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Chapter 12: Here Comes The Aloha Band!

Once he was going to face it himself what I had wanted to make him understand then he would get a lesson to listen to me and not being stubborn about things like he was being now.

After his many attempts a navy colored Scorpio stopped by our side, it was completely packed with a bunch of boys. They all had badges on their shirts that read 'Aloha band'.

My left eye began to twitch. How much more ridiculous it all was going to become?

"Malfoy no way I am going to get into this car, it's already so full!" I yelled.

"Yo sweet girl, do you and your boyfriend need a lift? Then c'mon in we can make space for the two of you." One of the boys said.

"He is not my boyfriend!" I shouted angrily.

"Get inside Granger, in difficult times we should take what we get." Malfoy said in a grim voice and before I could even retort back he had already shoved me like a dump among the idiots in the back seat of the car while he himself got adjusted on the front seat.

As Draco told them that we needed to get to 'Le Meurice', the car started and soon we were headed towards the hotel.

Only few minutes had passed when my back began to hurt like hell because of the congested position I was sitting in.

"Hey sweetie, do you listen to Aloha band? Well you must be as you seem a big fan." The boy sitting next to me said.

Oh. Is that what my red with fury face conveyed to him?


I kept quiet and didn't give any response in agreement to his statement which resulted in a constant nagging from all of his other companions who would prattle and again and again come back to square one asking me if I had ever listened to their work or not. And so finally they got the ans as I couldn't take it anymore and shouted,

"I haven't ever heard of anything as ludicrous as Aloha Band!"

But as soon as I did this I regretted it nonetheless. Because now the lunatics were head over heels in making me believe that they were versatile geniuses when it came to music and how unfortunate I was to never have the glorious chance of listening to them . To prove their point they even started to give a live performance in the car itself and must I say I only had two words to describe it.


I angrily protested that they were horrible and I didn't want to hear to them but it had no effect on their spirits whatsoever. Instead they seemed all more inspired and continued singing,

Oh poor poor bint that you are

To haven't have heard of like us super stars,

We pity you for what an unfortunate soul you are

Oh poor poor bint that you are.

When the little eenie winnie cries

Her mother offers her fries,

Telling her about us with pride.

Then to our melodies she listens

It makes her laugh,

Her sorrows become half.

We who practice day and night

Such is our plight.

So dedicated are we to our oeuvre

That weeks pass

And we don't even take a bath.

Yet you have the heart

To be so harsh,

Oh poor poor bint that you are…..

I tried to shut my ears with both my hands to block their voices and yet could hear them. Whatever they were singing it was anything but a song? Merlin I was going to go insane!

Then my eyes fell on Malfoy who seemed not a bit perturbed by all the claptrap going on around him.

I noticed how he just kept staring out of the car's window with that far-off look in his eyes; maybe he was so absorbed in the thought of meeting his best friend again that nothing else bothered him anymore.

Suddenly I was jerked out of my observation of the blond as the car came to a halt. I realized that we had reached our destination.

And so as we climbed out of the Scorpio I heaved a sigh of relief that atleast the crazy ride with the Aloha band was finally over.

"We hope you must have enjoyed your time with us. And also we are sure that your wrong opinion of us must have changed after listening to us. We know we are wonderful, aren't we?"

In response Malfoy just gave a nod and muttered thanks to them before starting up the stairs of the hotel, while I quipped,

"Oh yes you guys really are wonderful."

The boys all smiled at me not at all getting that by being wonderful I was remarking the capability of their self assumption of themselves of being so good as such no criticism could let them down.

"We told you. Anyways enjoy your holidays with your husband sweetie. Bye. " They said before driving off.

I stood with my mouth agape at their mention of Malfoy being my husband and even before I could shout that he wasn't my spouse the Scorpio was already out of sight.

The nerve of them! I muttered with a stomp of foot before going after Malfoy who was already inside the reception area of the hotel.


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