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A Life So Changed
Draco M. & Hermione G. - Words: 43,611 - Rated: M - English - Friendship & Romance - Chapters: 10 - Reviews: 30 - Updated: 14-12-2017 - Published: 12-11-2015 - Complete - by Jules-Millicent (FFN)

It was dark, and no one but them was on the deck. Draco was the first to speak "What the hell Granger! Where are we?" he hissed.

"Hey don't what the hell me Malfoy! You are the one who barged into MY room, you being here is not my fault." She snapped back, taking a deep breath before responding "and to answer your question, we are on the Muggle ship the Titanic."

"The what? I've never heard of it. What is going on?" Draco was getting frustrated.

"Calm down, I'll explain. I have a paper due in my history of magic class, the wizard I am researching is on this ship. He was banished, and there is no information on him, so I used my time-turner to send me back here so I could interview him."

Draco pinched the bridge of his nose "this is ridiculous of course you would pick someone who didn't have any information on them!" He wanted to continue talking when they heard people come walking around the corner.

"Quick in here," Hermione said and entered a small closet, luckily there was a light in there. "That was close" she breathed.

"Whatever," Draco said trying to get back to the fight. "You need to use that time-turner thing and bring us back to the present. What year is this?"

"It's 1912, and I can't do that," she said.

"Why can't you do that? Who cares about some guy for paper, pick someone else" Draco hissed.

"It isn't because I want to write about him, which I do, but that isn't the reason. The reason is that we don't have any magic so the time-turner will not work for us." She said through clenched teeth, getting frustrated with not only Draco but herself for letting this whole mess happen, to try to say it as calmly as possible, but she knew he was going to be very mad.

"What do you mean we have no magic?" he growled.

Hermione began to tug on her hair for a moment, looked at the ground until mustering up her courage before explaining "well you see neither you nor I were born yet, so we don't exist so ergo any magic."

"Impossible, I'm a Malfoy, pure blood, magic is in my veins, unlike you, you mud blood" Draco hissed. The second those words flew out of his mouth he had instant regret. He had stopped using that term during the war, and he got mad at himself that he had let himself say it in anger. His face squished in disgust with himself. Draco looked down at Hermione's arm and saw the scar, even though it was barely visible now, that Bellatrix gave her. He internally vowed never to say it again even in anger.

Hermione knew that he didn't mean to call her, she was aware that he had stopped using the term a long time ago. She realized that he said it out of anger, so she wasn't angry with him. She looked at him and put on a smile that Harry and Ron had learned meant 'just accept the fact that I am smarter and know more than you. I am always right so just listen to what I say', "Oh really? Go ahead try to use magic." She gestured her arm in a way to show him that floor was all his to prove her wrong.

Draco took out his wand from his back pocket "Fine, I will." He pointed it at the pile of blankets that were on a shelf "Accio blanket" he said. Despite repeating the spell three times, there was still no results. "This can't be happening," he said in frustration.

Hermione couldn't help herself from smiling in his defeat "see I told you we don't have any magic. Right now Draco you are nothing more than an ordinary…."

"Don't you dare say it!" he pointed his finger warningly.

"MUGGLE!" she erupted into a fit of giggles.

"HA-HA-HA yes the great Draco Malfoy is going to need to learn how to be a muggle." He combed his hand through his hair in thought. "Wait a minute if you knew you weren't going to have any magic how were you going to get back in the first place?"

"I was going to find Wilford Crockford; that's the wizard I doing my research on, and I was going to have him send me back" she answered.

"What if you didn't find him?"

Hermione was quiet she knew that there was a small possibility that she wouldn't find him, she had an idea of what she wanted to do. But there was still the possibility that Hermione would be stuck on the ship and who knows what would happen to her then. Draco took her silence as an answer "are you telling me the Hermione Granger didn't have a backup plan? You would have been stuck here, still not sure where here is, but here forever. How could you be that irresponsible over something as trivial as a term paper?" He wasn't sure why he was getting so upset at the idea that Hermione may not have ever come back, but he was angry.

"I do have a backup plan, it's just not foolproof, and you don't need to know what it is, just know that I have one." Though Hermione knew that he was right, and this whole thing was stupid, and now they may never get home, and it was all her fault. She could feel tears forming. "I'm sorry" she whispered.

"Crying will not help, and I'm not very good at consoling people so please stop. We need to form some plan we can't stay in this closet forever."

