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A True Belonging
Draco M. & Harry P. & Tom R. Jr. & Voldemort - Words: 38,553 - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 16 - Reviews: 110 - Updated: 11-07-2018 - Published: 15-01-2017 - Complete - by Thinking-Of-A-Dream (FFN)

I was going to add chapter three onto the rest of what I hadn't written of chapter two. However, the rest of chapter ended up being longer that I expected and turned into its own separate chapter. I also did not expect to write it all in one sitting.

So, here is the next chapter!

Let me know of any errors and I will go back and fix them.


It's officially Christmas break, and I have decided to stay at Hogwarts for the duration of it. Simply for the fact that it will give me easier maneuverability to the chambers, since hardly anyone else will be here. 'This gives me two weeks to figure out what to do with the basilisk. I can go down tomorrow morning after breakfast.' With this decided, I turn back towards my defense book. I don't need to read it, but it won't hurt to do so. I'll need to go the library for new reading material soon. 'I could also ask Aeron to come back from his luxury stay with Voldie.' I shake my head slightly, 'I didn't expect Aeron to grow so attached to him, that he would want to stay there while I am at school.' I turned another page, no longer really reading the words as I get further lost in my thoughts. It's pretty quiet and relaxing in the Slytherin common room when there is no one else there. I had been the only one to stay behind, Draco pouting that he couldn't also stay. He had to be at the manor to help prepare for their Christmas party. He had, of course, wanted me to go. Parties don't mix well with me, though. I haven't had enough that held good experiences for me. So, I ended up saying I couldn't go.

Speaking of Draco, I don't think he noticed but a little someone seems to have their eye on the blonde. I smiled, remembering what happened almost two weeks ago.

Flashback Begin

I was walking towards the dueling club that Lockhart had decided to have us do- Draco, Pansy and Blaise walking along with me- when we were stopped by the Weasley twins.

"Hiya Harry!" Two voices chirped in sync, causing the four of us to turn around and see who was behind us. The two redheaded twins were linked by the arm, grinning at us.

"Hey guys. What's up?" I gave them a small smile, feeling Draco shift slightly beside me. I didn't pay the motion much attention, instead wondering why Fred and George looked like they were planning another great prank.

"We were just thinking-"

"That we should open up-"

"Our own joke shop!"

"We could sell-"

"All kinds of different things." They finished together, still grinning, and I couldn't help but want to grin back. I held it in though and simply nodded.

"I think that's a good idea. I will be more than happy to help test any products you make." 'And give you some money to help you guys out a little bit. But you don't need to know it's from me. I'm rather glad they are still going to open their shop, it became quite the booming business.' When I came back to the twins still in front of us, I couldn't help but notice Fred had his attention on something else. 'Make that someone else.' I thought with a hidden smirk, following his line of sight that brought me straight to Draco who is still beside me. Draco was admiring his nails, and seemed completely uninterested in the conversation and hadn't noticed the attention being given to him. I gave a miniscule shake of my head in fondness, wondering when Draco will notice. 'I will have to remind myself to give Fred a push in the right direction. Maybe have him send Draco a letter or a gift would work.'

"Thanks, Harry!" George's grin widened, and they turned and headed back in the direction they came from. I watched as, what appeared to be, George tease his twin while they walked away.

Flashback End

Having just reminded myself to have Fred give something to Draco, I stand up and head to a nearby table after summoning a quill and parchment.

Hey Fred,

I noticed a little while ago your interest in a certain someone? I think I can help you a little bit. You should get him a Christmas present. You still have enough to find something. I just want to tell you a few of his likes and dislikes and let you take it from there.

Before you question if this is a good idea or not, Draco is gay so you have a good chance of winning over his heart. He will, of course, be a little stubborn, but I am sure that will be okay.

Anyways, he does not like bright colors like yellow, and orange. He doesn't like cherries, either. He hates being cold.

