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The Girl-Who-Became-Harry-Potter
Draco M. & Harry P. & Lucius M. & Severus S. - Words: 5,282 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Friendship - Chapters: 3 - Reviews: 29 - Updated: 11-10-2018 - Published: 07-02-2016 - by Esm3rald (FFN)

There you go, chapter 2! Before reading this, I advise you to read the author's note in the prologue because, like you can see, I changed the couple from FemHarry/Severus to FemHarry/Lucius. I know some people will probably not be okay with that but my story, my choice. In the author's note in the prologue, there are the warnings for the story so please, read it because you may not be okay with some choices I will make later on or you could be uncomfortable with them. One such warning is UNDERAGE SEX. Not exactly with Lucius because she will be 15/16 when something will actually happen but she will be 17 when they actually sleep together but before that she will have two relationships (one with Terence Higgs from 1st to 3rd year and then with Cedric Diggory from 4th to 5th year and she will be sexually active from the start - probably not eleven (complete sex at least) but definitely from 12 on so you've been warned). Remember though that she's mentally 17/18 when the story starts and therefore even older mentally when she starts Hogwarts (and also she will not look like a child when she starts Hogwarts but three years older more or less). Anyway, here's the chapter, hope you like it! Please, tell me what you think!

Chapter 2

15th December 1987

Harry closed her eyes and breath deeply in and out a few times. She felt her heart slowing down in her chest and a sense of peace enveloping her senses. She extended her hand in front of her and visualized with her mind's eye a tiny, warm light floating a few millimetres above her palm. Immediately she felt a warm tingle at the base of her stomach and warmth flowing through her veins. She opened her eyes and there it was, a small sphere of light just like she had envisioned, illuminating the small cupboard she was once again locked up in. Harry smiled, satisfied though very tired as well. It was annoying how exhausting it was, accessing her magic and manipulate it how she wanted it too. She knew that it was both because her body and therefore her magical core was still developing and also because without a wand, doing magic was extremely difficult.

The wand was a conductor of magical energy that made accessing magic much easier. Magical cores started to stabilize at eleven years old and then it usually took a few years (usually until the age of seventeen) to finish the process of development. Once you reached 17 years old, the core would stop growing. It was the reason why 17 was the age of majority in the Wizarding World. All witches and wizards finished developing physically, mentally and, of course, magically at 17 years of age. After that you would start to actually age but the bigger was your magical core and the slowest the process of ageing was. That was the reason why magical people had a longer life's span than muggles.

Before eleven years old it was usually impossible to control your magic because it was just too unpredictable (that was the reason for all the episodes of accidental magic) and the magical core was still very small. Then once you reach the age of eleven, magical people were forced to start using wands because it made it easier for magicals to access their magic but it became also a constraint because if your magical core, that was still developing, started to rely on the wand all the time, the moment you stop using that wand, you would be unable to access your magic at all.

That was the reason why most witches and wizards couldn't produce magic without a wand. And that was the reason why Tom Riddle could. He had started to learn how to control his magic before arriving at Hogwarts therefore, it was safe to assume, that he continued using wandless magic at school as well.

You would wonder why someone who had woken up in the world of Harry Potter just a few months ago, without any idea how and why she had ended up there in the first place, would know so much about magical cores and wandless magic now. Well, it was very simple. She had found a great book about it. She was aware of the fact that the book was probably illegal now (it had been published in 1567) but she didn't particularly care about that.

Harry remembered the day she had gone exploring around the neighbour and found a small bookstore, hoping to find some books about meditation and maybe some Wicca books or supernatural stuff. Instead, what she had found was much better.

She had realized immediately that that book wasn't like the others. She had found it in the supernatural section, near a book about 'psychic powers: how to access your innate abilities'. It was very thick and leather-bound, and obviously very old. In silver engravings over a dark red cover it read: 'Wandless Magic, is it possible? How to use magic without a wand' by Wallace Whilmore. A look at the first few pages and she had known that this was the real deal, that it had been written by someone from the Wizarding world.

