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Our World
Fred W. & George W. & Harry P. - Words: 14,987 - Rated: M - English - Drama & Supernatural - Chapters: 9 - Reviews: 44 - Updated: 13-06-2018 - Published: 30-11-2016 - by DarkHeiressOfSlytherin (FFN)

Title: Our World

Author: DarkHeiressOfSlytherin

Rated: M

Main Couple: Fred(Polaris)/Harry(Hadrian)/George(Apollo)

Other Couples: Luna/Draco(Draconis), Blaise/Neville(Orpheus), Remus/Sirius, Severus/Lucius

Summary: AU!CreatureFic!InheritanceFic! Set in the summer before 6th year. Ignoring HBP and onward. On the night of his 16th birthday, Harry received his inheritance. This caused a domino effect, causing his friends to get theirs at the same time. But when the Ministry and Albus Dumbledore gets knowledge of this, Harry and his friends are cast out of the Wizarding World, making Dumbledore find a new way of defeating Voldemort. What they didn't know was that Harry had a plan and with the support of his friends, he created his own Wizarding World community just for people with dark creature abilities like him and his friends. Dark!Powerful!Independent!Harry. Sirius is alive. Bad!Dumbles. Weasley(AW,MW,PW,GW,RW) and Granger Bashing. In an alliance with Voldemort.

Disclaimer: I will say this one time, I do not own Harry Potter or any of its characters. They are all the property of J. which I am only using to create my own story.

Warnings: Slash, Violence, Strong Language, M/M relationships, Mpreg and Sexual content.

A/N: This is my very first Harry Potter story. There will be sexual content. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE, THEN DO NOT READ. Also, the names of a few characters will change as well and will be OOC. Anyways, on with the story.



"Regular Speech"


Chapter One - The Night of Change

"Boy! Make sure the kitchen is spotless. You don't want what happened last night to occur again now do you?" Vernon said with a snarl while he just sat in the living room watching whatever was on TV with his wife and son.

"Yes Uncle Vernon." Harry shakingly said, as he grabbed the dirty dishes from the kitchen table and carried them over to the sink. With a silent breath, Harry got started with the washing. His life would be simpler now, or so he thought. He had defeated Voldemort on multiple occasions and beaten death. But every single time some good happened in his life it got taken away. He barely gets to talk to his friends through sending letters. He was barely able to exchange letters with his friends. And by friends, he didn't mean Ron or Hermione. By the end of 5th year, he and Draco had declared a truce and become friends, and with Blaise Zabini as well. Every time he would send a letter out with Hedwig, it always just came back unopened. Harry's summer just wasn't at all the best this time.

Previous summers hadn't been as bad as this one, but now that Harry was older, his uncle's beatings had just gotten worse. If anyone looked at him they couldn't really see the marks as Vernon Dursley never left bruises, cuts, or even gashes where they could be seen.

They were always on his back, chest, thighs or legs and since Harry always wore Dudley's hand me downs, no one could tell that he was very malnourished and deadly underweight. He didn't even look like a 15 year old, soon to be 16. Harry looked more like he was 13, being small for his age. He'd told the Headmaster and other teachers time after time at least since second year about his home life with the Dursley's, but none of them seemed to care and thought he was just looking for attention. After a while he just gave up, hoping that one day he would have the strength to leave the godforsaken life with his Aunt and Uncle.

Now finished with most of the dishes, he let them air dry and went on to start wiping off the kitchen table and counters, getting every speck of dirt or food that was there. Making sure they were spotless, he went back to put the clean dishes away. Unfortunately for him, he did not see Dudley come up behind him and give him a shove. Losing his balance, Harry dropped the two plates that were in his hand onto the floor with a loud crash.

"Dad, Harry dropped the plates on the floor!" Dudley yelled towards the living room, then turned to Harry with a smirk on his face.

