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My Fred
Fred W. & George W. & Lee J. & OC - Words: 109,642 - Rated: T - English - Humor & Romance - Chapters: 11 - Reviews: 44 - Updated: 02-05-2018 - Published: 10-01-2017 - by writergal32 (FFN)

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this story. I am really excited about it!

SETTING:This story begins during Harry Potter's first year at Hogwarts, so Fred and George Weasley's third year. However, I won't stay in their third year for very long, because most of the story will focus on their sixth and seventh years at Hogwarts and beyond.

Disclaimer: (I do not own anything recognizable to the wonderful book series Harry Potter. All plots, characters and storylines recognizable from the books and movies belong to their rightful owners.)

***Remember this is the first chapter, so it is going to be about how Eleanor (my character) meets the twins, and how they become friends and etc.***

Great Hall~

Eleanor Wimsbly was your typical 13 year old teenage witch. She was born from two magical parents and lived within the wonderful wizard world. Her father was a very well-known Healer at St. Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, and her mother was a retired Quidditch player for the Montrose Magpies as a Chaser. She lived in a perfect little wizard home with her well-known wizard family. Her older sisters had both been Prefects and one of them, Angelina, was currently Head Girl for the Ravenclaw house, where almost every single member of her family had attended, except for her mother, who had been a Hufflepuff.

Eleanor's family thrived as the center-of-attention, and all her life she had been attacked with questions about her mother and father, whether to get an autograph of the legendary Chaser Cate, or an internship with the wonderful Healer Alcom. The moment she started Hogwarts she was destined for a life of smarts and perfection. Professors expected the best work and magic from Eleanor like her sisters and the athletic ability of her mother. She was constantly asked by everyone if she would follow her fathers footsteps in becoming a Healer, to which she responded, "no" receiving her some very disappointed looks.

Eleanor felt the pressures of the people around her as she strived to be as intelligent as her sisters, though they always seemed to outscore her no matter how hard she tried, and she attempted to try out for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team during her second year, which she did not succeed in making. She preferred to laugh and have fun but at the disapproving talks from her parents, she tended to hold in her outgoing energy and focus on being the daughter they hoped for her to be...exactly like her sisters.

So the day Harry Potter walked into the Great Hall of Hogwarts, Eleanor was more than thrilled. Finally there was someone else for everyone to look at. There was finally someone else in the lime-light, and she hoped she would stay out of it.

She, like many of the other students at Hogwarts watched in awe as Harry Potter made his way up to the Sorting Hat, hoping that perhaps he would be in Ravenclaw and take the spotlight away from her forever. She had to watch in disappointment as the hat shouted, "GRYFFINDOR!" and the table across the room burst into cheers. The cheers Harry Potter got were the loudest Eleanor had ever heard for a first year.

She watched as the smiling first year made his way to the table and was greeted by the Gryffindor Prefect, Percy Weasley. Beside him, two red-haired boys known as the Fred and George Weasley were screaming, "We got Potter! We got Potter!"

Eleanor couldn't help but smile to herself as she saw all the happy faces and excited voices from everyone in the room and hoped that maybe this year, things would be different.


The first day of Defense Against the Dark Arts was quite different than what Eleanor had expected. Professor Quirrell stood in front of the class, trying to put a brave smile on his face, but he looked very nervous. The entire classroom smelt of garlic. There were already students whispering around the room that it smelt this way because Quirrell was trying to protect himself from a vampire that he had met in Romania and was afraid was going to come after him.

The class was rather odd as Quirrell trembled and stuttered through the first lesson (which was more of a welcome back lecture than anything else), avoiding questions from students who asked about the smell. He announced that due to some unknown circumstances, their class would be shared with the Gryffindor third years starting on Wednesday. Eleanor heard a groan from her friend Marian Bombsly, who was sitting beside her.

"Sharing this stinky room with a bunch of wild Gryffindors? No thank you," she muttered as Quirrell tripped over his robe and almost landed on a students desk in the front.

"They aren't that bad," Eleanor whispered back, "besides, aren't you the one that always complains their aren't any good-looking third year boys in our house? Perhaps one of these Gryffindors will catch your eye."

Marian rolled her eyes, "Please. The only good thing about Gryffindors coming into our class is that they might make Quirrell so nervous he'll let us out early to avoid confrontation with them."

