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A Life So Changed
Draco M. & Hermione G. - Words: 43,611 - Rated: M - English - Friendship & Romance - Chapters: 10 - Reviews: 30 - Updated: 14-12-2017 - Published: 12-11-2015 - Complete - by Jules-Millicent (FFN)

Morning came a little too quickly for Draco's liking. Even though yesterday he wasn't awake for that long he still had gone through a lot. He rubbed his eyes, and face looked around and knew that what had happened wasn't some awful dream. He was next to a wall, and the only way to the loo was to climb over her, he stretched one more time before making the attempt. He had to say though that last night was the best night sleep he had gotten in a long time. As softly and quietly as he could, he climbed over her. Turning around to see if she was still asleep, which she was, he took in her scent again.

He went over to the sink and splashed cold water on his face; this whole thing was crazy. He realized that he had no way to brush his teeth Draco looked around hoping this god-forsaken place had something he could use. Looking on the counters, he found something. He read it out loud "cherry toothpaste, doesn't sound appealing but better than bad breath I guess." Unsure on how to use it he read instructions 'place toothbrush in canister give a generous swipe to have paste cover entire toothbrush, then scrub on teeth. Only keep on teeth for no longer than three minutes, rinse mouth with water.' Draco had seen Hermione use a toothbrush before so he knew the mechanics of what he was supposed to do; though he had no toothbrush with him, it only left him with the option to use his finger. He washed his hands with soap before scooping some from the ceramic jar onto his finger. Draco scrubbed his teeth and tongue, rinsing his mouth thoroughly. He rewashed his hands and dried his mouth, which surprisingly felt clean.

When he exited, he saw that Hermione was sitting up in the bed doing mental calculations.

"What are you thinking about?"

His voice startled her "Oh nothing."

"Don't give me that. I've known you for eight years now while we weren't very close for most of them; I know when you have the look of solving a problem. What is it you're thinking about?" Draco asked again as he sat next to Hermione on the bed.

Hermione sighed "weren't very close is an understatement Draco you quite literally tortured and tormented me for years, but at this moment I am just thinking of everything I guess. I'm just trying to figure out how we are going to accomplish everything in time. We still need to find clothes for us to wear, find Wilford Crockford, and then after all that hope he can send us home."

Draco didn't know what to say to her; she was right he was awful to her when they were younger. Most people thought it was because it was her blood status; it wasn't though. It might have turned into that in the subsequent years but he never fully hated her for her blood like people thought, if anything he hated her blood for the fact his father hated her blood and would never accept her. He first noticed her when they got off the Hogwarts Express he knew she was smart; they could've been alias. Then he saw her with Potter and Weasely; he knew that she would never want anything to do with him especially after she learned all the things his family had done to the Weasely family. Their fate was sealed when he was sorted into Slytherin like the good Malfoy that he is, and she was sorted into Gryffindor. Being raised to keep up appearances, Draco did everything he could to make her life miserable and his elitist pureblood father happy. It broke him little by little to be cruel to someone who was never cruel back to him. He remembered her face when he first called her a mudblood. She wasn't angry no she was sad. Not sad, hurt. He had hurt her with his words, but that didn't stop him from using the slur over and over again. After awhile he kept saying it so his own thoughts of her would go away.

Potter and Weasely no sympathy there they took his bait and used it back on him, but Hermione always tried to look for the good in people and was never outwardly mean to him. She was never overly nice to him, however, but that had more to do with how he treated her and her friends. He knew coming back this year that she was going to be Head Girl, and wanted to take the opportunity to make some amends for all the damaged he had caused her. It was slowly working, they were civil to each other, but this little trip back in time could either make or break everything that they had.

Draco opted just to ignore the comments on him being a bully and just address the subject at hand. "It is a daunting task, which is why we shouldn't wait around here all day, by the way, do you have any idea what day that it is?" He tapped her leg to get her up and to move. The electricity that went through him was so fast but so pleasant that he didn't know if it had happened.

She looked at his hand then her leg, then back to him. She climbed off the bed and went to the clock that was sitting area. "It is Saturday, April 13, 1912." She walked without another word into the loo to get herself ready.

