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Life is never normal at Hogwarts
Albus S. P. & Fred W. II & OC & Scorpius M. - Words: 39,336 - Rated: T - English - Drama & Friendship - Chapters: 19 - Reviews: 7 - Updated: 31-03-2017 - Published: 27-08-2016 - by GinevraFangirl (FFN)

Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling.

Chapter 2 – Aboard the Hogwarts Express.

After barely 5 minutes, the door to my compartment opened, and two boys and a girl came in. One of the boys had messy black hair and brown eyes. The other boy and the girl had dark skin, red hair and blue eyes, and could have been twins.

The black-haired boy spoke first.

"Do you mind if we sit here? Everywhere else is too full."

"No, of course not. Please, take a seat." I smiled up at them, hoping that they weren't prejudiced idiots. All three smiled back, though boys clearly had more of a mischievious smirk, than a smile. I was slightly alarmed by that.

When they were done stashing their trunks, they sat down opposite me. I had put my book away because I didn't want to seem rude. After a few seconds of awkward silence, I introduced myself.

"I'm Su Holkar. What about you?"

The black-haired boy was the first to speak.

"James Potter. These are my cousins."

"I am Fred Weasley."

"Roxanne Weasley."

I smiled again.

"It's my first time at Hogwarts. What about you?"

They stared at me for a while. I thought I had done something wrong.

James spoke up.

"You're Muggle-born aren't you?"

I tensed inwardly, but simply raised an eyebrow.

"Yes I am, does it matter?" My tone colder than before.

Roxanne intervened.

"No, no. It doesn't. James is just being stupid. Okay, this will sound really arrogant, but most people have some sort of an involuntary reaction when they hear our name. So we figured that you didn't recognise it, so you are Muggle-born." She looked slightly ashamed. "Oh Merlin, that makes it sound that every one in the Magical World knows who we are."

"It's true." said Fred.

"Shut up, Fred. Don't be such a prat." She glared at him.

"I was just-"

Before this went on any further, I decided to step in.

"I do know who you are, but I assumed that you wouldn't want the attention. And I was reserving judgement. Your last name isn't a guarantee of your personality." I was more friendly after that.

"That's really thoughtful of you." Roxanne smiled at me, and I decided that I liked her.

"So, what House do you think that you will be sorted to?"

"Gryffindor, like the rest of our family." James replied in a cocky voice.

I was quite used to dealing with cocky boys from when I attended Muggle primary school, so it simply amused, rather than irritated me.

"You seem very certain. Good for you." I grinned at him.

"What about you? Let me guess. You already know a lot about our world, so you are like Aunt Hermione. Ravenclaw?"

"Actually, I am not really sure. I could fit in, in all Houses. I don't really care. I just want to experience Hogwarts." I wasn't really honest there. I could be a coward sometimes, and I knew all my friendlyness was just an act, so the only options were Slytherin or Ravenclaw. I was afraid that I wasn't smart enough to be a Ravenclaw, but I had a hunch that my new friends ( for want of a better word ) would not like Slytherin as an answer. And I didn't recall a single Muggle-born Slytherin in all books I'd read. But I did not care all that much.

Fred gaped. "You don't care? Not even if you are in Slytherin?"

"Not really."


"Freddie, I think that's the only answer you are going to get." Roxanne wisely shut him up.

James decided it was time to intervene.

"You probably know all about us, now tell us about you."

I rolled my eyes at his comments, but answered anyway. "My parents are Muggles, but my brother is a wizard. Proffessor Porter visited our house on my 11th birthday to explain everything. Quite a feat, since I live in India. I used Owl Order to get some books so that I wasn't ignorant when it was time for school, while going to Muggle school, and told my friends I was going to a Scottish Boarding School."

