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Harry P. - Words: 55,221 - Rated: T - English - Drama & Friendship - Chapters: 13 - Reviews: 235 - Updated: 30-10-2017 - Published: 12-06-2016 - by Queen.Of.Creating (FFN)

With the new style of this story, this is a really short chapter. Well short for me anyway, my chapters tend to range from 6-9 pages and this only came out to about 3. I'm actually a little self conscious about how short it is. Either way, the most important parts are still talked about. Some of the rewritten chapters are going to turn out that way. Hope you enjoy it either way!

Disclaimer, I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters and this is not a way for me to criticize the books. It's just how I believe the characters would react if they read JK Rowling's brilliant work.

In This Chapter: We learn what Harry's life is like with The Dursleys, Dudley celebrates his birthday, and Harry gets consequences for his accidental magic.

Chapter 2

Draco was sitting in his dormitories, the book open in his lap to the second chapter. His closest friends were there, Blaise, Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle. They had formed a sort of reading club for DADA that the other Slytherins in their year weren't interested in. As they didn't have a double defense period, they hadn't finished the first chapter, and they came together in Draco's room to finish it as a group that evening. Umbridge wanted them to read the second chapter for homework where they would briefly discuss it the next class and read as much of the third chapter in class the next day as possible. They thought it hilarious that Umbridge managed to find works on Potter, making fun of the fact that they now knew that Potter was so obnoxious because he grew up with those muggles.

"It's a shame no one on his father's side was alive." Pansy had said distastefully. "Blood Traitors as they were, they still were aware of pureblood customs and could have brought him up with more sense."

Yes, it had all been very funny, at first. Then, Draco read something that made all of them stop laughing at once, that Harry Potter slept in a cupboard.

Draco had paused. He opened his mouth to speak, and then closed it again. He looked up at his friends, who looked just as stunned.

"Read that over again?" Pansy asked. Draco cleared his throat and reread the line that told them that Harry Potter, Boy Who Lived, slept in a cupboard.

"Potter slept in a cupboard?" grunted Crabbe.

"With spiders..." Blaise shivered. Blaise knew Weasley had a fear of spiders as well, from their third year when Lupin had them work with the bogart. It was the only thing he had in common with the blood traitor, he was not very much a fan of the arachnids. "Maybe he only slept in the cupboard that night. Maybe there's something wrong with his room and that's where he slept while they fixed it."

They all nodded, though none of them really bought it. For one thing, he could sleep on the couch, or the floor, or, Merlin, anywhere else. Plus, that's not what the sentence had implied. Draco rolled his eyes and was about to go back to reading. It wasn't like he liked Potter. He actually found it pretty amusing that the wizarding world's Golden Boy slept in a cupboard, even if just once.

It didn't get much better after that, however. After a page or two, they decided if they were going to get through this chapter, they had to have the same rule Umbridge gave them during class and just not interrupt during the reading of the chapter. That being said, you could see on everyone's faces that this wasn't nearly as funny as they thought it was going to be. Pansy in particular seemed to be having a hard time with it, and began to write notes down like she was in class.

That didn't stop them from flipping out when they found out Potter was going to be locked in the cupboard without meals. Draco didn't know if it was Goyle's stomach that made him react the way he did, but even he had shouted out. And Pansy...

"Those miserable little-" Pansy had to cut herself off and take a deep breath. "How much more is there in this chapter?" she had asked.

"Less than a page." Draco answered.

"Good." Pansy spat. "Because this isn't fun anymore."

But there was this one time when Blaise and Pansy started laughing, and they wouldn't tell Draco why. When they finished the chapter, Draco wasted no time. "What were you two laughing about?"

Their glum faces lit up with amusement as they began to snicker again. "When it was saying how Dudley would wail and pretend to cry to get whatever he wanted," Blaise began. "He-"

Blaise started laughing again and Pansy finished, "He- He sounds like you!"

Draco felt heat run through him and he stood quickly, letting the book fall. "Don't ever compare me to that pig again."

"Calm down, Draco." Blaise said, looking annoyed now. "Like it or not, you do the same thing, Narcissa adores you."

"Yeah, and you use that to your advantage." Pansy defended. "It's not a big deal."

Sitting down, Draco did not look any less annoyed about this. Wanting to change the subject, Blaise said, "I know the book said nothing could be done to fix Potter's hair, but I still feel like he doesn't really try. I'm sure he's not simply forced to walk around with that rats nest."