Harry frantically tried to clean it up before his uncle came, but it was too late. His whale of an uncle was already making his way towards him. Grabbing a handful of his nephew's hair tightly, Vernon pulled him up so he could look at the 'freak'. The pain made Harry give a loud groan. He was shaking now, scared out of his mind already knowing what his Uncle was going to do to him.

"Didn't I tell you boy to make the kitchen spotless!? Not to make a damn mess! You ungrateful freak!" Vernon was turning red in the face.

"I didn't mean to Uncle. Dudley shoved me." Harry said trying to explain.

"Don't lie you filthy creature! All you do is cause us trouble! Ever since you were brought into our home all you did was cause us trouble!" Growled Vernon, and he went to take off his belt with one hand. Once it was off, Vernon threw Harry onto the kitchen floor.

"I'll show you what we do to ungrateful filthy creatures like you!" Raising the belt up, he started to beat Harry repeatedly with the belt buckle. It tore into his skin causing new welts and gashes over the old ones, bleeding profusely all over the kitchen floor while he cried and screamed for his Uncle to stop. His t-shirt was now in shreds around him. He felt the belt buckle hit over his exposed ribs cracking a few of them.

Once Vernon was done abusing his nephew, he handed the belt to Petunia to hold while he went over to the sink and washed away whatever blood was on him, wanting to get the 'dirty' blood off his body. Throwing the now bloody, wet rag on top of Harry, he gave a snarl of disgust.

"Clean up this mess that you've made and take your ass to bed. Bad boys don't get to eat their supper." Vernon said, throwing his head back and laughing. Petunia and Dudley joined in as well. The laughing went on until Harry started wiping up his own blood from the kitchen floor.


Harry dragged himself slowly upstairs and into his bedroom with a moan of pain. It had taken him hours to get the kitchen floor clean of blood. Not only that, his Aunt dragged him outside into the backyard and sprayed him down with the watering hose to clean him up.

Laying gently on the bed on his stomach, Harry winced when his raw back started to burn and bleed slightly again. He looked over at the clock on his bedside table. 11:55pm. Just five more minutes and it would be officially be his birthday.

'Yay, how fun... I'll be 16 soon' He thought giving a heavy sigh. 'Great.'

He closed his eyes just for a few minutes trying to relax his muscles to ease the soreness in his back. Hearing Hedwig give off a hoot, Harry looked over at her just for a few second and then back over at the clock. 11:59pm.

'Any second now.'

When it finally hit 12 o'clock, Harry gave a loud groan in pain. It felt like his whole body was on fire and his muscles were being pulling in every direction. He rolled off the bed with a loud thump to the bedroom floor. His eyes were closed tightly, and he was sweating heavily, breathing hard. A bright green glow filled the room and wrapped around Harry's body, lifting him up from the ground.

He was lowered back down to the carpeted floor of the room, not feeling anymore pain. Harry passed out afterwards feeling better than ever before.


When Harry woke up the next morning he was feeling a little strange. The pain from the beating he had received last night was completely gone. Opening his eyes, he could see everything so much more clearly now than before. Even better than when he wore his glasses. Getting his bearings, he looked around the room and found that he was laying on the floor. Giving a low sigh, he stood up from the bedroom floor and stretched, knocking his hands against the ceiling.

'What the hell?' He thought to himself when he looked up. He was bringing his hands down to look at them when he noticed his clothing. They were really short for his body. 'What happened last night?'

He walked over to his bedroom door and opened it as quietly as he could without waking up his relatives. Looking around the hallways, he made it over to the bathroom and looked at himself into the mirror. Harry gave a quiet gasp at what he saw. His ears were long and pointed at the tips. The hair on his head was now blacker, long and straight, and reached down to his the middle of his back. His skin was darker, close to a grey color. The color of his eyes was still AK green, but brighter than before. Harry's body was now more muscled, and instead of being the height of 5'1", he was now 6'3".

"This is just unreal." He said to himself, rubbing his hands against his face. Hearing a bed squeak, Harry hurried back into his room, shut the door, and sat down on his bed.

