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Our World
Fred W. & George W. & Harry P. - Words: 16,354 - Rated: M - English - Drama & Supernatural - Chapters: 10 - Reviews: 53 - Updated: 16-02-2019 - Published: 30-11-2016 - by BlueBunnieBabe (FFN)

For the next couple of parts will have the creatures of our lovely group, if you would like a chapter describing each one of the creatures then let me know. I wouldn't mind doing it for my lovely views. And please review, I would like to know what you all think.

Well on with the story!

Chapter Two – Gringotts Part 1

When Harry popped into the security area of Gringotts, there was already a goblin waiting for him. He walked over to the goblin and handed him the letter.

"This way Mr. Potter, follow me please." The goblin said and headed out of the security area and into the hallway. It took no longer than a few minutes for the goblin lead him to the office of Ragnok.

"Thank you." Harry said to the goblin before the goblin left the room, closing the door. When Harry looked up, he was shocked. Sitting in front of a large desk were several of his friends. He walked over to the empty seat and sat down. "What are you guys doing here?"

"We all got the letters asking us to be here, similar to the one I'm assuming you also received," Luna said. She and the others all waved their letters in the air.

"It's strange really, don't you think? Why are we all here?" Draco said. Then he got a good look at Harry. "By the way, Harry, you look so different now. What happened to you anyways?"

Harry just shrugged his shoulders. "I don't really know to be honest. Just after midnight last night, which incidentally was the rollover to my birthday, I was engulfed in pain which caused me to pass out." He explained to them. "When I woke up, my body had just changed."

"That is because you have received your creature inheritance." Said Ragnok as he came into his office and sat behind his desk. "Not only that, but your friends have come into their creature inheritances as well."

"But how? We don't look any different then before." Draco said.

"That's because unlike Mr. Potter here, Mr. Malfoy, the rest of you only had most of your creatures blocked, and therefore your appearances were already partially attributed to them. Mr. Potter's creature, on the other hand, was completely blocked. At any rate, we won't know your creatures until we do the inheritance tests." Ragnok said to the group of kids who looked shocked at the information.

"So is that why we're all here? To do these tests? But why now, why wait for so long?" Blaise asked.

"For that I do not know." Ragnok said. "I am sorry."

"If that is the case..."

"Then lets not...

"Deal with that now." Fred and George said one after the other.

"I agree. We'll deal with that when we learn more about it," Luna said with a smile.

"Well then... let's get on with these tests. I would like to know how I changed so much. I am more of a freak now than I was before."

"Harry, you're not a freak." Fred said, leaning over and lightly touching Harry's cheek which caused Harry to blush as he nodded.

Luna just gave them a smile. It was like she just knew something was going happen with Harry and the Weasley twins.

"We want to know about ourselves, too!" Said Neville, Draco and Blaise.

"Very well then." Ragnok snapped his fingers and six blank parchments appeared on the desk. "These are the inheritance/identification parchments. They will verify your identities and show your inheritances. They will also show if you have spells or blocks that were put on your person. Who would like to go first?"

The group looked around at each other... well the boys did anyway. None of them wanted to go first. Luna gave a sigh and rolled her eyes.

"I'll go first alright? Stop being so cowardly." She turned toward Ragnok and he nodded, moving one of the parchments in front of her.

"All I need is three drops of blood." Ragnok told Luna as he handed her a goblin dagger. She nodded her head and sliced her finger. Three drops of blood landed on parchment and they waited. Her finger healed on its own. The group looked at the parchment watching it glow for a few seconds before writing appeared on it. Luna took the parchment and read it out loud:

Identification Test

Name: Luna Ophelia Lovegood

Father: Xenophillius Lovegood

Mother: Pandora Lovegood [Deceased]

Birthday: 13 February 1981

Inheritance Test

Name: Luna Ophelia Lovegood

Mother: Pandora Lovegood (Nymph) [Deceased]

Creature inheritance: Half-Nymph

Mate: Draconis Lucien Malfoy


"The Quibbler" Publishing House

The Den, Ottery St. Catchpole


Empathy Ability (emotion controlling and intention reading) [100% block by A. Dumbledore]

Chlorokinesis [50% block by A. Dumbledore]

Omnilingualism [100% block by A. Dumbledore]

Mate bond [100% block by A. Dumbledore]

Everyone gasped at the results, especially Draco. The boys looked from Draco to Luna. This was just shocking to them.

"Luna I -" Draco started, but was cut off.

Luna gave a smile. "It's alright Draco. I know you didn't know, but I've always had this crush on you ever since I started Hogwarts." She gave a blush.

"So... How do you feel about the news Luna?" Harry asked her. "I mean it must be shocking to know that you're a Nymph."

"To be honest, I'm not really that surprised."


"Of course, I mean I was always in the forbidden forest with the Thestrals talking to them." Luna said, smiling. "That was where you found me Harry."

Harry laughed. "Yeah, I remember that."

"Since Luna is okay with her results, I guess I will go next and see what these tests have to say about me." Draco said taking one of the parchments and placing drops of blood on it.

Identification Test

Name: Draconis Lucien Malfoy

Fathers: Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape-Malfoy

Surrogate Mother: Narcissa Black

Godfather: Remus Lupin

Birthday: 5 June, 1980

Inheritance Test

Name: Draconis Lucien Malfoy

Father: Lucius Malfoy (Daeva) [Dominant]

Creature inheritance: (Half-Daeva) [Dominant]

Mate: Luna Ophelia Lovegood


Mate Bond (100% block by A. Dumbledore)

After Draco read the results out loud he was really confused. "What the hell is a Daevas?"

The group shrugged their shoulders, and all looked over at Ragnok. Ragnok waved his hand and a book popped out of thin air onto the desk. "This is a book of all the different creatures both dark and light. This will help you, Mr. Malfoy, or any of you to know what the creatures are." The goblin said handing over the book to Draco.

Draco flipped through the book until he came to the section about Daevas (which wasn't very large). He read the page out loud to the group.

"Daevas are shadow demons, a special type of demon. Their existence predates the birth of Jesus Christ by about two thousand years. They are invisible to the human eye except for their shadows, which are humanoid. According to the Pad of Definitions, the natural enemies of daevas are Ahuras.Daevas appear to hold a low rank in the hierarchy of Hell. They are compared to "demonic pitbulls," being used by other demons as invisible killers (akin to hellhounds). However, it appears that demons (at least black-eyed demons) must first bind daevas using special spells, lest the daevas attack them instead.

It's not uncommon for Daevas to go to the mortal realm and have children with human women. Some Daevas even stay on the surface and live a human life, but only a slight few choose this type of daevas are male, whether they are Dominate or Submissive. There has never been a female Daevas in the known history of the species."

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