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Within You Is The Light Of Thousand Suns
Harry P. & OC & Remus L. & Sirius B. - Words: 115,182 - Rated: K - English - Drama - Chapters: 63 - Reviews: 21 - Updated: 19-11-2017 - Published: 17-12-2016 - by Nayaab (FFN)


Chapter 37

Harry, Hermione, and Ron were seated on the Gryffindor table having their Lunch and concurrently revising their Charms. The O. were to commence from tomorrow and the fifth years were freaking out. Hermione had practically by hearted all the texts, notes and what not but was still not very convinced with herself. However, the boys Harry and Ron were sticking to the texts and the notes. The only thing that was stressing out Ron was that how will he be able to muddle through the scores and do something like of his brothers, they were all high achievers, Bill and Percy had been the Head boys and Charlie was the Quidditch captain. But, Harry was lost which wasn't new, he used to space out very often nowadays.

In his dreams, Harry had now managed to reach a shelf with many orbs and an orb with his name on it but he didn't quite understand what was it trying to say, there was a soft hum like whisper radiating from it every time but whenever he tried to grab it a searing pain used to shoot through his scar. His scar was another concern of his as it pained ever so often nowadays.

"Look at that Harry!", exclaimed Hermione lifting her head from her notes and nodded towards Entrance Hall, "Yeah…yes 'mione.", replied Harry coming back to the present. "That over there, standing next to Umbridge.", she said looking at steady old lady chatting with Umbridge, "It's Griselda Marchbanks. She works for the Wizarding Examination Authority. She will be one of our examiners."

Ron looked at her as if he is being sentenced to Azkaban then quickly packed his bag throwing all the books in it, "I think I should leave now. Coming Harry?", he asked getting up from his seat. "Where are you going?", asked Harry.

"Common Room"

"Alright", answered Harry assuming that being in the Common Room, between the others would get his mind off things. "Harry?", called Hermione packing her textbooks, "Yeah", responded Harry turning back to her, "Did you talk to Professor Snape about those classes?"

He was trying to avoid this topic since forever. Although, Remus and Hermione kept budging hi about the Occlumency classes but he was happy to be rid of them. This was mainly because both Harry and Ron thought that he was opening his mind further for Voldemort to explore it. He wished Sirius was there to save him from this, he wouldn't be bothered at all about all this, and in fact, he even would've supported his decision even though Blaze would've been completely against it.

"Not yet, maybe later.", he answered and walked out of the Great hall.

In apartment no.602

The whole apartment was looking like a house of gloom and the residents were sulking locked up in their rooms. Neither was willing to talk to the other, unless it was absolutely necessary, in which case the answers were mostly grunts or nods.

Sirius sat on the armchair in his room, recalling the last night's conversation. According to him, there was nothing wrong in his words, neither was his demand improper, 'Merlin knows why isn't she speaking.' he thought. His train of thoughts was interrupted by a firm knock on the door, he quickly jumped from the bed and pulled open the door. The door opposite his closed very softly and the lock clicked. He looked around to see a tray filled with food and three vials of potions besides it, resting on a table nearby.

Blaze was sitting by the window sill, scoffing on peaches, loud music blaring around her. That was her escape from the world, from her thoughts, from her unfavorable life: Music. But, her thoughts had gone haywire in her head. There was a limit to her patience with everything, it had always been like that and why not, she was born with fire within her. Anger was always her main weakness. The fact that people kept telling her that enjoying the rest of her life won't hurt and not considering the pain she was going through only to give them a painless life never crossed their minds, was what bothered her the most. No one could understand how excruciatingly grim it was, not to express any feelings.

An hour had passed by since she sat by the window, drowned in her thoughts. Assuming that Sirius must've finished his Lunch she got down to go to the kitchen. She just walked out of the door, when the band around her ankle started heating up. Quickly comprehending that one of the Aurors had raised an alarm, she lifted the hem of her trousers to notice that the band was glowing a bright shade of yellow which meant the Aurors in the next building were in danger. "Who is it?", asked Sirius hopping out of his room, "The next building", she replied pulling the door agape.

Both of them broke into a run and on their way downstairs the met Bells, Tonks, and Ricklewick. "Bells. Ricklwick. Stay back, someone should be present here. This could be a distraction. Tonks come with us.", ordered Blaze dismissing the other two. The trio then ran to the next building taking Auror Khan with them. Upon entering the building, "What number?", she asked looking at the rest, "no.404 madam", answered Khan.

