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The yoga instructor
Charlie W. & Draco M. & Hermione G. & Pansy P. - Words: 150,650 - Rated: M - English - Drama & Romance - Chapters: 33 - Reviews: 399 - Updated: 06-02-2019 - Published: 28-11-2016 - by hbsj (FFN)

The yoga instructor

Warning: M-rating for language.

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Chapter 3, The class

"If you haven't been to a yoga class before, please raise your hand so I'll know to look out for you." She said this in a very professional and encouraging voice, typically Granger but he'd seen her freeze and scowl at Pansy. So, it wasn't just him the petite dark haired witch had tricked. That was good, it gave him some semblance of equilibrium back. Draco raised his hand slowly, two other people also raised hands, thank Merlin he wasn't the only newbie.

Hermione then started going through the motions, a bit more stoically than usual because of the Slytherin ferret in her class. She started out with a Sun Salutation and as she directed the class, her eyes kept drifting to him. Normally she would be in her own world during that particular move but she couldn't keep her concentration fixed. She even cracked a small smile as he fumbled one of the moves. His eyes snapped to hers and she felt a thrill go through her body. She didn't know if that was good or bad but she closed her eyes and tried to shake it off. She needed to stay focused on this class.

Ginny looked at her questioningly. She knew something was up, especially as she glanced to her left where Pansy seemed to be having the best day ever. The smirk would not leave her lips through her movements. She was suspicious so as she had to turn left and right, she looked around the class and then she saw his hair. No one could miss him if they'd known him. She frowned at Pansy who just gave her an evil grin.

Draco did all of the moves as best he could. He knew he was out of his depth with this, he'd always known and that was why he hadn't wanted to join Pansy today. Everyone was on their mats now, so he could see most of the class quite easily but he couldn't stop staring at her. He'd seen Granger around at the Ministry, grabbing lunch or coffee, seen her at the occasional meeting between their offices but now that he actually looked at her, it was clear that he hadn't been seeing.

She was most certainly not the same girl he had bullied in school. She was a woman, in all the best senses of the word. She wore a tight tank top and semi-tight training pants that stopped mid-calf, no shoes, no jewelry, no makeup and her bushy brown hair was in a loose bun on top of her head but somehow, it just didn't seem a bushy as he remembered it. She was graceful in all of her moves, her body toned but with all the right curves and a narrow waist. She looked completely gorgeous. His cock twitched but he schooled it quickly. These loose clothes were definitely not effective at concealing a growing erection and he definitely needed to focus on stopping those errant thoughts.

Hermione couldn't stop looking in his direction, he looked completely ridiculous in those clothes but if she was honest with herself, that only added to the appeal of him. The t-shirt was too wide but also too short and he wore dark green sweats that were way too big. She kept glimpsing his stomach, which wasn't helping with her focus. His stomach was flat, lean, and with an outline of firm muscles, the same as the rest of his body. It was pretty incredible. He had filled in to his former pointy face, and now it suited him quite well. Well, it looked much better than just suited him. He had always been handsome underneath the sneer he wore at school but he'd been too pointed and skinny but now he was just kind of beautiful, it was somewhat unnerving. She had seen him at the Ministry from time to time and she had accepted that he was now somewhat different from their school days, both in looks and opinions. They had only had a few very professional encounters in which they had been compelled to speak but that had all been neutral enough. She had even acknowledged to herself that he was now a very good-looking man before now. She cursed herself inwardly, realizing she had been staring when he looked into her eyes again and the trademark Malfoy-smirk appeared on his lips. That smirk did suit him much better now. Dammit.

She shook mentally herself and took the class into a series of quite complicated movements. She demonstrated and instructed and then, when she couldn't escape it anymore, she stood up and walked around the class. She always specifically paid attention to the newbies in the class, but this meant that she had to pay attention to him, and he might be very handsome now, but he was still Malfoy. She started out with the two she didn't know, speaking quietly to them, and helping them with the moves. In all fairness, she couldn't avoid him any longer, so she sighed and she went to the back of the class, still speaking to them all, when it was time to move. His eyes were trained on her as she approached him, she couldn't tell what he was thinking, but she was sure that that was a good thing. She felt her cheeks burn under his scrutinizing gaze but she soldiered on, and stood just beside him, looking critically at his stand. She gave him small pointers and moved behind him.

Draco enjoyed the show so much. She was a beautiful witch he could rile up within seconds with just a look or a small comment. He could tell she was somewhat flustered. He had even started enjoying the yoga. He usually played Quidditch with Blaise and Theo during weekends but he never stretched afterwards, this actually felt quite good. He knew his body had filled out since their school days but this did create a nice change to the cramped position on the broom. Huh, who knew? As she walked towards him, she looked like a dream he would never want to wake up from and he couldn't take his eyes off her. He knew he should however but for now he just decided to enjoy himself. He looked at her slowly, taking in her every feature and fantastic curve of her body and his cock twitched. Again. He struggled to keep his expression and his pants neutral and it paid off after he had received a few good points from her and she moved to stand behind him. He couldn't stop himself. This was just too good.

