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Our World
Fred W. & George W. & Harry P. - Words: 16,354 - Rated: M - English - Drama & Supernatural - Chapters: 10 - Reviews: 53 - Updated: 16-02-2019 - Published: 30-11-2016 - by BlueBunnieBabe (FFN)

Sorry about this chapter being so late. I have college to think about, but I hope now that everything as settled down some I can start posting again. And thank you for such great reviews for this story. I'm glad to read how everyone likes it. Now on with the story!

Chapter 8

The next morning, most of the group was already up and moving around the grounds. Hadrian and the twins were still alseep, their arms and legs twisted together. Luna was making everyone breakfast while the others where looking around. Just as breakfast was almost done, Hadrian had woken up and slid out of the sleeping bag he was sharing with the twins and stretched. He walk into the dark trees to hide of eye sight to go to the bathroom. Once he relieved himself, Hardrian went back to the group and sat down by the fire.

"Did you have a got sleep Hadrian?" Luna asked.

He nodded. "It was one of the best sleeps I've had in a long time. Even if the ground was hard."

Sirius walked up to his godson and patted him on the head the asked. "What are the plans for today?"

Hadrian grabbed a hot cooked piece of meat and started to eat. After eating a few bites, Hadrian looked over at Sirius. "Well... I was thinking that we go through all of the buildings and see what we are working with. Finding anything that can be of use and start cleaning things up. I want to try getting some of the bulidings up and running buy hiring people."

"But we wont be able to do this by ourselfs. It would take way to long." Draco said.

"Thats why I'm going to get in contact with Voldemort and ask for his help. Also, I want to get the word out to all dark creatures about what is going on." Hadrian said. He finished his breakfast and stood up. By this time everone was up, had eaten and was ready to get to work. "First things first, we have to have a look around the area and buildings. So I want Luna and Draco to search the two store buildings. Blaise and Orpheus will look around the small houses and Remus and Sirius will look inside the church. Then lastly the twins and I will search the school."

Everyone nodded and they started to go their separate ways for the time being. Hardrian and the twins made it to the school building and saw that it wasn't as big as they thought. The front doors where broken and just falling apart, but with the help of some magic, it could be easily fixed. The inside was dusty and really dark even with the few windows that were letting some light in. With help from the spell lumos, the boys could now see the damage that was done on the inside of the school. There were a few desks and chairs and even a chalk board with faint words written on it.

"Where do you think happened here? There had to be people here at some point right?" Apollo asked.

"Of course, this school is really old. I'd say 18 years ago was when this place was built by people based on how much dust is here." Hadrian said and looked around. "Lets split up and cover more ground. Call me over if you find anything." He kissed both of their cheeks and made his way over to the chalkboard and what seemed to be the teachers desk. Hadrian looked all over the chalkboard to try to see if he could read what was left, but it was just no good. It was just to smuged to be able to read it. Turning around, he looked at the teachers desk. It just looked so normal to him that at first he couldn't see anything that was not out of normal. But when looking closer he could see that there was a hidden drawer and it was warded as well. If this part of the desk was warded then that meant that the poeple who were here before had magic. He wasn't that good at breaking down wards, he had to get Remus to come and break it for him.

With his wand, Hadrian cased expecto patronum and bright misty light came our and formed into a stag. Hadrian smiled at it and started to talk to it. "I found something, but it is warded. I can't get through, come to the school." Once saying is message, he told the stag to go to Remus and Sirius. Once the stag left his sight, he went over to the twins.

"Find anything?"

"Nothing at all" Apollo said and wiped his hands to get rid of the dust.

Polaris agreed with his brother. "All I found was dust, dirt, and more dust."

"I found a warded drawer in the teachers desk, so i had to call in Remus and Sirius. Remus should be able to break the wards so I could get in. They should be here soon."

"And you would be correct." Remus said from the doorway when Hadrian looked up. "I haven't broken a ward in a long time, but it shouldn't be to hard to do."

Hadrian waved him over to follow him and made their way over to the desk. He showed Remus the drawer and stood back so Remus could work. It took awhile for the ward to be removed, but once they were, the drawer opened up and the small group all looked inside. Inside was a small box and saying a spell tol them that was box was safe to open. Hadrian say the box on the desk in front of him and looked at it. His hands were kind of shaking because he didn't know what was waiting inside to be dicovered. He lifted the lid and looked inside. All that was in there was key and an closed envelope. Grabbing the things, he looked over at his mates and Remus. "We should hand back to the campsite and show these things to the rest of the group."

"I'll send out my patronus." Remus said and cased the the spell. Once the message was sent, Hadrian, the twins and Remus went back to the campsite ans waited for everyone to meet back up. He was hoping the others have found some things as well.

The chapter is short, I know. But I wanted to have a new post and not have you all waiting any longer. I hope you enjoyed it and please review. :)

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