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A True Belonging
Draco M. & Harry P. & Tom R. Jr. & Voldemort - Words: 38,553 - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 16 - Reviews: 110 - Updated: 11-07-2018 - Published: 15-01-2017 - Complete - by Thinking-Of-A-Dream (FFN)
Sorry this chapter took so long. I was going to keep going and make it longer, but figured this was a good stopping point. The next chapter will be longer. Also, please let me know of any mistakes, I'm uploading this from my phone and may not have caught all the errors. I will do my best to have the next chapter up in a few weeks, but it might be a little while due to working all week. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this new chapter!

Draco POV

It's Saturday morning, around six to be precise, when the sound of shuffled movement wakes me up. Confused, I don't move or alert to whoever or whatever is making the noise that I am awake. Imagine my surprise when Harry comes into my line of sight, dressed in muggle clothing and searching through his bag. I had noticed he was a little distant again the past few days, even more so when he returned from his detention with Lockhart. I'm not sure what happened in his detention to cause that, but what the hell is he awake for? I silently watch as he pulls out a piece of blank parchment and grins in satisfaction before pulling on his shoes and silently walks out of our room. I narrow my eyes at the door, waiting for him to come back. However, he doesn't and soon enough I am drifting back to sleep.

Harry POV

During my detention with Lockhart -which was just has horrifying as it was the first time- I decided to go ahead and open the chamber again. I had to figure out when the best time to do it was, and decided on Saturday morning before everyone woke up. Being as quiet as possible so I don't wake Draco up, I make sure to grab the Marauders Map before slipping out of the room and leaving the common room. With the use of the map, it was pretty easy to reach the girls bathroom without incident. Though avoiding Severus was pretty difficult.

Entering the bathroom and stopping in front of the sink, I take a deep breath before whispering .:Open:. And watched the secret passage into the chambers open. Sliding down, I quickly cast a wandless cushioning charm before I reached the bottom.

The place looks exactly as it had the first time I came down here, minus the damage Lockhart had done. Hopefully the damage will be avoided.

I slowly walked down the tunnel, searching for the door that leads into the chamber part. 'I should probably clean up this place. It would look a little better without all the bones and dust, and I'm sure these bones aren't even necessary anymore. The basilisk would have eaten them already if it was going to. There's also the skins it has shed over the years. I wonder if they can be used in potion making? I'll have to ask Severus.' I stopped walking, having reached the entrance to the chamber. Walking in, I gave a small smile. Everything was still as it was in here as well. There's also no sign of the basilisk so it's most likely still asleep in the secret room behind the giant statue of Slytherin. Wandering around the area a little more, I sat down cross legged in the middle of the chamber, facing the statue. 'Should I go ahead and wake it up? What if it ignores me and starts rampaging anyway? I shouldn't take the risk right now. I need to be getting back anyways, so no one realizes I was gone.' With my decision settled on, I stood and brushed the dust off my clothes before heading back to the entrance and transfiguring a rock into a flight of stairs.

It's during breakfast Monday morning that I remember the link between Voldemort and I. But I push it back to a comer in my mind, trying to focus on what Draco is saying.

"-test today. What do you think Harry?" Draco looked over at me, Pansy and Blaise also looking at me. I frowned, not knowing what he just said. 'Damn.'

"I'm sorry, Draco. I didn't hear what you said." Draco just gave a responding grunt and glare, before turning back to his food. Breakfast is spent in silence, as is the walk to our first class.

'Well, I might as well re open the link between Voldemort's mind and mine. Since he isn't here as a teacher, I have less to worry about.' I delve into my mind, not noticing the other three fall back a little behind me as we walked. It was easy enough to locate the small blob of foreign magic, encased in a shield I had put up. I allowed the shield to slowly fall, not expecting the intense wave of emotions and thoughts to overwhelm me. Quickly exiting my mind, I don't notice I was on a flight of steps until Draco stopped me from busting my head open on one.

"Harry? Are you okay?" Draco's worried voice reached my ears and I let him help me back to my feet. I looked up at him, a little surprised to see his expression just as worried as his voice. I try to give a reassuring smile, knowing it probably wouldn't help.

"I'm alright, really. Thank you for saving me from a trip to the hospital." Draco relaxed slightly,before walking again.

"No problem. Don't scare me like that again though." was all he said, and we eventually reached the classroom. 'Obviously Voldemort doesn't know how to control what goes through the link very well yet. Only when he's consciously aware he's poking at it can he control it. But that's not even my main issue or concern right now. I know I'm going to wake up the basilisk but when would the best time be to do so?' I tapped at my desk, not bothering to listen to what professor Flitwick was saying.

'If I leave to open it during the week, someone is more likely to notice I'm gone. So it should be done over the weekend.' I absently noticed some of the others casting spells and waved my hand over my own cup of tea, making it warm. I didn't notice Draco's shocked gaze as I did so, turning the tea cold then warm again. 'I could probably do it Saturday night after everyone goes to sleep.' My thoughts continue to go along those lines, absently going to and from class, and talking to Draco, Pansy, and Blaise. Nothing in particular happens throughout the day, and no major emotions or thoughts seep through the link. By the time potions ends, I suddenly feel rather tired. It was probably all the thinking and over thinking I've been doing.

