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Trail by elements
Astoria G. & Daphne G. & Harry P. & Susan B. - Words: 16,897 - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 19 - Reviews: 43 - Updated: 30-12-2017 - Published: 04-01-2017 - by Harryfan3393 (FFN)

Disclaimer : I do not own any characters belonging to the Harry Potter series.

Chapter 1

Harry sat down at the table curious as to where his uncle was. There at the table he found two letters one addressed to him and another addressed to his cousin Dudley. About that time is aunt Petunia and cousin walked in and set down. " Harry" Petunia said Harry surprised by the use of his name. Yes aunt Petunia " harry said. Looking up to see his aunt had been crying. "Oh Dudley there is a letter for you... " Harry said. "Harry it's about your uncle Vernon he passed away early this morning." Petunia stated Dudley looked up from his letter looking shocked "Mum what is Hogwarts?" Petunia looked up and smiled a little remembering her past with Lilly. Shaking herself from reminiscing she looked at Dudley "Son there is something that I must tell you about your father." Dudley who was in the middle of enjoying his bacon and eggs looked up at his mum. "Vernon is not your father he is your stepfather." Petunia said her breath not realizing that she was holding it.

Harry's mind began spinning at the confession of his aunt. Dudley who was coming to the realization that is why things happened to him when his father would be little him calling him the son of a bastard. Harry seeing his cousin walked over and hugged him which made harry worry was Dudley going to hit him; but Dudley hugged Harry. Petunia realized it was time to go get Harry and Dudley school things went to her room not caring to shut the door went to her safe grabbing Harry's vault key which she promised Lily and James should anything happen to them she would keep for Harry she also grabbed a letter from Lord and Lady Greengrass knowing it was time to speak with them again.

Author's notes : Here is chapter one I hope you enjoy it more to come.

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