That day, she had bought some books on meditation – that she figured would be useful anyway, maybe even for studying Occlumency one day – thanks to some money she had stolen from the Dursleys (in the homestay where she had grown up she had made it an art, learning how to steal things without getting caught) and she had hidden the book she really wanted under her shirt – the one who had belonged to Dudley once upon a time and that was huge on her (the book was too expensive and she didn't have enough money for it). When she had approached the counter, the man had looked at her a little suspiciously but didn't say anything. She had paid for those two books and left, breathing a sigh of relief all the while.

Since then, every free minute she had she spent it trying to access her inner magic. At first it had been difficult even just trying to feel her magical core. For more than two weeks she had tried, every day, without results. She had been really afraid that she had no magic after all. She had cried more than once about it but she had not given up. Finally, after long days of torment, she finally felt it: that ball of warm energy deep inside her. It had looked a little like an atom, with the small core at the centre and flying tendrils of magic swirling uncontrollably around it. It was beautiful. From there actually accessing the magic had been easier but still extremely tiring and even now, after months, it was still taxing.

But she was getting better, every day and soon she thought she would be able to do much more complicated things than simply summon a ball of light, as pretty as it was.

20th May 1988

Harry looked intently at the spider climbing the wall in front of her and pointed her index finger at him. "Freeze!" she ordered in a whisper. She felt her magic coursing from her core to her finger and a second later a small, blue light appeared from the tip. The spider grew immobile. Harry squinted her eyes and tried to imagine the spider floating in the air. A second later the small spider was floating a few centimetres above her coat. Harry smiled and concentrated on making the spider doing some somersaults in the air. She felt the bang on her forehead slicked with sweat but she didn't stop. Soon the spider was spinning in the air like a spinning top. Harry breathed deeply and put her hand forward like to say stop. The spider stopped spinning in the air. Harry moved her two fingers in a forward gesture to push the spider back on the wall. The spider returned where it was and Harry finally pulled the magical tendrils back inside her body so the spider was once again in control of its own movements.

Harry gasped a little, her breaths coming short in her chest but she was elated. Finally, some real progress. She could already move objects with her mind – though, of course, the heavier they were and the more difficult it was to maintain her control over them – but this was the first time she was able to control the movements of a living thing. Even if it was simply a spider, she knew that with time she would be able to exert her will on other, more complex living beings. She felt a little bad for it, knowing that this type of magic was very similar to what the Imperius curse did but not enough to stop practicing.

Like she had figured out (and like the book explained) the more she practiced wandless magic and the easier it became. Of course, it was still very taxing but she was getting better, being able to keep using it for longer periods at a time. It was like a muscle, the more she exercised it and the more trained and stronger it became.

Harry was now completely sure that this book was illegal. She wouldn't be surprised to learn that there weren't many copies around anymore. Not only wandless magic was something that the wizarding world viewed as impossible – and therefore anyone who was capable of it was dangerous – but using magic without a wand meant not being bound by spells and therefore by the restrictions put on these spells. An example of this was what she just did. Controlling a living being was similar to the Imperius curse and that, of course, was illegal. However, she hadn't pronounced any spell, nor has she used any wand, nobody could say she had actually used the Imperius curse let alone prove that she did. It was absolutely brilliant – and terrifying – how much freedom she had with wandless magic. Not only that but, using wandless magic was probably a way to bypass the restriction put on underage wizards and witches about using their magic outside of school or in front of muggles because wandless magic didn't register through spells.

Harry knew that what she was doing was morally wrong but if there was one thing growing up in the foster system taught her was to always look out for herself because nobody would care enough about her to do it for her. For her survival she had only herself to rely on and if, to stay alive, she needed to break the law and make some questionably moral decisions, well the choice was easy. Voldemort didn't care about following the rules so neither would she. She knew that he would never stop trying to kill her because of that damn prophecy. She was the only one who had the power to kill him – always according to the prophecy – and therefore he would always consider her a threat. She had no other choice but to do anything in her power to stay alive. If she had to steal, learn dark magic, lie, use and control people, torture or even kill just to stay alive, well so be it.

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