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The Mudblood And The Prince
Draco M. & Harry P. & Hermione G. & Voldemort - Words: 16,650 - Rated: T - English - None - Chapters: 8 - Reviews: 11 - Updated: 05-07-2017 - Published: 26-11-2016 - by NikitaKulkarni (FFN)

A/N: The next few chapters span over Harry growing up, his Hogwarts years and the war upto Hermione's capture.


October 31, 1981

'Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!'

'Stand aside, you silly girl… stand aside, now…'

'Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead –'

-Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban, J.

'Avada Kedavra'

The mudblood dead, he turned his wand on the only living being in the room apart from him. A baby in the crib. The child destined to kill him. The child was calm, almost expectant as if it was his father playing tricks to amuse him. As he neared the crib, the child raised his hands asking to be picked up. His magical aura glowing, he would grow up to become a powerful wizard indeed.

The Dark Lord did not know what came over him in that minute and he picked up the baby.

"The light has no chance of surviving now."

And Harry Potter was dead.

But what was born was deadlier than any force experienced by mankind.


April 14, 1985

Lucius strode through the halls of his Lord's manor. He was confused, he had been summoned very suddenly. He had been having a nice quiet dinner with his wife when the summons came.

He knocked on the Lord's study and waited.

The doors opened to give him entrance. The Dark Lord sat behind his desk.

"Ah. Lucius, come in. Come in. I've a job for you"

Narcissa had just put Draco to sleep when the wards let her know that Lucius was home. She had been worried about the sudden summon Lucius received. When she met him in the front foyer, he was looking very pale.

"What's the matter, Lucius?"

"The Dark Lord… he asked me to take Draco to him tomorrow."

"Why? Certainly he told you why!"

"No, he hasn't. I'll take Draco to the Manor tomorrow."

Narcissa wanted to protest but there was nothing she could do. Once the Dark Lord willed it, it would happen.

The next day

"Come Draco, we mustn't be late."

"Yes, Father."

He walked as fast as he could. He was palpably excited to meet the Dark Lord father always spoke about.

Slytherin Manor

"Lucius, Little Draco, come in."

Draco felt indignant at being called little but all thoughts fled his mind when he saw the study. And he thought his Father's study was impressive. It was nothing compared to the room he was in. This room easily double his Father's study. He looked around with visible awe.

"Draco." His Father hissed

Draco jumped and came back to reality just in time to see a boy A boy, around his age, with jet black hair and striking emerald eyes walking towards him.

"Harry, it's rude to keep our guests waiting. Come out." The Dark Lord called Harry. "He's still shy. He is not used to anyone around him but me." He told the other two in the room.

Harry came out. He was excited to meet this boy Father told him about. But after 3 years of only Father and Nagini for company, he had no idea how to act around other people.

He saw the boy and walked towards his with his hand outstretched.

"Hi, I'm Harry. Harry Riddle."

Lucius was shocked to hear The Dark Lord call someone named 'Harry'.

He was even more shocked to see a small boy of Draco's age walking out.

But the biggest shock was his name.

This boy was the Dark Lord's son.


May 5, 1986, Slytherin Manor Garden Harry- aged 5

Come on.

He can do it. Come on.

Just concentrate. And it will happen. Just like Father did it so many times.

He tries to lift the rock from the ground. Like his father lifts so many other objects. He wants to learn do it too but Father says he is too young. That they will start when he is ready. He IS ready. And so, he is going to prove it to his Father. And he does.

Harry was so engrossed in concentrating at lifting the rock that he missed the 2 sets of eyes watching him.

"I do believe he is ready, Nagini."

"Yes, he is, master."


Harry, startled by the voice, loses the control on the rock which tumbles down.

"Fa… Father. Good Morning. I did not hear you coming."

"Good Morning, Harry. What were you doing?" The Dark Lord asked. "I believe I told you we weren't to begin until after you were 6?"

"I know, Father. I just believe I am ready. Can I prove it?"

"Please do", he allowed.

Clearly excited to finally show his father, Harry concentrated on lifting a nearby rock, and did it successfully.

"I did it, Father!"

"Indeed. I believe you are ready."


"Yes. We will start tomorrow at 6 a.m. in the duelling room in the west wing. Do not be late."

"I won't."

He couldn't believe it. He did it. He proved he was ready. Now he could finally start learning magic! He had been taking etiquette lessons with Narcissa, who was his best friend Draco's mother, since last year but now he could learn magic!


Lucius, Narcissa and Draco Malfoy, Bellatrix, Rudolphus and Rabastan Lestrange, Barty Crouch Jr. and Severus Snape were the only people who knew about The Dark Lord's heir.

Harry was to start learning magic with the combined effort of all these people. The Dark Lord's heir was to have everything the best after all.

The Dark Lord would be instructing Harry in Parsel-magic and the most advanced Dark Arts. He would also be training occlumency and legilimency.


Harry receives a wand.

Harry was practically vibrating with excitement. It's his 7th birthday. The day Father was going to gift him a wand.

They were going to make a customized wand for him as the British Ministry of Magic did not allow kids under age of 11 to possess a wand.

Harry scowled.

How pathetic.

The wand maker from France had already visited them a few months ago to determine Harry's core and wood. Today he would deliver the wand.

Harry couldn't wait!

At the age of 7, Harry could cast most spells without a wand. His father had made sure he could cast wandlessly as well as non-verbally. Some of the more advanced spells were kept for later when he had a wand. Those were the most fun spells! And now that he was getting a wand, he could perform them!

