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Within You Is The Light Of Thousand Suns
Harry P. & OC & Remus L. & Sirius B. - Words: 115,182 - Rated: K - English - Drama - Chapters: 63 - Reviews: 21 - Updated: 19-11-2017 - Published: 17-12-2016 - by Nayaab (FFN)
A Lot of Bad Memories (Part II)

Chapter 3

After the meeting was dismissed Sirius and Remus both headed towards the sitting room with a cup of tea each.

"Come on Padfoot, cheer up things will be alright really quick don't worry.", said Remus.

"No, Moony I know things will not get alright quickly or anywhere near quickly, I will never be able to forgive myself for what I did with you, with them Prongs and Lily, with Harry and with her.", said Sirius.

"Only if I hadn't asked James to switch the secret keepers everything would be different with me in it or without. James and Lily would be alive, Harry would be happy, you would be happy and maybe even she would have a better life.", said Sirius now sobbing hard on Remus's shoulder and murmuring apologies.

"'Shush' now Padfoot you're a godfather now it will not do for you to cry like this, come on buck up and lets go to bed now, I was thinking of going to that spot early morning lets say maybe at 7, it will be better to get her here as fast as possible. I would really appreciate it if you would order Kreacher about this.", said Remus.

"Don't you worry Moony I will.", replied Sirius. And with that they wished each other a goodnight and headed towards their bedrooms.

.:At Fire Manor

Blaze was having a rough night but that didn't matter anymore after going through many others or maybe every night since 14 almost 15 years now since the day she left the magical world injured , broken ,scarred and hopeless. She clearly remember that night when she tried to stop Lord Voldemort from killing Lily and James, but failed. Lord Voldemort kept shooting Stunner after Stunner until the pain took better of her and she was knocked out cold for the next three weeks , and as soon a she was discharged from 's she left the magical world and settled in the muggle world in which she worked for muggle protection as a muggle Auror called a police officer. Hence, the gun holsters and revolvers.

She was ready to leave the Fire Manor which was divided from the muggle world through a magical barrier. She collected all her IDs, revolvers and her motorbike keys. She got out of the Manor and placed the wards after which she walked through the barrier wall. She was shocked to see the sight that met her eyes it was Remus too weak and frail with shabby old robes and graying hair.

"Good morning", said Remus.

"I expected someone to return after those two, there was someone else too, right. Got lucky that one Apperated before I could get my hands on that one.", she replied to happy inside but nothing on the outside nothing at all.

"Well, your answer is No anyways thanks for wasting your time on me. It was good to see you, bye.",she walked towards her bike and started the engine and sat on it when Remus spoke again, "Please Blaze, we need you, Sirius needs you, the Order needs you….Harry needs you."

With that Blaze stopped," Give one good reason why should I listen to you?" Remus smiled, "I just said didn't I Harry need you, he needs your protection, your assurance, he needs someone to fill the need of a mother and who can do that better than a godmother." This was enough to convince her, "I will, but I don't want anyone to escort me tell me the address I will reach their by 5 in the evening.", Remus handed her the piece of parchment with the address written by Dumbledore and saw her leave on her motorbike it wasn't the one Sirius gifted her on their promising ceremony and neither did she have the ring , the only rings she had were the Ignite family Heir and Head of the house ring and the Lady Black ring with the Black family crest on it. 'It probably didn't come out, hence the scars on her finger.' he thought and Apperated back to Grimmauld Place.

.:Back at the Grimmauld Place.

Sirius was pacing around the Grimmauld Place, right and left , up and down, shouting at Kreacher for no good reason his heart pacing so hard and fast that he could hear it echoing all through the house. When suddenly there was a 'pop' and Remus Apperated back.

"Here you are Moony, tell how did it go? Is she coming? I knew she won't I've hurt her too bad. How did she look like? Has she changed?", asked Sirius.

"Are you off your rocker, Padfoot? Anyways, Yes she is coming today evening at 5 and yes, she changed a lot you'll see when she comes…and before you ask, No no one will be escorting she will come here herself now, lets go have our lunch before everyone arrives.", answered Remus.

Sirius's smile grew with every hour that past, he will be seeing her after almost fifteen years now. Slowly as the hours ticked and clock struck at 4p.m, all the Order members started gathering. But, there was someone else who had a restless heart Severus Snape, he was about to meet his best friend, his and Lily's best friend but will she accept him now, will she accept anyone now. But then something disturbed his thoughts a loud sound of something an engine maybe, then it suddenly stopped and the bell rang , every murmuring in the room stopped it was pin drop silence.

Remus moved forward to open the door but Sirius beat him to it. The door opened and she walked in completely ignoring Sirius.

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