While he sat there thinking about his new appearance, Harry didn't realize that his name was being called until there was banging on his bedroom door.

"Get up boy! It's time for you to make us breakfast!" His uncle yelled from the hallway before stomping down the stairs.

Giving a heavy sigh, Harry got up and quickly changed his clothes. Well... they didn't really fit, but it was better than nothing. Opening his bedroom door, he heard the TV in the living room on. Making his way down stairs, he tied his now long hair in a loose knot and went into the kitchen.

When he was about halfway finished cooking his relatives breakfast, his cousin decided to come into the kitchen and cause a problem, or so Harry thought, when he heard a gasp. Harry looked over at his cousin whose mouth gaped open.

"D-Dad!" Dudley yelled out and backed away from Harry while looking up at him.

Harry could hear his uncle making his way into the kitchen with his aunt. "Boy! What did you do now? I thought you learned your-" Vernon Dursley stopped short as he looked at his freakish nephew. Then all of a sudden, Vernon's face started to turn purple with anger. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO? YOU FREAKISH BOY! I KNEW WE SHOULD HAVE NEVER TAKEN YOU IN. I SHOULD HAVE LEFT YOU SOMEWHERE TO ROT!" Vernon just kept on yelling and getting angrier.

As Harry listened, he got more and more annoyed as time passed. He clenched his hands tightly and tried to calm down, but he just couldn't. His magic started to whip around him out of control. Petunia grabbed Dudley and backed away into the corner of the living room. Vernon finally stopped shouting when Harry's magic started to attack him.

"Harry! Stop this!" His aunt yelled at him as her husband lay on the floor screaming. Unbeknownst to Harry, he had done non-verbal magic on his uncle, casting the Cruciatus Curse. Hearing his aunt's yells, Harry stopped suddenly and looked down at his uncle, horrified. He backed away from them and ran out of the kitchen, going back upstairs to his bedroom where he locked the door behind him. He gave a panting sigh, covering his face with his hands.

"I have to get put of here." He said to himself and started rushing around his room, packing his trunk with everything that he could think of. Once his trunk was packed and shrunken, Harry was getting ready to leave when he heard tapping on his window.

Walking over to the window, he saw an owl waiting for him. He opened the window wide, and the owl flew in and landed on the perch beside Hedwig. The owl waved his leg towards Harry. Once he took the letter and gave the owl a few treats, the owl flew back out the window. Going to sit on the bed, Harry looked at the letter and saw that it was from Gringotts. 'I wonder what the goblins want with me.'

Harry opened the letter and started to read it:

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that as of this morning, date July 31, 1996, you are 16 years of age and therefore officially emancipated due to your parents' wishes as stated in their wills. Since you are now legally an adult, you may perform magic outside of school without fear of punishment.

Now, we have performed an audit on your accounts and have found some things that are out of place regarding your vaults. We here at Gringotts wish to correct this oversight. We would like for you to come to the bank and meet with me to rectify our mistake.

We also have information on your inheritance and are willing to help you in any way we can, including helping you identify your creature half.

This letter is a portkey that will bring you to the security check in area. Just show them this letter, and someone will bring you to me. The password is 'Judgment'.



Founder of Gringotts bank

By the time he was finished, Harry was really shocked by what the letter said. Firstly, he could now do magic without worrying about being caught by the Ministry. Secondly, there was something wrong with his vaults, but he didn't even know how. He was never given his vault key. The only time he had ever seen it was during his first time in Gringotts with Hagrid when he first started at Hogwarts. Lastly, the goblins knew about whatever it was that had happened to him the night before. He hoped that they really could explain it to him.

Standing up from the bed, he walked over to Hedwig, and she flew on to his arm. Walking over to the opened window, he held his arm towards it. "Fly on over to Gringotts Owlery girl. I don't know how long I'll be there, so just get comfortable." Hedwig gave a hoot and flew out the window. Looking around the room for the last time, he looked down at the Gringotts letter and gave a sigh. "Here I go... Judgment."

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