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Our World
Fred W. & George W. & Harry P. - Words: 16,354 - Rated: M - English - Drama & Supernatural - Chapters: 10 - Reviews: 53 - Updated: 16-02-2019 - Published: 30-11-2016 - by BlueBunnieBabe (FFN)

Here's a thanks for everyone who has read and reviewed my story so far. :) So here is chapter 4 and I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 4 – Gringotts Part 3

After a while Blaise gave a harsh breath as he stood up. And now in replace of the metal stick was the beautiful scythe in his hand. The handle was solid black with silver and blood red demonic symbols and designs all over it. The blade was so shiny and the group could see that it was definitely sharp.

"Are you alright Blaise?" Orpheus asked him.

Blaise nodded and gave Orpheus a smile, wrapping his arms around his mate. "I'm fine. Don't worry about it. The scythe was just connecting to my magic signature. But I can't really carry this around with me at school or anywhere."

"The scythe will vanish when you are not using it. All you say is être allé which means 'be gone' in French. And to call it to you all you say is the name of the scythe." Ragnok explained.

"Name? What do you mean?"

"You have to name your scythe for it to came to you to use it. Just press the symbol of Death on the handle and say the name that you choose. Once synced with the scythe it will come to you when called."

Blaise nodded his head and started to press symbol and said 'Shi.' Once Blaise said the name the scythe glowed. "There... It's all set."

"What did you name it Blaise?" Orpheus asked.

"I named it Shi. It means death in Japanese."

"I didn't know you knew Japanese." Draco said.

"Well I know a few words. Husband number 4 was from the Japanese branch of the Ministry of Magic located in Japan." Blaise said shrugging his shoulders.

"So who's next to see their results? All that's left are Fred and George and Harry." Orpheus said to everyone.

Fred and George looked at each other than grabbed a parchment for them. "We guess we should go next." They said together.

"Since you two are twins, your blood is practically the same. So you will share this parchment, but you both still need three drops of blood from each of you." Ragnok said to then.

Nodding their head they cut their fingers and each of the twins dropped their blood together. The parchment glowed twice as bright then the others. Looking at the tests their shock was priceless.


Identification Test

Names: Polaris Rhaegar and Apollo Tiberius MonClair

Adopted Father: Arthur Weasley

Adopted Mother: Molly Weasley

Father: Prometheus MonClair {Missing}

Mother: Belladonna MonClair nee Hathaway (Deceased)

Birthday: 1 April 1978

Inheritance Test

Name: Polaris Rhaegar and Apollo Tiberius MonClair

Father: Prometheus MonClair (Imp) [Submissive] {Missing}

Mother: Belladonna MonClair (Unknown) [Deceased]

Creature Inheritance: Imps [Dominant]

Mate: Hadrian James Potter


MonClair Manor

Hathaway Beach House, Miami, Florida

Crystal Haven Island

Belladonna's All Girl Private Magical Academy

Isle of Hornswaggle

2/3 WWW


MonClair (By blood)

Hathaway (By blood)


Natural Animagi (100% block by A. Dumbledore)

Occlumens (100% block by A. Dumbledore)

Appearance Glamour Spell (Given by A. Dumbledore and Molly Weasley)

Adoption Potion (Given by Arthur and Molly Weasley)

Mate Bond (50% block by A. Dumbledore)


Fred and George growled angrily at the parchment. "What the fuck!? I can't believe this!" Fred yelled.

"I can't believe they did this to us. We were never Weasley's to begin with. And Dumbledore! That old goat!" George said standing up and started to pace.

"Fred... George... Calm down." Harry said worriedly to them.

"How can we!? They've lied to us for years." The twins said together.

"I know how you feel Fred and George. You see how I reacted earlier when I found out my real identity. But I'm fine now." Orpheus told them. "We are here for you and we will figure out why the Weasley's and Dumbledore why they did this to us. Especially Dumbledore. He's caused all these blocks on us. But I can already see he will come up with some kind of lie about why he did it. Since we know now, we will have the upper hand. Plus the goblins will be about to take off the blocks, spells and potions that are all on us."

"I agree with Orpheus. We can deal with this. And your father is just missing. We could probably find him and ask him questions." Harry said. "So please calm down and think logically. I might not like what they did, but I want to see you do something that you will regret."

Fred and George gave a heavy sigh and calmed down. George came back over and sat back down in his chair. Leaning back, he placed his arm over his face and Fred did the same.

"Is there any information about the MonClair's Ragnok?" Draco asked.

Ragnok snapped his figures and a large file appeared in front of him on the desk. "Well... Prometheus is from Italy and was a successful business man. Having different businesses in Italy, the UK, France, China, and Germany but his most famous business is a high end five star restaurant and hotel in the USA. Then Belladonna was from the USA, that's where they met. She was the Headmistress of the All Girl Private Magical Academy for 3 years. She was out shopping and he had a business meeting when they just bumped into each other on the street and they just fell in love. They were together for a year then got married and they both moved to the UK. Within that time she got pregnant with you two then she died giving birth. The cause is unknown because the medi-witches say she was healthy all throughout her pregnancy..."

"This is Dumbledore's fault. It has to be. If our mother was healthy then just magically died them someone had to cause it. The only powerful wizard in the world is Dumbledore." Fred growled out. "I hate him!"

"Don't we all. He's causing us all problems that he probably wont even admit." Blaise said.