Hermione wiped her eyes "well first thing first we need to get some clothing, our clothes will stick out like a sore thumb." They were both in Muggle clothes; she was in jeans with a light pink shirt on that complemented her skin tone and hair, which was down but pulled back off her face with a bobby pin clip. Draco finally noticed her attire and couldn't help but think that she look rather beautiful for wearing something so plain. He was wearing all black, like always, black trousers and a black shirt, his hair was not gelled into place, and he had wisps of hair fall into his face, the way Hermione always liked it.

"Sore thumb?" He looked at her quizzically.

"It's a muggle idiom; it means out of place, not like the rest."

He frowned "that's stupid. Why would anyone use that term?"

"Well people have been describing unusual things with the phrase "it sticks out like a sore thumb" since at least the middle of the 16th century, and the idiom is probably much older…." She began to explain but was stopped by Draco. "I don't want a history lesson, forget I asked. Are you going to be using any more muggle idioms while we are on this little adventure?"

She shrugged how she could answer that they just come out "I don't know. I never plan on saying them they just come out. But if I do I'll tell you what it is."

"Fine. Now how are we going to get some clothes? And what are we going to do about sleeping and eating?"

"Well the ship wasn't full, so there are empty cabins in each class, we could find an empty one and use that one."

Draco nodded in understanding "where are the nicest cabins?"

"In first class" she replied.

"Well then that is where we are going to go" he decided for them.

Hermione rolled her eyes 'Godric, of course, he wants to be in first class….' She thought to herself.

Before she could finish her thought, it was as if he was reading her mind he said "I am not going to spend my time in a cabin that is for poor people. I travel in style. But you haven't said how we are going to get clothes. There won't be any in an empty room."

Hermione looked at him with a confused look, how did he just know what I was thinking? Must have been a coincidence. She brought herself out of her thoughts; this wouldn't be the first time that she had to do a little bit of 'borrowing' things that didn't belong to her to get what she needed to get done said with confidence "well we are going to have to borrow some from other people."

"You mean steal" Draco smirked.

"No borrowing, we would return them once we're done" not that they would be of any use to them once the ship sank, she remarked to herself.

"Wow Hermione you surprise me, never thought you had it in you. Maybe you were supposed to be in Slytherin after all" he winked.

Hermione rolled her eyes at him. "Well come on we need to find an empty cabin and BORROW, some clothes. We need a couple of day outfits and dinner outfits."

She quietly opened the door to their hiding spot, and she looked in both directions the deck was empty now. No noise except the sound of the ship pushing through the water. She waved to him to follow, he smirked at this was a side of Hermione that he's never seen, and it intrigued him. He chuckled to himself as he followed her.

She led him to a door that had a sign above that said first class entrance they entered and were about to go down a long corridor "Ok so people are probably asleep so we should just find an empty cabin, and we will get clothes tomorrow while everyone is at breakfast" she said.

Without waiting for a response, she entered the hallway. She tried to remember which rooms were left empty from those who didn't board. She then remembered and booked it down the corridor, Draco right behind her. "Hermione, Salazar why are you running? You are going to wake everyone with you galloping down the hall" he harshly whispered when he finally caught up with her.

"Sorry I just remembered which cabin is free, you see some people who had purchased tickets didn't end up on board, so their rooms are empty. Like this one" she pointed to a door.

Draco looked at the door "are you sure that this is one of the empty cabins?" Hermione nodded. Draco took the handle and tried to open it. "If it is empty why is it locked?" he frowned.

Hermione sighed as if it was obvious "to keep people out from sneaking in."

"Well, then how are we supposed to get in we are sneaking in and don't have a key, and have no magic so we can't Alohamora the lock either. All of this is your fault, so you better have a solution, Granger."

Hermione turned away from him, without saying a word she took out her bobby-pin clip and jimmied the lock. Within a few seconds, the door was open. Hermione stood with a proud smile on her face and her arm outstretched to show the empty room "ta-da" she said.

Draco gave an impressed nod of his head "stealing and breaking and entering you are not what I thought Hermione." He touched her shoulder for a moment and entered the room.

She wasn't used to him calling her by her first name, she liked it, but it was still odd. She rubbed her shoulder and followed behind him. "Just so you know I don't make it a habit to break-in to places, only when the need arises."

"Whatever you say, you just seem to be splendid at picking that lock." He looked around the room "I think we may have our first real problem."

"What?" Hermione hadn't taken a look at the place, yet she was still looking at Draco.