Draco took a seat on the couch and waited for her. When she rejoined him, he asked, "So princess how are we going to get a change of clothes?"

"Don't call me princess Malfoy!" she snapped. "We are just going to have to sneak into a room and borrow some of theirs. We have to hurry because we don't want anyone seeing us in these clothes."

Draco liked it when she was a bit feisty; he always knew her to be bossy, but when you know what you are doing you have the right to be bossy. "Right that whole sore thumb thing. So then let's go."

The two of them entered the empty hallway. Reaching a room Hermione turned to him and said "we are going to need two-day outfits and two evening. However, you could make do with just one evening since it is a tuxedo. Hopefully, we will be able to leave by tomorrow afternoon. Ready?" Draco nodded, and Hermione knocked on the door. Waiting a minute satisfied that no-one was in there she jimmied the lock. Quickly and quietly they entered. This room was grander than theirs.

Hermione went over to the wardrobe the owners certainly wouldn't notice a few articles of clothing missing since there were clearly over fifty dresses in this wardrobe alone. She glanced at her options and begun to pull out some clothing for herself. Her first-day pick was a pink floor-length dress with delicate flowers embroidered all over it. The next was tea length, again pink, but this one had lavender lace embroidery all over it. Her first evening selection was a burgundy lace dress with cap sleeves nothing overly special. Her final selection was this gorgeous vine green floral lace dress embellished with shimmering beads and sequins. The sleeves were sheer cap sleeves with a sheer neckline the waist tie was a sequin embellished satin to accentuate the feminine silhouette. The dress was finished with a pretty scalloped hem and cuffs. Usually, she wasn't attracted to green, but this dress almost called to her.

Then she grabbed a pair of beige and black shoes to go with them all.

Draco while he had an easier time picking out clothing since it was all just suits, was a bit shocked at how modern they looked. He grabbed a gray and a navy suit, and then a formal black suit for dinner. He grabbed black shoes "are you through picking clothes out?" he called over to Hermione.

"Yes. Let's go back to our room and change." They opened the door and heard voices coming down the hallway. "Oh, Merlin we will never make it back without being seen. We'll have to get changed here and then bring the rest to our room." She said as she closed the door.

"Alright then" Draco began to undress.

"You're going to change in front of me?"

"Seriously! It's no big deal, Granger, if you're so nervous go behind that curtain and change there. The more time we argue about this, the more likely we are going to get caught. Hurry up!"

She went behind the changing curtain and began to change her clothes. "Hey, I have a question" she heard his voice call over.


He paused for a moment as if he was trying to form how he wanted to ask the question "I guess, it is more of a statement/observation rather than a question…"

"What is it?" she asked through gritted teeth as she stepped into the dress.

"Well I can't help but notice how the suit that I am wearing seems almost the same as a suit today, well from our time, in a muggle store, it's just a bit looser fitting. While wizard robes were and are so archaic, these clothes are so I don't know much more progressive. I just never realized how forward thinking muggles were/are since they don't have magic." He went silent as he finished buttoning his gray jacket.

Hermione took in what he said, it was true, she knew it because of how she was born and raised. For the first part of her life muggle way of life was all she knew. When Hermione first entered the wizarding world, no one who was there to help her understand it. She dived into books, books had always been her friends. It was how she learned what to do in the crazy new world that she was put into. Hermione also knew that while Malfoy no longer considered muggles wrong people, he still didn't understand them, and this was a start to his understanding. Thinking about their argument the night before she realized that she actually wanted to help him figure out muggle way of life. Though not knowing exactly how to respond to his statement she didn't. She reached behind her back and began to button the dress, when she arrived half way up her back she couldn't reach anymore "dammit!"

Draco, who had been looking at himself in the mirror, turned to her "are you ok?"

She huffed "Yes. I just…I can't get these last few buttons" she sighed.

"Hold on I'll help you." He walked behind the curtain not prepared for what the sight of her would do to him. The pale pink of the dress made her pale skin glow. It was so form fitting he could see all her curves that he didn't she even had since all she wore were the loose Hogwarts robes or bulky muggle sweatshirts. He hadn't meant to stare at her for as long as he had, even though it was only for the most ten seconds. He shook his head slightly to refocus "umm turn around so I can finish buttoning you up so we can get out of here."

