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The Boggart
Blaise Z. & Draco M. & Hermione G. & Theodore N. - Words: 94,856 - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 52 - Reviews: 297 - Updated: 25-03-2017 - Published: 26-11-2016 - by Flightglow32 (FFN)

As the door shuts behind them they all perch on the ends of their own beds. None of them wants to be the one to start. The silence stretches out between them.

"It looks like we have to postpone having a date. McGonagoll said no to us leaving the castle during the week," Harry says.

"Are we waiting? Until we've had the date I mean," Ginny says looking at her hands on her knees.

"I wanted to use the date as a chance to talk about what we all want from this," Harry sighs.

"So.. do we talk about it now?" Blaise asks.

"Would have been less awkward after a drink," Harry groans. They all fall silent again. Harry and Ginny keep glancing at Blaise as though waiting for him.

"Fine I'll start. I have no fucking clue how we do this. I don't date. I fake dated Daphne for years. I haven't even been in a relationship with one person. I'm a fucking mess. I'm hard work.."

"That's okay. We just need to be honest with each other," Harry says.

"You both already have this incredible relationship.." Blaise starts.

"We don't," Ginny cuts him off. "We don't really work. It's always felt off. Wrong. Like there was something missing."

"Like we've never really settled into our relationship. We walk around school holding hands and once a week we meet up and fuck. Or at least that was us. Before Sunday," Harry sighs.

"There is no us anymore. No Harry and me. We were dying," Ginny says picking at her skirt.

"And you think I'll make it better?" Blaise asks.

"Better isn't the right word. Different. It will be different," Harry nods.

"What happens if one of us wants to leave just one person but stay with the other? Am I seeing both of you together or am I dating you individually? Or.."

"Maybe we're over thinking this?" Ginny asks.

"Well you're the one who came up with the idea," Blaise says.

"Me? I just wanted to fuck you both. I want to watch you fuck each other. It was Harry's idea to do.. this," she says.

"So don't you want this then?" Blaise asks her.

"I do. I just hadn't considered it,"

"I was just being selfish. I didn't want to give up either of you," Harry says running a hand through his hair.

"So where does that leave us now?" Ginny asks.

"Horny as hell," Blaise says adjusting himself.

"The relationship is never really going to be equally balanced. Is that something we can all deal with? I mean I know you two have history of some kind and I'm okay with that," he says trying not to stare at Blaise's hand. He never moved it after touching himself.

"Are you in love?" Blaise asks.

Harry and Ginny look at each other awkwardly.

"Before the war? Yeah totally and completely. Now.." she trails off.

"Now we just go through the motions," Harry finishes. She nods in agreement.

"Okay. So I'm not the odd man out then," Blaise sighs.

"We're all the odd man out somehow," Harry tells him. "I'm the romantic stuck with two nyphomanics," He laughs.

"Which brings us back to sex," Blaise says. "Let's start with the easy one. Hands up if right now you're horny?" He asks raising his hand. Ginny's shoots straight up. Harry shifts uncomfortably before raising his own.

"Good now that wasn't so hard was it? I don't want us to spend more time discussing our relationship than actually enjoying it so here is what I propose. We use safe words. Not just for sex but for the other stuff too. We each do what we want, what feels right for us. But as soon as we feel uncomfortable we say 'yellow' then we stop and talk about it. If we use 'red' then we have a real problem. I don't know relationships, I do know sex. I guess this is the only way I can relate," he shrugs.

Harry and Ginny look at each other.

"I guess that could work," she says.

"It's worth a shot," Harry nods.

"Okay," Blaise says letting out a breath. "Now who wants to talk about sex?" He grins.

Harry groans dropping back against his bed. All that does is emphasise his growing erection. He sits back up rubbing his face.

"You want to talk about sex more?" Harry asks.

"We alluded to sex. We didn't actually discuss it," Blaise corrects. "To rephrase lets discuss the physical aspects of this relationship."

"So not just sex?" Harry asks

"No Potter it's not all about sex. Have some self control," he admonished making Ginny laugh. "For example. We've all kissed in public but each time all of us have been present. Are you okay with Ginny and I kissing if you're not there? For example," he finishes.