Ten seconds after she'd moved behind him he said, very quietly and very smugly "Enjoying the view, Granger?"

That's it, she thought. He definitely doesn't need any more of her attention. She stomped up to the front, trying desperately to calm her flustered countenance before turning towards the class again.

The class ended with Hermione's favourite eight minutes of the class, meditation. She guided her class into the Lotus position, asked everyone to close their eyes, and looked around. Everyone had closed their eyes, except Malfoy of course, his eyes boring into her, eyes inscrutable. She motioned for him to close his eyes and closed her own. She could not deal with him now. She guided her class in and out of the meditation, just like she had been taught and it soothed her. She was calm now and ended the class in a good mood.

He had just started to feel in his element. She had blushed, stomped and in general looked completely adorable. Wait, what? No, she was Granger, the know-it-all swot from his school days. He just needed to get laid, that was the problem and he hadn't been with anyone in quite a while. Perhaps he should grab Theo and go out on Friday or Saturday. He had been way too focused on this witch for the past hour. Enough was enough. She had gotten fairly pretty and he had just noticed it tonight. As the class filed out, a welcome distraction arrived as Pansy and Daphne sauntered up to him. He would never get with Daphne, she was Astoria's older sister after all but she was definitely a good distraction from Granger in her very scanty yoga outfit.

"So Draco, did you enjoy the class?" Pansy looked expectant.

"I did enjoy it actually, I didn't expect that. But then again, you can't blame a guy for enjoying the very pleasant view when I saw you all bend over." He smirked with no shame.

Pansy hit him on the shoulder. "Are you kidding me? That was all you got out of the class?"

"Ow!" He mock-winced and she rolled her eyes. "No, it wasn't, but it was a very good movement. It really stretched the back of my legs" His wide smirk had stayed in place during the comment and he looked up to see an annoyed Weaselette (or is it now Potterlette?) and a frowning Granger looking at their little group from the front of the room. They had clearly heard his comments. Beside him Daphne was giggling, somehow she always thought his comments was hilarious and he had her rapt attention. Now he was reminded why he'd never really pursued any of the Greengrass sisters, dating Astoria for his mother's sake aside, they had been way too available for him and not nearly interesting enough.

Hermione couldn't help thinking that Malfoy may have improved in the looks-department, but he was clearly still was a completely horrible little ferret. He had always looked down on everyone in school, sauntering around as though he was some sort of a prince. He had made inappropriate comments to her during class and now regarding the entire class. She didn't need this and to protect the integrity of the class, she marched up to him, his unreadable eyes on her the entire time.

"Malfoy, if you have been that bored in this class, that you have to resort to looking at the women in the class as though they are meat, you need not return. You are not welcome in the classes if you can't take it seriously." She snapped, turned on her heel and went directly towards the changing room.

"I do take it very seriously Granger, don't you worry about that." Smirk and smug voice still in place, he managed to answer her just before she had left the studio. She just glared at him while leaving the room.

Hermione stormed into the changing room, followed by an exasperated Ginny.

"By Merlin, he can be a pretentious ass, can't he? I can't believe he told us that he'd spend his time in the class ogling the women."

"Well, technically he didn't tell us, he told Pansy and Daphne and from Pansy's reaction, she was just as pissed off about it as we both are."

"Do you have to be so politically correct? I mean, it's Malfoy! He's so arrogant!"

"I know, I know, his arrogance has no limits even when surrounded by women, or maybe it was because he was surrounded by women. But I have heard that he is a complete confident ladies' man, that he really is good at his job at magical law and that he's actually all right to work with, amazing as that sounds. So maybe his arrogance is merited in some small way."

"Oh, you're defending him now? Interested in the Slytherin sex good maybe?" Ginny had a knowing smirk on her face.

"Merlin no! But I've been told that I might have to cooperate with him on a case I received today, so when we're done, I'll at least be able to tell you if his arrogance at his job I merited." She smiled, and hoped that he would be as good at his job as she'd heard. After all, he had never worked with her and she was certain that she would be able to see right through him, if he played any tricks.

Ginny's smiled widened significantly. "Or maybe you'll be able to tell me about all of his confidence. I've heard that he's an amazing fuck but the sources are in no way reliable. But I've also heard that if he is interested, he is almost irresistible and with the way he looked at you today, I wouldn't put it past him to try."

"Please, he is not interested in me, there's too much history between us. And I'm absolutely certain that I will be able to resist him, should he try anything." Hermione answered with absolute self-assurance. She might think that he was handsome but he was obviously still the ferret-prat from her school days. Even though Ginny definitely didn't need to know about the surreptitious glances she had given him from afar at the Ministry. Why did he have to be so edible and why, oh why, did he have to show up in her class?

Draco changed quickly and met Pansy outside the old dilapidated building, her high heels clacking on the pavement. She wound her arm through his and led him back down to the alley they had apparated to. He was rigid and stonily silent but she seemed to have an extra skip in her step, he couldn't fancy why.

