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Trail by elements
Astoria G. & Daphne G. & Harry P. & Susan B. - Words: 16,897 - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 19 - Reviews: 43 - Updated: 30-12-2017 - Published: 04-01-2017 - by Harryfan3393 (FFN)

Disclaimer: I do not own any Characters in the Harry Potter series

Lord Greengrass took his wife's hand and led her and the kids to what to be the back room. Drawing his wand Nathan pointed at the exterior wall saying "Viam aperit." Harry, Daphne and Astoria watched as the wall materialized into a stone archway. Harry walked through the the archway flabbergasted at the sight of all the stores "Welcome H-harry to one of my favorite places." Astoria said shyly Daphne smiled encouragingly her sister.

Meanwhile Headmistresses McGonagall was talking to the defense against the dark arts professor "Tom Harry is coming to Hogwarts this year." Tom set there for a minute in deep thought before answering "Minerva you know as well as I all the professors will keep an eye on the young Lord. You and I both know that Dark Lord Dumbledore still has loyal black pawns out there that escaped from prosecuting claiming that they was under the imperius curse." Tom stated while Professor Riddle was talking Minerva was rereading for twelfth time the resume for the new care of magical creatures professor. "Tom as Deputy Headmaster what are your impressions of Professor Christy Nelson?" she asked with a hint of worry in her voice Tom looked at his wife with concern "MInerva Riddle" Tom said since they were alone looking at surprised Minerva. He took a moment to put his thoughts in order before continuing. "First I know we agreed to keep our marriage a secret from the students not from each other. The Board of Governors know of our marriage. Lastly she is a mandatory year long probation period per the school charter so all points taking and giving plus detentions giving are reviewed as well." Tom said hoping to ease his wife's mind.

Back at Diagon Alley Harry was working up the courage to hold Astoria's hand or talk to her seeing his opportunity he took her hand smiling at her. When Nathan Greengrass announced that he and Harry would be parting ways with the ladies to go to Gringotts much to Harry's dissatisfaction. Astoria was in heaven in the boy of her dreams was holding her hand. To her disappointment her he had to let go of her hand seeing the sadness on her youngest daughter's face "Girls after we get all Daphne and Harry's school supplies we will visit the new muggle clothing store here in the alley." Myra said hoping to find Astoria a new swimsuit. Nathan led Harry to Gringotts "Mr Greengrass what are muggles?" Harry asked curiously Nathan chuckled softly at the fact a eleven year old boy had more manners than most adults "Harry muggles is a term for non-magical people. And please call me Nathan." he said politely.

Just as Harry was about apologize they walked into Gringotts walking up to a open tellers window Nathan looked at the goblin behind the window "Good afternoon Master teller we to speak with young Potter's account manager Master Bonehowl." said politely before bowing the returned the bow before leading them to a conference room saying account manager Bonehowl will be with you shortly." before bowing and closing the door.

After five minutes a well dressed goblin walked in carrying a portfolio several inches thick. Sitting down he looked at the young wizard across the table from him "Good afternoon I am account manager Bonehowl. Before we start discussing business Mr. Potter would you be so kind as to prick prick your finger and put a drop of blood on the parchment in front of you it will confirm that you are indeed Mr. Potter." he said with a deep baritone voice Harry hesitantly took the dagger and did as he was asked in mere seconds words appeared on the parchment.

Harry potter

Magical core level - 1000

Abilities- unknown

Harry looked at Nathan who's mouth hung open in surprise. Bonehowl read the parchment 'That is higher than Merlin's Magical level' Bonehowl thought before shaking the thought from his mind before continuing "Mr. Potter I have your family's account manager for over 200 years. I have the will of your parents with me; and if I am not mistaken so does Lord Greengrass." Bonehowl said stated with a hint of pride in his voice while pulling out a piece of parchment from the Potter portfolio.

Will of James and Lily Potter

To our son Harry James Potter we bequeath.

Potter castle in the highlands of Scotland. Second everything in our personal vault number 137 plus the family vault number 12. Harry's magical guardian is to be Nathan and Myra Greengrass Harry is to live with Petunia until he receives his letter from Hogwarts. Then from there until his seventeenth birthday he will live with Nathan and Myra Greengrass.

Harry this is for you we are sorry we didn't survive to see you grow up Nathan was your dad's Auror mentor.

Bonehowl finished reading the will as Harry wiped his eyes as the goblin pulled out second piece of parchment "This is the shares and financial statement for the Potter family.


Daily Prophet - 50%

Diagon Alley - 35% combined

Income - 21,839,227 Galleons plus 32% interest annually

Trust fund - 200,000 Galleons replenishing

Bonehowl finished reading he had Harry sign transfer of ownership papers before giving Harry a credit card that drew from both vaults. Harry graciously took the card "Does this work in the muggle world as well?" Harry asked politely to which Bonehowl nodded in response. While Nathan and Harry finished their business at Gringotts the girls and Myra were looking at swimsuits Daphne picked up a green string bikini "Sis this will get his attention and make him blush." Daphne said while holding it up for her to see Astoria just looked at her blushing "Daphne that is what I said" her mom said through a giggle. Deciding to get it so they would stop Astoria told her mum and Myra just smiled as she paid for it. "Girls it is time to meet your father and Astoria's unofficial boyfriend at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor." Nathan and Myra decided to get wands and robes for Daphne and Harry next week. As Astoria and Harry ate their ice cream they looked at each other dreamily

Author's note: Viam aperit is Latin for open the way

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