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Remus' Little Wolf
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Chapter 2 – A new home.

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Harry woke when he felt a violent paw grab him and launched him into the air and onto its hairy back. His shoulder throbbed as they thundered out the arena and into a nearby wood. Harry knew this was the end, he was being taken away to somewhere where the beast could gobble him up. Harry didn't fight, he was too weak to care at least the Dursleys couldn't hurt him anymore and he could be with Mum, Dad, a shabby haired man who he used to call Padfoot and another man who was always warm called Moony, Harry always recalled these characters when he was lonely in his cupboard.

The beast carried him for what seemed like hours down side-streets and though parks until they came to a rather shabby looking cottage in some woodland. The dog pushed open the door and they ventured inside, through the first room and into the next.

The inside of the cottage was wrecked, an old mattress lay in the corner, some of the cupboard doors had been torn off, blood stained the walls where his last victims had ended. The tightness in Harrys chest increased as the dog put him down on the mattress. Harry had a good look at the beast, he now realised that it looked more like a wolf than a dog and had scars down is back, chest and arms. The wolf looked at him with his grey green eyes staring before turning around and running out the door.

Harry didn't dare sleep, he would only wake up to this nightmare or even worse, wouldn't wake up at all. However, Harry was tired, he was awake far past the usual time the Dursleys sent him to his cupboard. Perhaps this was a dream, perhaps he was actually safe in his cupboard but it felt too real to be fake. Harrys eyes felt heavy, falling into the inevitable darkness of sleep once again.

Remus Lupin woke slowly after a rough full moon in some woodland, the sun shone through the trees making his eyes burn. He successfully stood up onto his feet and observed the scars on his torso. He remembered that he had battled Fenrir Greyback last night and was left exhausted and injured. Remus couldn't remember why he had gone after him in the first place.

Confused still, Remus decided to go back to his cottage to get changed before going back to Sirius'. He had been on his way home to Sirius the night before but was distracted by the triumphant howls coming from Greyback. Remus had been working with a healer so he could have some control when he transformed, it had worked in the sense that he could get himself to some shelter and it reduced his blood lust. Slowly he limped to the cottage and put some clean trousers on, he was just about to put a shirt on when he heard a groan from the next room. It didn't sound like an animal it sounded like a child.

Remus slowly crept into the next room to find a young boy who couldn't be older than five with untidy black hair, white as a sheet, curled up in a ball he was shivering. The boy's shirt was ripped and had a bite marks on his shoulder as well as claw marks across his chest. Remus suddenly realised what had happened the previous night, he had gone after Greyback who was on a mission to kill, Remus had fought him and must have picked up the boy after he had realised he had been bitten.

The boy turned over and looked up at him, his emerald green eyes shone at him looking pained he glanced up to the boy's forehead where a lightning bold scar lay before returning to his eyes. Remus' stomach dropped, it couldn't be him, surely it couldn't be Harry, not James' son., but he had Lilys eyes.

Harry was staring into the same grey green eyes he had one last night but this time they the ones of a man who he had seen in his dreams of his parents and their friends. Harry searched for the name in his brain but he found it difficult to think, he had a throbbing headache and felt like the time he had the flu but much worse. He didn't realise the man was staring at him. Harry was looking him up and down, he decided to give it a guess

"Moony?" asked a croaky voice. The man looked shocked, it didn't register straight away in his head but the man replied in a stuttered voice

"H-Harry Pot-ter?" clearing his voice "You remember me? Moony, Remus?" Harry nodded his head, he couldn't speak again, he was shivering too much. "What happened to you? Can you remember what happened?" Remus continued though he knew what had happened and blamed himself for not getting to his aid sooner in the attack.

"Um I was at the firework display last night and a big hairy dog attacked me, he bit me and then another dog fought him off before he could bite my head off and brought me here" Harry explained. A thousand thoughts skipped through Remus' mind, he wasn't sure what to do, he couldn't let him go back to the Dursleys as next month he would transform, become a werewolf and probably attack all his relatives. He needed to get him to Dumbledore, e would know what to do. The only was he could do that would be to go to Sirius' but would Sirius blame him for what happened last night, he had no choice, he had to go now otherwise Harry could die from infection in the cut.

"Alright cub, it will all be ok, you need to come with me, I can help you" Harry didn't know whether to trust him or not but it was his only choice, his eyes were heavy and he knew he needed help. Remus had held out a hand to help him up onto his feet. Harry grasped it, it was warm just like the Moony from when he was a baby, maybe he really was Moony.

"However, before we go, I need you to know some things first" Harry nodded "Alright, do you believe in magic?"

"No, I'm 7 now. Uncle Vernon says magic is for freaks and that it is only child play"

"Harry, I can tell you that magic does exist and you are a wizard like I am"

"You're a wizard and I'm a wizard too, how?"

"That is a story once we have you in a safe place" Harry didn't argue, he knew better than to talk back, he had been beaten and thrown in his cupboard for two days last time he had done it. Remus was surprised Harry hadn't questioned his explanation. "we are going to apparate there, you may feel uncomfortable for a minute or two.

"Ok" harry replied. Remus picked Harry up and hoisted him onto his back. He was surprised how light the boy was but decided that question would have to wait until later.

"Ready?" Harry nodded "3, 2, 1" Harry felt the air press into him, squeezing him like it was forcing him down a drain, the cottage was leaving his sight and a blurry image of another house appeared in the distance. Harry felt like he was then flung out of the drain and next to this house, he felt very nauseous, he thought he was going to be sick.

"We are here cub; we are home"

Harry was in awe, the house was three times the size of the Dursleys, it looked old and was covered by ivy but for Harry it looked like a castle. Remus carried Harry up to the door and knocked. Harry suddenly became shy and started to hide behind Remus' head. The door opened and young man opened the door, he had long hair and a kind face. He was wearing robes of dark grey. He greeted Remus

"Remus, where were you last night, you were supposed to come back here before the full mo…" he stopped suddenly as he saw Harry on Remus' back, he now had his head on Remus' shoulder

"There's no time for explanation now, we need to get Harry to Dumbledore, quickly!" as he walked into the house and making his way to the fireplace

"What happened and is that…"

"Yes Padfoot, this is Harry Potter but right now we need to get to Dumbledore, Fenrir had a little rage last night" exclaimed Remus hurriedly. "Try not to go to sleep Harry" he added

"But it hurts Moony! It won't hurt if I'm asleep!" cried Harry, tears were rolling down his cheeks and onto the bite which stung with every drop.

"I know, I'm sorry Harry but we need to go somewhere else to help you" as he grabbed some floo powder by the fireplace and threw it in the fireplace which turned an emerald green in Harrys amazement

"should I come too?" said Padfoot

"yes you better had, you are his godfather after all" Remus said stepping into the fireplace. The green flames felt warm around Harry and tickled him. It took Harry by surprise when Moony shouted "Dumbledore's Office!"

Everything started to spin, he felt Moony's grip tighten. They span around faster and faster before they started to slow down and stopped in a different fireplace. Remus stepped out, Harry still clutching onto his back looking deathly pale. Both were covered in soot. Remus muttered a cleaning charm before stepping out of the fireplace. They were followed by Sirius.

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