Eleanor giggled as she glanced up and watched Quirrell grab his turban, which was still placed firmly on his head, with a worried look on his face. He had apparently gotten the turban from an African Prince during his year travelling and getting some good hands-on experience. He wore the thing religiously, never taking it off, never letting anyone touch it. He was never seen without it on his head. The turban had an odd smell to it if you got to close to him.

She felt bad for the man, him being a Ravenclaw himself and all, but she couldn't help thinking the man was a little...pathetic for this job. She wondered why Dumbledore would bestow the job to him, but she trusted the Headmasters judgement.

"How many times do you bet we hear, 'P-please settle d-down t-there' with the Gryffindors in our class?" Marian continued.

Eleanor shrugged, "How many times do you think he will faint in front of the class."

The pair of them burst into giggles and got a sad, nervous sort of look from their Professor, silencing them.


~Defense Against the Dark Arts - Ravenclaw and Gryffindor~

Eleanor entered the room to Defense Against the Dark Arts just as a small explosion sounded from the front of the classroom. She jumped in shock and whipped her head towards the noise. An overwhelming smell of garlic hit her as she did this and she made a face before plugging her nose. In the front of the classroom, Professor Quirrell was hurrying about, trying to stop some small round object on the ground, which seemed to be the source of the smell. A couple rows back from the front, Eleanor spotted two red-haired boys grinning mischeviously and one of them slowly pointed their wand at the object from under the table. Each time Quirrell tried to grab it, the round object spun away or disappeared and reappeared.

Eleanor immediately knew who the two boys were. The Weasley twins. She had had a couple of classes with them in the past, and they were always playing pranks and causing the teachers a lot of problems. The Ravenclaw house seemed divided in what they thought. One half seemed to think that the Weasley's were hysterical, while the other found their joking about ridiculous and a waste of precious time. Eleanor personally had always thought their pranks to be quite funny.

She made her way to a desk, making sure to sit a few rows away from the twins so that she wouldn't be in the way of any other tricks up their sleeves. After Quirrell finally caught the object and attempted to clear the air with a charm, he cleared his shaky throat and stood in front of the classroom.

"W-welcome to c-class today, R-r-ravenclaws and Gryif-f-f-findors. I'm p-pleased to have you all here," he gulped nervously and readjusted the turban on his head, "Today we will s-split int-to groups to pract-t-tice some spells we learned from last y-y-year."

Immediately the room was full of whispers as people asked each other to be in their groups.

"Hey," Marian whispered to her, "Wanna be in a group?"

Before Eleanor could respond, Quirrell cleared his throat, "I ha-a-ave decided t-t-that it will be easiest to p-p-pair everyone up beforehand. This will help you to get to know p-p-people from other houses eh?"

There was a loud moan from everyone.

Quirrell gave a small, timid, smile, "Ah, n-n-none of th-th-that. T-t-turn to page 12 in your b-books and read the review," Quirrell waved his wand and several papers floated around the room, stopping in specific corners, "Y-you're names are on the p-p-papers, so find your group and get g-going."

"I hope we're in the same group," Marian moaned quietly as she collected her books and stood up. Eleanor smiled and picked up her own books. Marian was always a little dramatic. She was obsessed with boys, and loved to sit and gossip. That wasn't typically the sort of person Eleanor associated herself with, but she and Marian had just clicked ever since their first day at Hogwarts. She never cared about Eleanor's family status, and was always on her side when Eleanor's sister tried to push her too hard. However, sometimes Marian was a little clingy and needy, making it harder for Eleanor to venture out and talk to other people.

"I guess we'll have to see," Eleanor said with a shrug. It took them a moment to find their names, because there were several different groups and many people crowding around each paper in search of their own names. As it turns out, Marian was not in Eleanor's group. Eleanor found herself in a group that was very much dominated by Gryffindor students. There were a couple of Ravenclaw girls she knew, Susan and Genevieve, but wasn't exactly friends with, and a couple of Ravenclaw boys whom she didn't remember the names of. The rest of the group were Gryffindors. She noticed as she came to sit down that the Gryffindors and Ravenclaws weren't interacting with each other much, and that the Ravenclaws sat with their chairs grouped together on one side and the Gryffindors sat on the other side.

