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The yoga instructor
Charlie W. & Draco M. & Hermione G. & Pansy P. - Words: 150,650 - Rated: M - English - Drama & Romance - Chapters: 33 - Reviews: 399 - Updated: 06-02-2019 - Published: 28-11-2016 - by hbsj (FFN)

The yoga instructor

Warnings: M-rating for language and sexual innuendos.

Disclaimer: Obviously, I own nothing but the plot but I really wish I did.


Chapter 15, The arrests

Of course Gabrielle was the one to delay their return to London. As soon as they were all packed, she insisted on them actually being present in the lobby at the checkout of their rooms and they were all on edge to get going but Hermione seriously suspected that she had told the front desk to slow down their progress. Gabrielle was paying no mind to their agitation and tried again, rather unsuccessfully much to her delight, to flirt with both Harry and Draco at once.

None of them were susceptible to her charms however, they had their heads filled with the disaster tearing through London at this very moment. In the end Hermione had to put a stop to the delay.

She turned to the receptionist at the desk. "We are leaving now. If you need us for anything, you can contact us at the British Ministry of Magic." She then turned to Gabrielle with hard eyes. "Gabrielle, thank you for your attention during our stay,-" Her voice had no kindness and only impatience with the younger witch's flailing antics, she clearly didn't get the scale of the calamity happening in London. "-but we really have to go now. Goodbye."

Before Gabrielle could do anything but gape at her with a cross expression on her delicate features, she grabbed both Harry and Draco and apparated them to the village by the French coast where they'd arrived. Giving herself a single moment to wonder at magic in general, because there were absolutely no traces of the Ironbelly having been there and torn two houses down, she pulled out the return portkey and keeping a firm grasp on the men around her, they were swept towards the Ministry of Magic in London in a swirl of colours.

For the second time in just two days, they expected to arrive to complete chaos but to their thorough surprise, the ministry was eerily silent.

They arrived at the portkey point of the ministry in the atrium and it was empty. They couldn't hear a sound and were instantly on alert, all of them whipping their wands out and looking around with practised eyes. You didn't survive a war without honing very good battle instincts and a completely empty ministry atrium, even late in the day, was on the-very-much-suspicious-list.

They moved carefully forward, scanning every crevice of the large room and expecting an attack with every step forward. Much to their disbelief however, absolutely nothing happened.

It was rather anticlimactic.

When they arrived at the lifts, the tense silence stretched on until they could hear a lift coming closer. The gate opened to reveal a very busy and stressed Percy Weasley.

"Harry? Hermione? Mr. Malfoy? Capitol." His overly stressed demeanour changed immediately to relaying every important information to the head auror, Hermione and Draco Malfoy, an important and on-the-rise employee of the Department of Magical Law. "Every auror and guard available has been dispatched to deal with a vicious dragon attack in central muggle London, the ministry entries have been temporarily closed until further notice and everyone not working on capturing the dragon and protecting the muggles have been asked to remain in their office for the time being. The press is in uproar and I am trying to keep up with their abundant owls today but even I cannot reply fast enough." He might have been stressed but he was still his very pompous and important self, if the situation hadn't been so serious she might have chuckled at him.

After his short explanation, Hermione released a small sigh of relief when she realized that the ministry hadn't been breached by dark wizards. Unconsciously her entire body had coiled itself tight, ready to spring at anything and everything.

Harry now asked rapid-fire questions of Percy, where, when, how (if he knew that yet?), what dragon species, how old and so on. He'd gone into complete auror-mode and after receiving as many answers from Percy as he could, he grabbed both her and Draco and apparated them close to the site.

She didn't need to hear Percy's assent that it was a Hungarian Horntail to know which Horntail it was. She thought they were prepared for this but how very wrong they were.

It was dark, the streets were lit by the street-lights, casting shadows everywhere. They could hear the dragon roar in the distance and the path of destruction trailing the Horntail was obvious. They could also see blood on the pavement of Piccadilly Circus, where they were now running towards Leicester Square, following the destroyed cars, windows and the harrowing noise. Every where they looked, there were wizards trying to contain this disaster from the muggles' knowledge.

She could hear people screaming with fright and she was wondering if the Horntail hadn't been caught yet. It ought to have been caught by now. At least an hour had passed since they'd gotten Boot's patronus.

They turned the corner and were shocked to see the even though the Horntail had indeed been caught in a magical cage, the dragon was by no means contained. It spewed fire as far as it was able and roared again and again in agitation and rage.