They were curious about my old school, and kept asking me loads of questions about it, as well as India and why I could speak English so well. My mother, Ana, was French and my father, Prasad, was an Indian. I had been accepted originally into Beauxbatons, and got my letter a month before my birthday, but since I did not know French that well, my parents decided to send me to Hogwarts. Since most Muggles started school at the age of 6, so did I, even though I had some incidents of accidental magic. Luckily, most of them happened at home, so we didn't break the International Statue of Secrecy. When my brother started having accidental magic as well, I recieved the letter and visit from Beauxbatons, which calmed my parents, and made them proud. My dad was slightly disappointed that I would not end up the first female General Secretary of the United Nations, but he got over it pretty quickly when he realised what I could become in the Wizarding World.

By the time the Trolley-Witch came by, I had learnt all about the Weasleys and their crazy antics. From what I heard, they were really loud and tended to have some memorable event every get-together. I couldn't believe the number of cousins that they had, or that they all had red hair (except James, his younger brother Albus, and the children of Bill and Fleur Weasley, who were blond).

Roxanne told me what sweets I should go for, but not having much of a sweet tooth, I just bought some Chocolate Frogs and Sugar Quills. They knew what they wanted, and opted for Every Flavour Beans and Liqorice wands. I was curious to see what cards I would get.

"Come on, open it up." said James. "I bet you 2 Galleons that's Dad."

"Deal. Just because you always get him doesn't mean everyone does, you know." said Fred, grinning.

James smirked back, "I think that being the Saviour of the World warrants a lot of cards dedicated to him."

"He is not the only-"

I soon lost track of their bickering when I wondered randomly whether their cheeks hurt constantly from all the smiling, grinning and smirking that they did. Or had the pain stopped by the age of 6? I wouldn't be surprised. Even if I just met them, I could tell James Potter and Fred Weasley were in a perpetual good mood. My thoughts were continuing off tangent as I slowly opened the box. I had to stop then because the frog seemed fast. Quickly, I grabbed it and bit its head off. It was delicious.

"I wouldn't be surprised if you end up a Ravenclaw, you know, judging by the fact that you probably know more about the Wizarding World than we do." Fred complimented me offhandedly.

"Nah, I don't think so." I waved it off, "But thanks."

"So what card is it?"

In my haste to prevent the frog from escaping, my card lay forgotten on the seat. I picked it up.

"Ronald B. Weasley. Cool! I always liked him."

"Damn! That was pretty close." James scowled as he handed over the money.

"Thanks for making me rich, Su!"

"Actually, I don't really approve of gambling-"

"Aww Man! Another Aunt Hermione!"

"Big sums." I finished with a grin. "An Indian King in Mythology was so addicted that he lost everything gambling with a relative who was cheating, including his 4 younger brothers and his wife. His uncle felt sorry for him and gave everything back. But when he was invited to another round, he hadn't learnt his lesson yet and was forced to spend 13 years in exile with his brothers and wife. So, I don't approve too much of it."

"I stand by my previous comment." Fred smirked mischieviously.

I simply shrugged.

"Uncle Ron always said that getting a Chocolate Frog card of his own was his greatest achievment." said James.

"Well he was always a bit of a nutter." said Roxanne.

"Have you noticed that he hides from Aunt Hermione when he's eating something he shouldn't?"

"He did that at our End-of-summer-party."

I was quite interested in hearing about their family, as I admired them, but didn't wan't to scare off my new friends by acting like a fangirl. And my stomach was starting to rumble.

"Let's try some Every Flavour Beans."

Just as James picked a brown coloured bean for me to try that I was quite suspicious of, the door to our compartment opened. A blond boy that did not look much elder than us entered the compartment, followed by a red-haired girl with freckles.

"There you are, we've been looking for you." The girl said as she plopped down on the seat next to me.

"We've just been chatting with Su, here, she's joining Hogwarts too." Roxanne, ever polite, was the one who answered.

"Oh! Hi, Su, I am Molly, and that's Louis. We're second years. Nervous about which House you'll be in?"