Eleanor decided to take a seat between Genevieve and an empty chair near a Gryffindor boy who was laughing loudly at something one of the others had said. He had dark-skin and dreadlocks, and Eleanor recognized him as the boy who did some of the commentating at Quidditch games, but she couldn't seem to remember his name. She pulled out her book and flipped to page 12 then looked up at the group, who were still talking amongst themselves. She noticed that Genevieve and Susan were already discussing the chapter to each other, ignoring everyone else.

Suddenly a boy dove into the chair next to her, laughing loudly and yelling something at someone else from across the room. She jumped as his body knocked into hers a bit as he almost fell off his chair and he turned to her with a big smile on his face.

"Whoops! Sorry!" It was one of the Weasley twins. He had flaming red hair like the rest of his family, which was very messy, a freckled face and brown eyes that bore into hers with a mischievous glint in them.

"Careful there Weasley," the boy who was sitting next to him called and he snickered, sitting up in his chair.

"Shut up Lee," he shouted back before turning back to me. Ah yes. Lee Jordan. How could Eleanor have forgotten?

"So, who do I have the pleasure of meeting," he asked wiggling his eyebrows playfully and sticking out a hand. Eleanor couldn't help but grin at the look on his face and took the outstretched hand, "Eleanor Wimsbly." Eleanor hadn't introduced herself in a long time, since it seemed everyone knew her name, due to her family, so she was secretly pleased that this boy didn't seem to know who she was.

"Ah, yes, Wimsbly," the boy said as if he had known it all along. Eleanor supposed that it was very well possible that he had known it all along because of the fact they had certainly had classes together in the past, but had never spoken. Or he recognized the last name.

"You're the one who has been getting the highest marks in our grade for the past couple of years aren't you?" the Weasley twin asked. Eleanor could feel her face go red.

"I'm surprised you knew about that," Eleanor replied.

The boy grinned, "Didn't think I was the grades type of guy eh?"

"Nope," Eleanor replied. The boy laughed, "Ha! Blunt much?"

"Hey you said it not me," Eleanor replied raising an eyebrow and making the boy laugh.

"Blunt and sassy. I think we are going to be friends Eleanor Wimsbly. I'm Fred Weasley by the way."

"I know who you are." Eleanor replied and immediately wished she hadn't. That was a really embarrassing thing to say. She felt her cheeks heat up even more.

"Do you?" Fred asked giving her a cheeky grin.

"One doesn't simply go to Hogwarts and not know who the Weasley twins are," Eleanor responded with a laugh then said, "But don't let that go to your head."

"Never." Fred grinned before turning to a group on the opposite side of the room and shouting, "Hey George! We're pretty popular around here, did you know?"

George grinned back, "Excellent! Shall we sign autographs at lunch?"

"Ha, knowing you two the autographs would end up spitting ink at anyone who took one," Eleanor said sarcastically. Fred turned to her with a devilish look in his eye, "Eleanor Wimsbly...THAT is a brilliant idea!"

"I wasn't being..." Eleanor started but the wheels in Fred's mind were already turning.

"Lee," Fred said hitting Lee Jordan on the back, "change of plans for lunch!" He then turned and pulled out a piece of paper and his quill.

"We'll have to figure out all the right spells," Fred muttered to himself, a plan hatching in his head.

"You can always try the touch-keep spell," Eleanor suggested. Fred looked up at her with his eyebrows scrunched together, "The what?"

Eleanor rolled her eyes dramatically, then dug a book out of her bag and flipped through the pages till she found what she was looking for. She jabbed her finger into the book and motioned for Fred to take a look.

Fred leaned towards her and the book and began to read aloud, "...any object of your choice may temporarily be used to hold any item the owner wishes. Place the spell on the object and the wizard or witch must merely touch it to release the item again."

The look on Fred's face made Eleanor laugh, "So what do you think?"

Fred wiggled his eyebrows yet again, "I think...are you doing anything for lunch Eleanor Wimsbly?"


Immediately after class Fred dragged George and Lee over to where Eleanor stood and quickly made introductions before springing into action. He and George had a look on their face that made Eleanor certain that they were about to get into some real trouble. Lee Jordan had a very similar expression.

"Well," George said happily, "Let's go! Our lunch break doesn't last forever!"

