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Chapter 4: Apologies.

She needed to hold onto someone even if Malfoy to calm herself down.

"I know I am very irresistible Granger but will you move now?" his words seemed to have brought Hermione completely to her senses as she jumped away from him as if hit by some spark.

She was blushing and then she slapped Malfoy hard across his face.

"What was that for Granger! Have you lost it? One moment you are clinging to me and the next moment you are slapping me? You should be thankful I saved you." Malfoy yelled.

"Well, you are the one because of whom I have to face all this at the first place!" Hermione shouted back.

Malfoy and Hermione kept staring at each other for a good five minutes, both fuming with anger. Though they both were relieved that they were back to normal. The brunette hugging Malfoy and he soothing her had seemed so bizarre and surreal, but now that they once again just as they were meant to be were at each other's throat all seemed turned back to natural and real.

Hermione expected the argument to increase further but then she was surprised when Malfoy lowered his gaze,

"Granger, I know you are mad at me for calling you that M- word earlier but it was a slip of the tongue. I was angry and it just came out. I wasn't even thinking about it. And the word really means nothing to me now, I no more believe in those ridiculous prejudices of blood. I know better than that. I am sorry." He finished.

Hermione just gawked at him, she had never dreamt of hearing the three words used for apologizing to someone from the mouth of, the Draco Malfoy.

Draco continued,

"When you were gone I thought that I shouldn't have being rude to you because all you tried was just to help me. But you know Granger, all that I had done through all the years that we spent at Hogwarts was being horrible to you so I just am so habitual to behaving rude to you that I couldn't bring myself to being all polite around you at the very first go. But now I accept whatever trouble you are in it's because of me and so I'll help you get out of it. I can apparate you to wherever you want and then I'll leave. And please stop gawking at me."

So Hermione did close her mouth and composed herself at his last comment. She was taken aback by Malfoy's civil behavior but how he was being sorry for all his earlier actions she felt glad at the same time that she hadn't been wrong about him after all. He did have good in him and was not a hollow hearted spawn of evil.

"It's alright Malfoy. But I still have my doubts. Why are you doing all this? I mean running from the ministry and all? As I have been telling you it's useless. They will catch you sooner or later." Hermione said.

"Granger, running away from the ministry or from my punishment isn't my motive after all." Malfoy said.

"Then why did you run away?" she asked.

"Because." Malfoy paused at this and looked at Hermione.

"You really want to know Granger?" he asked.

To Be Continued…..

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