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Harry P. - Words: 55,221 - Rated: T - English - Drama & Friendship - Chapters: 13 - Reviews: 235 - Updated: 30-10-2017 - Published: 12-06-2016 - by Queen.Of.Creating (FFN)

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and feedback. I'm not taking this story down without a fight! I have a special shout out for CynthiaW. She was the one who gave me the suggestion for how to write these chapters and I absolutely want to give her all of the credit.

So this chapter is extremely different from the other seven chapters. If I get good feedback on this chapter (and I need your feedback), another chapter won't come for a while because I'll have to rewrite the other chapters first and that will take a while. Anyway, tell me how you like this chapter!

Disclaimer, I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters and this is not a way for me to criticize the books. It's just how I believe the characters would react if they read JK Rowling's brilliant work.

In this chapter: Harry has his first lessons and learns there's more to magic than he thought. His first class with Professor Snape has him wondering why the man hates him so much.

Chapter 8

Fred and George could be pretty intimidating. It wasn't because they were extremely tall, they weren't really. They were the shortest of the Weasley boys (not that that was saying much). They were stocky but not overly big in terms of muscle. They could be intimidating because of their reputation. They were so unexpected, if they set their sights on someone, it could mean trouble. Of course, they didn't mess with Harry much, so he had little reason to be intimidated by them. Ron, however, wasn't so lucky.

"Why are they staring at us like that?" he said squirming in the seat adjacent to Harry's while they were in the crowded Gryffindor common room that Sunday.

Hermione looked up from the homework Harry should also be doing to peek at Fred and George. "It doesn't look like they're staring at us, just you."

"Oh great," Ron spat out. Fred and George stood and began to walk towards them. "Bugger."

"Hey there," Fred said simply when they got close enough to be heard. "Here you are Harry!"

They gave him a rolled up parchment. Harry took it slowly, eyeing them. Just because they didn't usually mess with him didn't mean he would let his guard down. "What's this?"

"Harry, why are you acting like the last time we gave you a bit of parchment it wasn't the best thing you've ever received?" George asked, not answering Harry's question.

"Actually I'd say the second best." Ron said, now more relaxed knowing he wasn't targeted.

"Yeah?" Fred asked.

"Then what's the best?" George continued.

Ron smiled mysteriously. "You'll find out. When you read about it."

George turned back to Harry while Fred continued to look at Ron, almost as if staring at him would give him the answer. "It's from Dumbledore. He said to read it alone."

Harry stared from the twins to the parchment in his hand, wondering if there was some sort of joke. Dumbledore has spent the better part of the year ignoring Harry, something that always managed to irk him when he thought about it.

"Oh go on." Fred pushed. "It's no joke, it's really from him."

Harry hesitated only a moment longer before getting up from his seat and going to his dormitory, which he knew was empty because he could see all of his roommates downstairs. As soon as Harry left, Fred and George went on either side of Hermione. She had looked away from her work for a moment when Fred and George mentioned Dumbledore, but was now trying to focus again.

"What'cha workin' on?" they asked at the same time. Looking obviously annoyed, Hermione slowly looked at them.

"What do you want?"

Fred looked at George, who shrugged. In response, he shrugged back and they looked at Hermione again. "Say George,"

"Yeah Fred?"

"Did you ever hear about the joke where-"

Hermione let out a loud groan. "It's difficult enough to work in the common room without your loud speaking in my ear!"

She closed up her book, gathered her things, and stalked off. Looking proud, Fred and George then took Harry and Hermione's seats, which were on either side of Ron, and turned their attention to him. It was at that moment Ron realized, he was their target after all.

"Er, I'm gonna go-"

"No you aren't." Fred said.

"We have some questions for you." George said.

Ron looked at both of them, eyes going side to side like a silent coo coo clock, and sunk into his chair. "What?"

George then went into his robes and pulled out the books Umbridge had assigned to everyone. He began flipping through the pages. "Freddie and I were reading, and we were quite surprised to find that you tend to spend a lot of your thinking time comparing yourself to your older brothers."

"Is that how you read it?" Ron said looking for an escape.

"Hear that, George?" Fred said. "'Is that how you read it'."

"That's how you said it," George said, finally getting to where he wanted to be. "Says here, according to you, everyone expects you to be like the rest of us but you'll never live up to those expectations. How should we read that?"

Ron grimaced.

"Hey George, can I see that for a moment?" Fred said almost conversationally.

"Sure, Fred!" George said giving him the book. Fred glanced at it, closed it, and hit Ron on the back of the head with it.