"But their father is missing. What happened to him?" Luna asked.

"Unfortunately, it does not say much in the files. All it says is that he was over seas on a business trip and you two were with a babysitter. When he didn't come home the sitter called the Aurors. They investigated for 4 months but nothing because Albus Dumbledore ordered them to stop looking. Then Dumbledore took you somewhere to be cared for. Which in high sight were the Weasley's." Ragnok said and closed the file before taking out two photos. He handed them to the twins.

The twin took them and the group crowded around them. The first picture showed their parents together on their wedding day. Prometheus was medium height, muscular and tanned. His hair was long and blond with streaks of red. Belladonna was short around 4"11, she was skinny and very curvy with fair skin. She had a short pixie hair that was black and kind of spiked.

"They look so happy together." Luna said with a smile.

"Of course. Why wouldn't they be?" Fred joked.

The next photo was of the twin and their father. Their baby selves looked so different from the ones the Weasley's have. The twins were of course identical, but instead of being red heads with blue eyes. They had a full head of curly blonde hair and hazel eyes. Their skin was tanned and had no freckles at all unlike how all of the Weasley's had.

The twins looked up at the same time. "We want the glamours off us as quickly as possible."

Ragnok nodded his head and pressed a button on his desk. Minutes later a goblin came into the room waiting by the door. "Boys this is Dregnook and he will take you and anyone else to get your block, glamours, spells and potions to be removed."

The twins and the rest minus Harry walked out of the room with Dregnook to get everything fixed. While they were gone, Harry decided to ask about what was wrong with his vaults.

"In the letter you sent me, it said that something was wrong with my vaults that you needed to fix." Harry said to Ragnok whole grabbed Harry's vault files.

"Yes. Apparently galleons in great qualities have gone missing from your vaults and placed in different accounts. We just now found out about it because one of the goblins has seen it happened. It seems that the goblin for the Potter vaults has been being paid off for your vaults to be accessed illegally. That goblin as be delt with and a new trusted goblin as took hold of the Potter vaults. He's one that I trust the most with this."

"So who has been in my vaults and what has been taken out?"

Flipping through the files Ragnok said. "According to these, it seems like Albus Dumbledore and Molly Weasley has been taking money out. At first it was just small amounts like for you aunt and uncle to take care of you while with them and for your school supplies at the beginning of each year. But over the last two years the amounts have increased. Albus Dumbledore has taken out 35 million galleons from the main Potter vault and placed half in is the vaults for the himself and the Order of the Phoenix. Plus he's taken out antique items and expensive spell books. Molly Weasley as taken out 500 thousand galleons from your trust vault to aid her family." He explained to Harry showing him the vault statements. Harry read it over and clinched it tightly.

"I want everything back. Every galleon and every piece of items back in my vaults." Harry said angrily.

"I will get right on that. Just sign here and everything will be put back." Ragnok said and handed the papers over foe Harry to sign his name. Once signed the goblin snapped his fingers and the files disappeared. "Next thing to talk about is your lordships. These will be on your test, but lets get them out of the way right now and not wait."

Harry nodded is head towards him. "Alright then, lets do this then. How many do I have exactly?"

"You have three lordship rings to be signed over to you. The Potter, Peverell, and Black..."

"Wait.. Why Black? Sirius isn't dead, so why do I have the Black lordship ring?" Harry asked confusingly.

"What Mr. Black-Lupin explained was that he didn't want the responsibility to run the Black family any longer. And since Sirius' husband Remus can't have children the ring goes straight to you." Ragnok explained to the young teen.

"But now we know that Orpheus is Sirius' son. So shouldn't he get the Black Lordship ring. I don't even need all of this money or the proporties." Harry said to the goblin.

"I know you are right Mr. Potter, but this happened when Sirius didn't know he even had a son. We'll have to wait until he comes to the bank and discuss the matter." Ragnok said to the young man. He handed Harry the parchments that he needed to sign to get the Potter and Peverell rings. "So until he gets here, please sign these to aquire the other two Lordship rings."

Harry nodded his head and grab the quil from Ragnok. After reading it over, Harry signed his name. The parchments glowed and disappeared. In their place sat two boxes. Harry opened them and looked inside. In the boxes were rings, one had the Potter Family Crest and the other was the Peverell Crest. Harry placed both rings on his fingers and they started to burn and glow slightly. The burning happened so the rings could to be synced to his magical signature. Once the burning and glowing stopped, Harry looked closer at the rings.

"You are now Lord Potter-Peverell." Ragnok said.

"This is going to take some time getting used too." Harry said. Before he could say anything else, his friends came back into the office. His mouth was gaped open in shock how Orpheus and the twins looked. Orpheus looked like a young Sirius Black. His hair was a dark brown and was curly. He had a more muscular build and was lean. The twins were a shocker as well. They both literally shrunk. No longer were they 6' feet tall, but was now 5'9". Their hair were different; Fred.. Polaris.. had black hair while George.. Apollo.. had blond hair. Most of their looks didn't change. Seems the Weasley's didn't realized that the adoption potion and glamour spell didn't take away all of the MonClair features.

"Hey guys, how did it go?" Harry asked them but then he looked at their faces and they looked pissed. "What's wrong?"

"You'll not believe who we saw on the way back here." Orpheus said. Harry gave a confused look. "Dumble.."

Before Orpheus could even finish the door to Ragnok's office slammed open.


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