He likes dragons, green, silver, and red. He likes anything made of silk, says it feels good on his skin.

That's all I will tell you, you will have to get him to tell you the rest. Good luck with that, he doesn't tell people these things very easily. We have to observe to figure it out.

I expect good results from this.

If you hurt him, I will skin you alive.


I cast a drying charm and put the letter in an envelope and headed out towards the owlery. I can have Loki deliver it for me. I haven't needed him to deliver things too often, but he doesn't mind. The walk there was a pretty silent one, with it nearing curfew. Not that the curfew is really inforced over break, but the students who stay follow it anyways. Unless they have some reason or another to stay out later than usual. I walked into the room, easily locating the black owl who stayed were he is. Heading over to him, I handed out a treat before giving him the letter.

"Take this to Fred, please? Try not to scare them too badly." I chuckled, watching as he gave a shake of his feathers before leaving out of one of the windows.

The following morning, I am standing in front of the statue of Slytherin in the Chamber. I have been staring at the thing for almost ten minutes now, trying to talk myself into opening it. 'I don't want to risk dying, but it could also be friendly after realizing I am a speaker. Damn. I would actually know if I had even tried talking to it while I fought the thing the first time.' I sighed, steeling myself before telling the statue to open and release the basilisk.

The moment the snake slithered out, I looked away, staring at the lower half of it's massive body.

~~Who dares to wake me from my sleep? I shall eat you, then everyone else in this castle! The snake hissed out, officially identified as a male.

~~I did, great one. I wish to call a truce.

~~What kind of truce, speaker?

~~I do not want you to kill or petrify anyone. In return I can give you freedom. He let out a long hissed laugh, and I hoped he would agree.

~~Fool, I do not wish for freedom from this place filled with food just waiting to be eaten! The only person I will listen to is Salazar and his heir! Now, die! I tisked, jumping out of the way of his tail and it moved to smash me into the cement. I ignored the insane sounding laugh coming from the large snake, quickly moving to plan B; kill it. 'The heir of Slytherin is not here, and Slytherin himself is dead. I am not about to bother Voldemort with something as trivial as this. Since there isn't anyone else here to control him, I will have to use it.' Quickly dodging another swing of his tail. I cut one of my fingers and let a drop of blood fall onto one of the rings on my right hand. I watched as the pure emerald ring glowed a bright white, before a heavy weight settled into my palm. After the glowing settled down, the giant snake hissed in irritation before once more aiming it's tail at me.

~~What are you, a Slytherin, doing with the Sword of Gryffindor!? I didn't answer, dodging another swing, lightly landing on his back and running up as quickly as possible. Stumbling a few times, and nearly being dislodged by it's frantic moving, I eventually made it to the top of his head.

~~You could have lived if you had simply agreed to not kill anyone. The snake thrashed, and I plunged the sword through his head, quickly jumping down before the large body could collide with the cement.

"I have the Sword of Gryffindor because the thing was left on my bed a few nights ago. I don't know why, or how. I assume Fawkes or the Sorting Hat left it there for me. So I used one of the runes I created and sealed it into an emerald ring." I sighed, knowing there was no living being down here to know what I was saying. 'It had happened the day after everyone left for Christmas break. I was headed to bed but when I went to lay down, the sword was simply lying there on top of my sheets. I couldn't simply try and sneak it back into Dumbledore's office to put it back, and assumed it was there for a reason. So I kept it. If they want it back, they know where it is and are free to retrieve it whenever. Besides, I want to give Severus some of the basilisk parts for Christmas, so I couldn't kill it with fiendfyre.' Pulling the sword out of the carcass, I removed some of the scales and teeth and cast a preservation charm on it before heading towards the entrance.

