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One Paw At A Time
Blaise Z. & Draco M. & Fred W. & OC - Words: 25,199 - Rated: M - English - Romance & Supernatural - Chapters: 14 - Reviews: 10 - Updated: 09-07-2017 - Published: 19-02-2017 - by SlytherinQueenCandice (FFN)

Hello, I'm SlytherinQueenCandice. Thank you for deciding to read my story. This is my first story in about 10 years so please bear with me. It starts out a little slow but don't worry. It will explode soon! :) Thank you again for reading! Enjoy!

'Looking around Diagon Alley, Gwendolyn Burke remembered her first time there. She was so small, maybe six years old, holding her father's hand down the roads and shops. The colors and the people were amazing! So many scents; so many sites! She couldn't contain her small body excited as she was. She pulled her father, Wayne Burke, around smiling and pointing at every shop enthusiastically.

"Father! Father! Look at these! Can I have one!" The young Gwen said as she tugged her father towards the broom shop. She had been obsessed with them since she was born it seemed. Quidditch had been her one true love. Well, that and wolves.

Gwen and her father learned at an early age that she was an Animagus like her mother, and had been training to bring it out. She was about four the first time her snow white ears popped out of her copper hair.

"Father! Please, Please, Please teach me Quidditch!" The small child said as she hopped up and down.

Her father let out a smile and ruffled her hair. "Do you promise to continue your training as hard as you do if I teach you this as well?"

Her large emerald eyes lit up with more excitement than her tiny body had ever experienced before. "Yes, father! I promise with all my heart! Please father!" she exclaimed while bouncing around.

Her father was a good man at least to her. Being an only child of a single father she was spoiled but also trained to behave well. She was always dressed in the best attire and usually had proper manners even being so young.

"Alright then. You have done well in your studies and training. I think you deserve some fun" he said with a large grin. "Maybe Draco will play with you as well."

She let out a puff of air. "But Father, he's icky. He never shares, and he is mean." Pouting in the way she did when her father mentioned Draco.

"Darling the Malfoys are good family friends. They will always be around. You need to finally get used to Draco and be respectful. After all, you are going to be with him in Hogwarts as well."

Gwen, still pouting, answered, "Yes father. But do I ALWAYS have to like him."

Wayne laughed in his husky voice and ruffled his small daughter's hair again. "No, darling. You don't have to always like him. But you must always have respect. It's how I have taught you."

"Yes, father. So about finally getting a broom." '

I shook my head tossing the memory aside.

That was one of my fondest memories of my father. That and him teaching me Quidditch. By now, I could fully transform into my wolf form. I loved being a wolf. Even in my human form, I could still smell everything. The candies. The wood of the wand. The musk on the old parchments I loved to read. Even with my eyes closed, I could tell what and where everything was.

This was my fourth year at Hogwarts, and I would be turning fifteen. I straightened the collar of my black blazer, making sure my hair was still straight and smoothed out the wrinkles of my emerald green sundress. Green had always been my color which worked out even better when I was sorted into Slytherin three years ago. Between the Black's and the Burke's, it would have been the talk of the families if I was sorted into anything else. Especially since I was a pureblood. To them, it would have been a disgrace to the family. Well, except for my cousin Sirius Black, but he was in Azkaban with my mother Antonia. Honestly, I could barely remember my own mother's face. All I knew was apparently she looked almost like me.

I wanted to go straight into Broomstix to look for a new broom for Quidditch this year, but I knew I had to get her other supplies, Robes and new clothes for school first. Drifting past the broom shop, I first went with my father I said quietly to myself, "I'll be back for you." Making my way down to Madam Malkin's for my new robes and other school clothes, I ran straight into the back of a tall blonde male.

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