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Ut Felix sit!
Harry P. & Severus S. - Words: 11,090 - Rated: T - English - Family - Chapters: 5 - Reviews: 8 - Updated: 15-01-2017 - Published: 16-12-2016 - by Sasha Kingsley (FFN)

AN: I don't own the Harry Potter-world or its original characters, they belong to the delightful JK Rowling! However, some characters in this story are mine, I truly hope you like them.

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A while before the Hogwarts Express arrived at Hogsmeade Station, Harry and his friends received an unwanted visit of a certain blonde, pointy-faced git. Draco Malfoy had come once again to antagonize the three friends, spouting pureblood supremacy crap. After calling Ron a blood traitor (how original) and starting on Harry's status as an orphan (another one that had gotten old very quickly), Hermione had become fed up with the Slytherin and had hexed him and his bodyguards with a Tarantellagra and sent them off, dancing a strange mix between a jig and a foxtrot. As she slammed the compartment door closed, she turned around with a huff.

'Honestly, you'd think that he had something better to do than coming in here and playing a bully, but no, Mr I-am-telling-my-father-about-this has to go and prove us all that he is an unoriginal, moronic, inbred prat!'

Harry and Ron looked at each other, usually Hermione was the one to stick to the rules, but apparently Malfoy had brought out her usually well-hidden Gryffindor sense of justice.

'Yeah, well, thanks 'Mione.' Harry smiled at the bright witch.

'You're welcome, Harry. Now, have you done your homework? I thought that the three feet essay on transfiguring rodents was quite interesting- 'As Hermione rattled on about the summer homework, Harry laughed out loud, while Ron thumped his head against the small table in the compartment in frustration. Hermione would not be Hermione if schoolwork wasn't the most important thing to talk about anyway.

'Never change, Hermione.' Harry grinned at his female best friend.

As they neared their destination, the three Gryffindors changed into their school robes, proudly embossed with gold and red.

As Charlie Weasley sat down at the small table in his hut, ready to eat the plate of steaming scrambled eggs and bacon, he heard the pop of apparition outside his door. Hoping that his lover was finally returning, he stood up again and hurried to open the door. And he was quite correct. Yelena stood with her hand reaching for the door, when it opened.

'Hey! I was wondering when you would return.' Charlie smiled happily.

'Hi to you too. I'm here.' Yelena grinned at her redhead. 'I have some friends with me, can they come in?' She pointed at the three people behind her.

Charlie tore his gaze away from that perfect face and looked at the strangers. One of them was a woman with wild, sandy coloured hair and the same green eyes Yelena had. But it was her build that made the largest impression. She stood taller than Charlie and had a muscular body structure, easily intimidating anyone, and the frown on her face didn't exactly encourage the redhead to address her. Slightly behind the woman stood two young men, one with dark hair and a wiry build, the other with brown hair and broad shoulders. Both were smaller than the woman, but once again shared the same green eyes. They returned Charlie's curious look with a slight grin. Becoming aware that he was staring at the newcomers, Charlie stepped back and motioned to enter his hut.

'Of course, love. Want something to eat?' His mother's need for feeding people had been drummed into his head from a young age, and Charlie was very aware that offering food was the easiest way to get into someone' good graces.

'We just had dinner, thanks.' The brown-haired man smiled happily, stepping over the threshold into the small cabin.

The small group of five stood awkwardly in the small space between the door and the table, where the dragon handler's eggs were growing cold. Realizing that the silence became uncomfortable, Yelena pushed the redhead to his chair.

'Sit down love, eat your breakfast.' She waved the others to sit in the other chairs around the table. 'These are extended family members of me, Char. Sarabe, Armando and Jason.' She pointed at each of the three sitting at his table. 'This is Charlie Weasley, my lover.' The blonde woman clarified to the others.

The two males nodded politely, while Sarabe merely frowned at him. Charlie quickly started eating his eggs and bacon, waiting for more explanation about why they were here.

'First of all, here is the picture I borrowed. Second, what do you know about that Harry kid?' The tone of her voice had him raise his shocked eyes to hers, green eyes boring into his.

It seemed that the dragons were going to have to wait today.

Harry, Ron and Hermione got off the train and followed the rows of older students. It would be the first time they were taking the carriages towards the castle, and they couldn't wait to get back into the protective walls of Hogwarts. Though they would soon enough want to go back home, right after they had received their first pieces of homework or detentions, of course. As they climbed into a carriage that magically tracked up towards the castle, they were joined by Neville. The clumsy boy tripped over his feet and landed face first in the carriage.

'Hi Neville,' said Harry as he helped his roommate up, 'How were the summer hols?'

'Hello Harry, they were quite fine, thanks. How were yours?' The pudgy boy flopped down onto the bench next to Ron. He wiped his sweaty hands on his trousers.

'Quite well. I stayed with Ron and the Weasleys for a while.' Harry answered happily.

The four second years chattered until they got out of the carriage and entered the castle. Seeing the large entrance hall and entering the Great Hall after months of absence, overwhelmed them with its enchanted ceiling, thousands of floating candles and shiny silverware on the long House tables. They quickly sat down at the Gryffindor table, and soon were joined by the other Lion students. The Gryffindor table was flanked by the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw tables, with the Slytherins on the other side of the bookish students. Perhaps it had been like this since the time of the Founders, perhaps it was something of a later time, but the placement of the Ravenclaws between the Lions and the Snakes was a smart move. It kept fights and name calling to a minimum during meal times, at least.