Hermione did as she was told. Her body tingled in a new way when his hands came in contact with her back. His hands were warm, and his thin fingers nimbly button the dress in no time at all. "All set" he whispered as he briefly touched her shoulders when he was done. As quickly as he placed them, he removed them.

Hermione shivered at his touch. "Thanks" she whispered back as she turned to face him. Both stared at each other not sure what had just happened. Draco was the one who spoke first "let's get out of here before we get caught."

Hermione only nodded. She gathered 'her' clothing and went to the door, Draco right behind her. Opening the door again they saw the corridor empty, quickly they went back to their room and dropped off the rest of their things.

"Just so you know Granger, I am hungry, and if we don't get food soon I think I might lose it," Draco said coolly. He wanted to forget how she had made him feel back in the other room. Hermione rolled her eyes "I'm hungry too Malfoy. It's not all about you, I have to put my hair up, and then we can go to the dining room."

"Why do you need to put your hair up? For Salazar's sake Granger, I haven't eaten in" Draco took a moment to do the math out, "in at least 20 hours. I am thin enough as it is, cant we just get some food."

She sat at the vanity in the room and glared at her hair. Staring at him through the mirror she replied "during the Edwardian period it was customary for girls/woman over the age of 17 to wear their hair up. It wasn't respectable for a lady to wear their hair down. Now please let me do this."

She realized something about herself quickly back in her second year that she was inept at doing her hair. She tried so hard to do her hair in lovely braids, anything really and she could never do it without the help of magic. They only thing she could do was to throw it into a bun. She never cared for how this looked, even though Harry had once told her she looked rather beautiful when her hair was like that. As she stared at herself in the vanity, thinking of the acceptable hairstyles and her skill level she knew that a bun was her only option. However, Hermione figured she would make it more like a chignon and have it sit flat on her neck. She took the hair tie off her wrist and whipped her hair into place. "The best it's going to be," Hermione said out loud, but to herself.

Draco wasn't paying attention to her until she spoke out loud. His eyes widened at her sight; she had no idea how beautiful she was. Her hair was in a simple bun, not a perfect one but perfect for her. A bit of her hair in the front had fallen into her face, which made Draco want to push them back so he could see her whole face. He forced himself not to do so. He instead cleared his throat to bring her out of her thoughts.

She snapped back and looked at him "Oh I'm sorry I was just thinking. Are you ready to get something to eat?"

"I've been ready Granger." Standing from where he sat to wait for her went to the door and held it open for her.

They entered the dining room and looked around for a seat. "Where are we supposed to sit?" He whispered to her. She hadn't thought about that, by now people have been on here for three days, and they would have already been eating with the same individuals. She and Draco are going to be noticed that they aren't supposed to be here.

"Umm…," She whispered back.

Suddenly an unknown voice spoke to them "haven't seen you two before. Where have you been hiding?" Both Hermione and Draco turned to the source of the voice, which belonged to a young man who stood with his wife, the other couple couldn't have been a year older than herself and Draco.

Neither knowing what to say the stranger continued to talk chuckling he said "let me introduce myself. I'm Daniel Warner Marvin, and this is my wife Mary" he stuck his hand out for Draco to take it. Draco looked at him for a second then took the outstretched hand "pleasure to meet you. I'm Draco Malfoy, and this is my…wife Hermione." She looked at him shocked but looked back at the Marvin's and smiled.

"It's a pleasure to meet the two of you. We thought we were the youngest couple on board, so it is a pleasant surprise to run into you. Why haven't we seen you before, though?" Daniel Marvin asked.

"We just got married recently, so we have been spending the time on ourselves. However, we felt it was time to take in all this grand ship has to offer us" Draco spewed the lie out so easily. Hermione didn't know whether to be impressed or disgusted.

"Well you must join us for lunch" Mary insisted. Hermione could tell by her accent that she was from Edinburgh, Scotland. Daniel was American that much she knew, but she had limited knowledge of America, only visiting Florida once when she was very young with her family, so she couldn't place exactly where he was from.