Harry ran directly towards Boot who was looking distinctly tired and worn out. His job as acting chief when Harry was away had him very harried. "Boot, why isn't the Horntail properly contained? And where are the wards to conceal both the dragon and us from the muggles?" He looked around at all of the frightened muggles who were either terrified or taking pictures as many pictures with their cameras as possible. The last thing was a real issue.

Boot sighed deeply, looking more tired than she'd ever seen before. "None of us have enough energy left to raise wards like that. You weren't kidding when you told us that this thing was raised to be a fighter, we damn well nearly didn't catch it!"

Harry turned his head to her and Draco and nodded to them. She turned to him and silently the both of them started concealing themselves, the dragon and most importantly, the piercing sounds from the staring muggles.

They could see the disbelief in many of the muggles' eyes when they disappeared before their very eyes and finally the obliviators could start their work, repairing the damaged property, obliviating the muggles and dealing with the many cameras in their hands.

She and Draco seemed to work together well, their magic was very compatible as they raised as many wards as they could think of. Their magic combined weaved an ever stronger and more complicated web of wards that ended up being an impenetrable wall protecting them from all prying eyes, muggle or magic.

It took another hour for the obliviators to complete their tasks consisting of the dealing with the muggles and the cameras and then for the crowds to disburse.

Harry was trying to be everywhere at once. He checked and double checked with everyone, trying and failing to compel the healers to revive the lost muggles.

Six in total.

The loss of lives on this case was now a staggering eleven here and in the French village.

Twentyone with minor injuries and eight severely injured and requiring treatment in St. Mungo's.

It was impossible.

Tragic and completely unnecessary.

Angry tears were springing to her eyes and she was almost shaking with rage. It was such an unnecessary loss of life and she was practically blind with fury. Her hands were balled into tight fists and her nails were digging deep into her palms. Through her red hazed vision, she could see Harry repeatedly running his hands through his hair in frustration. She could feel her magic crackling around her slight form and red vicious sparks were shooting continuously from the wand in her hand. Suddenly she felt a couple of strong arms engulfing her and he was cooing softly in her ear to get her to calm down.

"Shush Granger, relax. There's no need for you to spontaneously combust now, we'll get them and make them pay to within an inch of the law. And when they're caught, I just might leave you and that woman-" He hissed the words angrily through gritted teeth. "-alone in a soundproofed room together and go get myself a coffee for a couple of hours."

He was soothing her rage surprisingly well, the combination of the safety and security she felt in his embrace combined with his angry words truly helped her to channel her rage into determination to solve this mystery of a case. He wasn't done though. "How about if we gather up Weasel and Brown today for you to practice on, hm?" He sounded almost cheerful now and she couldn't stop the small giggle that escaped her.

"What was that Malfoy?" Harry was approaching them with a fierce expression on his face, seemingly completely unconcerned that she was standing in the arms of their former nemesis.

"Oh, I was just suggesting to Granger that she could let her rage loose on the Weasel and Brown to practice before we catch whoever did this." He casually explained his threat to three people to the head auror with a shrug, his arms tightening a bit around her.

"Ha ha, very funny. I didn't know you had it in you to joke Malfoy, I'm almost impressed." He said sarcastically.

"Well, actually Potter, I'm only half-joking." Harry's eyebrows disappeared under his chaotic dark fringe at the implications of this short statement.

Draco grimaced at him in acknowledgement of his plight. "They are our best lead currently. We need more information, especially after this,-" He gestured to the chaos around them. "-and they seemed to be regulars at the fight so they might have new information for us."

Harry's eyes darkened visibly and he frowned. Hermione knew she needed to support her friend, so she gently untangled herself from Draco with a smile of thanks, approached Harry and took his hand in hers. "Harry,-" Her voice was as gentle as possible."-he's right, we have to start attacking this case head on. We have lots of different leads and one of those very real leads is Ron and Lavender."

His shoulders slumped. "I know, I saw their cheers in your memories. But I was hoping that we could avoid that though." He confessed in a small voice to her.

"I know, me too, but the law comes first and just the fact that they're attending the dragon fights and gambling on them is a felony." She knew she shouldn't sugarcoat it, Harry needed to know that Ron and Lavender would be fined at the very least.

To her great astonishment, Harry turned towards Draco. "Will they go to Azkaban?"

