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A True Belonging
Draco M. & Harry P. & Tom R. Jr. & Voldemort - Words: 38,553 - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 16 - Reviews: 110 - Updated: 11-07-2018 - Published: 15-01-2017 - Complete - by Thinking-Of-A-Dream (FFN)

Hello! Here is the first chapter!

A few things you should know;

The first five chapters go through books 2-4, so Harry is currently 12 in the eyes of those around him.

Not a whole lot happens in this chapter, but it is mainly to help get things moving along.

Lastly, there will be SLASH later on. I will post warnings for each chapter that they apply to.

The pairing will be Harry/Voldemort(Tom)

I will post chapter two after I complete my other story, Musical Companion.

Disclaimer; I don't own Harry Potter


Please let me know if you see anything that needs fixed, as I do not have a beta to help catch mistakes that I do not notice and spell check can only do so much.

Anyways, on with the story!

Enjoy :)

I waved, watching as Remus disapparated from Kings Cross. Today the train is departing, and I begin my second year of Hogwarts; the year of the Chamber of Secrets. Of course, the entire thing can be avoided. I had avoided the bookstore all together, not wanting to run into Gilderoy Lockhart. Shifting my gaze from the spot Remus had been in, I look around the platform. 'Where are the Malfoys… ah there they are.' Calmly walking through the crowd of people, ignoring the probing gazes, I paused a few feet behind Draco. 'How do I bring up the diary to Lucius without making him suspicious of me? I could pretend that I occasionally have visions of the future when I sleep. But he will just go tell Voldemort, and I don't think he would take kindly to being lied to. However, I don't really have any other option if I want to avoid the basilisk rampaging through the school. Plus-'

My musings were stopped by a subtle shifting beside Lucius, and I realized Dobby was standing there. A sudden pain in my chest, as though a knife was run through it, came and I took a steadying breath. The first time we met, he was trying to keep me from going to Hogwarts. He didn't do that this time, so that can be a good thing. I moved my gaze from Dobby and settled on Lucius, who was already gazing at me with curious eyes. I tilted my head to the side very slightly, before moving away from the other two Malfoys. 'Technically one Malfoy, but Narcissa might as well be considered a Malfoy regardless of if she holds the last name or not. After all, it's only a name.' I nearly smiled when he excused himself before walking over to meet me.

"For whatever reason are you asking to speak with me away from the others?" He had an eyebrow slightly raised, though the rest of his face held a blank mask.

"I wanted to enquire about a diary," I spoke simply, not wanting to give anything away.

"A diary?" Ah, there's the suspicion, along with weary caution.

"Yes. I had a strange dream last night that you gave a redhead a plain old diary while in the bookstore. I wanted to make sure you still had it, and didn't actually give it to her." My lips twitched into a miniscule smile, in an attempt to show I mean no harm and that it was a simple question. Though there's nothing simple about a horcrux.

"And why should I tell you, Harry? For all I know you could be someone under a polyjuice." His eyes narrowed slightly, and I held back a sigh.

"Because I know that, whatever this diary is, it was cause Hogwarts to be nearly shut down because it will put all the students in danger. Including Draco and myself." 'Not that Severus or I would let anyone or anything harm Draco.' I could practically see the thoughts churning in his head, and the moment he came to a decision.

"I still have the diary. I didn't plan to give it to anyone, since he is now back. How did you know all that though?" He inquired, as we began walking back towards Draco and Narcissa. It was nearly time for the train to leave.

"Like I said, I had a dream." Was all I said, before tapping Draco on the shoulder with a small smile. 'I know that he will tell Voldie what just happened. My next steps will have to be taken carefully.' At the sound of the train's horn going off, Draco said his goodbyes before tugging me along towards it.

"So what was that all about?" He asked as we boarded the train.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Draco turned his head enough to glare at me.

"Oh come on, Harry, what were you talking to my dad about?"

"Ooh well why didn't you just say that's what you were asking about?" I gave a small smirk, "we were talking about your lack of a love life, Draco." My smirk grew at the sound of his spluttering.

"Liar! The both of you were being too serious to be talking about that! And I do too have a love life!" Draco ranted, opening a compartment closer to the back, revealing Pansy and Blaise.

