luna, but so many are already going."

The children gave a sigh but nodded in agreement. Michelle looked to them and took Celestia from Xeno as she said, "Don't worry, I'll take good care of her."

"Thank you, Pandi already said bye," he choked out.

Moments later they were going through the floo to St Mungo's. Xenophilius led the way to where Pandora was settled. He knocked on the door and walked in. A healer was there to make sure that she would be comfortable. Xeno looked a little hopeful, but the healer shook his head. There was nothing that they could do, the injuries were too much and her magic too low to work with the potions and spells to heal her.

"Mummy," Luna said softly as she walked towards the bed.

"Oh sweetie," Pandora said through a pained smile. Xenophilius went over to the bed and picked Luna up so she could climb on and lie with her mother for a while.

"Please don't," Luna sniffled a little as she moved as close to her mother as she could.

"Sweetie, it's all right, it will be sweetie," Pandora said softly as she wrapped her arms around her daughter and held her gently, "I don't have long, and I know it will never be enough time, but don't forget Luna that I love you with all that I am. You are my eldest daughter and you need to make sure that your baby sister knows that I loved her just as much," she told Luna softly, stroking pale blond hair.

"Mummy," Luna cried softly, clutching her tightly.

"Xeno, I love you, I love you all so much you know," she said smiling softly at her husband and the looking down to her daughter.

Harry stood watching them and shook his head, "not right," he sniffled a little, he liked Pandora a lot, she was funny and playful.

Harry walked over to the bed and looked over the edge to her, "hello Harry," she smiled as she looked to her husband and nodded a little.

Xeno smiled to her through his tears and picked Harry up and placed him on the bed, "There you go."

Harry went over and hugged Pandora gentle as he said, "You can't."

Pandora gave him a sweet smile, "It's all right Harry, I need you to look out for Luna for me, she'll need her best friends around her."

Harry nodded his head and closed his eyes, he needed to find it. He needed to find that wonderful ball of energy he felt the last time he used it. He concentrated hard, he found, that ball that wanted to help, to heal. He took a breath and let it out as he pushed it through his hands towards Pandora. His hands glowed a little as the energy went into Pandora, healing some of the injuries that she had, not needing her magic to work as it had Harry's to feed off of.

Pandora smiled as the warmth from Harry entered her, she could feel some of the pain she was feeling begin to fade, though nothing disappeared fully. Harry sent another pulse of healing energy into her and then stopped, he felt tired as he gave her a little smile, hoping he had done enough to stop her from dying.

The healer was wide eyed as he rushed over to the bed and examined Pandora, "Everyone needs to leave," he said as he sent a charm to call other healers and medi-wizards to him.

People came in as they were all forced out of the room. Xenophilius looked down to Harry and smiled to him as he held Luna in his arms. Harry gave a tired smile back as he fell against his mum. Marge grabbed him and sat down on one of the chairs, pulling him into her lap. He was a little smaller than most eleven year olds and he still fit comfortably on her lap.

"I couldn't let her mum," Harry said as he leaned against her.

Marge looked down to him and smiled a little, "I know you couldn't, you care so much about people Harry."

"You should have the talent trained a little, so you'll be able to control it better and guide it," Xeno said as he looked over to him.

Harry nodded, "uncle Lucius was saying I should do that after my first year at Hogwarts," he told him, he wanted to start learning a little earlier, but Lucius and Tiberius both wanted him to wait until he started practising magic properly.

"That's a good idea," he nodded and then said, "Harry, no matter what, thank you for trying. I know that she still might…" he trailed off and took a deep breath, "but still, thank you."

Harry nodded sadly, "I tried."

Luna reached across the seat that was between them and took hold of Harry's hand, she was still crying a little, scared that she was going to lose her mother. It was a few minutes later that they heard noises from the corridor. Three people were walking towards them. Tiberius walked over to Marge and sat down, looking to Harry and then to his wife.

"Oh Xeno," Narcissa said her voice trembling at the thought of losing a good friend.

"They are trying, Harry," Xeno began as he paused for a second before he carried on, "Harry tried to heal her, tired himself out a little," he finished with a little smile to the young child.

"Right," Tiberius nodded, now understand why Marge had Harry on her lap.

"Have they told you anything?" Lucius asked as he looked around and then sat down, Narcissa sitting next to him.

"No, they kicked us all out about five minutes ago," Xenophilius answered him softly as he held Luna a little tighter.

They went quiet as they waited for news. Occasionally someone else went into the room with vials of potions and other times someone came out and rushed back in. No one had talked to the group as to what was happening at all. It was almost two hours later when someone walked over to the group. It was the healer that had told them to leave the room.

"Mr Lovegood," he said with a nod as Xenophilius stood up, Luna resting on his hip.

"How is she?" Xeno asked, fearing the worst.

"What ever the child did has helped, we were able to stabilise her. Now its just waiting until her magic builds up enough to help the potions work properly. If she stays with us for the next four to five hours then she will make a full recovery," he told them all.

"So she might still…" he trailed off.

The healer nodded, "Yes, but it is looking good for her at the moment, we are going to be monitoring her magic and keep her as stable as we can as her magic rebuilds. We have spells and potions that don't rely on the innate magic within us to work, and we will be using those to keep her stable. I suggest that you go home and rest, as we wish to keep her as calm as we can."

Xenophilius shook his head, "no, I want to remain."

The healer nodded, "Just you Mr Lovegood."

"We'll go back to my home for a while and wait for news Xeno," Narcissa said as she stood up and walked over to him.

"Luna sweetie, go with Aunt Cissa," he said as he handed his daughter over to Narcissa.

Luna clung to Narcissa as the woman said, "Right, we shall all be at Marge's for a while, everyone else is there as well. Contact us as soon as something happens, all right. We shall be here as soon as you say to come."

Xeno nodded and the group left, with Tiberius carrying Harry, since he was too tired to walk. The children were all subdued as they gathered in the living room. The hours went by and as people were about to leave the fire flared and Xeno stepped through. Luna ran to her father and he picked her up hugging her tightly. Each of them waited for him to say something, all fearing the worst.

"She's going to be all right, Narcissa could Luna stay with you for a few nights?" he asked.

Narcissa nodded, "of course."

"I'll have little Celestia here, I've got the baby things all set up for her all ready," Marge said. Xeno nodded his thanks and then said good-bye to be with his wife once more as she began the long recovery. Everyone left Marge's home, their hearts feeling a little light after the good news.

Thank you all for the wonderful reviews. So happy that you are enjoying this fic, and I hope that you will all enjoy this chapter as well!

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