Next Generation
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She curled up in a corner of her silver room with a heavy book. It was her favorite, she had read it so many times over the eleven years of her life. Well, almost eleven, her birthday wasn't until tomorrow. It still counted, right? It didn't matter, she was going to be eleven either way. Someone knocked on her bedroom door. She sighed, tucked a silver stand of hair behind her ear, and put her book down. She stood up and walked over to the door. Before she could open it herself it burst open and her best friend basically flew into the room.

"Jason! You can't just jump into a room like that! Especially mine!" She yelled at the boy jumping around the room, almost as though he was looking for something.

"Where is it Tira?" Jason asked. Tira tilted her head to the left and rolled her eyes.

"I told you I am not a wizard like you, I'm not going to get a letter to that school you keep talking about." She looked at her hands. Jason had gotten his letter a week ago on his birthday. He promised her that she'd get one but she constantly told him she wouldn't. She was just a normal girl, not magical, better yet, nothing special. Her parents said they knew about wizards but they weren't related to any. She never even dreamed about being a wizard.

"Duh! You can't be a wizard! Your a witch!" Jason yelled as he sat on the bed and ran his fingers through his dark blue hair, that he was oddly, born with. The two had known each other for years and refused to leave the others side. Nothing could tear them apart... But the fact that he was a wizard and he was leaving when the summer ended.

"I'm not a witch or a wizard Jason! For the millionth time! I. Am. Normal. Nothings going to change that." Tira said. He sighed and stood up. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her.

"You need to realize something Tira." Jason said in her ear.

"What?" She asked quietly.

"That nobody is normal. You are special in every way. Even if you don't know it. Good thing we're going to Hogwarts so they can teach you about it!" He grabbed her hands and forced her to do a playful and up beat dance. She tried to escape his grasp but he only ended up tickling her.

"Stop it Jason!" She yelled and gasped between words, trying to breathe and laugh at the same time.

"Admit it then!" He yelled back.

"Admit what?" She fell to the floor and rolled around as he continued to tickle her sides.

"That your special Tira!" Jason yelled.

"Fine! I'm special! Now stop!" Tira yelled. He laughed and fell to the floor, they both took a minute to fight over air. Tira's mom walked into the already open door.

"You OK? I heard screaming." She asked.

"I'm fine mom, Jason just tried to kill me." Tira said. Her mom smiled and looked at Jason for the real answer.

"I just tickled her because she wouldn't admit she was special." Jason said. The two sat up.

"Okay then, dinners done by the way. I made your favorites!" She said. Tira and Jason stood up, they looked at each other.

"Race ya!" Tira started.



"One!" Jason yelled. They ran out of the silver room into a green hallway. They jumped down a staircase and crashed into a wall. They both laughed and redirected themselves to the dinning room. They stood in the doorway and it didn't matter who won, the sweet, soft, welcoming smell lured them to the trable. They sat and waited.

"I smell it. She's in the kitchen and she's on her way." Tira said. Both of them lifted their noses and smelled the air. Tira's mom walked in with a large plater and a few forks.

"Who needs forks?" Jason asked. "This is bone chicken and loaded fries!"

"People who aren't pigs." Jason's father said. They groaned and grabbed forks.

"You two act like two year olds sometimes." Jason's mother said. Tira rolled her eyes and smiled. She loved Jason's parents. They always showed her cool things magic could do. They were pure bloods. Everyone ate in silence the rest of the meal, other than the often compliment or opened mouth chewing.

Tira waited for everyone else to finish eating before standing and walking to the front door for the mail. She always got the mail for her parents. She leaned down and picked up the few letters that flew through the slot. Jason ran by and grabbed the letters. As he read them he threw them in a air if it wasn't what he wanted.

"Jason! Give those back!" She yelled as she caught all the letters he was throwing. She wasn't sure exactly how she was able to move so fast but all that mattered at the moment was getting her parent's mail. Jason gasped and screamed.

"I found it!" He yelled. She picked up a letter on the floor that she missed.

"Found what!?" She huffed.

"Your letter Tira! I found your letter! We're going to Hogwarts!" He yelled. She dropped the mail and ran over to him. That wasn't possible! She was a normal girl. She was 'muggle' according to Jason's parents.

"You found the letter?" She asked in disbelief. She sat on the floor and leaned against the wall.

"How does this not make you happy?" He asked, waving the letter in front of her face as though it was gold.

"They made a mistake, I'm not magical. None of my family is magical, I'm not magical." Tira said. Jason grabbed her arms and made her stand.

"Just go with it, do one year, if you don't like it ill tell headmaster that you don't want to go anymore. I'm sure they'll let you go." Jason said. She nodded.

"One year." She confirmed. "And that's only if I am magical." she walked over and picked up the mail she dropped. She walked to her parents and gave them the mail. Jason burst into the room.

"She got her letter!" He yelled. All eyes turned to her.

"You did? That's great Tira!" Her mother yelled. She stood up and hugged her daughter. Soon her fathers arm was around her side also. She couldn't help but smile.

"How does this work then?" Tira asked.

"You'll come with us to buy your stuff." Jason's dad said.

"What about my parents?" Tira asked.

"We have jobs, we cant come anyway, we'll be here when you come back, always." Her mom said. She nodded and walked over to Jason's parents.

"Thank you." She said quietly, then she walked over to Jason.

"I told you, I always knew you'd be a wizard." Jason said.

"I'm only doing one year." Tira said.

She was roaming down the train, trying to find a place to sit amongst all the people. There was a almost empty room.

"Mind if we come in? We cant find anywhere else." Tira said. The white hair boy smiled.

"Come on in." He said. Tira and Jason sat on the couch-like-seat and waited.

"You must be a Malfoy." Jason said. The boy smirked.

"If you think I look like a Malfoy, you should see my sister." He said. "I'm Remus." He said, he extended a hand to them. Tira shook it.

"I'm Tira and this is Jason." Tira said.

"And that's my sister, Gin." Remus said, a girl entered the room and sat down.

"We're twins." Gin said.

"If you don't mind me asking, who are your parents?" Tira asked.

"Hermione and Draco Malfoy." Jason said. "I know most of the families from our past generations."

"Yes, it is true that they are our parents." Gin said.

"So, I'm guessing, she's a know-it-all and your a brat?" Jason asked Remus.

"Actually, unlike our parents, its the other way around." Remus said.

"Wow, that's interesting." Jason said.

"What house are you hoping to get into?" Gin asked.

"Ravenclaw." Jason said.

"Wherever he goes." Tira said, pointing at Jason.

"We want Slytherin like our parents." Remus said.

"Technically, mum was only a Slytherin her last year." Gin said.

"I know that but still, she told us she liked being a Slytherin more than being a Gryffindor." Remus said. They all stayed silent for the rest of the train ride.