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Chapter 3: Her Savior.

Hermione gulped hard, she surely was going to die but she won't show her fear.

"Seems you had a really bad day. Now let us make it interesting for you, so tell us how you would like to die?" asked Scabbier.

When Hermione remained quite with no emotion whatsoever over her face, Greyback spoke,

"You don't seem in the mood of playing around. Well let us guess ourselves then, I think killing you straight with killing curse won't be fun so how about torturing you badly first?"

"Good idea Grey, she deserves a horrible death as she had played a big part along with that Potter in killing our lord." Fenirir said.

They raised their wands at the brunette, who still stood stone faced ready to face her wrath. Running was no option as it was very easy for the deatheaters to hex her if she made any move. She waited for the curses to hit her but it never came as the deatheaters got startled by the voice which Hermione recognized so well, the voice of Draco Malfoy.

He just emerged from nowhere and took the brunette's side,

"Fenirir, Greyback, Scabbier, I wonder what bad I have done to this world so as to deserve seeing your ugly faces again. Back off at once." Malfoy said in a calm but equally threatening voice.

"Young M-Malfoy?" Scabbier stammered out while the other two gawked.

"Yes, surprised?" Malfoy asked in a mocking tone.

"Traitor! You defied the dark lord. You changed sides. And now you are defending a pathetic mudblood!" Greyback yelled.

"You will pay for that." Fenirir yelled and the very next moment he threw an unforgivable curse at Malfoy but the latter blocked it so easily as if it was a child's play for him and then,

"Curico!" he yelled, his curse hitting Fenirir hard who began wailing in pain. The other two deatheaters looked horrified and started backing out without even giving it a try to fight the blonde.

"You will regret this Malfoy, you will regret this." they both repeated as they got vanished somewhere in the dark. Fenirir fled away as well, as soon as the curse ended over him.

Malfoy lowered his wand seeing the danger now gone. He turned to Hermione to say something but got speechless when he felt a mass of bushy brown curls pressed hard against his shoulder and two hands which were holding onto him tightly.

Malfoy hadn't been in such a situation before. He never knew how to deal with girls and that too when they were crying. Though somehow he managed to be polite as he patted her head lightly and assured her that it was all over and she was safe then. Hermione stifled few more sobs; she had been so frightened and so close to death, she needed to hold onto someone even if Malfoy to calm herself down.

To Be Continued...

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