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Dramione - 14 days of Valentine's
Draco M. & Hermione G. - Words: 14,087 - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 14 - Reviews: 59 - Updated: 24-02-2018 - Published: 02-02-2017 - Complete - by daswhoiam (FFN)

Day 4: Chocolate (sorry this was late)

8th Year Hogwarts. Draco has a crush on Hermione and is driving Blaise and Theo crazy because he is unwilling to admit it or act upon his feelings.

In the potions lab, Theo is mixing a batch of chocolate laced with a secret ingredient that he hopes will push Draco and Hermione together. "Are you sure you know what you are doing?" Blaise asked in a bored tone inspecting his nails.

Theo huffed in annoyance. "Yes Blaise, I am sure, after all I am third in class after Granger and Draco."

"Exactly, Third..." Blaise began as Theo cut him off.

"At least I am among the top five students, now hand me the rose water please." Theo said.

"How do we even know that he would share the chocolate with Granger? What if he makes a miss and shares it with Longbottom?" Blaise asked.

Shooting the dark skinned man a menacing glare Theo replied. "This will work, he will share the chocolate with Granger and we will finally have some sort of peace in our dorm."

"If it does not, you better be ready to explain why Draco would snog Longbottom." Blaise snuffed.

Once the chocolate had set, Theo made the effort to wrap it like Draco's favorite chocolate bar. He knew Draco would be heading to the library to study with Hermione. They were partnered up in their Ancient Runes class and had an assignment due in a couple of days. Draco could not stop talking about how he was partnered with Hermione and that he had to work in close proximity to her. How she had the annoying habit of biting her lip when she was concentrating or how she would hit his arm so hard when, during their study sessions, she would solve the problems. He would comment on how her hair seemed less frizzy and more curly, also he mentioned how he longed to play with the soft ringlets. Draco would go in to great detail about her sparkling brown eyes and her creamy skin. At first Theo and Blaise were understanding about Draco's crush and would let him blither on about Hermione but, after months enough was enough.

Blaise and Theo arrived to their dorm just in time to catch Draco before he headed off to the library. "Hey mate, look what we pinched from some swotty first year Ravenclaws." Theo greeted his friend.

Draco took the bar of chocolate, looking at the label he said. "Thanks, I'm off to the library to study with Granger."

Theo and Blaise shot each other a knowing look, Blaise spoke. "Don't be a ponce be sure to share with Hermione."

"Um... ok, see you fellas." Draco nodded as he walked out the door.

"Real subtle there Zabini." Theo said sarcastically.

"Do you have an excuse ready if he were to snog someone other than Granger? I didn't think so." Blaise rebuffed.

In the library, Draco met Hermione in their usual spot towards the back by the restricted section. Draco dropped his bag on the table with a loud thud causing Hermione to jump. She looked up at him in annoyance, "Malfoy, you gave me a fright."

"Apologies dear Granger. Here I have a treat to make it up to you." He said pulling the Chocolate bar from out of his robe pocket.

Hermione reached for it, taking note of the wrapper she said. "Oh, this is my favorite."

"Mine too." Draco beamed.

"May I?" She questioned if she could open the wrapper.

"Ladies first." Draco smirked waving his hand.

Hermione opened the wrapper, then broke off a row of pips from the bar. As she handed it back to Draco their fingers brushed one another's and lingered a bit. Taking the bar Draco broke off a row for himself then settled into his chair next to Hermione.

Letting a pip melt in her mouth Hermione noted it tasted a bit more floral than usual. Draco noted the same thing but the two kept eating the chocolate. When they reached about half a bar Hermione said. "Is it me or is it warm in here." She unzipped her robes and shrugged them off.

"You are right it has gotten warmer." Draco said removing his robes and loosening his tie. "Are you feeling alright, your ears are red." Hermione noted as she stroked the shell of his ear. Draco closed his eyes enjoying the feel of her touch.

"F-fine, just warm... G-Granger please... please stop touching my ear like that." He huffed out.

"Oh, sorry." She said quickly then reached for another piece of chocolate. Draco watched as she slowly put the pip in her mouth then proceeded to lick her fingers from the bit of chocolate that had melted on them. His mouth went dry as he saw how sensual her gesture was. Trying to contain his yearning, he broke off a pip as he licked the melted chocolate from his thumb. When he moved his hand Hermione noticed a delicious little smudge chocolate on his lower lip. Unable to control herself she leaned over licking smudge off.

Draco looked at her with hooded lust filled eyes. In a sudden move he grabbed her face and crashed their lips together. Hermione let out a soft squeal at the impulsive move, but she did not resist. Instead she melted into his touch, into the kiss. In fact she felt something awaken in her that she had not felt in awhile... desire. She wanted more, she wanted to feel Draco's hand on her bare skin. Draco too, could not quench his need to hold her, to feel her come undone in his arms, to feel himself buried deep in her. Her kissed down her neck, ran his tongue up to her ear. His voice low and animalistic. "I need you now... in the alcove."

All Hermione could do was nod in agreement. Her mind clouded by the sound and feel of Draco. They hurriedly tucked themselves further into the restricted area where there was a small alcove that was hidden by a heavy purple velvet curtain. A few moments after Theo and Blaise walked into the library just to "check up" on their friend. "They usually sit in the back." Theo said leading the way past the rows of books towards their table.

"Their stuff is there but where are they?" Blaise questioned. Just then he heard a giggle and after a 'shhh' sound. Catching Theo's attention the two made their way over to the curtain covered alcove. Theo put a finger in front of his lips signaling Blaise to be quite.

"You know what they say about bad boys, don't you Granger?" Draco said in a husky tone.

"Why don't you just show me?" Hermione purred.

"Salazar you are so fucking hot." Draco growled.

"Ooh Draco... right there... don't stop." She pleaded.

Theo and Blaise looked at each other wide eyed. Blaise quickly pulled out his wand to cast a 'Silencio' charm then the two headed back to the table with Draco and Hermione's things. "How much of that shit did you use." Blaise scolded Theo.

"Enough to snog not shag!" Theo responded excitedly. Both boys sat at the table waiting for Draco and Hermione to emerge.

Thirty minutes or so later, Draco made his way over to the table. "What are you lot doing here?" He asked his friends. Theo shot Blaise a look. "Waiting on you, mate. It's almost dinner time." Then he made a gesture to let Draco know his hair was sticking up. Draco quickly ran his finger through his hair to tame it down, pulling a bit of fringe in front of his eyes. A touch of pink on his cheeks.

A moment later Hermione appeared. This time Blaise spoke up. "Hermione dear, you are glowing." She quickly masked the look of shock as she threw her nose up in the air in defiance. "I don't know what you mean Zabini." She said then eyed Draco. Blaise sent a look of knowing over to Theo who just smirked.

"Well, we're off, dinner will be starting soon." Theo said.

"You all coming along?" Blaise added.

Draco looked at Hermione as he spoke."If I may Granger but I'd say we are full, I believe too much chocolate." Draco said with a wink in her direction. Hermione could not help her blush.

The End

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