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The Mudblood And The Prince
Draco M. & Harry P. & Hermione G. & Voldemort - Words: 16,650 - Rated: T - English - None - Chapters: 8 - Reviews: 11 - Updated: 05-07-2017 - Published: 26-11-2016 - by NikitaKulkarni (FFN)

A/N: I am sort of disappointed with lack of response. It would be great if you would review, if only to tell me how bad my writing is. it will help me improve. Anyway, I realised I never specified on what happened to the wizarding world when Harry was growing up. so this is a filler for you. Not a lot though. I might update again tomorrow (another filler). Until then, enjoy :)
Unbeta'ed work. forgive my errors.

Sirius Black:

Something was wrong. Something was very wrong. Since convincing the Potters to chance their secret-keeper Sirius Black was feeling uneasy, but it was never like this. Never so strong. This feeling of foreboding was suffocating and so Sirius decided it was time to pay a visit to the rat. Only to find him-

'Gone! He's gone. There are no signs of struggle. Did he-?' With the depressing thoughts, he went to Godric's Hollow. Unfortunately, he was too late. Voldemort had reached them first. The entire house was in ruins. In shock, Sirius entered and almost completely broke down seeing the dead body of his brother in all but blood. But he couldn't. He had to see if Harry was alive. His Godson. He would be the only link to his dead friends.

It seemed Lady Luck was not on his side. In the nursery, Lily was dead. At first there was no sign of harry but when he saw the crib, Sirius broke down completely. His friends, his Godson. All dead. That day Sirius made a resolution. The dark would pay. They would pay dearly for killing his family. He would show them no mercy, just like them. The thought of following the rat and killing it never eve crossed his mind. That probably was the only thing that saved him from the fate of suffering in Azkaban.

After that day, Sirius was the Auror that held the record of killing or capturing the highest number of death eaters.

Remus Lupin:

He had stayed away from Sirius and the Potters since the time Sirius suspected him to be the spy. But that day he couldn't stay away. He had a very bad feeling about the day. It was Hallowe'en and the muggle children were dressed up and asking for candy. Even seeing their joy did not lift Remus' mood. He decided to pay the Potters a visit. He had no way of knowing that he would never meet them. Instead he would find a hysterical Sirius in what used to be Harry's nursery vowing to kill the dark mercilessly. Even the usually strong wolf could not bear to see the remains of the only people who not only accepted but loved him unconditionally.

Remus was not an Auror, his condition did not allow it. But he had captured and injured as many death eaters as Sirius.

Albus Dumbledore:

Albus Dumbledore sat in his office sucking on a lemon drop. He was quite content. The Hallowe'en feast had just gotten over and the students were in bed except a few mischief makers, but Dumbledore was not worried about them. A little sneaking never harmed any one.

Being so content, he did not anticipate the wards around the Potter home to fall and so it took him a few minutes to react. He immediately called for Fawkes and made his way towards their house. Not on time though. He reached to find a collapsed house and a werewolf and an animagus holding each other for comfort in young Harry's nursery. He was not prepared to find out that Harry was dead.

The next morning, there was mention of prophesy in the Daily Prophet which declared Neville Longbottom as the chosen one. The latter half of the prophesy never came out and no one doubted Albus Dumbledore's word.

The rest of the world:

The British Wizarding world was in chaos. The Potter line was dead. Murdered by the most feared Dark Lord in history. It made them re-think their alliances. Defying the lord lead to fate like Potters'. Supporting the dark lord meant safety for their family. But it also meant renouncing the muggleborn's and the muggle world. Few of them were not ready to do it. They had to make a decision.

As years passed:

As years passed, the attacks on the magical community became lesser and lesser. The threat of the Dark Lord was never completely gone, but as he started operating from the shadows, people started dropping their guard. Speculations ran about. People spread rumours about the Dark Lord getting weaker, though none of them ever spoke about it, except to their families. Even the death eaters started speculating. The Dark Lord was rarely seen outside of his home. The only people who knew the truth were his select few in the inner circle. The Dark Lord still held meetings but most of them were achieving their goals through political movements.

In no way was he promoting Mudblood rights but he knew that the pureblood lines were weakening due to inter-marriage. His own wizarding family was an example. They needed new blood. Even if they were mudbloods, they had magic. And that was important. It was their link and connections to the muggle world that pissed him off. He knew if he told that to purebloods, they would not believe him. He had to ascertain his hold over the wizarding society before passing the new laws. But till then they needed to remain a secret. No-one will know it till the right time.

July 31, 1991

It would have been HIS 11th birthday, had he not been dead. He would have received his letter and all of them- Moony, Prongs, Lils and Padfoot- would have taken Harry for his Hogwarts shopping instead of just Moony and Padfoot just drowning their sorrows in bottles of firewhiskey. Sirius had killed a lot of those bastards but none of it filled the gaping hole in his heart.

"All of those bastards will die, Moony. I swear. I'll fucking kill them or die trying."

"Touché." Remus replied as they ordered another bottle of firewhiskey.

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