"Don't be an idiot, Ron." Fred said.

"You spend all your time trying to be us, you're not going to find out how great you can be." George said in a surprisingly serious voice. And he seemed to notice as well because he continued by saying, "I don't blame you for trying to follow in our footsteps, since we're brilliant."

"But," Fred interjected. "You can be brilliant when you want to be. Honestly, we're rubbish at chess."

Ron rolled his eyes.

Fred and George looked at each other and then back to their youngest brother. Their only younger brother. "You know pride is a Weasley trait."

"That along with stubbornness." George added.

"It's a non physical trait we all share."

"So instead of comparing everything you haven't done to everyone else,"

"Just be overly prideful of what you have done."

"It works for us!" they finished together. Ron looked at both of them and gave them each a small smile.

"Alright, I'll try it." Ron said. He told himself it was to get them off his back, but truthfully he was taking their advice to heart.

"There's a champ." Fred said ruffling Ron's hair. Ron tried to bat him away as Harry came back downstairs.

"It'll come naturally," George said getting up. "It's a Weasley trait after all."

"What is?" Harry asked.

"Jaw dropping good looks." Fred answered without hesitation. "We were just telling Ron they'll come naturally for him eventually."

"I'm still taller than you both!" Ron shot back.

"Right you are!" George grinned.

"Take pride in that!" Fred winked as they began to walk away.

Harry took his seat back, the unrolled note in his hand. "So what was that about?" Ron asked glancing at the parchment.

"Dumbledore asked me to meet him in his office, even has his password on here." Harry answered looking at the note again.

"Brave man, Dumbledore. Giving Fred and George parchment with his password on it." Ron said.

Harry murmured his agreement as he reread the short note. "I don't know why he asked me to read it alone when he wrote I could bring you and Hermione."

Ron knew the twins just said that to get him alone, but if he told Harry, his friend might wonder why they would want to do it. Ron didn't exactly want to talk about his conversation with his brothers. Instead he said, "Dumbledore said we could come?"

"Encouraged it." Harry said. "I just can't figure out what time. Is that an eight or a nine?"

Ron squinted at the slightly smudged digit on the page. "Looks like an eight to me."

Harry stared at it for a bit, and then said "Alright then, eight." Harry folded the parchment and stuck it in his robes. Hours later, fifteen minutes until eight that evening, Harry was walking to his headmaster's office with Ron and Hermione. Thinking about how last time he was in his headmaster's office and the reason behind it almost gave him anxiety. Of course this wasn't anywhere close to the last situation, when he had a dream of Mr. Weasley being attacked by the snake.

"Jelly Slugs." he told the gargoyle, and was granted access. However, when he opened the door, he was surprised someone was already in the office with Dumbledore.

"Oh, er-" he looked from Dumbledore to the man Harry had never seen before.

"Good evening." Dumbledore said pleasantly. "I must admit I was not expecting you for another hour."

Harry scrambled to get the note. "You didn't want to meet at eight?"

"Nine." Dumbledore corrected. Harry looked at the parchment, which now looked obviously like a nine now that he was staring at it.

"I told you it was a nine!" Hermione whispered into Harry's ear, glancing nervously at the old man sitting across from Dumbledore.

"The blame belongs to me, Miss Granger." Dumbledore said standing. Harry was busy staring at Dumbledore's guest, who smiled at them politely. He looked like he could be as old as Dumbledore, if not older. While Dumbledore's hair and beard were long and silver like the ghosts that roamed the hall, this man's hair and beard were kept much shorter, and white like the freshest snow. He was short, perhaps even shorter than Harry (he couldn't tell as the man was sitting), and wore deep blue, almost black robes. Dumbledore's eyes were an always twinkling blue, but this man's were a light brown, and examined him and his friends in a not unkindly matter.

"You see when I was young," Dumbledore was still saying. "I would write my nines with the stem curved at the bottom, but people often confused my nines with eights when the ink would smudge slightly. I've since then corrected this, but every once and awhile I find myself to have fallen back into my old habit."

"Er, we could come back." Ron said uncertainly.

"No need," the guest said speaking for the first time. A loud, deep, commanding voice that effectively gathered everyone's attention. "I was just on my way out."

"We'll begin our meeting then." Dumbledore said. "Mr. Weasley, if you could go fetch Professor Snape? He's to be here as well."

Harry attempted to hide his disappointment at the news that Snape would be here as well. Ron didn't do as well as he let out a low groan.

