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Thomas Hadrian Hagrid
Albus D. & Rubeus H. & Tom R. Jr. & P. Sprout - Words: 14,351 - Rated: T - English - Family - Chapters: 15 - Reviews: 20 - Updated: 26-03-2017 - Published: 18-09-2016 - by kaho-saku (FFN)

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Chapter 3:

It'd been almost a month now, since he had given sanctuary to Merope, and Rubeus could not find it in himself to regret it. Merope was a wary and skittish creature, frightful that the safe haven she had found would be snatched away. That Rubeus' kindness came with a time limit.

Rubeus tried to disabuse her of these thoughts, but wasn't very surprised when she could not believe him. He was used to abused creatures being wary of kindness, trying to find the catch, unable to trust warmth when all they had known was pain. He wasn't irritated by the lack of trust, nor by the suspicious way she viewed him. He was patient, it was one of the first things he had learnt when it came to caring for magical creatures. Humans, abused humans, were not that different, in his opinion. And so, he would be patient and wait for Merope to trust or not trust him.

Truthfully, her trust did not matter all that much to him. As long as she allowed him to care for her and to provide her with shelter and food, he was fine. She needed the energy for her unborn child, anyway, and he would protect them for as long as he was needed.

He did not ask her any questions. He knew her name and that she had no where to be. At least that was what he knew from her. He knew a lot more about Merope from the things Harry had shared. The Gaunt family, the madness brought about by intermarriage, the pride and craze of being related to Slytherin. The Riddle family, upper class people who were not very well-liked by the common people, but respected for their wealth regardless. He knew about Merope Gaunt, the loveless and abused almost-squib daughter, and about Tom Riddle, the well-loved and handsome muggle son.

He knew the suspicions of Dumbledore as to how these two came together. Love potions and elopement. He knew that Merope had been abandoned in London by Tom Riddle, to fend for herself, when he came to know of her magical deception. Though he did not know whether Tom Riddle knew of the babe Merope carried, Rubeus did not wish, nor want, to ask.

Merope was here, he would help her. In the memory of a dark-haired boy, who felt pity for another dark-haired boy, despite that agony the latter had caused the former.

Yes, he would help Merope for Harry. And for Tom, who had not been given a chance when he needed it. Even if it did break many laws of time-travel and interference.

Rubeus Hagrid never did care for the so-called rules and regulations anyway. The people who made the rules didn't know what they were talking about when it came to Magical creatures, so who was to say that they did when it came to time?

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