Severus POV

I was at the Malfoy's Christmas party when a black owl came in and dropped a package in front of me before leaving again. This itself was odd, since I never get presents, but seeing Harry's owl was also odd. 'The brat better know how dangerous it was, sending me something with this huge crowd as witnesses. He's lucky no one here really knows who the owner of that owl is.' Sighing, I bend down and picked the package up off the ground. Just as I went to place it in my robes, Lucius stopped beside me, gesturing for me to follow him.

"I assume you wish to open that in private?" He turned and walked towards a hallway branching off the large ball room. I silently follow him, knowing he will bring me to a warded room so prevent spying.

We end up going to his office, the room properly protected from anyone but him and specific people from entering.

"Thank you." I gave him a minuscule smile as I sit in one of the chairs, staring down at the box.

"You're welcome. Should I leave, or would you rather I stay?" I glance back up, not expecting the question. 'I thought he would leave, since he has guests. But since he asked…'

"If you wouldn't mind staying, I would appreciate it." Lucius nodded, taking the seat opposite mine.

"What do you suppose it is? Or who it's even from. I don't recall ever seeing that owl before." Lucius laid his cane against the side of his chair, crossing his legs as he leaned back. I sighed, rubbing at the bridge of my nose.

"It's from Potter; that was his owl."

"Oh? Why would he send you something and not Draco?" He gave me a confused frown.

"I assume he has already sent Draco his present. I also assume this, too is a present." My gaze didn't leave the box this time, debating on if I should even open it. There's a letter attached to the top of it; I should probably read that first. Pulling it off, I quickly open and scan it. I feel my eyes widen, my hands quickly opening the box to make sure he isn't pulling a prank on me.


Merry Christmas! I apologize if this reaches you in the middle of the Malfoy's party. I gave Draco his yesterday morning.

In the box you will find some basilisk scales and teeth. I recently acquired a way to get them, and plenty more if you are ever in need of the ingredients. You just have to let me know and I will get them to you. Free of charge each time. I believe these ingredients are quite expensive.

Give the Malfoy's my regards.

Voldemort, too, if he's there.


Lucius raised an eyebrow after reading the letter, wondering how on earth Potter managed to find a way to get basilisk parts.

Harry POV

I never expected so much stuff to actually be in the room the basilisk had been sleeping in. Aside from the really large pile of shed skin, that is. I figured I could spend my time waiting for everyone to get back later today, going through the rest of the things in here. The items range from old preserved potions, books upon books, clothes, furniture, preserved drinks, candy. 'Someone, either Voldemort or Salazar, maybe even both, spent time down here just hanging out. Or to get away from people.' I stood up and stretched, brushing dust off my clothes. I had been going through a rather large pile of books, finding almost all of them are on the dark arts. 'I should head back.'

I cast a quick tempus, hoping I wasn't late, only to find out it's nearly ten p.m.

"Shit!" I sprint out of the room, not bothering to close it behind me, and quickly head towards the dungeons. Hoping to sneak into the room I share with Draco, I quietly open the door and slip in, only to find a very awake and very pissed Draco sitting on his bed facing the door. I go to say something, but quickly close my mouth when he stands up and walks quickly towards me.

"Dra-" I am forced to stop talking as Draco uses his left arm to slam me against the door, effectively pinning me there with his wand at my throat.

"Who are you and what have you done with Harry?" Draco growled out, eyes narrowed and lit up with anger. 'What the bloody hell is he talking about?' I try to pry his arm off to talk, but he applies more pressure. I let out a strangled grunt, finding it very difficult to breath.

"What?" Is all I can manage to get between my lips. His wand presses into my throat more and I fight back a wince.

"Don't try to deny it! I saw your eyes the other night! When I thought you were having a nightmare and woke you up! Your eyes were ruby red, dammit. Not to mention how out of character you have been the entire year so far. Always leaving at the strangest hours, during the night. Not returning until morning just barely before anyone else wakes up. You are not Harry and I know you are up to no good. If you are working for the Dark Lord, then I am very disappointed that he would use Harry of all people like this." I feel my eyes widen slightly at the mention of them turning red. 'That's never happened before. That I know of, anyways. What could have caused that? I will have to ask Voldemort about it some day.'

