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Within You Is The Light Of Thousand Suns
Harry P. & OC & Remus L. & Sirius B. - Words: 115,182 - Rated: K - English - Drama - Chapters: 63 - Reviews: 21 - Updated: 19-11-2017 - Published: 17-12-2016 - by Nayaab (FFN)
New Arrival Author's Note.: Its high time I thanked J. for creating Harry Potter. Once again I do not own Harry Potter, its rightfully J. 's.

This is my debut story so please leave your reviews so I can improve. Enjoy.


Chapter 4

…She entered very swiftly through the door, completely ignoring Sirius and heading towards the crowd standing in the entrance of the kitchen.

'She changed a lot, but nothing has changed at all, the same golden eyes just no more twinkling , the same long, Hazel hair just no more wild the way it was in Hogwarts and the same physique a bit more muscular though', thought Sirius, shutting the door and following her to the kitchen. He had a lot to talk about, a lot to apologize about but only if she listened to him. She had the same streak of flame around her every time she moved and the same speed that nobody could match. Just then Sirius's train of thoughts were interrupted by Remus.

"Your lost Padfoot, come back to the present.", he said. Sirius nodded and moved in to the kitchen.

"Blaze, my dear, its been ages since I last saw you.", said Dumbledore now shaking hands. Blaze nodded and moved forward to meet Minerva. But before she could move her hand she was swooped in to a big hug. 'Okay, that was unexpected.', she thought. Then she released breathed a sigh of relief.

"Blaze, you don't know how glad I am to see you.", said Minerva now with a handkerchief in her hand, wiping of tears. She managed a small smile to her former professor and proceed to meet her and Lily's old friend Severus. Who was already sweating, and reached out for his hands which were stone cold, more like her own hand. Apparently she didn't say anything yet and neither did he, she then nodded and proceeded forward to meet a rather 'colorful' and quite clumsy witch clad into her Auror robes. She reminded her of herself, and good old days.

"Wicked tattoo you've got there, Madam. By the way, I'm Auror Tonks. Nice to meet you.", said 'Tonks'.

"Nymphadora Tonks", said Mad-eye Moody, who was next in line. She noticed the 'clumsy' witch's hair color change to Red from 'bubble gum pink', 'So she is a Metemorphamagus, impressive', thought Blaze and proceeded to Mad-eye or Maddy as she called him. He didn't change much except he looked older. She remembered him quite well, after all he was her, James's and Sirius's mentor while their Auror training.

"Good to see you Alastor.", she finally said, still expressionless.

"Same here Blaze, my dear.", he replied shaking hands with a smile now. She proceeded and greeted Mundungus and Morgus ( still injured ), with a simple nod. And then came Remus standing next to Sirius, with a smile plastered across his face, waiting. She moved forward to shake his hand.

"Oh come on, that won't be enough to make up for all these years.", said Remus and pulled her into a big bear hug. Before she was released, she stole a peek at Sirius who had a sad smile on his face. And once again ignoring him, she turned back to the crowd, which resulted a change in some expressions and some looks but nothing else. Then she spoke, breaking the silence, "So, with all this done I would like to ask you all that for what is my assistance needed as I was informed earlier this morning by Remus.", she gestured towards Remus.

'Typical Blaze Lyra Ignite, straight forward and no sugar-coating.' Thought Severus with a fixed scowl on his face.

With that Blaze gave Dumbledore a speak-or-I-will-leave look, which worked quite well a he started speaking, and said,"Now Blaze my dear, I hope you know about the dementor attack in Little Whinging,", she nodded as she read it on her way in the Daily Prophet, "after that we in the order came to a conclusion that we as it is, are not enough to protect Harry Potter as well as carry out the Order duties. Hence, we thought to bring in more members and old alliances, so in our last meeting Remus here suggested that we should consider you and everyone here accepted to the fact that you will be a big help."

Taking all this in slowly and piece by piece 'So it was Remus.', she thought. And it wasn't a bad idea after all, she would finally be able to meet her godson and get to know him better. 'But what about keeping away from the magical world', she thought. But, it was her second chance after all, to rectify her mistake, to protect Lily and James's son. After several minutes of thinking this over and over she answered, "Alright, I do it.",getting a lot of smiles and nods from everywhere.

"Thank you, Blaze you don't know how big of a help will you be, plus we need to introduce Harry to godmother soon. I sure he will be very happy to regard someone in the place of a mother now that he has Sirius as his godfather.", said Remus evidently happy now.

"Sure, I'll try my best. Now I've got to leave. Remus you could get to me simply by walking through the wall, I will allow you and only you the access to my house. Thank You and have a good day.", she said wearing her leather jacket and gloves, and collecting her keys, when everyone gave her a quizzical look, as if they didn't know what hit them.

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