She side-along apparated him to her and Blaise's place, a large expensive flat in a muggle part of London, close to Ministry. Pansy had spent weeks with a decorator furnishing the place and it looked immaculate. As they entered the place, he could hear his best friend rummaging in the kitchen, humming along to the wizard wireless.

"Mate, good to see you!" He gave Draco a thump on his shoulder. "And honey, you're home." He almost purred in a deep hoarse voice as he proceeded to give his fiancée a prolonged snog. After Draco cleared his throat and the happy couple had given him equally nauseating grins, he was informed that dinner would be ready in fifteen minutes. It seemed that Blaise had found a love of cooking after the war and now owned a quite popular café in Diagon Alley. Pansy motioned to Draco to follow her to the lounge.

"So, did you enjoy the class?"

"Well… It wasn't as bad as I had expected. You could have told me that a lot of those women in the class wear nothing but skin tight outfits, I'd have liked some sort of warning."

"Come on, you loved that part, I know you." She smirked knowingly. "But I was surprised to see that your attention wasn't caught by the women in general but one in particular."

"What on earth are you talking about?" he said gruffly. He knew he was becoming defensive but he didn't want her asking about his reactions to Granger. He didn't know where they came from himself so he had decided to bury them, never to be examined again.

"The yoga instructor, or as she is also known, Hermione Granger." Pansy's attention was fixed on him, and as per his earlier decision, he decided to brush off her comment completely.

"I don't look at her any differently than any other women. She's the same Granger we went to school with."

Pansy snorted with a derisive laugh. "Draco please! You know as well as I, that she looks nothing like she did in school, her body, her hair and her confidence has all changed. She's grown up all right and if I weren't with Blaise I'd even give it a go, she's fucking gorgeous!"

Blaise had just entered to room and both Blaise and Draco were staring at her bug eyed and open mouthed. She just laughed at their expressions. "Come on guys, you both know about my lovely experiments at school. Women are amazing and I just love giving them pleasure. I love you Blaise but I could just as well have ended up with someone like Hermione, she's feisty and passionate, I like that. I'm sure she's like that in bed as well."

At this Draco kept gaping and Blaise started laughing, while announcing that dinner was now ready in the dining room. Pansy led the way, clacking her black high heels with red soles loudly on the hardwood floor. Draco followed Blaise at a snails pace, he couldn't get the image of a feisty and passionate Granger naked in his bed out of his head. He tried shaking his head, to no avail. Dinner was a long affair with Pansy supplying most of the conversation. Blaise tried to get Draco to talk about the yoga class but he was having none of it. He needed something a lot stronger than butterbeer to talk about that.

He returned home to his Diagon Alley flat. It was in the respectable end and quite large, with four rooms, kitchen and bathroom. He needed a firewhiskey to calm down. Pansy had rattled on all night and he had barely been able to get away at ten thirty, with excuses about an early start at work the next day but in reality, he needed to think and think hard.

He sat in his favourite chair in his lounge in front of the fire, twirling the whiskey tumbler in his hand. Okay, so the Granger-girl was basically an improved version of herself. And he had to admit, she had a definite appeal, not just in terms of a quick shag but he knew her wit was fascinating. He'd always thought so but he had always chosen to sneer at and insult her instead, it had been his instinct in school, which had been carefully honed by his father. He knew his mother deeply regretted that Lucius was in Azkaban but he was reasonably happy about it because it meant that he was free from his father's opinions and prejudices. In school, though he had loathed to admit it, Granger had bested him in almost every subject, being muggleborn hadn't stopped her at all. In fact, he thought it might have had an effect in spurring her on and applying that brain of hers to even further use.

That was another thing, he had always found intelligent women the sexiest. That was even the reason he had gone out with Pansy in the fourth year. She didn't look it but she had a deadly sharp brain, capable of most things she had set her mind to, she just hadn't been that interested in using that intelligence in school and even so, she had finished in the top ten of their entire class. Granger was a danger to him, now more than ever, since he now found her pretty much physically perfect.

He had seen her around the Ministry and for the first time he realized why the difference between the girl from school and the woman he had seen standing in the lunch line a couple of months ago had been so striking. Her bushy hair had no longer been bushy, but tamed luscious dark brown curls reaching her lover back. She had been wearing a minimum of makeup, a sharp charcoal grey muggle womens suit and she'd had an animated conversation with the Weasley patriarch behind her.

Since then, he had noticed her every time he had seen her but he had pointedly ignored her. And every time, he had found himself a date not long after, just to let off some steam. Now, he knew why and he was not happy about it. Was he interested in Granger like that? No, surely not. She was just pretty, nothing more and he would continue to ignore her from now on. He didn't need to go to the yoga class ever again and that would be it. He would start his search for a longer relationship though, he would please his mother and start thinking about his own future. At the age of twenty-three he was not old at all but in pureblood standards, he was terribly late in starting his search, he knew that was what his mother had complained about yesterday.

After pouring another tumbler of whiskey he sat brooding about the possibilities of a wife for another hour and then called it a night, he knew he would have a headache in the morning, but that was fine. He had needed the time to think. And he had a couple of hangover potions in the bathroom.

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