"I'm okay with it," Harry shrugs. "But I'm also okay with other people not being okay."

"I'm okay with it. I mean I'd prefer it if I could watch but I don't mind you guys kissing when I'm not around."

"I think I'm not okay," Blaise says sheepish. "Pecks yeah fine but anything more than a quick touch no."

They both stare at him.

"I'm more insecure than I seem," he says defensive.

"What about sex? Ginny asks. "Or will all our be the three of us now."

"I want the opportunity to watch at least," Blaise says. "I mean I can't really place restrictions on your relationship.."

"Yes you can," Ginny tells him.

Banging starts on their door.

"Blaise. Blaise can I borrow you?" They hear Theo shout.

Blaise sighs and opens the door to find a half naked distressed Theo.

"Are you busy? I need your help," Theo asks. Blaise looks down at him and opens the door wide.

"We were just talking," he shrugs. Theo looks a little surprised everyone is still dressed. "What's so wrong that you felt the need to bang down my door?"

"Neville is being unreasonable,"

"What's that got to do with me?"

"Can you.. can you come talk to him? He doesn't seem to tru.. to understand my point of view," Theo begs.

"You want me to get involved in a fight with your boyfriend?"

"Fine. As it stands Neville is refusing to fuck my arse again,' Theo blushes.

Blaise's jaw drops open. Whatever he'd been expecting it wasn't that. He sighs.

"I'll be back in a minute," he tells Harry and Ginny before walking out of the room, Theo right behind him.

Once the door closes Harry listens for the sound of a second door before..

"Are you really okay with this?" He asks Ginny.

"I think so. We didn't exactly have a lasting relationship before. I've thought about him too. I might have left you for him if I thought he'd take me," she reveals. "If I'd made you choose? Sunday when you told me you didn't want to give him up. That sex wasn't enough. Would you have picked me? Or him?"

His silence is enough of an answer.

"When you tell me you love me is it out of habit or do you mean it?" She asks a slight hitch to her voice.

"Gin don't do this," he pleads.

she gasps.

"That was not my answer. It's.. it's more complex than that. Everytime I say it it's like I'm trying to convince myself. That if I say it enough I'll really mean it. I do.. love you but maybe.. maybe not how I should. It's an easy comfortable love. I don't love you with any kind of... intensity. I want you, I like you, I care about yoi and I think maybe one day I could be IN love with you but I'm not yet," he sighs.

Blaise comes back at that exact moment. Tears fall from Ginny's eyes.

"What happened?" He sighs bored with relationship drama.

"Harry doesn't love me," Ginny says coldly. Blaise shoots a look at Harry who has his head in his hands. "Even though he's said it he doesn't feel it. Hasn't this side of the war."

"I think I'm broken. That I can't love anymore the way I used to," Harry admits.

"Yet you are in a relationship with two people?" Blaise asks. Harry nods.

"I feel like this is a stupid question now but I have to ask. When you got back together after the war did you just pick up where you left off as if nothing happened or admit your experiences changed you as a person and you needed to start from scratch," he asks looking between them.

"Idiots," Blaise exclaims. "Absolute fucking idiots. No wonder your relationship was in tatters."

"That relationship is over," Ginny says.

"And this one?" Harry asks her.

"First date Saturday?" She asks wiping her eyes. She could admit she may have over reacted because after all its not like she love him either.

"Yellow," Blaise says. They both look at him. "I can't take more relationship drama. Can we please just fuck or I'm going to sleep," he says sitting down on his bed.

"How do we.." Harry starts to ask.

"The mechanics are fairly simple," Blaise smirks.

"I get that," Harry says blushing. "Do two of us start and the other joins or do we all just.. jump in?"

"I want to watch," Ginny says quickly looking away from them.

The boys look up at her. Harry meets Blaise's eyes as Blaise crocks his finger at him smirking.

Harry takes a deep breath and gets to his feet.

A/N okay I know it's cruel stopping there but I love a cliff-hanger. The next chapter may break my daily update streak. I will try to get it to you as soon as possible but because of what it is I won't post until I'm as happy as I can be. I won't compromise the chapter to hit a daily update. I want to get this next one right.

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