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Chapter 2- An Abandoned Place.

Narrator's Pov:

From what it looked like to Hermione, Draco had apparated the both of them to an old abandoned room filled with dust and webs. She realized that he still had his one arm wrapped tightly around her though his other arm with which he was earlier penetrating his wand into her neck was now resting by his side. He seemed completely oblivious to the girl in his hold as his mirror like eyes were quite busy scanning every inch of the room.

Hermione bit hard at his arm and at the same time stomped her foot over his making Draco jump away from her in shock.

"Ouch! What the hell Granger!" He shouted massaging his hurt arm.

" Well, I should be the one asking what the hell Malfoy!" Hermione shouted matching Draco in volume; her chocolate brown eyes flashed utter anger.

Draco was about to say something but Hermione continued,

"What the hell do you think you are doing? Using your only defender to your pathetic rescue? Then I must say Malfoy you are the biggest fool, while I used to think you were smart. You should know well that no matter where you hide the ministry will find you and the stunt that you have pulled by kidnapping me, this time there won't be any reduction in your punishment. You are nothing but an evil, loathsome, foul…."

But before Hermione could continue with her banter which doesn't seem to be ending soon, she felt a hand clasped over her mouth. Malfoy's action not only silenced her but the brunette instead of struggling went quite still as she hadn't expected that he would suddenly come in such a close proximity with her. Inspite of whatever was going on she couldn't help but admire her captor. His perfect beach blonde hair, those gorgeous eyes like the molten pool of silver, and that flawless skin…..

"Listen Granger," Malfoy spoke, his voice bringing Hermione out of her reverie.

"I used you to escape from the court, and now that I am out I need you no more so you are free to go wherever you want. I am not going to stop you. So stop bothering me and get lost." He finished and then as soon as he removed his hand from Hermione's mouth,

"What?" she yelled.

"You are asking me to leave? Well, even I would be so glad to get rid of your annoying presence as soon as possible but pray tell how am I supposed to do that? I mean I don't have my wand and this ridiculous place where you have brought me, I don't know this place at all." The brunette said casting a worried glance outside through the half broken windows.

"Apparition is something Granger. And you are a witch." Malfoy said casually. But his eyes got widened up when the only response to his suggestion was Hermione's cheeks turning red.

"Don't you tell me Granger that you still don't know how to apparate?"

The brunette flushed even more at his question.

Malfoy couldn't help and broke out into a fit of laughter,

"Oh c'mon Granger; and everyone believed you were the brightest witch of your year." He voiced out between hysterics.

"Yeah very funny Malfoy. Now just shut up and tell me how I am going to go back?" Hermione asked, her eyes twitching.

"That's not my problem it's yours." Malfoy replied.

"My problem! My problem Malfoy!" Hermione yelled. She began moving towards him and poked her fingers into his torso as she continued, "Don't you dare say that because you are the one who have got me into this trouble and so you would be the one taking me out of this." By the time Hermione finished she had driven Malfoy to shrink into the wall while she herself stood high infront of him.

Of-course Malfoy didn't like it. How could he fall weak to a girl? So he quickly regained his composure and now it was Hermione's turn to back out as the slytherin began advancing towards her.

"Look Granger I think I have already made it clear to you that I only needed you to escape from the court and now you are useless. I no more care where you go and how. So it's better you leave before I hex you mudblood." This time Hermione was pressed into the wall with Malfoy towering over her, his last word bringing unshed tears to her eyes. She had thought that If Malfoy could have fought for the good side then he could have moved on from the mudblood- pureblood prejudice, but no. She was still a mudblood for him. And still this particular word which damned her very existence broke her heart the same way it did everytime Malfoy said it. She wasn't going to argue anymore. Without casting another glance at Malfoy she stepped aside from him and headed for the stairs, thus not noticing the guilt simmering in his eyes. He could hear her descending down the steps and finally the click of the door. And then it was all quite. She was gone.

The tapping of her shoes against the rough ground seemed to be the only sound breaking the dead silence of the chilling dark night yet she had a queer feeling that she was being followed, that there was someone else except her on those spooky gloomy looking streets along which she was trailing. Every now and then Hermione would turn around and cross check whether her doubts were correct but when all she found was herself as the only single living soul standing at the completely abandoned street, her heavy breaths blowing strands of her hairs over her face, she would dismiss her premonitions as a effect of the creepy surroundings on her brain and continue to walk again.

Since she had stepped out of the old house she was determined to find some help. But the more she explored the more she got disappointed as all she could find was pitch dark surrounding her. No shops, no houses, except a very few but they too looked haunted and so abandoned like they hadn't seen good days since eternity. Finally she came across a wide clear area, due to the dark it took her time to figure out that it was actually a park, she squinted her eyes and observed that the swings were broken and made a screeching unpleasant sound as the cold wind made them dangle to and fro. She went and sat on a corroded, very old looking bench. She began massaging her foot as she had been walking for long.

"What place is this? Does anyone live here? I thought I had get some help from the inhabitants but now what? Oh this is so ridiculous!" she let out in frustration.

"And that Malfoy, I hate him so much. It's his entire fault. I defended him and this is what I get at his hands. What does he think of himself? And I don't know what he is upto anyway? I can't believe he actually thinks that he could escape the ministry? Fool. But I am a bigger fool than him to leave that house; no matter how much it would have infuriated the both of us I should have thought logically and stayed with him so that when the ministry would have found him I would have got saved too. But no, I had to get angry and emotional and leave the house recklessly. Now I have come so far I don't even know the way back." Hermione almost sobbed out the last word.

Suddenly she sensed some motion among the bushes that lined the park. The brunette instantly stood up and became alert. She started backing out as the motion increased and then three tall figures came out from the bushes. Deatheaters. Hermione's heart almost stopped. Even in the dark she could recognize their ugly torn faces. They were Fenirir Black, Greyback and Scabbier. These were those deatheaters who were among the most wanted list of the ministry.

"Oh looki looki what we have here? Harry potter's mudblood." Greyback hissed in an interested voice.

"What are you doing here Miss Granger? We never expected you at a place like this. And where are your two boy- friends? Black jeered at her.

"And where's your wand?" Scabbier asked realizing she didn't have any.

Hermione gulped hard, she surely was going to die.

To Be Continued...

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