Draco seemed to ponder the question thoroughly and chose his words with great care. "It depends very much on their answers when we question them and if they agree to assist us or not. Their transgressions are not that substantial but if the Wizengamot are looking for make an example out of them, then they might have to serve a month or two in Azkaban. Personally I would recommend a couple of months of house arrest without being able to use magic to teach them the lesson of being helpless as the youngest dragons are in the fights."

Harry nodded to himself, his eyes seeing nothing in front of him. "I can live with that, what they've done is illegal no matter how hard I try to justify their actions in my own head." He coughed to clear his throat and called over three of his aurors.

Before them Harry went into head-auror-mode as she liked to call it. He stood tall and spoke with command and authority in his voice. "We need more information, bring in Ronald Weasley and Lavender Brown tomorrow morning and put them in separate holding cells." Two of the aurors' eyes widened at having to arrest a member of the Golden Trio but seeing as the order came from Harry Potter himself, they knew it wasn't just a bad joke. Only Terry Boot was nodding with a frown and the three aurors dissapparated together to the ministry to plan before bringing in his former classmates from school.

When the aurors had gone, Harry turned to her. "I sorta hate this case you know." He said quietly.

"I know." She said sadly and gave his hand another squeeze.

"Okay okay,-" Came an impatient voice beside them. "-enough with the bloody gloom already. It just the Weasel for Salazars sake." They both scowled at him and he just gave them both a pointed look. "We need to get back to work." Draco was saying briskly and they might not like it but they both knew that he was right.

The next morning they were standing outside the holding cells, looking in at the two people sitting on the stools.

The Daily Prophet headlines had been about nothing other than the dragon attack. Speculations, analysis, suggestions, outraged readers and of course, Rita Skeeter and her mindless minions were currently swarming the lobby with questions and vitriolic jabs towards the minister.

Kingsley had taken it all with surprising calm but he had taken it upon himself to oversee the case. Unfortunately this meant almost daily meetings with a range of high ranking ministry employees at the ministry and only after Harry, Draco and her had explained the problem regarding a mole, had they been granted complete confidentiality across the ministry regarding the case. Hermione had spent most of the night and early morning enchanting all of their casefiles with some nasty trip-jinxes, scrambling-spells and traces before they were copied and delivered to ensure only cleared personel would be able to read the files.

Kingsley, Harry and Boot were currently discussing who should question Ron and who should question Lavender. It was quickly decided that the third auror, John Aventi, should question Lavender, she didn't know him and hopefully the interrogation would be fruitful. They were much more concerned about Ron's questioning.

Lavender was fidgeting nervously and acting very jittery and Ron was slouching, looking supremely bored and unconcerned with his current predicament.

They all agreed, much to her consternation, that she shouldn't be the one to question any of them yet. Something about her wrath was mentioned and she reluctantly agreed in a huff of annoyance.

She was rather surprised however, when Draco said that he would happily start the interview. They all gaped at him but he explained his reasoning well enough. He could piss off Ron first so he might be forthcoming to Harry and Boot when they entered the room.

If that didn't give them enough information, then Charlie and Hermione would have free range to question him and Lavender the next day.

They all knew Ron's temper, so they readily agreed.

He sauntered into the small room slowly. Ronald Weasley was sitting behind the table between them, looking absolute murder at him. He smirked at the stupidity of a man in front of him, sat down in the chair and put both his feet up onto the table, just because he fucking could. Weasel gave him a disgusted look and he relished it. He might not be particularly evil in nature but he just couldn't help himself when it came to the red-haired menace.

"Really ferret? You? They send you to question me?" His face turned even redder and it was now scrunched up in hatred.

He merely chuckled to himself, enjoying having this excuse for a man by the balls. Or at the very least, soon in chains.

"Why have you arrested me? This is shite Malfoy, you've only arrested me and Lavender to piss me off and you know it. You know who I am and you're nothing but a filthy Death Eater. I'll be out of here as soon as Harry hears about this."

"Your stupidity astounds me, Weasley. Those fights are appalling."

"Oh shut the hell up Malfoy. What fights? I've no idea what you're on about."

"What utter bollocks." His voice was dripping with derision. "So, you and your nitwit girlfriend watching just-hatched dragons fighting each other to the death isn't something that you know anything about? Not even that we have evidence of you both choosing to bet on it? How is it even possible to be that thick? Did you take some sort of class?"

"You don't know anything, you're just a nasty excuse for a wizard you know." Draco merely shrugged, he didn't care at all what the weasel thought of him.

