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Shifted Reality
Draco M. & Harry P. & Hermione G. - Words: 45,465 - Rated: K+ - English - Drama & Friendship - Chapters: 17 - Reviews: 341 - Updated: 26-02-2018 - Published: 02-09-2015 - by Duochanfan (FFN)

I don't own Harry Potter, just having a little fun while I can, I will try and put them back when I am done.

Sorry for the long wait, my laptop broke in November, I got it fixed in January, but with other things going on, I didn't update. But I am now in a place where I can go back to the weekly updates. As soon as I finish off my room, I decorated it last week.

Thanks go to Madyamisam for editing, any mistakes that remain are mine!

Chapter Four

Luna had spent a lot of time over the last couple of days staying at Malfoy Manor. She hadn't been able to see her mother as much as she wanted to, but knew that it was because she was still recovering. Marge had looked after Celestia, enjoying the time she could spend with the little one. Xeno had stopped by often to tell everyone what had been going on with Pandora. His wife was getting better, though it was a slow process. Xeno had come by earlier that day, telling them that Pandora would be coming home in a few more weeks. Marge had already made a plan for the others to go to the Lovegood house every day to help out. Everyone wanted to help, it has been close and if it wasn't for Harry then she would have died. Harry knew that Luna and Xeno would have been devastated by that.

Marge smiled to Luna as she fed Celestia her bottle. Both children had seen their mother that day, though she could see that Luna was still worried and scared that something would happen to Pandora. Marge started to burp Celestia and said to her eldest son, "Harry, why don't you go and start packing? You only have two days left before you go."

Harry nodded, "Okay, want to come with me Luna?" he asked, his brother Mattie was asleep in his room for the afternoon.

Luna shook her head, the young girl hadn't felt like doing anything for the last few years, "No, I just want to sit here."

Harry nodded, "All right."

The rest of the day had been spent like that. Luna had been with Marge and her sister until Narcissa had come to pick her up just after dinner time. Mattie spent most of his awake time complaining about Harry going away in two days. The younger child had been used to his brother being there and now he wouldn't be.


The last two days went past and news had come through that Pandora would be coming home just before Halloween. Harry walked in front of his parents, his little brother walking as close to him as he could. He grinned as he walked through the barrier and onto platform 9 and three quarters. He was finally going to Hogwarts, the only downside was that he wouldn't be there for Luna, who was with her father visiting her mother along with her sister Celestia.

Marge and Tiberius came through behind him and they went over to the train, going through the crowd of students and parents as they said their goodbyes. Tiberius looked to his sons and smiled proudly at them.

"Right," he said softly as he knelt down in front of Harry, "I am so proud of the young man that you are becoming and I have no doubt that your birth parents would be feeling the same. Just do your very best at school, I know you will. I don't care what house you will be in and even if you and the others end up in different houses, remain friends. Don't let the bigotry of older students take away years of friendship," he advised him. He knew that there would be problems with having friends in other houses, but he hoped that they would be able to ignore that.

"I know dad," Harry grinned back to him.

Tiberius nodded and hugged him tightly, "Right, I'll put your things in a compartment," he said as he let him go and quickly put Harry's things on the train.

"Oh Harry," Marge said as she began to cry a little, tears in her eyes as she gathered him into her arms and held him tightly.

"Mum, it's all right," he said as he held her back, "I love you, dad and Mattie and I'll write as much as I can, I promise at least once a week and I'll write to you tonight as well. Just send Hedwig to me so I can send a letter," he told her, as he pulled back and looked into watery blue eyes.

Mattie then broke down into a wail as he grabbed his brother, almost knocking his mum out of the way, "Don't go Harry, stay at home with me," he just about managed to say through his sobs.

Harry chuckled a little, "Oh Mattie," he hugged his little brother tightly, "It's all right, I'll be coming back at Christmas, don't forget and I have to be here to see our little brother or sister when they come," he assured, "You need to be big brother for a while Mattie, so you have to look after mum," he added softly, looking seriously at his brother.

