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Our World
Fred W. & George W. & Harry P. - Words: 16,354 - Rated: M - English - Drama & Supernatural - Chapters: 10 - Reviews: 53 - Updated: 16-02-2019 - Published: 30-11-2016 - by BlueBunnieBabe (FFN)

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Chapter 3 – Gringotts Parts 2

Looking up from the book, Draco looked up at Ragnok. "Is this everything about them?"

The goblin nodded his head. "That is everything that anyone could uncover. Daevas are dark creatures as you could tell just by the description."

"I might have to ask my father about if there is anything else, but he'll just probably say what was in the book." Draco said closing the book and placing it back on the desk. "At least Luna is my mate."

Luna gave a giggle with a blush on her face.

"Neville, you're so quiet. What's wrong?" Harry asked him.

"Huh... Oh... It's nothing. I mean, I'm just nervous about what the tests might say about me. What if I'm some evil being that likes to kill for fun." Neville said with a shaking voice and looking down at the floor.

"It's going to be alright Neville. Whatever it says, you know that we all will still be your friend." Blaise said to him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Neville gave a sigh. "If you say so, but I'm still going to be nervous." Dropping the blood on his parchment, he waited for it to glow. Once it did he grabbed it and started to read it aloud.

Identification Test

Name: Orpheus Thorin Black

Adopted Father: Frank Longbottom (Deceased)

Mother: Alice Longbottom (Deceased)

Father: Sirius Orion Black-Lupin

Godfather: James Potter (Deceased)

Godmothers: Lillian Potter (Deceased), Narcissa Black

Birthday: 30 July 1981

Inheritance Test

Name: Orpheus Thorin Black

Creature Inheritance: Spriggan [Submissive] (Only a select few are chosen for this ability. Happens only every 100 years.)

Mate: Blaise Andrew Zabini


Longbottom Manor

Black Cottage (Given to Alice by Sirius as a gift)


Longbottom (By magic)


Elemental Magic (100% block by A. Dumbledore)

Occlumens Ability (100% block by A. Dumbledore)

Mate Bond (100% block by A. Dumbledore)

Neville... Orpheus dropped the parchment on the floor and fled from the office with tears in his eyes, slamming to door behind him. Everyone watched him go. Blaise was about to go after him, but Luna stopped him. Giving him a small smile, Luna followed after Neville/Orpheus.

"Wow." The twins said at the same time.

"So, Sirius as a son. And its Neville. I wonder if he knows about him." Draco said.

"I don't think he does Draco. If he did he would have at least said something about it. I might just have to ask him about it when this is all over with." Harry said. "Sirius is all the family Neville as left."

"We should get Sirius down here and explain. It's only fair to Neville. If I was him, I would want to know why my 'father' didn't come for me if my parents died. Whether he new about me or not!" Draco said angrily.

After a while both Luna and Neville came back into Ragnok's office. Neville's face was red and puffy. His eyes were still wet with tears. Luna was rubbing his back as they sat back down in their seats. His face was covered by his hands as he tried to calm down.

"It's going to be okay Neville." Harry said to him.

Neville just nodded. "Okay Harry. But I still what to know why. Why have this hidden from me for so long? Why not tell me? I mean my grandmother probably knew." He gave a heavy sigh. "No wander she used to look at me all strangely ever since I was younger. She knew! She fucking knew!"

Blaise went over, squatting down in front of Neville and wrapped his arms about him. Blaise whispered in his ear. "I'm here Neville. Everything is going to okay. I will always be here for you."


"Do you trust me Nev-" Blaise was cut off.

"Don't call me that. I... I want to go by Orpheus. I mean, it was what my mom named me at one point."

Blaise chuckled. "Alright Orpheus. But honestly, do you trust me that I will be there?"

"Yes Blaise I trust you." Orpheus said with a smile on his face, placing his head on Blaise's shoulder.