"Well, here's the thing I do know. You're lucky that I'm the one interviewing you and not Granger, she has promised to have vengeance on you. I for one, cannot wait for that glorious day." He smirked vindictively.

Weasley paled at his words. "'Mione? Wha… What are you on about?" He tried to seem fierce but Draco could tell that he was scared by the newly developed sheen of sweat on his forehead. The slight tremble in his voice didn't help him either. He seemed to pull himself together after a few moments though. "Is that a threat Malfoy?" He said mulishly, his chin jutting out defiantly.

A low chuckle escaped him and he shrugged. "I'm merely stating a fact Weasley. No threats were made at all." He said nonchalantly, trying to hide the fact that he desperately wanted to pummel the Weasel, he so deserved it.

After another hour of increasingly antagonistic conversation, they sent in Potter and Boot then to put a stop to the obvious animosity between them, as Potter was much to partial towards ginger to question him alone.

"Harry! Great to see you mate, the ferret here had some sort of idea that I've done something wrong." He grinned confidently. "Could you get me out of here now?"

Potter sighed, he clearly hated having to question his friend. "No Ron, you're here because I ordered the aurors to bring you and Lavender in."

"Wha…?" Freckle-face looked completely nonplussed. "You're joking right? We haven't done anything wrong." He frowned but trying valiantly to keep up his appearance of bravado.

He sighed and sat down in front of one of his best friends. "We know that you have been present and have bet on underground dragon fights. Please explain it to me in a way that could possibly help me to understand what the hell you are thinking. These fights are animal cruelty and the dragons are so young. Why would you ever bet on something like that?"

Outside the room, Charlie had joined Hermione. She had conjured them cushy armchairs to watch the interview more confortably. Hermione's notepad was forgotten on her lap. Both of them were deathly quiet and merely stared at Ron.

Hermione sucked in a breath when Ron immediately started spluttering and tried as vehemently as possible to deny the claim from his best friend. She was surprised that he would actually try to deny something that Harry had just told him they knew. Did he think it was easy for Harry or her to see him on the wrong side of the table.

Harry cut him off quickly. "Please stop. It is not fabricated evidence, it is fact. Currently both you and Lavender can be charged with blatant disregard of magical animal safety regarding magical animals in distress as well as gambling on illegal dragon fights. In addition to that, I am appalled that you and Lavender would ever participate in something like this, I've seen the memories and your enthusiasm for the fights. What the fuck Ron?!" The frustration Harry felt was evident in his every syllable.

A slightly puce shade was creeping up Ron's face and he started to get angry. "That's none of your fucking business, that's what! I can do whatever the hell I want and I don't answer to any of you! Especially not my so-called best friend and some fucking random dude from school!" His voice was dripping with derision and disgust.

Hermione wanted to barge in there and demand that Ron just answer their questions! She hated seeing him in there, hated seeing him in that position but she knew he'd brought in upon himself.

Draco was still standing in the corner of the room, observing weasel's behaviour closely. The interrogation was derailing fast and from the expressions on both Potter and Boot, who remained silent, then their impartiality towards both the case and the weasel-king was slipping rather quickly so, being the exceptionally gracious man that he was of course, he decided to intervene despite their earlier agreement. "Excuse me." He tried very hard to keep the revulsion for the inept idiot from his voice.

All three men focused on him and he began talking to the dumb red. "I understand that the personal relationships between you and us three is both an important and disrupting factor in this questioning. However, just because you and Potter are mates then you and your girlfriend are not escaping these charges. They stand as they are and you can both be swiftly prosecuted if needed."

"Now, seeing as I am the lead investigator from the Department of Magical Law on this case, it is within my power to recommend your sentencing to the Wizengamot. I will endeavour to keep my recommendation, despite our previous relationship, as impartial as possible,-" The fire crotch snorted at him but he kept on speaking. "-but it is very much contingent on how valuable your information to us is."

He struggled to stay aloof from the tangible emotions saturating the small room. This was not his problem, their little friendship-issues was not the most important in this questioning and they all needed to get their fucking heads straight again. "Yesterday six muggles were slaughtered by the same Hungarian Horntail that we know you betted on at the last fight, seeing as it was hungry and was released in central muggle London. It has now been captured and attended to by your brother, Charlie Weasley, who has kindly been assisting us in this case."

The moron interrupted him. "Charlie knows?" About me and this?" He turned to Potter. "Why the hell did you tell Charlie?! He's gonna kill me!"