Mattie sniffed a few times and then nodded his head as he wiped away his tears, "Okay Harry," he nodded, giving one more sniff.

Tiberius came back as he said, "Right, found you a compartment, some of the others are already in there, so go and join love you Harry and you had better write to us and tell us what house you are in."

Harry laughed and nodded his head, "I will dad, love you all," he waved to them and rushed onto the train, carrying Perseus's cat carrier, he would let him out when he reached the compartment.

"Hey Harry," Draco grinned as he was walking down the other end of the carriage to the compartment that some of the others had commandeered.

"Hey Draco," he grinned back as he let Draco enter first and then followed. The compartment had been enlarged a little for them all to fit in, "Hey all!" he greeted with a wave as he sat down and let Perseus out. He quickly jumped and joined Crookshanks on the rack above their head.

"Gran gave me a lunch for us all to share," Neville said as he pointed to the basket that his Grandmother had the elves make for them all.

"Brilliant," Dean grinned as he stood in the door, "Mum was crying her eyes out, didn't want me to go, I'll be glad for a while though," he moaned, "Kendra has decided to do nothing but then starts yelling and screaming when she wants to do something and mum's not letting her," he told them, "I swear I've gone deaf now," he added as he sat down.

"My mum and dad are going on a second honeymoon. They have been married for fourteen years now," Hermione replied with a happy smile.

"I'm surprised you're an only child," Harry mused as he had seen Perdita and Dion look longingly towards Kendra and Celestia, and Mattie when he had been born.

Hermione gave a sad smile, "Mum was in an accident when she was told her that she will have a lot of difficulty in having children and she already had a really hard pregnancy with me. It almost killed her but she got through it and here I am her 'little miracle' as she calls me."

Draco was sitting next to her and pulled her into a hug, "Why doesn't she talk to the healers at St Mungo's, maybe they might be able to help?" he suggested.

"I might write to her and tell her that," she said as she gave a little smile, not sure that St Mungo's would help a Muggle, even if she was the mother of a witch.

"Good, I think you would make a great big sister. You already boss us around," Daphne teased her, Hermione was the oldest out of the seven of them, with Harry being the youngest.

The train gave a small lurch and they are jumped up and went to the window, waving to their parents, Neville's grandmother and Susan's aunt. They had all gathered together and Harry was happy to see that Remus had just arrived and was waving to him as well. He grinned as he waved good bye, seeing his little brother running along the platform as the train pulled out of the station, a few other younger children did the same as they waved to their own older siblings as they left for school.

"Well," Susan said as she sat back down, pushing her red hair out of her eyes, "Here is to our first year at Hogwarts," she grinned, excited about going. Her aunt had been telling her a few things about the school. Much like the parents and guardians of the others had been doing.

"Uncle Remus told me a lot and he gave me this," Harry said as he pulled out an old parchment, "He told me that four of them had been made, one had been taken by Mr Filch when they were in fifth year, he doesn't know what happened to the other two. So he gave me this one, I would have gotten my dad's if he had been alive, and if they knew where it was. So I received Remus' instead," he said as he pulled out his wand from the holster that Amelia Bones had gifted to the group the day before.

"What is it?" Dean asked as he and the others all leaned forwards.

"This," he grinned as he put the tip of his wand against it and said, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good," as soon as the words left him, black ink began to appear and spread out on the parchment. The others looked on in amazement as a map began to appear.

"Is that…?" Draco trailed off looking to Harry.

"A map of Hogwarts. It shows everything and everyone that is in the castle. Remus told me that it will help us find someone, or even help us get to somewhere, so we will never lose our way to lessons," he told them all, grinning from ear to ear.

"That is brilliant!" Dean said as the door to the compartment opened and a redhead walked in. Harry quickly hid the map, not wishing for anyone else to know about it.