"Why do I have to go get him?" He muttered annoyed, but not low enough.

"Well, you can take Miss Granger with you." Hermione sent him an annoyed look and he and Hermione left the office. Harry stood awkwardly as Dumbledore and the man said their last goodbyes. Suddenly, Dumbledore said.

"Where are my manners? Nick, this is Harry Potter." Dumbledore began.

"Yes, I guessed as much." the man, Nick, said. "I could see his scar from behind his fringe."

Harry flattened his hair down.

"Yes, and this is Nicolas Flamel." Dumbledore said. Harry couldn't help it, his mouth fell open. He quickly closed it though.

"Nice to meet you, sir." he said a bit shakingly.

"You as well." Nicolas Flamel said. "I never was able to say thank you for protecting the stone."

"Er- it was- it was nothing." Harry said awkwardly. "I had loads of help. I wouldn't have gotten half as far without my friends who were just here."

"I'll be sure to thank them as well," said Nicolas Flamel.

It was quiet for a moment, Dumbledore was busying himself with papers on his desk and Nicolas flamel was gathering himself. Then Dumbledore, still messing around at his desk, asked Harry, "How are your private lessons with Professor Snape going?"

"Great." Harry said sarcastically before he could stop himself.

"I see," Dumbledore said.

Nicolas Flamel examined Harry and asked, "What lessons?"

Harry, feeling a bit uncomfortable under the man's gaze, looked to Dumbledore. He wasn't sure if he should share this information. Although Dumbledore was the one to bring it up. Dumbledore gave a slight nod and Harry answered, "I'm learning Occlumency."

"Ahh, very nice." Flamel approved. "But it's not going well?"

Harry shook his head. "Snape-"

"Professor Snape," Dumbledore interrupted.

Harry frowned. "Yes, he and I don't seem to agree on his teaching methods."

Nicolas Flamel continued to watch Harry. Finally he said, "I could teach you."

Harry's jaw dropped again. Dumbledore smiled, not looking away from his papers. "You're offering to teach me?"

"I am," Flamel told him. Harry looked at Dumbledore, and then back to Nicolas Flamel. "I'm quite impressed with all that you've accomplished. I see you going very far, I'd love to help you with that."

"Er- Thank you sir." Harry stumbled over his words. "Thank you, I'd like that a lot."

"Wonderful. Sundays around this time work for me, do they work for you as well?" Flamel asked him. Harry nodded. "Well then, I'll be back in a week at eight. We can meet here, as I'll be traveling through floo, but I should expect we find a classroom to work in. This castle has many."

Not a moment later, his friends returned with Snape, and Ron looked quite irritated. He whispered to Harry, "He took away five points just on the way here!"

"Ah, Severus!" Dumbledore said in a pleasant voice. Too pleasant, in Harry's opinion, as no one should greet Snape as such. "We've just decided that Mr. Potter should continue his Occlumency lessons with Mr. Flamel, here."

While Ron sputtered staring at Flamel and Hermione gasped and said 'I thought I recognized him!', Snape said in a dry tone, "What a shame."

"Well, I best be off." Flamel said. He approached the trio as Snape slipped further into the office. "Thank you for your efforts to protect the Stone, I was very impressed with all of you."

Harry's friends stuttered just as much as he did but both managed to get out a thank you. Flamel nodded, bowed his head to Dumbledore, and walked to the fireplace. Harry thought again about the night he saw Mr. Weasley get hurt, and how Dumbledore said using floo powder wasn't safe anymore as the network was being monitored. He thought, as the flames went green and Flamel disappeared in them, that maybe Flamel didn't care much about who watched him come and go.

"Nicolas Flamel is going to be teaching you?" Ron asked, in awe.

"He offered to." Dumbledore said, sounding like... was he proud? "You should take great honor. As you know, Nicolas decided long ago to destroy the Stone. His wife, Perenelle, recently passed and he knows he has not much longer. Originally he came here to say goodbye, as he planned to spend the rest of his life alone, relaxing in his home. Apparently, upon meeting you, he has changed his mind."

Harry was startled. "He shouldn't do that- for me-"

"Nicolas does not do anything he doesn't want to do." Dumbledore insisted. "You see, Nick is quite like another old friend of mine, Horace, in the way that both like to have had their hands in whatever is successful. Apparently, Nick could not pass you up, Harry."

"Riveting conversation that this is," Snape interrupted. "Can we get to the reason we're all here?"

"Yes of course." Dumbledore said, and then held up the book. The book of Harry's life.

Harry's heart jumped. "You can stop the school from reading them?"