Instead of heading to the Great Hall, Fred, George, and Lee led Eleanor outside, passed the Black Lake, and into a group of trees. The three of them sat down, and Eleanor awkwardly followed suit. She didn't really know any of these boys, just had heard and seen the ridiculous (yet funny) things they had done. The three of them were already leaning in, looking at Fred's textbook, which he had pulled out after Eleanor had showed him what page the spell was on.

Eleanor watched them silently for a minute as they read the page thoroughly before Fred looked up at her, "So how do you suggest we pull this off Eleanor?"

She was shocked for a moment. The Weasley twins are consulting me on how to execute their prank.

"Well," she said, scooting towards them and the book a little, "If you're going for the autograph idea, you're going to have to charm a lot of pieces of paper. Unless you have one specific target in mind?"

The three boys grinned wickedly. George was the first one to speak, "Well, what if we hand out papers to like, everyone in the school and then..."

"How are you going to get all of the papers to everyone in the school before they explode the ink?" Eleanor interrupted. George looked at her thoughtfully, "You're right."

The more Eleanor looked at Fred and George, the more easy it was for her to tell them a part. Sure they looked a lot a like, but there were small differences that gave them away. Like the way Fred raised his eyebrows a lot more when he spoke, or the way George scrunched up his nose as he read, or how the freckle patterns on their faces were different. Eleanor felt a blush creep across her face for noticing that detail about them. Or any details about them for that matter. She hardly even knew them.

Lee's face lit up, "What if we put the touch charm in a specific spot on the paper, like on your signatures or something, so when they touch that spot, the ink blasts out!"

Fred nodded, "Yeah Lee, that's kind of been the idea this whole time," Eleanor tried to stifle a giggle as Fred rolled his eyes teasingly then continued, "But, the question is, how do we make sure that it doesn't explode immediately after they grab it. We want it to explode on everyone at the same time."

Eleanor flipped through her textbook thoughtfully. A certain spell on one of the pages stood out to her and she grinned before looking up at the boys, "What if we put some type of timer on them?"

The boys looked up at her in surprise for a moment before giving her their devilish grins and nodding for her to continue. She smiled and got onto her knees in excitement so she could speak faster, "If we set a specific time for the papers to explode, then everyone will get hit at the same time. That way no one will get splattered on before another and rat you out."

George nodded excitedly and followed Eleanor's example by getting onto his knees, "What if we give all the first years one. They would be the easiest to convince to take an autographed picture. And then, we can set the ink to splatter them while they are all in their next class. The professors will go nuts!"

The four of them immediately dove into all the details, Eleanor pointing out all the spells they could use, and the boys joking and laughing and figuring out how they were going to accomplish the prank. In that moment Eleanor felt something inside her she hadn't felt in a long time. That energy and excitement she had been burying for years to keep her parents happy was finally bubbling to the surface again, and she knew she had just made three friends that were going to change her life forever.


The prank went brilliantly. The first-years took the autographs eagerly, and before the day was over, there was ink splattered in several of the classrooms. The four of them were unfortunately caught when they witnessed one of the classes explode in ink as they walked by, and went racing around the corner laughing and ended running right into Professor McGonagall, who gave all four of them detention. McGonagall looked completely shocked when she saw Eleanor in the midst of the three boys and didn't believe she had anything to do with the prank until Eleanor admitted to it. Fred and George stared at her in shock when she admitted to her crime. They weren't used to that. Most people threw them under the bus. McGonagall was suspicious but gave all four of them detention none the less.

Eleanor's parents found out about her detention that night and the next morning they sent her a very large Howler, yelling how a Wimsbly had never had detention before, and how she had disgraced her family name. Her older sister, Angelina burst into tears in embarrassment when she found out. Eleanor showed the Howler to the boys, expecting them to laugh but they didn't.

"Wow," George said after it finished. Eleanor gave him a confused look, "What's wrong George?"

George and Fred exchanged looks before he spoke, "Your parents really expect a lot of you."

"And we're the ones..." Fred started.

"That got you that detention." George finished. The pair of them looked rather ashamed. Eleanor was completely shocked.

"You both know this isn't your fault right?" Eleanor said, pushing aside the ripped shreds of the Howler, as it had torn itself apart.

"Of course it is!" Fred exclaimed.

"We're really sorry Eleanor." George said, his face red. He was rubbing his hands together as if he was nervous Eleanor was going to go into an angry rage and attack the pair of them.

