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The Girl-Who-Became-Harry-Potter
Draco M. & Harry P. & Lucius M. & Severus S. - Words: 5,282 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Friendship - Chapters: 3 - Reviews: 29 - Updated: 11-10-2018 - Published: 07-02-2016 - by Esm3rald (FFN)

This is something that I had in mind for a while but only today I decided to write it. I love writing about SI-fiction/OC, so I decided to try my hand at one with Harry Potter. In this story – like the title suggests –, the OC will take Harry Potter's place but she will have all the knowledge of the seven books so she will go out of her way to change things and make her life better compared to the one Harry has in the books, and she will obviously try to stop some people from dying.

Okay, if you've read my other story 'The Replacement', this one may seem similar. However, Harriet won't sleep with as many people as Hope here or be so blatant of a flirt (however she will still flirt, just more subtly). Though she still will have her number of relationships. This story's main pairing is FemHarry(OC)/Lucius. If you're not okay with it, don't read it, simple as that, because I'm not changing it. My story, my choice. Though nothing will happen between them until she's 15 at least, that doesn't mean that there won't be some flirty/ambiguous scenes before that. Also, she will have a relationship with Terence Higgs (who in this story is in the same year as Adrian Pucey (first year at Hogwarts 1989/1990)) from her fist year (a romantic/sexual one) until her third year and one with Cedric Diggory from her fourth year to her fifth year. If you're not okay with underage sex, once again this is not the story for you. The OC in Harry's place is technically 17/18, at least mentally, so it's not completely underage. And let's just say that she won't look like a child when she starts Hogwarts (because of magic – I'll explain what that means during the story).

Also, this FemHarry(OC) will be very different from Harry. First of all she won't be an innocent, naive virgin; she will be aware of how she looks like and she will use her looks and the promise of sex to her advantage. She will be sorted into slytherin and she will embody all the characteristics of this house: cunning, resourceful, ambitious, intent on self-preservation. (Though that doesn't mean she's a coward because she won't be. She just won't be a rash Gryffindor, jumping into danger without thinking about the consequences. In fact, she will plan ten steps ahead most of the time.). For example, the only reason she will be interested in killing Voldemort is because she knows that Voldemort will never stop coming after her and trying to kill her because of the prophecy, not because it's the right thing to do because Voldemort is a mass-murdering psychopath that killed her parents and definitely not to save the Wizarding World. She also won't have any qualms about using and manipulating people, without caring about their feelings (that doesn't mean she's a sociopath devoid of emotions though). She will also be much more powerful and smart than Harry is in Canon, just because I like the idea of Harry or FemHarry being really an equal to Voldemort (and since Voldemort was a magical prodigy, I don't see why Harry or FemHarry isn't).

Hope you like it, tell me what you think!

BTW, I imagine my OC as Danielle Campbell but with emerald green eyes and more curvaceous in the chest department(like Sophie Mudd).


31st July 2018

Harriet really hated her name. That was why she had started insisting on people calling her Harry. The name Harriet reminded her of posh families with spoiled kids who whined and got everything handed out to them on a silver platter. It simply wasn't her. It was the furthest thing from who she was she could think of.

Because, you see, Harry was an orphan who had skipped from foster family to foster home all seventeen and half years of her life. Right now were the summer holidays after her last year of college and she was sitting against a tree at the park near the foster home she had ended up in after the last failed family experience that had lasted three months. She was getting old now and the chance of her finding a family was slimmer that it had ever been. Not that it really mattered. She would start University in the fall and since she had won a scholarship that covered tuition and home fees, she would leave the foster home soon and finally live her life like she wanted it. Finally her efforts had been paid off and she was enjoying the free time she had while it lasted.

Enjoying her free time meant doing the thing she loved the most in the world. Reading. Maybe it was a lame pursuit but she didn't care. She wasn't exactly a people person; she had always found it difficult to make friends, not because she was shy exactly, it was more the fact that she couldn't relate to most of the people her age. She didn't love partying or drinking, or loud music and staying up all night dancing at a club. She was the quiet type, you could say, the one who simply love to stay in and spend her Saturday night reading or watching television.

Her favourite book, since she was little, or maybe it would be better to say, her favourite saga, was definitely the Harry Potter books (that was another reason why she wanted to be called Harry). And that was what she was doing now, reading a Harry Potter book, specifically 'The Philosopher's Stone'. She had lost count of how many times she had read the books and yet every time, it was like the first time, exciting and mysterious. She loved everything about it, even the things she didn't agree on or the characters she despised. Because, let's face it, there were so many wrong things with the Wizarding World that it was impossible not to grind your teeth and scream at the pages in front of you. But all faded into the background when you thought about the fact that those characters had magic. And magic was worth everything.

She just knew that Harry Potter himself would never give up magic for anything in the world. His life before finding out he had magic was simply awful, and though it didn't exactly become easier after, it certainly became better. It was like living in a black and white world and then magic comes around and suddenly everything is in colour. She would give everything to be able to wield magic, even face all the things Harry had to face during the seven books. It would all be worth it just to have that letter delivered to her and someone showing up at her door to tell her that she was going to Hogwarts. It would make up for all the times she had wished for some distant relative to take her away from her current life and tell her that she finally had a home. Unfortunately, no relative or anyone else really had ever shown up, nor any owl had ever brought her a letter. It was all just wishful thinking. And yet, she couldn't stop dreaming. Sure, her life was – maybe – finally going as she wanted it to but starting living meant giving up her dreams and she wasn't ready for that yet.

Suddenly, from nowhere, a loud thunder sounded and then rain begun to fall heavily over her head. She got up quickly, afraid of getting her book wet but it was too late, in a few seconds her and the book was drenched, her clothes sticking to her skin uncomfortably. She started to run to go back to the foster home to get shelter from the sudden thunderstorm when a bright light enveloped her and a pain like she had never felt before spread all over her body. She screamed for what felt like hours until she felt her eyelids getting heavy and soon after black surrounded her.

The lightning had struck, leaving a brown, burnt imprint on the ground but of Harriet there was no trace left. She had simply disappeared.

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