"We'd love to join you," Hermione said, realizing that it was her turn to talk. "Wonderful," Daniel said. He took Mary's arm and led her to a table. Draco copied Daniels actions and took Hermione's arm. "I'm your wife?" she whispered to him as they walked behind the Marvin's.

"What else was I supposed to say? That we're just school chums? Or better yet that we are from the future and we are here to find a wizard who was banished so he can send us back to our present day! Just be grateful alright" he sternly whispered to her. They reached the table, and Draco pulled out Hermione's chair for her, she murmured a thank you as he sat.

"So tell us about yourselves. Where are you from? What do you do for a living?" Daniel inquired.

"Well, Hermione here is from right outside of London, my family is from Wiltshire. We met while we were at school" Draco tried only to lie when he had too. "As for a living…" Draco paused for a moment reflecting on how the mighty Malfoy family had fallen, and he was going to have to bring it back to its glory. My family has had their hands in many businesses public and private throughout Britain for many generations, and I will one day take over, but right now I'm enjoying traveling with my beautiful bride" Draco raised his glass towards Hermione, who was blushing. "How about yourself Daniel?"

"Born and raised in New York, I met my lovely Mary and were married back in January. Like yourself, we have been traveling and were on our way home to New York."

The conversation at lunch was light and friendly, and Hermione liked Mary, they shared similar interests such as reading for hours, "Hermione you must join me in the sitting room; the book selection is grand. We can let the men do whatever they want." Mary insisted.

Hermione eyed Draco, who was enthralled with talking to Daniel "I'm not sure whether Draco had plans for us." She tapped Draco's arm getting his attention "darling" she said with only a slight struggle which surprised her "Mary has invited me to go to the sitting room with her which is the ship's library, but what do we have planned for today?" She tried to convey with her eyes to say yes they had plans so they could spend their time looking for Crockford. However, Draco didn't take the hint.

Draco liked it when she called him darling smiled at her "that's wonderful sweetheart because Daniel has just challenged me to a game of squash."

Hermione smiled back with gritted teeth "but Draco dear you haven't played in quite awhile do you even remember how to play?" Why on earth would he accept to play squash? He doesn't even know how to play squash! Let alone have a squash outfit. He needs to get a grip on his competitive side, Hermione thought.

Draco frowned at her "of course I remember how to play." As if reading her mind he added "I explained that to Daniel, that it has been quite a while since I've played. I've also explained that I don't have my squash outfit, and he has offered to loan me one of his. We will meet up after mine and Daniels game in our cabin; I know that you wanted to spend some more time together…"

Mary interrupted their conversation "oh great! Let's go right after we are done here." With a look of annoyance at Draco, Hermione smiled. Usually, she would love just to sit and read books, but they were on a mission.

"Sounds fantastic Mary."

Lunch ended, and the couples separated not before speaking to each other first "Draco we have to Crockford before it is too late!" Hermione hissed at him.

"I understand that Hermione, but we can't be rude, and we have to fit in. This whole thing is your fault I'm just trying my best to not get caught. By the way, don't ever question my ability to play a sport, or my competitiveness" Draco looked at her with his steel gray eyes and saw her eyes began to fill with tears at the reminder of this all being her fault. He sighed and told her quietly "I promise I'll be back as soon as I can" to add an effect that they were married he kissed her cheek before walking away with Daniel.

She touched her cheek; it was still warm. Forgetting that he had once again reminded her that she was to blame for everything, only focusing on how he really was trying.

"You are lucky Hermione; Draco seems like a wonderful husband" Mary observed.

Hermione didn't respond right away then said as more of a question and answer to herself than to Mary "he is isn't he?"

Mary took Hermione's arm and led her to the ships reading and writing room.

"Draco is an interesting name, what is the origin?" Mary asked Hermione.

"It means dragon; it's a tradition in his family that the children be named after constellations" Hermione replied.

"That's different, sweet but different. Are you and Draco going to keep up the tradition when you two have children?" The question threw Hermione for a minute; the thought of her and Draco having children was crazy to her, but Mary believed they were married, so it was natural for her to think along those lines. "Well, we haven't discussed the topic of children yet."

"Well, when you do I think you should continue the tradition," Mary stated her opinion. Once they were at their destination, Mary explained to Hermione "I have never seen a book selection quite like this on any other ship."