Draco decided to answer that question as well, none of these other people were able to put aside their personal issues or emotions in favour of the case. "Yes, he knows and yes, he's not happy with you. Now let's move on to how you and your bint might be able to avoid a stint in Azkaban for your crimes."

He visibly paled. "A… Azkaban?" He turned to Potter. "You can't send us there mate. Please."

Potter took a deep breath and answered as evenly as he could. "It's not up to me Ron. The aurors' jobs are to capture the criminals and then the Department of Magical Law takes over the prosecution which is based on the evidence, what information we gather from the interview and how helpful the information you provide is. And Malfoy is right Ron, he is the one making the recommendation for your sentence to the Wizengamot."

"Why him?! It could have been anyone!" If he could have gone any redder, he probably would have but seeing as he was close to turning purple, there wasn't any more redness in him. Draco was intrigued to see that there actually was a limit for that. Go figure.

"Well that's obvious Weasley, it's because I'm the best." He gave him a victorious smirk and the prat almost vibrated with anger.

Potter scowled at him. "You're not exactly helping things Malfoy."

He shrugged. "Wouldn't you rather have him angry at me than you?" He didn't give a shite what the Weasel thought about him. He could see realization dawn on Potter's face and a smirk-like smile appeared. Finally he was getting it.

After another eight straight hours of questioning the thickest man in wizarding Britain, in his own brilliant opinion of course, they found that he didn't actually know much of anything. Jack Flame had approached him and Lavender at a Chudley Cannons game just before the summer and they'd been to five fights in total.

Neither of them had at any time questioned where they got the dragons from or speculated much about the illegality of the fights in general. To them it was just a good thrill and weasel just loved being the 'famous one' there. He told them that he'd been fawned over by most of the guests at the first fight and the shine in his eyes was unmistakable. He did provide three names, one of them they'd already gotten from the muggle Pansy spoke with during the fight. He might be a key to the case.

When they finally called it quits and exited the room, Granger was sitting outside in a plush red armchair, no doubt conjured by her to observe the interrogations without getting too tired. Her notepad and pen was on the floor, filled with closely written notes. She looked drawn, tired and annoyed and looking at Potter and Boot, they had the same expressions.

Surely nothing a little alcohol couldn't cure. "Anyone up for a drink perhaps?"

The three of them were sitting in a booth at Vici. Boot had gone home long ago and Potter and Granger were drowning their sorrows regarding the red menace and he'd decided to join them in their binge-drinking, because why not.

The bar was bustling with people but they didn't know anyone there but Greg and Susan Bones.

They spent two hours drinking each other into oblivion and he enjoyed himself quite a lot, which surprised him. Granger was sitting beside him and somehow, during the course of the late hours that had passed, her thigh was now flush up against his and his hand was resting on it, caressing her every now and then. It felt natural. He decided not to question that part.

At one point, Potter had squinted at the two of them as though he was thinking hard. "You know, this-" He was waving his hand repeatedly between them. "-is bloody wierd. But you know, whatever floats your boat. I don't really get it though." He squinted at them and then shrugged and got up to order another two rounds for them, muttering to himself. "I can't bloody think when I'm drunk." Thoughtful pause and then. "I need a drink!"

Granger was blushing furiously beside him, it was a rather adorable sight. And she didn't bash his hand on her thigh away all through the evening. He took that as a very good sign.

When Potter finally left, stumbling three times before reaching the door, he leaned into Granger beside him. "Do you think we can trust him not to splinch himself?"

She just shrugged. "He'll probably get a taxi home. He can't even stand straight, let alone apparate."

"What's a taxi?"

"A muggle car and driver who will drive you home for money."

"Huh? That sounds bloody weird Granger." He shrugged and leaned back in the booth, staring up at the ceiling. The room was spinning.

"By the way, why is it that you're intent on pissing Ron off with every single one of your sentences?" She was surprisingly capable of speaking clearly. He wasn't certain that he could say the same. He chuckled at his own dumb joke.

"It's just my natural charm that always manifests whenever the weasel is around." He slurred his words.

"You really can be an arrogant prat you know."

He looked up at her with a smirk and another shrug. "That is true." They'd had so many drinks by now that he wasn't even sure if he would be able to walk to the floo.

She made an extravagant hand gesture, spilling most of her whiskey sour. "And you're an antagonistic jerk sometimes too!"