"Of course he could do something about it. His grandfather made Sleekeazy's Hair Potion." Pansy said running her hand through her own hair.

"Really?" Blaise raised an eyebrow. She nodded, going into her bag and pulling out her package of it and showed them all the bottom where it said Fleamont Potter. Draco mentally gagged at the name.

"I think the wild hair runs in the family and one of the Potters finally did something about it." Pansy said putting it back. "Apparently, Granger used it for the Yule Ball, and it actually looked nice. You know it's a miracle worker if it did that for her. I use it whenever I have a particularly bad knot."

"Does Potter know his grandfather made it?" Draco asked, sufficiently distracted from his anger. "Because I'd have half a mind to send it to him if I didn't find making fun of his hair daily a great stress reliever."

"I doubt it," Blaise said frowning. "He didn't even know what his parents looked like."

The mood went cold.

"He didn't even know the truth about how they died." Pansy said quietly, bouncing her quill in her fingers.

"He didn't know about magic." Crabbe said, speaking for the first time. "Did you notice that?"

"Yes, but Dumbledore explained everything in a letter." Pansy said.

"Oh I'm sure the muggles know." Blaise said. "I just don't think he does. I don't think they ever told him."

Draco was getting angry on Potter's behalf, which was an alarming thought he didn't want to dive into. "They've got some nerve! Why Potter associated with mudbloods at all after growing up with filth like this is lost on me!"

"And when she told them his parents died by a car crash!" Pansy shrieked. "I thought you were having me on!"

Draco grumbled. He wouldn't even wish that on his worst enemy- and his worst enemy got exactly that.

Pansy was staring at her notes. "When I was reading, I made a note wondering why they wouldn't give Potter his own clothes. I mean, It's not like the Weasleys, he has the money. I guess I realize now, it's cause they don't want him to have anything nice."

"They're not even treating him like a human." Blaise growled. "Having him do a servant's job, making him sleep in a cupboard!"

"I thought we agreed it was only for the night." Pansy mumbled.

"I think we all know that's not true." Blaise moaned putting his head in his hands. "Because it seems this book is actively trying to make us all guilty of how we treated him."

"I don't." Draco said defensively. He could admit Potter's pathetic home life with the muggles made him feel uneasy. Potter was just a kid after all. But that didn't mean he thought his friends should be feeling guilty all of a sudden. "I still think he hangs with the wrong crowd, and he was still a prat to me when I tried to get him away from them. And he has everyone falling over themselves to cater to him."

"I simply don't like him." Pansy said crossing her legs. "And nothing in here changes that, but I will say I feel slightly bad for him."

Draco was completely ignoring the fact that since they started the chapter, he'd been standing up for Potter like Pansy had been. However, Draco's fear that he'd lose his friends to Harry Boy Who Lived Potter had gotten the better of him and he was now focused on that. "I wouldn't go that far."

"Oh come on, Draco." Blaise said. "There doesn't seem to be a single person in the muggle world that likes him."

Draco shrugged. "I say good. Snape's the only one who really deflates his ego around here. But I suppose this book answers why Potter doesn't have any respect. He was never taught it. If I ever talked to my parents the way that ugly, fat nitwit Potter calls a cousin did, I don't think you'd ever see me again. And that little turd gets congratulated for it."

"So he has no respect, and he's treated too well here." Pansy said. "I'm still allowed to hope he doesn't starve."

"We know he doesn't." Draco snapped.

"He's not treated well." Blaise cut in. "Pansy just recognizes that. And alright, I laughed at some of the things he said in here, he's funny, I'll give him that. But don't think we're going to go run off and hang out with him and the mudblood and blood traitors now."

Draco didn't say anything in response to that. Crabbe and Goyle looked at the three friends. Wanting, again, to change the subject, Draco said, "So... we're all in agreement that the thing is dead now right?"

Blaise and Pansy snorted and nodded, thankful for the subject change but Crabbe frowned. "Why?"

"Well," Blaise began. "There's no way in hell it made it to Brazil, and the weather in London isn't fit for anything that's supposed to be in the tropical weathers of that country. Unless it was caught again and taken back to this zoo, where they probably gave it what it needed to survive, it died."

Crabbe nodded in understanding. After another minute of silence, Pansy got up. "Well, if we're done here."

And she left without another word. Blaise sighed and flopped onto his bed. "This isn't going to be as funny as we thought."

"That's just with the muggles." Draco said completely sure of himself. "We can go back to laughing at his misery when he gets here."

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