"I don't know what you are talking about. I know nothing about my eyes turning red; I didn't know that was even possible." I nearly sigh at the scoff Draco gives in reply, not knowing what to do. 'How do I get him to believe me? He is very certain that I am not Harry. Damn. I need to do something quick. At this rate… I will end up losing him as a friend.' I feel myself freeze at this realization, 'I really will lose him, won't I. I didn't plan on telling him anything. It was a way to keep him safe. However, I am seeing that keeping this from him has hurt both of us. I will have to be honest, with this at the very least. I have to tell him about the Chamber of Secrets.' Steeling myself, I looked directly into Draco's angry grey eyes, letting myself become relaxed to help show I mean no harm and don't plan to run.

"Draco, I can show you what I've been leaving for, and why I have been acting this way. I didn't want to say anything to help protect you and the others." I wait, hoping he will let me show him. It takes a few minutes of staring, but he eventually releases me from his hold.

"Very well. Move, and don't try anything." I nod, and begin walking, leading us towards the bathroom. I can see Draco's wand still in his hand, just hidden enough for no one else to see it. Once we reach the bathroom, I know he is getting ready to hex me, so I quickly hiss for the Chamber to open and head down the steps. Realizing no one is following, I turn around and raise an eyebrow at the Slytherin stalling at the entrance.

"You coming, Draco? You wanted to know what I have been doing." This bring him back from his daze, quickly catching up to me after putting his wand away. I relax slightly at that, glad he's decided I am not a threat. We say nothing as we walk down the passages, Draco slowly following.

"This… this is the Chamber of Secrets, isn't it?" He spoke first as we came upon the Chamber, the door to the connecting room still open from my previous visit.

"Yes, it is." I watched as he looked around in awe, until he noticed the open door and snake carcass laying off to the side. I followed as he walked towards the room, explaining my actions through the year as best as I could.

"I found the place at the start of the year. I wasn't sure what it was at the time, and had to do some research to figure out it is the Chambers. After that, I started to explore the place and eventually happened to open this room. I definitely wasn't expecting a basilisk to come out and attack me. I tried to befriend it first, of course. However, it was too determined to kill people, so I killed it. You mentioned my eyes had turned red, but I don't know how that could have happened since my eyes are green. It was probably a trick of the light, since it was still pretty dark out."

"Very well. I don't believe it was a trick of the light, but I'll buy that for now. I apologize for being a git. Please don't keep something like this from me again, or I am going to take you for an impostor again. Next time I won't be so lenient, and will hex you on the spot." Draco glares at me for a moment, before going back to the book on potions he had picked up. I smile, glad he accepted my explanation.

"It's my fault, too, for not confiding in you again. I will do my best to do so next time."

"There better not be a next time." Was his reply, and I simply hummed. 'There will always be a next time when it comes to me, Draco.'

That summer, I find the connected journals I received earlier hiding in my closet. I contemplated giving one to Voldemort the entire break, while I trade letters with my friends. The training in muggle weapons with Remus continued, and I eventually ask the twins to join Voldemort. It didn't take much to get them to agree; they agreed almost immediately after I asked. Remus approached me towards the end of summer and admitted to accepting the position of DADA Professor, and this didn't surprise me. I had already been expecting it, knowing I will have to see Sirius again for the first time since I watched him die. I wasn't sure I was ready for that reunion quite yet, knowing I didn't have a choice either way. I also offered for the twins to come over and train with me every so often, knowing they would appreciate the lessons. I still hadn't decided on what to do with the journals by the time summer ended, so I took them with me when it was time to leave for Hogwarts again.

I wasn't sure if I should have both or just one of the Weasley twins fall for Draco, so I went for just one. If you want to have me change it to both, tell me and I will think about doing so.

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