"Since when did you have a love life?" Was Blaise's question, earning himself a glare, though it didn't bother him since he was used to the blonde's glares.

Both of us settled into the compartment, Draco and I taking the seats across from the other two.

"So what did you do over the summer, Harry? Your letters were very vague and you never came to visit." Pansy frowned slightly, looking up at me.

"Oh, Remus and I practiced the use of muggle weapons. Mainly swords, though. I also got some practice in with those daggers you got me, Blaise." I looked over at the mentioned boy, and received a tiny smile. 'Not a lie, but not the whole truth. While we did work with swords, I focused more on the dark arts and worked more with my wandless and wordless magic. Along with that I made plans for this year; a few different ones in case Lucius had given away the diary. They really don't need to know that though.'

"That's it? And you still didn't come visit or write more in your letters?" Draco asked, sadness in his eyes. I gave a frown in response.

"I apologize. I wasn't sure what to write in my letters, and I was not… I wasn't sure on what to do if I were to go and visit. I've never…" I let out a sigh, shaking my head with a small smile.

"Never what, Harry?" Pansy gently questioned.

"Nothing, it isn't important. I'll visit and write more next time." 'It's not like I haven't had friends before, but in this time, I haven't. And really the only 'friend's' house I have been to is the Burrow. And that's not the same at all. They weren't truly my friends, aside from the twins. Plus, I never wrote much to Granger or Weasley either. It's not like I could say much, they wouldn't have done anything or could do anything.' I gave a soft sigh, not seeing the worried expressions of the three others in the compartment. The subject was dropped and we eased into better topics, before reaching Hogwarts thirty minutes later. 'I wonder if Weasley still missed the train?'

We were just about to enter the Great Hall when Dumbledore stopped us.

"Harry, if I could have a quick moment of your time?" His eyes twinkled, and I had the urge to tell him to fuck off. Reeling in my emotions, I turned to look at the others who all held curious expressions.

"You can just tell me here. I am sure you wouldn't mind if my friends hear what you have to say as well." I saw the slight irritation in his gaze, though it was well hidden by a smile.

"Of course. I simply wished to ask you to meet me in my office tomorrow after breakfast." I held back a sigh.

"Very well." I turned and walked away, not wanting to say anything else.

We sat where we usually do, Draco to my left and Blaise in front of Draco, Pansy in front of me. Professor McGonagall walked in, the first years filing behind her, and the hat began to sing. It took about thirty minutes for all of them to be sorted into their houses, and another five minutes for Dumbledore to give his speech before we were aloud to eat.

"So how do you think this year will go? Hopefully smoothly." Pansy spoke, sipping on a glass of water. Draco was about to answer when an owl flew in, dropping a bright red envelope on top of Weasley's plate. 'That answers my earlier question, at least.' I felt a smirk slowly form across my lips as Weasley paled, watching the envelope float up in front of his face. The loud voice of his mom filling up the silent hall, before the envelope fell silent once again. The Slytherin table erupted in laughter, Draco and I just watching in silent amusement as Granger tried to cheer the red head up.

I poked at the chicken that was still on my plate, having already ate as much as my stomach could handle. Which, admittedly, wasn't very much still. I didn't notice Draco's gaze until he began to speak


"Yes, Draco?" I looked up at him, his face completely blanked and giving nothing away.

"Did you keep your promise to take care of yourself?" I blinked, completely caught off guard. 'I was hoping he had forgotten. Then again, Malfoys don't forget such things as promises.'

"Yes, I did." I threw in a small smile before turning back to the plate in front of me, completely missing how Draco's grip on his fork had tightened at the lie. 'Actually, I remember I had at one point gone three days without eating more than one slice of toast before Remus realized after talking to a house elf. After that he forced me to eat, and told the elf to bring me food three times a day because he couldn't trust me to eat on my own. Though I had been too focused on my studying to be bothered to eat.'

Dumbledore POV

I am calmly sitting in my chair when Harry Potter reaches my office. Permitting him entrance, I place the spell for my eyes to sparkle as he walks in. I could tell he was on edge, so I smiled to try and get him to be more comfortable. It didn't work, just put him more on edge. Forcing the smile to stay, I motioned to a nearby candy dish.