She seemed quite friendly, (a trait that I was beginning to associate with all Weasleys), and I decided to be honest.

"I am more excited than anything, actually."

"You won't go to Slytherin, no Muggle-born ever goes there." Fred tried to comfort me. I didn't really care, but played along since it was clearly a valid concern for them.

Louis, who had been silent during the entire conversation, spoke up.

"Cool! You're Muggle-born? So you have eckeltricity in your home?"

I was amused by that. From what I'd read, Wizards do not care much about Muggles, even if that is a subject at Hogwarts. I didn't blame them. Magic was so fascinating.

"Electricity. And yes, we do have it. I wouldn't be able to survive without it."

"Why not?"

"Because it powers our appliances. Like a television, or a computer, or a simple toaster."

"What's a computer?"

"Erm, it is a device that helps you to communicate with other people and also in your own work. It's a very complicated device."

I had to stop my urge to tell him about all things that a computer could do, because that would have invited more questions, that I might not be able to answer, and because the other occupiers were looking bored.

"Thanks. I will probably ask you loads of stuff at Hogwarts. Aunt Hermione has forgotten everything after living so long in the Wizarding World."


After calming down their cousins a bit, Molly and Louis left our compartment to change.

"Boys, you need to leave now." said Roxanne in a strict voice.

They seemed to sense her strict tone, because they did not whine as much as I expected.

"Why can't you leave?"

I helped her out. "If I may recall, I was here first."

They faux-glared at me, but left.

No sooner did they close the door, Roxanne whipped her wand out and cast a Colloportus. I was impressed.

"You already know how to use magic?"

"Not much. Just a few useful spells. Do you?"

"I have gone through the books, but I haven't used any spell yet."

We dressed in silence. Her casual comment scared me as I didn't want to be behind my classmates. I didn't want her to think I was a pansy, so tried to act all casual.

"Do all kids with magical parents know as much as magic as you?"

"No, its against the rules. But my Dad was always a prankster and taught us kids a bit. So them Mom taught me a bit to be able to protect myself from Jed."


"Oh, its the word we use to say James and Fred but are to lazy to say them out loud."

I chucked at that. "I take it they are quite the pranksters, then?"

"They definitely take after Dad, Uncle Fred and James Potter the first."

"Right. The first." I was having a bit of trouble remembering who was who, but then I realised she was talking about Harry Potter's father.

When we finished, Roxanne took the spell off the door, and the boys burst in. I raised an eyebrow at them.

„Don't worry, we weren't trying to get in." Fred told me with a cheeky smirk.

I didn't believe them, but let it go as I felt the train losing speed.

„We're here! At Hogwarts!" I said happily.

„Oh, I really want to be in Gryffindor!" Roxanne wailed. I tried to comfort her.

„You will be, I am sure of it."


Fred wondered aloud.

„How do you think we get sorted?"

„I don't know, Teddy won't tell me! Uncle George keeps saying that we'll have to wrestle trolls."

I assumed Teddy was another cousin of theirs that I had forgotten to memorise.

„Don't believe Dad, I am sure he's wrong." Roxanne was ever the voice of reason. „What do you think, Su?"

„I am certain that we do not have to wrestle trolls. The Sorting Ceremony is very simple."

„So you know what will happen?" asked James.

„I am fairly certain that my guess is correct."

„Why don't you tell us?"

„I don't think I will. If your large family keeps it from you, it must be for a good reason."

Fred scoffed. „They just want us to sweat."

I smirked at that. „Maybe, so do I."

They gaped at me. Fred was the first to recover.

„If it wouldn't be us you were keeping in the dark, I think I might like you. You could even join the Disaster Duo?"

I was happy that at least Fred liked me.

„We aren't that, we're the Awesome Two-" James' grumbling was cut off.

The train came to a shuddering halt.

A/N: I hope you didn't think the chapter was too long. Next stop, the Sorting!

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