Eleanor couldn't help but smile at their faces, "Guys, you don't have to be sorry. Helping you with that prank was the most fun I've had in a long time. I already knew my parents didn't approve of this sort of stuff. This Howler is no surprise."

A thought hit Eleanor and she grinned widely at the two boys. Fred and George glanced at each other confused then looked back at her.

"Why are you,"

"Grinning like that?" Fred finished for George.

"Because I've just thought of something."

"Care explaining. You look rather frightening when you're grinning all madly like that," George said.

"My parents have always told me they wanted me to do something extraordinary. Something that no other Wimsbly has ever done before," Eleanor explained still grinning.



"SO," Eleanor looked from one boy to the other and throwing her hands in the air triumphantly, "I've just done it. Boys, you're looking at the very first Wimsbly prankster."


That ink prank was the first of many for Eleanor and the Weasley's. She became a regular for them, whether it was looking up spells for them to use, or keeping an eye out for Filch as they set up their traps. She even helped them bewitch snowballs to follow Quirrell around and pelt the back of his precious purple turban. The twins tried to convince her to stay in the background so she wouldn't get caught, so that she wouldn't get detention anymore and give her mother a heart-attack, but Eleanor just shook her head and said she was, "Doing what she was destined to do." The boys could only grin in return.

Eleanor loved every second of her time spent pranking with the Weasley's. She loved the excitement of creating and executing the plans. She was surprisingly very good at coming up with pranks, which pleased the Fred, George and Lee Jordan greatly. The Weasley's showed her more hidden passages of the castle than she had ever imagined there being, and the best part was that with Harry Potter at school, no one even seemed to care about her anymore. She went by unnoticed by most people these days, and when they did talk about her, it was always, "her and those Weasley boys". She loved every second of not being attached to her family name.

Her sister, Angelina, however, did not approve of the spotlight turning from the Wimsbly's and landing on Harry Potter. "He didn't work for the spotlight like our family has" Angelina would say. Eleanor rolled her eyes at this.

"Do you really think that sweet first-years likes or wants the attention? I've talked to him Angelina and he is very humble. No idea why you hate him so."

"Hmph." Angelina replied angrily.

And what angered Angelina even more that Hermione Granger, a first-year Gryffindor, was single-handedly topped all of their records when it came to academics. She learned spells quicker than anyone else had ever seemed to have done and my was that girl intelligent.

"That girl reads books faster than humanly possible!" Angelina squealed in the Ravenclaw common room one day. Eleanor and Marian, who sat on a couch facing away from Angelina, both rolled their eyes.

"And Ravenclaw is being put completely to shame because of it! With how impressive her intelligence is, she should have been a Ravenclaw! This is a total outrage!"

One of Angelina's friends patted her on the back, "We all knew this day would come Angelina. Everyone just thought that it would be Eleanor showing you up, as you did your older sister."

Angelina laughed wickedly, "Please. Eleanor doesn't try nearly hard enough in school to beat me. She definitely didn't seem to get the smart gene."

Eleanor had to hold Marian back, as she almost leapt from her seat to say something to Angelina."It's not worth it Mars," Eleanor whispered, pulling her back down in her seat.

"I don't understand why she says things like that!" Marian growled, "You're just as smart as she is!"

"Oh please Marian. That girl gets perfect O.W.L.'s. I can never compare to that!"

"You're 13 El! You'll show her! And once she finally graduates and is gone things will be so much better, I promise!"

Eleanor was about to respond when Angelina's high-pitched voice rang through the common room, "And the way she has gone prancing around with those Weasley boys! UGH! I've never seen two people prank so much in my life! They are absolutely ridiculous! I'm telling you, those boys are going no where in life, and anyone who's friends with them will be dragged down with them."

Eleanor looked back and saw Angelina's glare directed at her. She gave her a smile back that didn't reach her eyes before turning back around and shoving her nose in a book. Angelina could say all she wanted, but Eleanor didn't care. Being a prankster was the most fun she had had in years, and she wouldn't be stopping on the account of her older sister. Marian was right. She was 13 years old. And she really did get well marks, even if they weren't Hermione Granger perfect or in league with her sister. She was a Wimsbly prankster. And she was the best Wimsbly prankster there had ever been.


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