"Hi, can I join you? Everywhere else is full," he said a little embarrassed, he looked to them all one by one and then came across Harry, "Wow, are you Harry Potter?" he asked as he saw a small glimpse of the scar.

"It's Harry Potter-Malfoy, why do people always forget that," Harry said a little huffy that no one remembered that he had been adopted by Tiberius as well as Marge.

"Malfoy," the boy said as he pulled a face of disgust at the name, "Why in the hell would you want to be part of that dark family?"

Draco was about to say something when Harry jumped in, "My family isn't dark at all, and I will thank you to remembered that they are that, my family and I love them. I suggest that you leave."

"And I shall add to that, my father was forced into working with had no choice. If my father wanted to keep me and my mother safe from my overbearing and tyrannical grandfather," Draco said, sneering at the redhead that was standing in the open doorway.

"You really need to sort out who you hang around with Harry," the redhead said ignoring what had been said to him, "You don't want people to think that you have gone dark by hanging around the wrong sort," he added.

"Hey Ron, have you seen a spider anywhere around here, we think Lee dropped his near this compartment?" came a voice from behind the red head.

Ron's eyes went wide as he turned around and looked to the twin faces of two more red heads, "What?" he said.

"Come on Feorge, you know it will most likely just fall on someone's head," one of them said.

"You're right on the Gred," said the other one with a grin.

Ron whimpered a little and then dashed away. The two stepped into the compartment and closed the door behind them.

"Sorry about him, he's always been a few beans short of a full box," one of them told them.

"Thank you for getting rid of him, I have no doubt that Harry and Draco would have lost their temper in the end," Hermione said with a smile to the two of them.

"No worries young lady," they said together with a flourishing bow.

"I'm Fred Weasley," one said with a nod of his head.

"I'm George Weasley," the other one then introduced himself.

"I'm Harry Potter-Malfoy," Harry smiled to them with a wave as he went around the cabin to introduce everyone else, "This is Dean Thomas, Susan Bones, Daphne Greengrass, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy."

"Wow," they said as they looked to each other, "How do you all know each other?" Fred asked them all.

"We've had lessons together for the last five or so years," Draco said with a smile, he had heard of the Weasley family, poor but a large family and a happy one.

"Nice," George nodded, "Well, I guess you guys are all good friends then?" he queried.

Harry narrowed his eyes a little at them, but nodded his head, "Yes, and why shouldn't we?"

George and Fred laughed, "There is every reason that you should be friends, and none that you shouldn't. I have no doubt that the lot of you are going to turn Hogwarts on its head," they grinned together, laughing a little more.

"So?" Hermione shrugged, "I'd rather have friends than people that are just like me around all the time, it would be so boring," she said with a put upon sigh.

The others giggled at her, "Oh yes," Fred laughed with them as he looked at the young girl, "You will be turning Hogwarts on its head."

George nodded his head as he looked to his brother, "What fun!" he grinned manically.

"Oh yes, What fun!" the other said as they both laugh in a way that would have sent shivers down the spines of most people.

The group looked at each other and then at the two, "You're welcome to join us here for a bit," Dean suggested, thinking it would be all right to bring them into their little group. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

"We would but we need to go and see Lee, he really has brought a spider to Hogwarts, and we want to see," George grinned as Fred nodded.

"Look forward to seeing what houses you get in, and don't forget," Fred started.

"Fred and George Weasley will be happy to help turn Hogwarts upside down!" they finished with a flourish as they then left the compartment.

The other laughed and then settled down to conversation and lunch as they journey continued. Each of them was still worried about Luna's mother, they vowed to make sure that they would write to her as much as they could, not wishing for her to feel alone with only Astoria and Mattie being able to play. The sky was dark when the warning bell alerted them all that they were approaching Hogsmeade Station. The girls changed in the compartment first and then the boys. All of them were excited and eager to start their schooling.

Thank you for the wonderful reviews, I do hope that you have enjoyed this chapter as well.

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