"That is also true." He took another swig of his firewhiskey and leaned in closely to whisper darkly in her ear. "But you like it, don't you Granger?" He didn't know what his face was showing but his voice had gone husky and gravelly. The sudden heated gaze that she flashed at him gave him her plain answer and when her tongue darted out to moisture her lush lips, he was lost.

Without further talk or beating around the bush, he slowly touched his lips to hers. Her lips were soft, plush and so fucking perfect. She tasted like the whiskey sour she'd been drinking. He moved closer and put his arms around her waist and to his delight, she mirrored his actions by roping her arms around his neck.

"What the fuck are you two doing?" They were basically intwined in the booth when the cultivated and highly irritated voice of Theodore Nott filtered through his hazy mind and he was instantly annoyed.

He reluctantly tore himself slightly from the magnificent woman in his arms to glare at his mate. "Theo." He couldn't stop the pronounced drawl in his voice even if he wanted to, and he most certainly didn't. "To what do we owe this unwelcome interruption?" He felt rather sober all of a sudden.

He sat down opposite them and stared greedily at Granger, who casually stayed in his arms and glowered at Theo. "Hello again Theodore." Her voice was like velvet but with an edge and a Granger sounding like that was to be feared in his personal opinion. She was the epitome of a lioness-predator and not a damsel in distress. He couldn't for the life of him understand why Theo wasn't cowering away from her.

Theo got a dreamy look on his face and focused all of his attention solely on her, obviously misunderstanding her countenance. "Oh-my-Granger, I love it when you talk dirty to me." His grin was stretched from one ear to the other.

"Well Theodore,-" Her voice stayed velvety but her expression hardened slightly. "-seeing as I am rather busy doing Malfoy currently, what can I do for you?" He was now nuzzling her neck and sucking at it gently, biting her sensitive skin, he could feel her low purring in her throat but it couldn't be heard and it turned him on to no end. He didn't even care about Theo anymore as his hand slowly worked its way up her thigh towards her heated core.

"Oh no Granger-baby,-" Theo sweet-talked. "-it's all about what I can do for you."

She sighed heavily and gave him an exasperated look. "You seem very confident in your abilities Theodore. Unfortunately for you however, I am utterly uninterested in what you are offering. But thank you none the less." She gave Theo a small nod and turned back to him while trying to stifle a moan when she could feel his fingers lightly caressing her quivering cunt through her soaked panties.

After she'd kissed him ever so softly on the lips she whispered for his ears only. "Mine or yours?"

He pulled back slightly and smirked at her answering hungry expression, how he wanted this witch. "Mine." His voice was husky with need.

When she stood up and held her hand out to him, Theo bristled. "I didn't come here just to get blown off." His voice was hard as flint. "Why don't you ditch blondie there and come home with me?" He had the audacity to suggest such a thing to her in front of him but Theo was obviously getting very aggravated at her blatant rejection.

Draco wasn't having it any longer. It might sound like a fucking pissing contest, and it sort of was, but Hermione had very clearly told him no and Theo wasn't listening, or he just didn't want to listen. "Mate, recognize a lost cause. This witch is mine, go find someone else." Without waiting for an answer, he tugged her towards the door to Diagon Alley.

On their way Hermione shivered and whimpered softly beside him and he was so curious about her. "Are you cold?" She shook her head. "Is anything wrong then?" She remained silent until they reached the small alley beside the bar where he could apparate them to his flat.

She leaned in close to him and whispered. "You going all alpha-male is a huge turn-on for me." She sounded breathy in anticipation. Never had he imagined Hermione Granger finding his arrogance and disdain towards others a turn-on. Now that he knew however, he was definitely going to use it. Being Slytherin and all.

It was as though her words unleashed something within him. A part of him that was there all along but he'd held it back because he didn't want to scare her away. Even before he'd realized that he wasn't letting her go if he could help it, then he still kept that part of him back.

Now though, he wasn't holding back anymore.

He pushed her front against the wall of the alley and held both her hands trapped in front of her body giving himself time to leisurely caress her spectacular body. He could hear her keen with pleasure deep in her throat as he wedged one leg between both of hers, rubbing her hot wet core. She moaned loudly into the darkness at the sudden friction.

Her head fell back on his shoulder, exposing her neck to him. He started attacking it immediately with kisses, sucks, bites and licks. With every pass over her most sensitive spots, her moaning increased as she let go with abandon and he relished having the strongest witch he knew turning to putty in his hands.

As he finally kissed her lush lips again deeply and languorously, he apparated them to directly into his bedroom.

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