"Alas, I cannot. Though I have put in my greatest efforts." Dumbledore said gravely. "But I have been speaking with Severus, and we've come up with a plan to keep certain secrets revealed by these books just that. We will arrange that they will not leave this school."

Feeling immensely deflated, Harry answered with a, "Who Cares?"

"Are you unaware that certain things in these books could get someone, many people, in serious trouble?" Snape sneered. "Including your precious Hagrid? Already he's afraid his problematic actions towards your family could get him arrested."

"It can't, can it?" Ron asked. "He hardly did anything!"

"Be that as it may, it was still illegal." Snape said.

"He won't get into trouble for this, will he?" Harry asked Dumbledore, who still seemed to be avoiding his eyes. He attempted to stow away his irritation at that.

"So far we've heard nothing about it. But if we do, I will do all I can to insure he is okay." Dumbledore answered.

"But what about Sirius?" Hermione asked. "We want to be able to talk about him being innocent!"

"Which is why we are here to discuss what is in the cone of secrecy and what isn't. Severus and I have already discussed in private things that we'd rather not get out. Seeing that you three are the center of these books, we thought you'd like to have a say as well." Dumbledore said.

And so they spent several minutes discussing what is and isn't to be kept held in. It turned out Harry didn't have many things he wanted to stay hidden other than just private stuff like his life with the Dursleys and him and Cho. Most people knew everything about him whether he liked it or not, and as for the really important secrets, Snape and Dumbledore were making sure they were covered.

Harry wished Snape wasn't there. The looks on Hermione and Ron said they agreed. He wanted to bring up the DA, he wanted to insure that all of the members wouldn't get their parents in trouble if they worked in the ministry or something of the like. But he didn't want to bring the DA up around Snape. Harry remembered that he ensured his friend's secrecy when they started this, and decided at the last moment to say something.

"I want to protect the members of D-"

"Harry NO!" Hermione yelled, her hand suddenly over his mouth muffling his voice. He gave her an incredulous look. "Er- can we talk in private?"

"Certainly." Dumbledore said. Hermione pulled him to the corner of the office and Ron followed, giving Harry a look that said he didn't think he should say anything but he was also not sure why Hermione reacted so strongly.

"You can't tell them." Hermione said letting go of Harry.


"Because the parchment we all signed is jinxed, remember, I told you!" she hissed. "And if you tell them, specifically Snape, it will trigger the jinx!"

Harry huffed. "Well what are we supposed to do?"

Ron was looking back and forth between his two friends. "How bad could it be if we don't put the DA in the- er- cone of secrecy?"

"Think about it Ron. How much trouble they could be in? What if their parents get sacked for this?" Hermione was biting her lip. "Let me do the speaking for this one, I know the loopholes."

Ron and Harry nodded as they walked back to Dumbledore and Snape. Hermione began. "Er, I would like to protect all students... from... er... their possible breaking of any of Professor Umbridge's decrees. It should be considered a secret, and all punishment for so should be dealt with in the school."

"Well said," Dumbledore said. "Is that all?"

The trio looked at each other, and shrugged, but suddenly Ron went wide eyed. "Speaking of punishment, well this isn't exactly a secret but a request? Erm, I would like it if none of us get in trouble for what rules we may have broken in the past. We'll get enough trouble with Umbridge I suspect. I just mean, it wouldn't be fair if we got a detention for things we did in the past."

Snape looked just about ready to veto this, but Dumbledore held up a hand. "Certainly."

"Sir," Snape began. But Dumbledore looked a little stern.

"Where would we be if we punished people for their past actions simply because they were brought up again?" Dumbledore asked.

He and Snape held a gaze for a bit, before Snape bit out, "Excellent point, sir."

"Then it is settled, I cannot control Delores, of course, but I will spread word to the rest of the staff." Dumbledore said.

"May I ask how you plan on keeping things secret?" Hermione asked.

"Yes you may, we have a number of options but the top one right now is the Fidelius Charm." Dumbledore said and Harry winced. "Yes, a sore subject for you I'm sure. That being said, it's quite a good charm, very strong, as long as you are sure that the secret keeper is trustworthy."

"Well... what are your other options?" Ron asked glancing at Harry.

"An intricate combination of different charms and wards that Severus and I could put together." Dumbledore said.

"Er..." Hermione looked uncertain. "Why don't you... you could just... charm a piece of parchment."

The older ones in the room looked over to the girl. "I beg your pardon?" Severus said.