"What is your favorite?" Hermione asked. Mary thought for a moment "I enjoy a good mystery, but I also enjoy a beautiful romance now and then. How about yourself?"

"Same, even though recently I have been reading non-fiction books, but I have always enjoyed Jane Austen and her works."

"I'm sure that I have seen Pride & Prejudice here. You should find it and read it" Mary beamed. "That one is my favorite; the two main characters think they are so different and have mixed ideas on what the other is truly like as a person. In the end, they find out how wrong they were and fall in love." Mary was reminiscing on the story in her head.

Hermione smiled, "I agree, I've read it before when I was younger, and it is a real classic."

Mary led her into the room; it was very nice plenty of furniture to sit, and she saw two of the four walls with bookshelves. She was thoroughly impressed.

She and Mary had selected their books and fell into a comfortable silence. Hermione wasn't reading but thinking. How were they going to find Crockford? The more time they were here, the less she remembered why she wanted to find him in the first place. And what about Draco? She couldn't get him off her mind; she never noticed him the way she has been. Hermione had always thought that he was handsome, that's a fact that can't be denied by anyone, but since the beginning of the school year, she has seen a softer side to him. When he touched her leg this morning, she felt a spark, which she felt again when he kissed her cheek. What did it all mean? She did not like not knowing. Hermione pushed the thoughts of Draco out of her mind and focused more on the task at hand which is finding Crockford, getting the information she wanted, which was to see what he had discovered and why he did it, finally having Crockford send herself and Draco back to their present time.

She mulled in her thoughts for a few more minutes then a thought occurred to her; Hermione looked over at Mary; maybe she had heard of William Clarke, which was Crockford's muggle name. It won't hurt to ask; they needed to start somewhere. Hermione cleared her throat to get Mary's attention "Yes Hermione?"

Pausing for a moment thinking about how she should ask, she decided to just be direct. "I was wondering if you have ever heard of a man on board named William Clarke" Hermione asked.

Mary furrowed her brow "the name sounds vaguely familiar. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, he was a friend of Draco's family, his father mostly" she shuddered at even the slightest thought of Lucius but had to think of something to tell her. "And he had let Draco know that Mr. Clarke was also going to be on board. Draco's father suggested to us that we should call upon him. However, he forgot to mention which cabin Mr. Clarke was going to be in." Hermione was pleased with herself for coming up with a lie and not blushing through it.

Mary nodded in understanding and thought again, her face lit up "that's why the name was familiar, we sat with him for dinner the other night. I believe he was a scientist correct?"

Hermione grasped her hands together in joy "yes, he is." What luck to have this form of questioning actually pan out.

Mary smiled "he wasn't very talkative, but what a small world to know that the person we sat with is friends with you and Draco."

"I find the world is smaller than we even realize" Hermione muttered. She was so excited to have something tangible to hold onto knowing that the possibility and the reality of meeting Crockford was so close. "Oh, I'm so glad that we might actually be able to meet him. Thanks for your help Mary."

"It was honestly nothing, other than my memory" she smiled. Mary looked at the clock on the mantle the time was 2:00. "I wonder if our men are done with their game. We should get back and see, but I do hope you will join us again for dinner. It is so nice to have another young couple to endure the trip with. Most of the others on board are either timeworn or are on board with their children, makes conversations incredibly dull."

"We'd love to join you for dinner. I'm glad we've met, it does make the trip more enjoyable." Hermione grinned, "I'll see you later Mary." Hermione separated from her as she went back to her and Draco's room.

When she opened the door, she found Draco sleeping, not sure what came over her, but she bent over and kissed his cheek. He began to stir "Hermione?"

"Yes. Who else would it be? How was a squash?" She asked as she sat on the bed next to him.

He groaned "it is quite possibly the dumbest game ever invented. You bounce a ball back and forth on a wall for what seems like forever! But after we were done with the match Daniel showed me the Turkish baths which were rather luxurious. How was your day?" he asked as he sat up on the bed.

Hermione smirked "your rotten attitude must mean that you lost to Daniel. Squash is one of the most popular game in England, next to football of course. This will show you not to let your competitive side get the better of you."