"There is only one bed in here, and that sofa is not made to be slept on." He pointed to the furniture in question.

Hermione finally noticed the situation "oh no we… we can't share a bed…" the closest she had shared a bed with a boy was when she and Harry went out looking for the Horcruxes and spent all that time in the tent. But they each had their place to sleep. "I'm sure you can fit on the couch" she argued.

He tilted his head and raised his left eyebrow "Oh you think… you think I can fit on the sofa? Well then let's see" he mocked. He went to lay down on, and he clearly didn't fit "so you still think I can sleep here? Maybe you can sleep on it? You are much shorter than I am" he turned to a sitting position and stared at her. "Besides it is your fault that we are stuck here so if anyone is going to sleep on the bed it will be me for all the suffering that I've had to put up with."

"No… "She bit her lower lip, then it registered what he just said. "my fault? Suffering? Oh come off it Draco, you haven't suffered at all. I found us the room, I'm going to be the one to who is going to suffer because I will have to teach you how to act in front of muggles. So, therefore, I get the bed. If you curl your legs, you will fit on the sofa!"

"Yes, this is your fault! If you had consulted me before you decided to make this half fast idea of time travel, we wouldn't be in this mess. But of course being a Gryffindor you are so hard headed, and rash when it comes to making decisions you just went ahead and decided to go back 86 years on a quest that has no guarantee of the outcome that you want. On your point that you found the room well, of course, you found it since I have never heard of this bloody ship how would I know of any open rooms? That shouldn't factor in on who should get the bed." Draco snapped back at her. "Also I am not a complete moron, unlike those idiots you call friends, I know how to act in front of people. Despite on my views and speech from the past, I know that muggles and wizards are the same just the difference of magic. Stop thinking you are better than me Hermione because of my past. I figured we were over that when we got back to school. If it is such an issue for you I'll take the damn sofa, so the princess wins this round again" he frowned as he leaned back on the couch.

"Don't call me princess! Don't call Harry, Ron, or any of my friends idiots. I wasn't implying that you were an idiot when I said I'd have to teach you how to be around muggles. This is a world that you are not accustomed to, and you are being thrown into it. I have some experience with that. So you are right this is my fault that we are on Titanic, but I will get us out this mess."

"How?" Draco leaned forward resting his arms on his thighs.

Hermione gulped "I'm not sure yet but I will. Now I am getting tired I didn't sleep at all, and this fight is getting us nowhere, so we can, I guess, share the bed. It isn't like it means anything or that anything will happen if we share the bed for a night."

Draco smirked, got up and began to walk over to the bed where she was standing "If it makes you more comfortable we can sleep in our clothes," he leaned close to her and whispered, "even though I normally sleep in the nude."

Hermione's face became on fire, and she was sure that she looked like a tomato from how hard she was blushing. She turned away trying to get the image of Draco being naked out of her head. It wasn't a bad picture, but she was sure that she shouldn't be thinking it. She shook the thought from her head shoved him slightly and said: "Whatever" climbing into the bed.

Draco wasn't sure why he was teasing her so much. He didn't want to upset her much, just wanted to see her blush, it was almost too easy. Perhaps he reasoned to himself he wanted to lighten the mood after their fight. When he bent over to whisper in her ear, he could smell her perfume. A pleasant mix of Lavender and Chamomile, he was now enamored with it.

He stood back up when she shoved him and watched her turn bright red; he couldn't help but smile. "Glad we agree" he climbed into the bed after her. "I hope you don't mind, but I have to sleep on the right side."

She still didn't look at him in the eye quite yet, "that's fine. I don't have a preference." She let him climb over her then curled herself into a ball to sleep.

"Well, do you have a preference on whether you're the big spoon or the little spoon?"

The statement made Hermione snap her eyes open, turning her body she stared at him with shock "what big or little spoon? Oh, no we are not cuddling!"

Draco burst out a hearty gut laugh "oh you should've seen your face! I'm only kidding."

"You're impossible Draco Malfoy!" she said indignantly. She turned over so she wouldn't have to look at his face. She felt the tears sting her eyes, why did he always have to tease her?

Draco felt a pang of guilt for upsetting her so much, he went to reach for her shoulder but stopped himself. He looked at the clock on the bedside table it read that it was midnight, he wondered what the date was; but he'd find out tomorrow. "Goodnight Hermione," he said as he shut off the light that was hanging over the bed.

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