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The yoga instructor
Charlie W. & Draco M. & Hermione G. & Pansy P. - Words: 26,739 - Rated: M - English - Humor & Romance - Chapters: 7 - Reviews: 34 - Updated: 15-06-2017 - Published: 28-11-2016 - by hbsj (FFN)

The yoga instructor

Warnings: M-rating for smut/lemons and language

Additional warning: Some Ron-bashing

Disclaimer: I own none of it, unfortunately.

Chapter 1, Him

Draco was having a long day at work. He had gone over several contracts, deals and inquiries at the Ministry, but somehow he couldn't keep his focus on his work in the Department of Magical Law, where it needed to be. It was all Pansy's fault. She had enlisted him for a trip to muggle London later today, and he was not happy about it. Usually she would go with Blaise, Daphne, or even Theo, but as they all were busy today, she had turned to him, and no matter how many times he'd said no, she'd kept on badgering him until he had finally relented at dinner with Pansy and Blaise the day before yesterday.

Pansy had jumped up and down, and promised him solemnly that he would enjoy himself today, a sentiment he highly doubted. He knew Pansy ventured into muggle London twice a week for something she called yoga. It sounded horrible to him, a lot of stretching to boring music, what was the point of that? And low and behold, he had agreed to go. His primary motivation was to get Pansy to stop bothering him, to see what all the fuss was about, and then to have a good laugh at Blaise the next time he saw the man over a glass of firewhiskey, since the man accompanied his fiancée to this yoga-thing quite often.

Just as he finished that happy thought, he heard the tell-tale clacking of heels moving in the direction of his office. Pansy sauntered in, a big bright smile plastered on her face, he scowled.

"What do you want?"

"Oh, nothing", she sighed, still smiling, "I just had a chat with the instructor, and todays yoga-class is going to be... interesting."

"Did you just come from muggle London?" He couldn't imagine how else Pansy had just spoken with the instructor.

"No, the instructor is a muggleborn witch, she works in the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures."

He was a bit shocked, no doubt Pansy had planned on that before entering his office, he hadn't known Pansy for that many years without being able to guess this, and Pansy could no doubt see the shock of that statement on his face, as her smile broadened.

"She and another instructor have switched days, so she's our instructor today. I hadn't really planned on that, but now that I think about it, it's going to be a fantastic class tonight".

"Who is the instructor then?" He knew she wanted him to ask. This was certainly the reason she had decided to interrupt him now. He watched her closely as he asked the question and her face now turned distinctly mischievous.

"You'll see tonight, and I am looking so very much forward to it. I'll bring you some of the yoga clothes that Blaise normally wears, as I'm sure you'll wear some horrid Quidditch training clothes if left to your own devices."

With that she left his office, and he had a sinking feeling. He was sure that tonight would be horrible.

Yesterday, at tea with his mother at the Manor, he had explained the basics of what he suspected he had promised Pansy to do the next day. His mother had seemed quite horrified, but as Pansy did go to the classes regularly, she wouldn't give him an excuse to cancel. He'd even begged.

"Mother, please. Couldn't you just need me for something around the Manor or for one of your events?"

Narcissa Malfoy looked piercingly at her son. She looked immaculate as always in a dark burgundy long sleeved dress, black high heeled boots, minimal makeup with dark red lips, and her hair piled in an elegant style on her head. Her spirit had almost been broken by the war and having the Dark Lord as a house guest, but she had rallied after her husband's sentence of life imprisonment after the second wizarding war. She visited Lucius once a month, and otherwise spent her days organizing charities and company events and found some sort of solace in that. In general she was happy with what she had in life, she missed her husband terribly, but she understood that the wizarding world could not forgive his choices as easily as they had forgiven herself and her son. And in spite of the result of both their trials, even they were not forgiven by all.

"No Draco. It seems to me that Miss Parkinson knows exactly what she is doing, and to be honest dear, it would be good for you not to have yet another night in that small flat of yours. You need to get out and meet new people. Do you realize that I have a larger acquaintance than you? At this rate I will be positively ancient before I have a grandchild."

He rolled his eyes. His mother had been distraught when he and Astoria Greengrass had broken up, but it hadn't really been a relationship to begin with. It was a series of dates instigated by his mother and her parents. Within a few months they had decided to call it quits and he had now been a single man for 3 years. He'd had the odd distraction every now and then in the form of a pretty woman, but mostly he kept to himself, focusing on work even though his reputation seemed to exaggerate the number of women he'd been seeing.

"Please try to relax Mother, I am not yet that old. I am sure I will find someone to settle down with."