"You could charm some parchment, have it so anyone who writes their name on it will be jinxed in some way. And you'll know who says anything." Hermione said. "Professor Snape can have them write on it at the start of all of your classes, by the end of the week most of the school will have signed. The Slytherins won't question it much since it's Snape and they trust and like him. Dumbledore could have everyone on staff sign. And for those who don't have N.E.W.T. level potions in sixth and seventh year, you can give it to the other professors. At that point, no one will hesitate to sign it because they'll see that most of the school signed it already, which is basic psychology. I read a book on why it's human nature to follow other-"

"That's enough." Snape interrupted. "Such a spell does not exist."

"Oh, er, that's because I made it." Hermione admitted. "Combined a few other spells and jinxes I knew. It- It wasn't very difficult."

Dumbledore was admiring her, but Snape continued in a cold voice, "What did you use it for?"

Hermione's lips tightened and the three students looked at each other. Dumbledore smiled slightly. "They cannot say, they've signed the paper. We wouldn't want any of them to set off the jinx. Nevertheless, I think it's an impressive plan. Although I hope you don't mind I tweak it a bit? I'm sure you can imagine, being that I am the headmaster, it would be unprofessional to jinx my students."

"Perhaps they simply can't say anything, or write anything for that matter." Snape murmured. "Yes, we will work on such a parchment and have it ready by tomorrow."

"Very well, and Miss Granger?" Dumbledore said.

"Yes, sir?"

"I suggest you tell those of which who signed your paper what exactly could happen if they tell," he said. "Not exactly fair that you three know and they don't, is it?"

"Right." she said in a small voice. The trio left after that, Snape was in deep thought.

"How are we to get Umbridge to sign?" he asked, thinking out loud. "We might have to have a separate paper for her."

"You can be quite crafty when the time comes, I'm sure you'll think of something." Dumbledore said. "Meanwhile, it's nearly nine already, we should get going."

Snape sneered. "Oh yes, how could I forget. We've got to come together to read about Potter's life."

Dumbledore said nothing, simply smiling and leading the way to the staffroom. They were the last to arrive, Hagrid was already sitting in an enlarged chair, Flitwick and McGonagall were speaking and Sprout was finishing chapter seven.

"Wonderful, everyone's here. Shall we begin?" Dumbledore asked taking his seat.

Dumbledore finished the chapter and closed the book, setting it to the side. McGonagall had been writing furiously the entire time, and now directed her fury fully towards Severus Snape. But she was not the only one, as Hagrid, looked quite angry as well. Flitwick did not look impressed and the book accomplished to once again make Sprout angrier than she was usually seen.

"Anything to say?" Dumbledore asked.

"I think," Flitwick began. "We have been given a surprising gift."

All attention went to the Ravenclaw head of house. "And what's that?" Dumbledore asked.

"We can take these books, and see from the students' perspective." Flitwick continued. "For instance, why is it we do not give new students maps so that they are able to find their classes in their first week?"

"Don't you think that if we gave them maps, they'd never learn how to go through the school without them?" Dumbledore answered. "It's a part of growing up, being able to navigate. And while we teach magic, don't you think, by having them away from their guardians and in a sense looking after themselves, Hogwarts also teaches them independence?"

"Why aren't we discussing the most important information to come out of this chapter?" McGonagall snapped. "Severus your behavior in this chapter, Potter's first day, was deplorable!"

"Yes, I knew you would feel that way." Snape said condescendingly. McGonagall sputtered.

"Feel- That I would feel-" she tried to get out. "This is not about a feeling! It was wrong, there was nothing to it!"

"And I suppose you're much better?" Snape countered. "By not only allowing Granger to show off, but encouraging it?"

"What are you speaking of?" McGonagall snapped. Snape took out his own book and went to the page he bookmarked, reading of how McGonagall showed the class Hermione's match, which she had successfully changed to a needle.

McGonagall was on her feet "I was encouraging her, yes, but not to show off. But to take pride in her accomplishments! What do you call singling Potter out and degrading him in front of the entire class for not knowing questions you shouldn't be asking for years?"

"You can find all of those answers easily, all you have to do is open a book." Snape said.

"Yer no teacher, yeh nothin' but a bully!" Hagrid shouted, finally coming into the conversation.

"Yes, why don't you give me instructions on how to be a better teacher." Snape sneered.

"Yeh insulted the students, yeh called 'em dunderheads before they even did anythin'!"

"Don't you know, your teaching abilities are not determined by your best student, but by your worse?" Flitwick jumped in. "You do not yell at students when they make a mistake, you instruct them so that they can learn."