Draco glared at her "I don't have a rotten attitude, yes I lost but only by two points, I played rather well for never having played this ridiculous muggle game. I don't care that it is the most popular game in England, I don't even care if it is the most popular game in the entire world, doesn't change the fact that it is pointless and not a real sport. Now I ask you again how was your day?"

Hermione shook her head "it was very nice. I asked Mary if she had heard of Crockford, well William Clarke, and she has. They had dinner with him the other night. I had to come up with a small fib to tell her why I was asking; but isn't it wonderful that he is in first class as well. Hopefully, we can meet him at dinner tonight."

"The Gryffindor Princess telling a lie! I am shocked" Draco teased.

"I thought I told you not to call me a princess" she snapped back. "Besides it was the only way to get the information that I needed, it's not like it was my first time telling a lie."

"So what did you tell her?"

Hermione wrinkled her nose before continuing, now unsure how Draco would take her white lie "I said he was a friend of your fathers and that your father told us that Crockford was going to be on board and to call upon him."

Draco sat straighter on the bed "you used my father as the reason? Merlin Hermione why?"

"It's not like anyone here knows what type of person that he is. I didn't even…"

Draco stood up "well I do. I don't want you to ever mention his name again. The pain he has caused is unforgivable."

"But I…." she began to sputter. She wanted to him to understand that she didn't even mention Lucius by name, only in the sense of him being Draco's father.

Draco leaned in close to her face which frightened her and bluntly whispered "I don't want you ever to spew his name out of your mouth again. Understand?"

Hermione blinked back tears "yes I get it."

Draco quickly realized he might have gone a little too far, but it had to be said. Lucius Malfoy was a monster, and what he had done to Hermione well, Draco couldn't allow her to say even innocently his name. He rubbed the back of his neck to calm himself down, after a few deep breaths, he looked at Hermione again who was shaking, and had soft tears fall her face. He hadn't intended to make her cry. "Hermione I'm sorry. I just…. Well, my father doesn't deserve to have someone as good and beautiful and wonderful as you say his name. Since you already told Mary that Crockford was a friend of my father's, I'll say his name, not you ok?" He returned to his seat next to her on the bed and unconsciously wrapped his arms around her, and she leaned into his shoulder.

Hermione didn't respond. She leaned in closer to him and softly cried. It surprised her that the person who had made her cry was the one who was consoling her. Draco rubbed her shoulder and whispering "Shhh I'm sorry. Shhh".

Finally able to speak she looked up at his face and he looked genuinely upset that he made her cry. "I didn't use your father as an excuse because I wanted to remember him; I needed something to sound believable. I didn't even use his name! I used the idea of him. I just… I just can't believe you would be so mad at me" she choked back a sob. "You didn't even let me explain, you just got so mad. I thought Slytherins weren't supposed to lose their tempers at the drop of a hat. You didn't even let me explain" she repeated again.

"I realize that now and I truly am sorry. Like I said though what he did to you… I just can't even allow him in any form to cross your mind. Please forgive me for my behavior" Draco softly said.

Hermione realized that he got so mad at her not because of what she did, but what his father did to her. She smiled and nodded. "I forgive you this time. Just don't be a stupid git anymore."

He smiled in relief "promise. So what do you want to do now?" There was still a few hours before they had to change for dinner and since they knew that Crockford was going to be at dinner they didn't need to track him down. They both were relieved about that since neither really had any idea on how they were going to do that in the first place.

"We could go for a walk around the promenade" Hermione suggested. Draco's face of annoyance made her suggest "Or we could always explore if you don't want to go for a walk."

"Walking in circles is boring, let's explore."

Hermione couldn't help but giggle; Draco sounded like a child, carefree and inquisitive. "What?" he asked.

"Nothing" she stifled her giggles.

Once in the hallway, Draco took her arm and asked: "where too?"

"Why is it up to me?"

Draco pinched the bridge of his nose "that is because you are the one who knows where we are and everything about this ship. You get to pick on where we start."

Hermione was used to being the brains of the operation not so much the leader, so it was surprising for her to be in charge; however a welcome surprise.

"We should just start walking and see where it takes us."

They smiled at each other and began their exploration.

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