While the students were filtering in, people looked curiously over to the staff table, where all teachers were sitting. Most were known to the students, as they had been teaching the previous years as well. But one teacher stood out from them, a bright lilac clothed man with a scarily bright smile waved joyously to anyone who looked in his direction. Gilderoy Lockhart had come to Hogwarts. Many started whispering when they saw him, they'd known he would be the new Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts, as it had been announced in the Daily Prophet, but seeing the gaudy man in person was another thing altogether. Would he actually be a good teacher or would he prove unable to overcome the so-called curse on the position? Only time would tell.

After everyone had sat down, Professor McGonagall brought in the new first year students. Among them was Ginny Weasley, who kept close to another girl with dirty blonde hair. The dreamy eyes of the girl seemed to look nowhere in particular, but still the girl didn't walk into anyone as they stepped towards the front of the hall, where the Sorting Hat was waiting for them. One tiny boy was absolutely drenched, his robes dripping small streams of water and his shoes making a slushing noise every time he took a step. He was nattering to the people closest to him about how cool it was to be lifted out of the Black Lake by a large tentacle and be deposited in the arms of Hagrid. Sadly, no one seemed to agree with the kid. Professor McGonagall called the names of the new students and put the Sorting Hat on their heads. One by one, the little first years were Sorted into their Houses. Ginny was last, and ended up in Gryffindor. She waved shyly to her blonde friend, Luna Lovegood, who was sitting at the Ravenclaw table now. And the boy who fell into the lake was put into Gryffindor as well, his name was Colin Creevey.

While he was enjoying the delicious food of the feast, Harry talked to Dean and Seamus who he hadn't seen since the last day of school in June. As Seamus was telling about his father's fear of flying teapots, which Harry and Ron laughed loudly about (they remembered the incident where Ginny poured hot tea over Mr Weasley), Dean interrupted his best friend.

'Isn't it late to get an owl?' He pointed to a barn owl that swooped into the Hall. 'Wonder who that is for.'

The owl flew over the heads of the students towards the Head table. It landed in front of the Headmaster and stuck out his leg. Professor Dumbledore untied the scroll from the owl's leg and offered the bird some steak and water. The owl nibbled on the meat and hopped onto the back of the Headmaster's chair. Apparently it needed an answer. As the Headmaster read the missive, he frowned deeply and became a pearly white. He stood up and offered the bird a seat on his hand, quickly leaving the Hall through the door reserved for the teachers.

'Whatever it was, it seemed important. Think it's about school?' Ron muttered.

Hermione snorted. 'Honestly, Ron. The Headmaster has other important things to do as well. He's the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards and Chief Warlock at the Wizengamot as well. Of course it's important. It's also none of our business.' She answered him snootily and turned to talk to Percy about what homework she should expect the next day.

Ron and Harry shared a look, Hermione's almost worshiping of the Headmaster was nothing new to them. Still, they were both quite curious about what the letter might be about. They'd never seen the Headmaster receive a letter before. Oh well, it didn't matter anyway. They soon returned to their meals.

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was enjoying his meal and was pleased to see the young faces of his students. How the castle was quiet in the summer months, he much preferred the school year, when Hogwarts was bustling with students. The landing of an owl in front of him interrupted his musings though. Albus took the letter and offered the brown bird a scrap of steak and a drink of water. He opened the letter and read it, a sense of dread slamming into his stomach.

Headmaster Dumbledore,

It has come to our attention that a student at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry might be not as human as you think. We believe that he is part of our tribe, the Koshki Tantsorov. You might call us by the names Wizards have given us: Werecats. As you know, it is illegal to keep any child unaware of their heritage, as they need to know what they are and they must be taught how to handle certain unique aspects of their life. Should the child prove to be a 'Werecat', we will take steps to educate him and welcome him in our way of life, you will not deny us. If the child is an ordinary human, we will of course leave the child alone.

We will arrive at Hogwarts on September 2, at six o'clock in the evening, so the child's education will not be interrupted. We will then investigate to see if the child is truly ours.

The child's name is Harry James Potter, please make sure he is present at the meeting.


Yelena Abramova
Emissary for the Koshki Tantsorov

This could prove to be a problem. His carefully laid plans for Harry Potter were too important to be disrupted by the revealing of being a magical creature. Albus offered the bird a lift with his hand and left the Great Hall, hurrying to his office. No matter what, the Werecats must never get a hold of the boy. The beasts were not very well-known by the wizarding population as they preferred to live out of the spotlights, but he knew that they were most protective when it came to their offspring. No one who laid a hand on a child of the Werecats ever came out unscathed. They would be lucky to flee with their lives. No, it would not do at all for Harry to come into contact with those people.

I hope you liked this chapter (and the story so far). Please review!

I know that you probably think this is a Dumbledore-bashing story. While I enjoy some of those, I am trying to look at it from a different angle. Keep in mind that Dumbledore is very old and many people who were a lot younger have had some screws loose.

If you have any questions, you will hopefully have them answered as the story goes on. If not, please send a message:)

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