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Trail by elements
Astoria G. & Daphne G. & Harry P. & Susan B. - Words: 18,657 - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 20 - Reviews: 45 - Updated: 24-04-2018 - Published: 04-01-2017 - by Harryfan3393 (FFN)

Disclaimer: I do not own any character of the Harry Potter series. They respectively belong to JK Rowling.

Chapter 3

To Harry and Dudley's astonishment they both got to pick a station they preferred for a couple of songs for each turn. Harry found he preferred classic rock whereas Dudley preferred hard rock. Which suited both just fine when it came to certain songs. As Petunia pulled over by the Leaky Cauldron Dudley asked point blankly why they were at a pub in London. "We are meeting Nathan and Myra Greengrass." Petunia stated matter of factly Harry looked around expecting to see someone waiting outside. When Petunia put her bright red Ford escort in park before escorting Dudley and Harry into the dimly lit pub.

About that time a bright green flame appeared in a fireplace across the room and out stepped the girl from Harry's dreams She is beautiful more beautiful than she appeared in my dreams Harry thought as his face blushed brighter red then his aunt's car. At that moment seeing a blushing boy with emerald eyes and raven black hair; but for life the of her she could not place where she had seen him.

Before Astoria could finish her train of thought her sister walked through the bright green flame asflame. "Sis watch out where you are standing." Daphne said seeing her little sister's puzzled look following her sister's gaze she seen the boy Astoria could partially describe from her dreams "Is that lover boy over there?" Astoria snapped out of her dream like state hearing Daphne's last comment. "I am not sure yet." Astoria said in frustrated whisper in Daphne's direction. Just as Petunia finished ordering lunch her and the boys. She seen a familiar sight of a man she had not seen in over eleven years. At that moment Sirius Black turned around seeing Petunia. "Petunia is that you?" Sirius asked knowing full well it was her. Petunia stared at him dreamily ; Dudley seeing his mums vacant expression before they started to talk deciding to see what the conversation was about Dudley walked over catching the end of the conversation. "Sirius Dudley is your son." Petunia said with a sing song voice Dudley never heard her use toward Vernon Dudley shaking himself out of his shocked state finding his voice "Are you my dad?" Dudley asked hopefully; though as fate would have it Nathan and Myra walked up greeting Petunia and Sirius "Sirius good to see but no time to visit I am afraid Petunia asked me to accompany Harry to Gringotts" Nathan said giving Petunia a sorrowful look to which Petunia understood the meaning. "Petunia dear we all three know this day was coming. From what you explained last month about Harry's dreams the same has happened with our youngest having the same dreams about him." Myra said in hushed tone. Daphne and Astoria joined Harry in a private booth Astoria acting shyly around him Daphne could only laugh on the inside at them. Harry on the hand could not stop running his fingers through his hair when Astoria and Daphne noticed his lighting bolt shaped scar Astoria held her breath to not wanting to let him her giggle with excitement; but Daphne nudged her as to remind her to breath.

About that time Nathan and Myra walked up seeing to red faced kids and clam Daphne. "Harry my name is Nathan and your Aunt Petunia asked me to accompany you to Gringotts we will be meeting with your account manager Bonehowl." Daphne looked excitedly at her sister before asking if Harry would be joining them for shopping in Diagon Alley. More so to tease her little sister about her crush when her mother replied saying "I think that would be a wonderful idea seeing as how he will be staying with us till start of term." Astoria looked excited about getting the opportunity to spend time with him; yet at the same time did not know how to voice her feelings for him in fear she scare him off from taking to her. Daphne knew this was going to be the best two weeks of her life seeing her little sister and Harry both blush rose red.

Petunia and Dudley were talking with Sirius when he finally remembered Dudley's question looking to Petunia for some encouragement. Petunia broke the ice "Dudley son this is your father Sirius Orion Black." To Sirius surprise Dudley hugged him finally realizing he had a happy family.

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