Once I reach my bed for the night, I simply crawl under the green sheets and fall asleep, forgetting about a silencing charm in the process.

Voldie POV

It had been a pretty boring day, my thoughts mostly revolving around the conversation I had with Lucius a few days ago. I was startled to hear that Harry had a dream about one of my horcruxes, and the basilisk. But it's also suspicious that he knew about those things anyway. He is just entering his second year in school, and was raised by muggles who hate magic. Seeing that in a dream would suggest he's a seer, but that's preposterous. He doesn't have seer blood. I checked a d double checked both the Evans and Potter bloodlines. Though I was shocked to see he is a descendant of Slytherin. It still doesn't make any sense. 'Thinking about this is giving me a headache.' I sighed, rubbing my hand through my black hair, 'could he be keeping a secret from me? Why would he do that though after helping me get the stone and stating he would join me?' At this point, I was starting to feel a little frustrated, when I was suddenly pulled into my mind and forced through the spot that had opened back up earlier that day. 'This hasn't happened before.' I watched as a darkness enveloped me, waiting until I finally saw a figure standing not too far ahead of me. I went to move towards them, but found I couldn't. Frowning, I watched as the figure became more clear, realizing it was Harry. 'Harry? That's strange, why am I seeing him in what I assume to be my mind? Maybe it's that spot. It could be a link between our minds. But why would it be there in the first place? Then this would possibly be Harry's dream. Since it's pretty late, I doubt he would be awake and consciously showing me this.' I pause my thoughts as I watch Harry suddenly crouch down, arms over his head as though trying to protect himself. That's when I realize more people have appeared, all sneering down at the boy. There's five of them, none that I recognize immediately. 'The redhead looks like an older version of that Weasley kid. Then that would make the female the older version of Granger. I think the other male is the older Neville Longbottom. I'm not sure who the other two, older, men are.' I keep watching, listening as they begin to talk.

"So pathetic, Harry Potter, you should have just stayed the obedient little dog you were supposed to be." came from Longbottom.

"I should have demanded more money to stay friends with you. You're a freak, worthless, can't even kill Voldemort properly." came from Granger, and I felt my mouth pull down in confusion. 'What in the world is this? Why would he want to kill me if he's already joined me? If he lied while saying that oath, he would have lost his magic.' The crouching form of Harry flinched at the words, trying to form a smaller ball as though it would block the words out.

"I can't believe someone like you had been my godson. Consider yourself disowned. You can't do anything right, even if we try and beat it into you." said the man with the shaggy black hair, and Harry flinched again, a small whimper escaping his lips. I felt the urge to go comfort him grow stronger, severely annoyed at not being able to, when the final male began speaking.

"You think you're so great, oh Savior. You never even gave a second thought to me, did you? You thought your poor old werewolf godfather was perfectly okay! He didn't need a roof over his head, or food on the table. You even caused Sirius to fall to his death. Your hands are covered in his blood, you traitor. You didn't care though."

"No...that's not true! Not true…" I heard Harry shout out, hands tugging at his hair in what I assume to be frustration. When the figured begin to fade away, I think it's over, but then another figure appears. Harry looks up, watching in horror as the figure solidifies.

"No. Anyone but you." Harry's words are whispered, and I barely hear them. I glance back up at the figure, wondering why this one is different. I take in the sickly looking skin, long bony fingers, bald head and missing nose with a small shiver of disgust. It's when I notice the ruby red eyes, that my breath catches.

"Anyone but me? So rude." I hear the slight hiss on the s, hoping I'm wrong in my assumption. The figure raises his wand, a strange glint in his eyes.

"You dare to speak to me like that, you insolent brat? Crucio!" the words are growled out, the spell hitting Harry and I watch as he falls to the ground, a silent scream forming his lips into an o. I have to tear my gaze away from the sight, knowing I can't move to help. I look back up when Harry speaks.

"You are not him. You will never be him. All you are, is a deformed nightmare. You are no longer welcome in my memories and I will strive to erase you completely. You are not Lord Voldemort, and you never will be so long as I can prevent it from happening!" I gasped, not expecting him to say that. 'How could that possibly be me? Is this why he thought I would hurt him in the room of requirement? This is just causing me to have more questions. I don't understand what's happening.'

"I'll kill you, nice and slowly for saying that! I am Lord Voldemort." I growled as he raised his wand again, not wanting him to hurt Harry again. That's when I noticed a light off to my right, and not really knowing what it is but needing to leave, I went towards it. I didn't notice it was my magic I was sending towards it and not myself, too intent on leaving and figuring out how to help Harry.

Harry POV

I sat up in my bed with a gasp, head jerking over to where someone was leaning towards me. I relaxed slightly after seeing it was Draco, not hearing his harsh intake of breath. Blinking, I mumble a thank you before turning away and pretending to fall back asleep. I hear him sigh before going back over to his own bed. I clench my eyes shut, trying to forget the nightmare I just had. 'Why can't they just leave me alone?' that thought stayed in my head as I slowly fell back asleep, distantly aware of Voldemort rubbing the link again. Not noticing as my body relaxed at feeling him close to me, a small smile pulling at my lips. I didn't have anymore nightmares that night.

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