The wand maker arrived. He walked in and bowed to the Dark Lord.

"My Lord, the wand is ready. The Little Prince was a tricky customer but I enjoyed the challenge. This is my best creation."

He presented a beautifully crafted box to Harry, who took it.

When he opened it, he gasped. The wand was beautiful. Jet black in colour and made of Ebony wood.

"My Lord, as the Prince was unsuited to only one core, there are two different cores in the wand. Phoenix feather and basilisk venom."

Harry picked up the wand and felt a warmth rush through him. It was as if a missing piece of his body was joined back.

"Thank you, Gustav. You have done well."

Gustav bowed and left.

Harry turned to his father.

"Isn't this wand beautiful?"

"Yes, it certainly does have an appeal, doesn't it?

"Now that I have my wand can we start those dark spells you asked me read about?"

His father chuckled, a sinister sound.

"Impatient, are we? But to answer your question, yes, we will start. Next week. Now let's celebrate your birthday."


October 18, 1988. Harry aged-8

"Clear your mind", Father instructed. "Emotions are useless. Do not dwell on them. They make you weak, they keep you from achieving what you want completely. Clear your mind from all emotions."

Harry tried. He really did but he was so tired after the gruelling duelling session with Rabastan that he could hardly keep his eyes open, let alone concentrate in what his Father was saying.

"Harry", The Dark Lord called silkily.

Harry's eyes shot open at that tone. He knew that tone. It was reserved for someone in trouble.

"I'm sorry, Father."

"Very well. I can see you are tired right now. So I will let it go. But that is no excuse for slacking off. I am disappointed. Now pay attention."

"Yes Father"

Of all things, Harry hated disappointing his Father the most. He would do everything in his power to make his Father happy. Always.


July 31, 1991 Harry aged- 11 Harry's birthday

He blinked.

And woke up.

A small smile graced his face before disappearing in a mask of cool indifference.

Today is his birthday. He turns 11 today.

He is more excited for this birthday than any other one because his Hogwarts letter comes today.

He heard his bedroom door open and sat up just in time as the next minute a small boy with blond hair jumped into the bed chanting,

"It's your birthday! It's your birthday!"

Harry found it amusing, not that he would admit it. His friend was more excited than he was. Outwardly he sighed,

"Must you behave like a kid Draco?"

"But we are kids." He huffed.

"Yes, but you are also the Malfoy heir. What will Lucius say when he sees you like this?"

That thought sobered Draco quickly and he slipped behind the Pureblood persona.

"You are right, of course, Prince. I came in to say 'Happy Birthday'." He nodded seriously.

"Prat!" Harry laughed. Draco was the only person in front of whom Harry showed any kind of emotion.

After dressing in his finest robes, Harry went down to meet his Father, who, as expected, was waiting in the sitting room.

"Happy Birthday, Harry." His Father greeted.

"Thank you, Father."

"Come, I have a present for you"

"Did my letter come!?"

Harry was sure if had spoken with so much emotion some other day, his father would have reprimanded him. But since it was his birthday, Father let it slide.

"No, it hasn't. But you should know better than to expect it. You do remember what I've told you, don't you?" His Father admonished.

"Yes, Father." And he did.

He was raised in an orphanage with no idea that magic existed. His father suggested this since Dumbledore knew Lord Voldemort to be Tom Riddle, he would suspect Harry. If, no when Harry was sorted into Slytherin, he would establish his own power within the house. As the Dark Lord's heir, he would be given wide margin, but Harry wanted to rule the Slytherin house on his own credit. It will prove, later, that he was worth the title of the Dark Heir.

So, he would be paid a visit today by a faculty.

He needed to go to the orphanage to await them.

Old Will's Orphanage, London

Harry was bored. He had been waiting for 2 hours for someone to come. This was not how he wanted to spend his birthday, in a small, smelly room surrounded by filthy muggles. Honestly! Had they no decorum?

The door clicked.


The door opened to reveal a woman in a pantsuit though Harry could see through the glamours. She had a strict face with her hair tied in a severe bun, her lips pursed as she took in the room deeming it to be unfit to be lived in.

Well, Harry certainly agreed with her there.

"Good Morning, Mr. Riddle, I am Professor McGonagall. I am here to offer you a place at our school. Are you interested?"

"Anything to get out of this place." Harry sneered

McGonagall looked as if she agreed. "This school is a school for special students. You, Mr. Riddle, are a wizard."

"What!?" he exclaimed in mock surprise. "Are you sure?"

She asked him if he'd done some 'unexplainable' things. Typical.

When he answered in affirmative and had a false realisation that, yes, in fact he may be a wizard, McGonagall started explaining him the basics of what Hogwarts and magical community consisted of. Then-

"Mr. Riddle, to buy your wand and other school supplies we have to go to the Diagon Alley. I will accompany you."

Knowing if he argued against it, it will be suspicious he agreed, "That would be really helpful, Professor."

That night

The day had been tiring.

He never knew shopping could be so taxing.

At Ollivander's, the wand-maker made him go through almost all wands in the shop before, he found a match in a holly and phoenix feather wand. The brother wand to his father.

Yes, he had a wand but he could not use it except at home. The new wand fitted him well enough but not as much as his original wand did.

But he was excited. He was going to Hogwarts. He would show them why he was not someone to be trifled with.

He would do his Father proud.

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