"Lemon drop?"

"No thanks. What did you want to see me for? I have classes to attend." Harry replied, his voice sharper than normal. I motioned for him to sit down, which was completely ignored and he remained standing. 'This is annoying. Why can't he just listen to me.'

"I wanted to apologize." I nearly smirked at the slightly surprised expression on the boy's face, but held it back.

"Apologize?" He was slightly more suspicious now. Hopefully that will go away by the time I am finished and he will actually do what I tell him to.

"Yes, I understand now that you wish to stay in Slytherin, after seeing how close you are to your three friends. I wouldn't want to break up such a close bond. I was being rude when I requested that you agree to a restorting. I do hope you will accept this old man's apology?" I let my smile turn slightly sadder. If this works…

"I accept your apology." I grinned widely. Though he closed his expression off completely, that is okay. At least now maybe he will be more malleable. 'Phase one - leave him alone and lead him into a false sense of security. Done. Phase two - apologize and make him think I am sorry. Done. Now, phase three, slowly lead him over to the light side so he will be my weapon. It's foolproof. Perfect.' I let him leave, not wanting him to be late to class.

It's only a matter of time now. I just have to be patient. I chucked, which bled into a maniac laugh.

'This world will be mine, Tom.'

Harry POV

I walked down the hall towards the greenhouses. Dumbledore is up to something, and it's not good. The only reason I can think of for him to apologize is to get me to feel a false sense of security. It only succeeded in making me more on edge around him. The idiot. I let out a huff of air, entering the greenhouse and locating Draco to stand beside him.

"What did Dumbledore want?" was his greeting.

"Hello to you, too Draco," I grinned, "he just wanted to apologize for trying to get me to be resorted." I nearly laughed at Draco's soft snort.

"Yeah, right. He's up to something again."

"My thoughts exactly."

We grew silent as Professor Sprout entered and began talking about mandrakes and how to repot seedlings. These are the plants that were used last time. They won't be needed this time around, thankfully. These pale green, baby looking plants were a handful with their fatal cries. The class went by without incident, and we went to transfiguration with Professor McGonagall. The most interesting thing that happens in that class is Weasley's broken wand casting a horrible smoke that costs him 20 points.

Draco and I were walking towards DADA, a class I was dreading, when Colin Creevey decided to try and walk up to us. Really, a Gryffindor action.

"You're Harry Potter right!? Can I take your picture? I am such a huge fan! Please?" His voice rang out, hands already wrapped around the camera he carries everywhere. Draco and I turn around to face him. I simply gave him a blank look, Draco's sneer succeeding in making him turn tail and run back down the hall.

"Nice." I grin at him, and Draco gave a responding smirk.

"I learned from the best." I wanted to laugh at that, knowing he was talking about his dad.

A few moments later we enter the class I was dreading; DADA with Lockhart.

Just like last time, he starts the class off with a test that is compiled of 100 questions about himself. The sour expression Draco had at realizing this was hilarious. I had dragged him with me to sit in the very back corner, wanting to draw as little attention to myself as possible. Though the man still spent a good ten minutes talking about how honored he is to have me in his class after he saw my name on his class list. It wasn't too shocking that he again failed to get the pixies back in the cages, though I wasn't expecting him to ask me to clean his mess up instead of the golden trio. Draco found this too amusing, and I shot him a small glare.

The moment Lockhart left, I quickly made own exit and left the three Gryffindors to deal with the mess.

It was during dinner that night that a letter was plopped onto my empty plate. Sighing, I opened it, and the sigh turned into a low groan. 'So much for avoiding the joke of a professor.'

"Harry, is everything okay?" Pansy asked, Blaise and Draco also looking at me in confusion.

"Yeah, I just have a detention with Lockhart. Apparently Granger told him that I left cleaning up the pixies to her and the other two." I folded to parchment back up, hearing Draco stifle a chuckle. Giving him a small glare, I grabbed a treacle tart from a nearby dish.

'I would hear the basilisk for the first time during my detention with Lockhart. I wonder if the basilisk was only rampaging because it was told to? Maybe I should go ahead open the chambers. Maybe…'

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