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Life is never normal at Hogwarts
Albus S. P. & Fred W. II & OC & Scorpius M. - Words: 39,336 - Rated: T - English - Drama & Friendship - Chapters: 19 - Reviews: 7 - Updated: 31-03-2017 - Published: 27-08-2016 - by GinevraFangirl (FFN)

Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling.

Chapter 3 – The Sorting

„First years over here! Follow me please! First years!"

That was the first call I could register from the mass of students on the platform. When I looked from where the call was coming from, my mouth dropped open. A very large man, with bushy black hair, mustache and beard was waving his huge hands. I was a little frightened, but then I remembered that the person must be Professor Hagrid, the gamekeeper, and Care of Magical Creatures Professor. It seemed that the Weasleys already knew him, as I saw several elder redheads greet him, and the youngest ones stand in front of him.

I made my way through the crowd over to the Professor, and heard Roxanne speaking to him.

„Hello Hagrid! How have you been? How's Grawp?"

„'M alrigh' Roxy, same ol' me. Grawpy's grea' his English's improved 'summat. He can 'old conversation with McGonagall now!"

„Now that's something I'd love to see." James grinned at him mischieviously.

I was a bit confused as to who Grawp was and decided to ask Roxanne about it later.

„Come on now, we'll have 'ime to cha' later."

By then, all of the first years had gathered around Professor Hagrid, and seemed a bit frightened by his large presence. It seemed that he was used to it, however, and led to way to a shore. The lake was very dark in colour, and I was happy that the day had been cloud-free. There were ten wooden boats anchored, and we all watched as Hagrid got into the first one. He instructed us to get into the other ones, four to a boat.

The Weasleys took a boat with another boy whom it seemed they knew. I cursed inwardly for being a bit clingy, and got into another boat that only held three students. The boats started moving of their own accord, and to distract my increasing nervousness, I looked at my fellow passengers. One of them was a girl, who had darker skin than mine, and long black hair, with a slightly haughty look on her face. The other two were boys, a blond, and a brunette, who were talking amongst themselves.

„What's your name?" I asked the girl. She seemed surprised that I attempted to make conversation.

„Lucy Zabini."

The boys overheard us and smirked at her.

„Zabini? You mean we got into a boat with evil Death Eater spawn?" the blonde spoke up first.

I was shocked that he judged Lucy just my her parents name. Many families had been hurt by Death Eaters, and I understood that there was a lot of hate, but I found it a bit sad that it was passed on to the children.

„That's mean! She can't help who her parents are! You don't even know her."

Lucy looked at me, and I thought her eyes looked grateful, but her next words were not.

„I can defend myself. I don't need anybody to come to my aid."

„See? Evil." The blond smirked at me.

„Whatever." I shrugged it off, though I was a bit hurt, because I understood where she was coming from. Luckily, the blond seemed the only malicious one, as the brunette looked at Lucy a bit apprehensively before glancing apologetically at me. I decided to keep quiet for the rest of the journey.

Just then, the castle came into view. It was large and old and lit up in golden light. I saw several huge towers and couldn't believe I would be staying there for a large part of the following years.

„Beautiful." I whispered.

I was so caught up in admiring my new school, that I barely noticed us docking. Hagrid got out first and instucted us to do the same. He led us to a large hall where a very short bearded man was waiting for us.

„Thank you Hagrid, I shall take it from here." he said with a squeaky voice. Then, he addressed us.

„Good evening and Welcome to Hogwarts! I am Professor Flitwick and I shall be leading you through these doors where you will be sorted into a House. The four Houses are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. You will spend your time here in your House. Your merits will earn you points, and your mistakes can lose you points. At the end of the year, the House with most points will be awarded the House Cup. Now, wait here till I return."

With those words, Professor Flitwick left the hall. I looked at my fellow classmates. All of them seemed nervous. I did not fully understand the anxiety that comes with being sorted, but I could see the faces of the boys and girls around me and realised it was not a trivial fear. After 15 minutes, the Professor returned.

„Follow me."

Arranged in a loose line, we followed the Professor in to a large hall with a very high ceiling. I had read about the ceiling being enchanted, and was excited to see it in real life. There were four very long tables which I assumed were the House tables and one on a platform where all the teachers sat. Under the platform was an old Hat sitting on a stool, which confirmed my suspicions of what the ceremony was going to be.

„This is the Hogwarts Sorting Hat." As soon as that was announced, the Hat broke into a song about the four Houses and their merits. The Hat also told us that we just had to put it on and we would be sorted.

„I will call out your name in alphabetical order, and you will come up and put on the Hat." said Flitwick in his squeaky voice."

„Bates, John" A blond boy walked up to the stool and placed it on its head. After a second, the Hat cried out, „HUFFLEPUFF!"

The table to the middle left cheered and clapped as the boy took a seat next at the table.

The time flew in similar fashion, and the line of students dwindled.

„Hobbes, Daniel"


„Holkar, Sunita!"

I felt a whoop in my stomach at those words. Trying to show some confidence, I held my head high and walked up to the stool, ignoring the hundreds of eyes probably riveted on me. The Hat felt soft in my hands as I put it on.

„Hmm... you're difficult. Can be daring at times, quite smart, easily friendly too, hmm... but quite cunning...'ll make history, my dear... you better be in... SLYTHERIN!"

The hat shouted out the last part. I froze for a second, as even though I meant it when I said I didn't care which House, I never expected to be put in Slytherin. Then I remembered where I was, and heard the Slytherin House cheering. I quickly set down the Hat and walked to the table. The only thing I registered was the shocked faces of Fred, Roxanne and James.

As I sat down on the bench, I realised that the Slytherins probably won't cheer anymore when they find out I am a Muggle-born, though I sincerely hoped for a different reaction.

A/N: Soo! Su has been sorted into Slytherin! What will her Housemates say when they find out? Read on.

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