All of them ran up to the 4th floor, "Put up Silencing wards, Tonks. We don't want panic the other resident.", whispered Blaze moving slowly towards no.404, "Khan. Sirius to my sides, Tonks behind me." , the trio nodded and took their positions. Together they tiptoed towards the apartment, "Wands out and a step backward." Blaze wandlessly unlocked the door and pushed open the door but didn't enter it instead conjured a rock out of thin air and throw it in. Two men jumped out from behind the walls, Macnair and Dolohov. Tonks could swear she heard Sirius laughing. After those two realized what just happened they quickly drew out their wands and started throwing stunners in succession one after the other aimlessly, "Pathetic" murmured Sirius shooting a stunner right at Dolohov and knocking him out, "Now that's a stunner.", he said smirking at Macnair.

Listening to the loud thud and stout man walked in, "What's wrong?" he asked looking at the shocked Death Eater but before he could utter out another word someone grabbed him from behind. "SIRIUS!", shouted Blaze as he jumped forward and grabbed Peter, "Today I won't let you escape, TRAITOR. YOU HAVE TO DIE.", yelled Sirius tightening his hold. Looking at Peter the only thing that came to his mind was 'KILL' and without a second thought, he pounced on him and in order to help him Khan followed him and grabbed Peter from the other side.

Blaze and Tonks shared a glance, then Tonks aimed a stunner at the remaining Death Eater, who was thrown across the hall. Then the ladies walked through the door. "Where are the Aurors, Pettigrew?", she said standing before the trembling man, "Make it quick or I'll lose my patience and you've seen the worst of me." Peter's shaking hand lifted pointing towards the last bedroom in the corridor, Tonks nodded and strode towards it. Blaze looked at the scared, sweaty Peter and slapped him hard across his face, "I could've ripped you into a million pieces without changing a shade but I'm afraid Sirius and only Sirius has the right to physically harm or kill you. Go ahead Sirius", she said, then walked away.

As soon as the door shut behind her, both Sirius and Khan felt a hard blow on their heads, pain shot all through their body they turned back to see Rodolphus Lestrange standing there. He gave them a push and they helplessly thumped on the floor, he had put a full-body binding curse on them. After that, it was just raining curses, hex, and kicks and very soon the pain took over and the darkness consumed them.

Blaze and Tonks were attacked by Bellatrix Lestrange as soon as they entered the room. Bellatrix Lestrange was of the escapees of Azkaban and held the title of the most steadfast Death Eater, she was as insane as ever. Using 'Unforgivables' was an everyday chore for her. Her insane, obsession of the Dark Lord was just the fuel to the fire. Although, both witches had put up a good fight against her but were caught off guard when they heard screeches from the hallway. Bellatrix and two other Death Eaters took up the opportunity and started using the Cruciatus curse on them, "CRUCIO", yelled the merciless witch, "This is what you deserve for hindering in the way of the Dark Lord, you filthy blood-traitor." A wave of severely agonizing pain shoot through their bodies, Blaze was shuddering with pain leaning against the wall behind her, whereas Tonks was down for the count quivering on the floor.

That wasn't the only curse they used there was a selection of several other too. However, they still tried to reverse that by shooting hexes whenever possible but very soon darkness claimed her. The last thing she remembered before losing her consciousness was a sharp object piercing the side of her neck. But, it wasn't long before she claimed her senses back, the sound of a mad cackling close by was enough to draw her back to the present, but surviving a war and fighting another trained her well enough for such situations and she pretended to be cataleptic.

"Throw them in, Wormtail.", she heard the psychotic witch order, "Bloody dog and his minion" said a familiar male voice, "Come on now Bella, we need to finish the task now. Tie them up Wormtail. Dolohov.", he said and the door 'thumped' loudly announcing their exit. Both Peter and Dolohov went around tying everyone up, then left.

Blaze sat up and burnt the rope which was twirled around her hands and legs. Her body was throbbing with pain specifically her leg which was evidently broken, moreover, the whole space smelled of blood but she tried her best to ignore it and shuffled towards Tonks who was lying beside her, "Tonks. Tonks, get up. Please, Dora, come on.", she whispered jerking her, she slowly opened her eyes taking in her surroundings, "Pai…Pain", she mumbled, "I know, but we need to get out of here.", replied Blaze freeing her hands and legs and helping her stand, then moved to wake the other two sprawled on the floor in a nasty condition. "Help me untie their ropes please", she requested the unstable witch standing beside her, she quickly helped her free them, "Sirius, Khan", said Tonks gently cuffing them on the face.

A few minutes later the group rushed to the next building, Blaze was staggering behind them as fast as she could manage with a broken leg. Upon reaching they met a group of Aurors and the Head Mr. Hobbins and his family crowding the sixth floor. Blaze tore through the crowd moving in the middle on the crowd, "Where are they?", she asked. One of the Aurors came forward and answered, "Escaped….but we managed to catch one of them, there.", he answered pointing at a group of Aurors grasping Macnair, "Well done all of you. Take the man to the holding cells. I'll be there soon. Mr. Hobbins, I'm afraid all you will have to accompany them to the ministry."

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