"Ragnok, please send a copy of Orpheus' results to Sirius and a letter about all that as happened. And include the name he was giving so Sirius will know who it's about." Harry said the goblin who nodded. While the letter was being sent, Harry grabbed the creature book and went through it to find something about Spriggans. With a sigh, Harry closed the book.

"Well? What did it say?" Fred said.

"Nothing. It said nothing at all. There is nothing in this book that talks about this creature."

"Well, on the parchment it said that it only appeared every hundred years, maybe they could never find anyone that had it before." George said looking over at Harry.

"Maybe." Harry said thinking.

Standing up, Blaise grabbing his parchment and placed the drops on it. "It's my turn to see about mine, but I already know that Orpheus is my mate. It's obvious."

Identification Test

Name: Blaise Andrew Zabini

Father: Marcus Zabini (Deceased)

Mother: Marianna Zabini

Birthday: 18 March 1980

Inheritance Test

Name: Blaise Andrew Zabini

Mother: Marianna Zabini (Reaper)[Dominant]

Creature Inheritance: Reaper [Dominant]

Mate: Orpheus Thorin Black


Zabini Manor


Zabini (By blood)


Necromancy (100% block by A. Dumbledore)

Immortality (100% block by A. Dumbledore)

Mate Bond (50% block by A. Dumbledore)

After reading what it said Blaise started to laugh out loud. He laughed so much that tears were flowing down his face. "Oh my god!... This is so fucking funny."

"How can this be funny, Blaise? You're a Reaper." Draco said shocked at his friend.

"I know, but it makes since with my mom. You know about my mom Draco. How she has so many husbands, but then they just disappear off the face of the earth after she is done with them. I get it now. I see why all her ex-husbands just vanish." Blaise said to everyone.

Fred and George's mouth just hung open with what they just heard. "No way."

Blaise just nodded. "It's true."

"It says here in the book that... Death, also known as the Grim Reaper, is a common element in culture and history. As a personified force it has been imagined in many different ways. The popular depiction of Death as a skeletal figure carrying a large scythe and clothed in a black cloak with a hood first arose in 14th century England, while the title "the Grim Reaper" is first attested in 1847.

In some mythologies, the Grim Reaper causes the victim's death by coming to collect him. In turn, people in some stories try to hold on to life by avoiding Death's visit, or by fending Death off with bribery or tricks. Other beliefs hold that the Spectre of Death is only a psychopomp, serving to sever the last ties between the soul and the body, and to guide the deceased to the afterlife, without having any control over when or how the victim dies. In many mythologies, Death is personified in male form, while in others, Death is perceived as female (for instance, Marzanna in Slavic mythology).

The Grim Reaper (Death) is an Angel of Death. It is thought that those who see him will soon perish, and as such he is considered a bad omen. The Grim Reaper is most analogous to Charon, the man believed to ferry the dead across the River Styx in Greek mythology. A common legend, in reference to his powers, is that of touch, which is said to kill who is touched by his hand, and oftentimes, anyone who comes in contact with any part of the Grim Reapers' body. He is usually depicted as a skeleton wearing a dark, hooded cloak ,bonny grin and grasping a scythe.

For those that are know as just Reaper are said to be the descendants of Death himself. It is not known, but some say that on All Hollows Eve Death comes to the surface and as a child with a random woman by seducing her."

"So I'm related to Death." Blaise said.

"Thanks what it says Blaise." Luna said closing the book. "So somewhere in your family tree Death was your relative. Like a great grandfather or something."

"Do I have a scythe?" Blaise asked Ragnok.

Ragnok went over to the vault files and searched through them until he grabbed the Zabini files. "Here in this file is everything that is in the main Zabini vault. It does say there is a scythe laying in the vault that was placed their by your mother after your father died. She wrote stating that not to give you the scythe until you came into your inheritance." Just then a goblin came in with a metal stick looking thing. He handed Ragnok the stick and left the office. He passed the stick over to Blaise and when the young man touch it, the metal stick glowed black and wrapped a darkness power around Blaise who started to groan in pain as he fell onto the floor.

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