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Remus' Little Wolf
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Chapter 3 – The man with the halfmoon specials

A pair of twinkling blue eyes fell on the young boy, somehow helping feel at ease but also scared as if he could sense his power off the man. He had a long silver beard that trailed down to his waist. He was wearing the same odd robes Padfoot was wearing but in a light blue and grey. His halfmoon spectacles were hanging halfway down his nose. Harry noticed the kind man's face shift into concern before he looked at the older werewolf and the Animagus and gestured to them to sit down.

Remus shifted Harry from his back to his lap. Harry refused to show his face again becoming shy and in pain. Remus kept a tight grip on the young boy letting him clutch to his neck like his life depended on it.

"Call poppy" was the first thing that was said immediately as Sirius stepped out of the fireplace. The old man drew his wand and sent a message to the mediwitch to come to his office immediately.

"What happened last night?" the old man asked

"You see Albus, while out last night protecting my territory as a werewolf I sensed Greyback enter my surroundings, I could smell the sent of determination as if he was on a mission so I followed him silently from behind. There was a muggle firework display. Greyback attacked and got his prey, Harry. I didn't know he was there in the crowd. Greyback cornered him and hunted him down. I got there as quick as I could but…" Remus could hardly continue "He bit him, our Harry!"

"Alright Remus, you did all you could" at that moment Madame Pomfrey flooed to the office. "Poppy, young Harry has been bitten by Greyback"

The matron stood there in shock for a couple of seconds before speaking "To the hospital wing all of us" so they swiftly flooed to the hospital wing. By this time Harry was about to doze off, Remus laid the boy onto the nearest bed. "Harry only a few more moments and you can sleep" she continued.

The matron made herself busy gathering about 10 vials of different potions to give to the sick child. She then gently poured each one down the boy's throat before letting him sleep.

"What were the potions you gave him Poppy?" asked Remus as the matron started to dress the boys injured shoulder finishing off by gently placing his arm in a sling.

"Well the first few were to help control his injuries, pain relief, fever reducer some sleeping draft to help him sleep sine his injury is rather uncomfortable. Then we have the three which will help him with his transformation. Severus and I have been working on the wolfsbane potion for new adolescent werewolves to make their transformation more like an Animagus transformation rather than a werewolf one which Remus, as you know is very painful. As we have been using the new modified potion which has helped keep your mind while you transform and reduce the pain. We have been working on one which can help young wolves transform at will, keeping their mind with little pain and as long as we give it to them within the first 48 hours of being bitten it should hopefully will limit the transformation to wanting to hunt and it being compulsory to transform on the full moon with little pain. It is just learning how to control it" Explained the mediwitch.

Remus was speechless, he was happy in a way because Harrys transformation could be controlled, and he could have a somewhat normal childhood. "But how have you managed it? It's a miracle!"

"Not when we have a willing werewolf to help with research, a skilled potion master and an excellent matron to help figure it all out" said Dumbledore "Unfortunately, until now werewolves were looked upon as dirty, even now there is only a few f us who believe they are just diseased" he sighed.

Remus was struggling to hold it all together, Sirius placed his arm around his remaining best friend and said "Harry will be okay"

"Yes he will, with the right care, which makes me conclude that he will not be able to live with his relatives anymore" replied the matron.

"We'd be more than happy to take Harry in, wouldn't we Remus, I don't understand why we weren't able to in the first place" Remus nodded, and the pair looked up at the old man.

Dumbledore sighed "Well it would be safer for Harry to stay with his relatives, however due to his condition now It would be best for you to take him in, he needs to be with his pack and to learn how to control his new ability. He still needs to be away from the wizarding world."

"Well we will sort that out now" replied Sirius looking at Remus "We have plenty of funds to find a cottage out in the middle of the countryside. Will he still have to go to a muggle primary school"

"That would be best since he cannot just fall off the face of the earth, as much as we can do with magic, it is very hard to find all the documents that should be registered for him in the muggle world without causing suspicion" explained the headmaster

"But what about his new status, he is going to find it hard to control"

"Harry is a very strong young wizard, we saw that in him as a toddler, it won't take him long t control it"

"Albus!" the matron screeched "You cannot let the boy with injuries like this to just get up and go back to school! At least give him a few weeks to recover. There are big changes in store for him, he is not a chess piece you can just tell what to do! He will be in here recovering for at least the next 24 hours"

"Why yes, that does make more sense. Remus, Sirius while Harry recovers we need to prepare for him to come and live with you. I will go to the Dursleys immediately to tell them what is happening. That will give the pair of you time to think about what you are going to do"

"Perfect, are we ready to go Remus" Remus sighed not wanting to move from Harrys side, the boy resting peacefully, all young and innocent.

"He won't be waking for a while, I will send you a message of anything changes" replied Pomfrey sympathetically.

"Alright, Sirius lets go"

Everyone separated Pomfrey back to her office. Dumbledore apparated to the Dursleys and the two marauders flooed from the fireplace back to number 12 Grimmauld place.

Note: Hey guys, so sorry it's been a while I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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