"I know that dear, but you aren't even in a relationship. These things take years. You know I love you, but you are my only close family. I know we have Andromeda and Teddy too, but our family is diminishing. The war has been hard on both us and Andromeda's family. And besides, I want you to be happy."

"I am happy." He said this with force in his voice, and he knew without looking at his mother that she didn't believe him at all.

"My dear Lucius is in Azkaban, and will remain there for the rest of his life. Even though the dementors are not there anymore, it is a miserable place. I have many doubts that he will live long there. You and I were very lucky. We each had our reservations regarding the Dark Lords regime, yours more rational than mine, I might add, and thanks to the witness of Mr. Potter and Miss Granger at our trials, we are free to live our lives as we choose. Even now people still sneer at me when I go out in public, but I am free, and I plan to make the most of it. And so should you my love." She looked at her only son with love in her eyes, and just a single tear threatening to fall.

Draco let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding. His mother had never spoken so clearly about that dark period of their lives, nor given him such powerful advice. She was not finished though.

"You have isolated yourself from the world in general, from the Malfoy business and the legacy that is rightfully yours. You are still the one who has inherited everything from your father. While I manage the Manor in your place, you have drowned yourself in dealings in the Ministry. I applaud you of course, as you work to return the respect and awe of our name in the public sentiment, but at some point, I would wish you would again be proud to be a Malfoy in your heart. We are not all bad you know." She gave him a small smile. He was entranced by her words. "Lucius was a good man, who was blinded by the Dark Lord during the first wizarding war, and in the end, it cost him both his freedom and his family. I know you will never do the same, but darling, please do not let his bad choices cloud your future. I know you well, and I wish you to remember this clearly: You are worth the love of a good woman, be she a witch or a muggle. To me it does not matter anymore, and I want to be clear about this. I know you have lots of love in you to give, even though you do conceal it well, and I only wish you to be happy."

He didn't really know what to say. He could only choke out a few words. "Thank you mother. I… I will try."

After that she cleared her throat, stood up and proceeded to explain her next event to him. His mother was always planning some kind of event, and since it was fall, she was planning the Malfoy Enterprises Christmas party. To him the name of the party seemed wrong, his mother didn't just do parties, she did balls, so all of her parties were strictly black tie affairs. She rattled of all of her plans, and even showed him a board with a sketch of the venue. He returned home after dinner, his mother's earlier words circling his brain continually.

He met Pansy in the atrium at five thirty, and she still had that horrid smug smile on her face. He had seriously considered cancelling for the tenth time that afternoon, but no, he had agreed to go and he would just have to endure it.

They would be apparating to an alley beside the yoga studio, and Pansy had promised him dinner afterwards, so at least he had something to look forward to. He just had to get through the next hour or so.

As they arrived, he was surprised to see that the class was being held in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of London. The warehouse looked awful from the outside, paint was peeling and the banister for the stairs inside was very rickety, he looked at Pansy with a very dubious look on his face, and she just told him to hurry, as she wanted a good place inside the studio. He had no idea what she was talking about, so he just shrugged and went in to the changing room. He took of his black shoes, slacks and dark grey shirt, and donned Blaise's thin sweats and t-shirt. In the mirror he could tell that he looked completely ridiculous, he never wore clothes like this and the fit was horrible. But he'd come this far, so he closed his locker and proceeded into the studio, as Pansy called it.

He stopped in the entrance and gaped, to him it was just a semi-large room with mirrors covering one wall, hard wood floor and full of women. To be fair, maybe it held about twenty women and one other man, but to Draco this confirmed all of his suspicions regarding yoga, this was clearly not for him. Pansy ran forward, placed herself directly in the front of the mirror, just a few steps back to the left from the instructors mat and bag. He thought this was alarmingly close to whoever was teaching the class, so he took his mat, that Pansy had placed right beside her, and proceeded to the back of the room. There was no way he was going to make a fool of himself in the front row. He looked around, and decided to copy everyone else, so he placed his mat, and sat down with his legs crossed.

At six on the dot the instructor entered the room, and as everyone now had risen, he couldn't see the instructor, but he heard her voice and he froze. No… It wasn't possible. Pansy would never do this to him. When he rose fully, he could literally feel Pansy's glee. She had done this on purpose. That woman was going to pay. He looked behind Pansy directly into a pair of confused chocolate brown eyes, she frowned at him and looked at Pansy with an ominous expression. She took a deep breath and looked towards the class awaiting her instructions.

He could not believe it. Fucking hell! Pansy had taken him to Gryffindor Princess Granger's yoga class. Pansy was definitely going to pay big-time.

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