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The Marauders Era: School Years
James P. & Peter P. & Remus L. & Sirius B. - Words: 193,522 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Friendship - Chapters: 93 - Reviews: 130 - Updated: 21-03-2018 - Published: 04-10-2016 - by Taylor1103 (FFN)

The next morning all the students gather in the Great Hall for breakfast and mail. Sirius sits nervously, waiting for a Howler from his mother. James opens up a letter from home and reads it eagerly and grins to himself. Remus is reading a letter as well, but has the corners folded inwards toward his face so no one can see what it says. Peter has a small letter, reads it quickly, and shoves it deep in his pocket. Sirius watches as one of the Black Family's owl sits at the Slytherin table. Bellatrix, Andromeda, and Narcissa read their letters. He waits for the owl to hop over to him, but it never happens. Finally Bellatrix looks over his way, waves her letter, grins nastily at him, then laughs with her friends.

He's got it now, he's been shunned. His mother won't even bother with a howler. She will act like he doesn't exist. In a way a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders, because until Christmas time he can ignore home and ignore the agony awaiting him there.

The schedules are handed out, and Severus and Lily meet in a hallway to look over their schedules together.

"Oh good!" Lily says. "Today we have 2nd period Charms and 4th period Herbology together. Then tomorrow morning Potions. Didn't you say you were good at Potions?"

"I said I think I'd be," Severus says, holding Lily's schedule, making sure they didn't miss anything.

"Well I'm glad we have it together. You'll be able to help me." She smiles that sweet smile at him.

"Definitely," Severus says, "and you, always with the flowers back home, you're a natural at Charms, you'll help me."

There's the sound of students coming out of the Great Hall, and several make their way down the hall Lily and Severus stand in. They say their goodbyes and head toward their first classes. For Lily that's Transfigurations, for Severus, Defense Against the Dark Arts.

James, Sirius, and Remus make their way to Transfigurations. Peter follows behind them, not wanting to lose his mates in the mad hassle of students going to class. The Transfigurations classroom is rather large, with rows of tables made for two lined up. At the front of the classroom, a large desk and a chalkboard. Behind them is a large pile of clutter. It's many different things. Cages, golden scales, stacks of old leather bound books, and other magical instruments none of the boys could name.

James and Sirius take a seat in the back row, Remus and Peter sit in front of them. The classroom fills quickly, Gryffindors and Ravenclaws have the class together. Lily is one of the last into the classroom, and spots an empty seat in the back row. She sits beside a Gryffindor girl in her year, Isadora Ryder. Across from her sits James and Sirius. She smiles to James, who smiles back, but they don't have time to say hello, as Professor McGonagall walks down the row of tables and makes her way to the front of the classroom.

The class goes quickly, and the first years all file out to go to Charms.

"Great, Charms with Slytherin," James says when he walks in the classroom and spots a group of Slytherin students sitting together. Lily stands beside him.

"There's nothing wrong with that," She says to him. She doesn't look at him when she speaks, she scans the group of Slytherins and spots Severus, who waves sheepishly at her.

"Friend of yours?" James asks, recognizing the boy with his greasy hair and old robes.

"Best friend." Lily smiles before she steps away from James and heads toward Severus. Severus stands and they meet in the middle and take a seat together.

"Come on," James huffs. He leads the other three boys across the classroom, so he'd have a good view of Lily and Severus.

"What is it mate?" Sirius asks. "Just let it go."

"Can't," James says as he takes a seat.

"Why?" Remus ask as he sits beside him.

James pauses a minute, he doesn't know why, he just has a bad feeling about Lily;,a girl he doesn't even know, being friends with that Slytherin boy he doesn't even know. He doesn't have to answer the question though, because a short wizard, Professor Flitwick, asks the class to quiet down so they can begin their first Charms lesson.

Exiting the class James can't help but watch as Lily and Severus say their goodbyes and part ways.

"Come off it mate, you don't even know her," Remus says, leading the group to their next class. Defense Against the Dark Arts. They climb several staircases and the whole way James glances behind them, looking for Lily.

The desk in here are the same as Transfigurations, so they take their seats just like they did in there. Deciding this was the easiest way for them to sit, as James and Sirius liked to whisper during class, and Remus was the only of the boys who actually seemed he could tolerate Peter's awkwardness.

Lily, however, decides to sit up front, far away from James. But James decides the joke is on her, because he can still see her, even though it is just the back of her head.

As they leave the classroom Lily pushes swiftly past James and Sirius. Sirius smirks.

"What?" James asks him.

"I think you made her mad."

"So? I don't even know her. I don't care if she's mad at me."

The boys make their way to their 4th class of the day. It's down in the greenhouses, and it's a beautiful day to be outside. James doesn't even comment on the fact that they have the class with Slytherin. He ignores Severus and Lily and listens to Professor Sprout talk about all the different plants they'll be tending too this year.

When Herbology is over it's lunch time, and the four boys find an empty spot at the Gryffindor table and Sirius piles mountains of mashed potatoes onto his plate. Remus scrunches his face up at the mess Sirius has made, but ignores it and places two peanut butter sandwiches onto his plate.

"Say, Remus, do you eat meat?" Peter asks.

"Sorry?" Remus asks.

"I just noticed that at every meal you haven't eaten any meat. At breakfast you skipped the sausages and had eggs and toast. And last night at the feast you didn't have any turkey or ham. Just beans and that noodle stuff."

Remus blushes a little. "Oh, yeah, my whole family is vegetarian," Remus says.

"You're missing out man!" Sirius says, taking a large bite of chicken. Remus offers a small smile, and is grateful that James switches the subject.

"Transfigurations sounds fun, and honestly, Charms isn't half bad either," James says.

"I like Defense Against the Dark Arts. I bet my family hates that class. It's opposite of everything they know," Sirius says.

"It's fascinating!" James says. "Just think, we could be battling trolls and giants!"

This launches a large, over animated, conversation about battling giants. James and Sirius throw their arms wildly in the air, and Remus and Peter even join in, laughing along.

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