"And you certainly do not call them idiots." Sprout said, red in the face. "None of your students should be walking out of their classrooms wondering why their teacher hates them. And docking points for no reason."

"No reason?" Snape repeated, leaning up in his seat but not giving the satisfaction of making him stand like McGonagall, and now Flitwick had done. "No- He talked back to me, disrespected a teacher-"

"I don't bloody blame him!" McGonagall stomped towards him. Now she that she was looking down at him, Snape did stand. He was now her colleague, equal, and should be talked to as such. "Student may he be, he should never have to sit down while you insult his intelligence. Just the thought, what James would..."

But she stopped herself from continuing that sentence. It wouldn't make anything better, if anything, James was the start of all of this. Snape looked about ready to explode at the name that she let slip out. And since it was out there in the air, she might as well just say it.

"He is not just James' son. He is your student."

"Contrary to your belief," Snape began. "How I interacted with Potter has nothing to do with his father."

Hagrid let out a loud scoff.

"Unlike you all, I would never allow him to get away with believing his fame could get him out of anything in my class. And the first class is the class to set those expectations."

"Tha's a load o'-"

McGonagall cut Hagrid off. "You will notice he got the same impression from me. You should be stern, but not unfair."

"Cruel, you mean." Sprout said. "You should be ashamed of yourself."

"Yeh SHOULD be fired!" Hagrid called. Dumbledore, who allowed this to go on for as long as it did because he wanted them to get this out now rather than have it explode in a less professional way, stepped in at this point. He no longer wanted to just watch as Snape was ganged up on like this.

"That's quite enough," he said.

McGonagall was still heated, and she was not giving this up without a fight. "Albus, you cannot seriously be tolerating this behavior!"

"I will be having a talk with Severus but must leave it to me." Albus said sternly.

"Albus," McGonagall hissed. "This man is handling first years, eleven year olds. I should have known when it went around that he was Longbottom's worse fear but I didn't take it seriously. That was my mistake, but we need to stop turning a blind eye to what is happening in our school!"

"What are you suggesting?" Dumbledore asked quietly. McGonagall frowned in thought. She wasn't sure, she was just so angry at Dumbledore's nonchalance, this sort of behavior should not be allowed.

"Maybe he should be fired!" she finally said. She turned to Snape, who looked at them with indifference. "Change his behavior, or leave!"

"I cannot do that." Dumbledore said. "Where am I supposed to get a new potions professor at this point in the school year? Unless you suggest the ministry should find someone for that position as well? No, that cannot be."

McGonagall's anger was beginning to shift towards Dumbledore. "Albus-"

"If you wish to discuss this further, we may." Dumbledore said. "In the meantime, anything else from the chapter you would like to discuss?"

McGonagall glanced towards Snape, who looked smug. Clenching her fists, she returned to her seat. She was outraged. What James would say, what Lily would say! And Sirius and Remus! She was outnumbered. Dumbledore and Snape against her. Yes of course she had the other professors on her side as well, but they didn't hold nearly enough merit.

And suddenly, an idea came to mind. She shouldn't... but she also couldn't sit and be dismissed with something so important. She looked around. While the other teachers, excluding Snape, still looked angry, none of them looked like they were going to speak up farther against Dumbledore. And she couldn't blame them, there wasn't much they could do. They were discussing Filch, how they should say something about his behavior towards the students. Dumbledore assured Hagrid he would get Filch to stop having Mrs. Norris follow him around whenever he was in the castle.

McGonagall stood up, book in hand. "I will be going. I have some essays to grade." she began to walk out without a goodbye. When she got to the door, she turned her head and said, "I'll be taking a walk through Hogsmeade first, however, if I am needed."

And she closed the door behind her. She sped up to her office, moving faster than she had in years. Before Dumbledore or Umbridge stopped her. Before she stopped herself and changed her mind. When she got to her office, she was still in a rush. Grabbing her cloak while also holding her wand and then pulling the other six books out. She got to work, duplicating all seven books twice, shrinking them, and then slipping them inside of her cloak.

It took her no time to be outside the Hogwarts walls, she was still moving fast. The cold air was like another obstacle. They were just starting the second week of March and it wasn't warming up much at all. When she got outside of the wards, she turned on the spot and a second later, she was at her destination.

Number twelve Grimmauld Place, the Order headquarters.

Okay, so I'm going to attempt to shout everyone out. Please please tell me if I missed you! And also tell me if I should keep writing the story in this style!

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