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If I told you
Lorcan S. & Lysander S. & OC - Words: 51,580 - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship & Romance - Chapters: 49 - Reviews: 60 - Updated: 13-09-2017 - Published: 17-03-2017 - Complete - by I'veGotManyNames (FFN)

A few words:
I started writing this story last August after a long car trip during which I came up with the general concept, but for a long time it was only ever meant for the eyes of a select few people. As you can see, someone changed my mind. I haven't published anything in this fandom in quite a while, so we'll see how this goes. There are a few things you should know beforehand, though.

The story is based upon characters and plotlines from a Harry Potter roleplay forum. This forum was set in an Alternate Universe and as such, so is this story. The main point of divergence is the fact that Luna Lovegood didn't marry Rolf Scamander (which, sadly, means that there was no Erumpent mating dance at the wedding [I saw that on tumblr and I just... headcannon accepted. Does anyone know what I mean? Totally off topic... back on track]). Instead, she married Draco Malfoy. If AUs in general and Draco/Luna in particular aren't your thing, that's fine by me, but don't complain to me about it, please and thank you. That being said, the ship itself is really very minor. Draco makes maybe two appearances, Luna a few more than that, but not many. It's important though, because their children play a large role in this. Specifically, the three oldest. A set of triplets named Eva, Lorcan and Lysander. Our protagonist and focal point of the narration through most of this is not one of them though. It's an OC of mine, Grace Kendall.

This will be the longest piece of writing I have every published. Chapter length will vary between a few hundred and several thousand words, though it averages between 900 and 1000 words. Currently the story stands at about 47k, with at least 15 chapters not yet written, so we'll see what the final word count will be.

I plan to update every other day. There will probably be occasions when it doesn't work out because of real life, but I will do my best to stick to that.

Constructice criticism is, of course, always welcome.

Additional Summary: Thursday evenings used to be nothing out of the ordinary for Grace Kendall, but that's about to change. Come along and see for yourself how they become her favorite part of the week. Come along and watch as our story unfolds, complete with fairy tales, homework, exams, lots and lots of butterflies, a song, curious relatives and even more curious friends, a couch shaped bubble, a little bit of heartbreak and a severe lack of communication.

Things I would tag if I could: FLUFF, ALL THE FLUFF. Slow burn, like... really slow.

A thank you:

To the friend who convinced me to publish this (you know who you are), not actually for convincing me to publish it (for that too, though, I suppose) but mostly for sticking with me and listening to my rants and reading everything I wrote and waiting months between chapters sometimes. For encouraging me to keep writing and for threatening to hound me until I finish. Thank you for your criticism, for your enthusiasm, for your help with brainstorming. Thank you for wanting to see inside his head too. Thank you for a lot of other things, that don't need to be mentioned here.

To my very own Evie for creating the forum in the first place.

To the boredom of an endless car trip on which I came up with the idea.

To you, whoever you are, for clicking on this and deeming it worth your attention.


This is for you, Raya. I originally wanted it finished for your birthday (you can tell how well that turned out), then I wanted it done for Christmas (again, that didn't quite work) and well... here we are now, months later. I hope you like it.


I am not JKR, as such anything you recognize from her works is obviously not mine.

I also don't own Eva and Leigh, they were created by AccioDraco43.

A few more words:

I'm actually done talking now. I hope you enjoy the story and stick around for more if you do!


Thursday, September 1st 2016

King's Cross Station, London, England

Grace is sandwiched between her sister and her grandmother on the way to platform nine and three quarters. Her father is walking in front of them with Grace's things and behind her she can hear her mother berate Timothy for not getting up when he was supposed to. Things, she surmises, are as they should be.

Her father stops in front of the barrier between platforms nine and ten and turns to her. "Do you want to go first, Gracie?"

"Sure," Grace smiles brightly and then she's running for the barrier. Her mind is preparing her body for an impact, Grace knows will never come, but it's still so hard to stop herself from closing her eyes. She sees the wall so close, her mother has stopped her rant and Timothy whoops just once and then suddenly it's done and she stands on platform nine and three-quarters.

Grace stops dead, almost over-whelmed by the amount of people milling about. Someone bumps into her, a tall blonde girl on her way to her equally blonde family, and Grace steps away from the wall behind her just in time to let Timothy through. He grins at her and wraps an arm around her shoulders briefly. "Off to Hogwarts, GracieWacie."

"Don't call me that," she complains as she elbows him lightly, but she is smiling.

Timothy just laughs and hugs their parents goodbye, before giving Ashlyn a little shove and Granny a kiss on the forehead. He is already taller than the woman. Grace watches her brother disappear into the crowd, no doubt off to find his friends.

"What do you say, Gracie, should we find you a compartment?" She looks at her family and nods.


Grace steps off the train with her father and hugs her mother goodbye for the fifth time, before turning to hug Ashlyn once more. She hides her face in her hair and hears the younger girl whimper a little. "I'll miss you too, Lyn," she whispers to her little sister. "I'll be back for Christmas, and I'll write, yes?" The younger girl just nods. Grace stands up straighter and lets go of her. The younger girl shuffles to their mother's side. Her father opens his arms, "Come here, Gracie."

The girl practically throws herself into her father's arms. "Remember that we'll be proud of you, no matter what, baby girl," he whispers and she nods slowly. When he releases her, Grace turns to her grandmother.

"Bye Granny," she says quietly.

The old woman takes her hands and squeezes them tightly. "Fly, my little bird, fly," she replies and kisses her granddaughter's cheeks.

"I will," she smiles softly and kisses her on the cheek. "I promise."

"Good for you, birdie. Now go, get on that train."

Grace turns and walks towards the train, she is already standing by the door when she turns around and waves. That seems to be too much for Ashlyn who runs over and hugs her tightly. "It's not the end of the world, little one." She runs a hand through her hair, before gently prying Ashlyn's arms off her. "Go back to Mum and Dad," she tells her quietly.

"Promise you'll write," Ashlyn whispers.

"I promise." Grace watches her sister walk back to their parents as their grandmother makes a little shooing motion. She smiles and gets on the train.

Grace closes her eyes and breathes in deeply. The Hogwarts Express. She's really going to Hogwarts. She's really going to Hogwarts. A smile sneaks upon her face. What will it be like? She wants to see the ghosts and the moving staircases and the courtyards and towers (though maybe not the insides of the towers, she'd prefer to stay on solid ground) and… her musings are interrupted by a crashing sound and her eyes snap open. Not far from her are two boys and a girl, all impossibly blonde and all seemingly around her age. They are lying in a heap on the floor, limbs tangled together.

"See what you did?" the girl complains, "This is totally your fault Lorc."

One of the boys grumbles something Grace can't understand as she walks over to them. "Are you guys okay?" she asks, offering a hand to the girl.

"Fine," the girl says brightly, jumping up with an energy that Grace finds rather amazing. "Hi, I'm Eva! And these are my brothers. Lysander," she points to one of them, who is the tiniest fraction shorter than the otherwise identical boy, "and the clumsy one is Lorcan." Said boy looks at the ground, blushing faintly.

"Grace," she introduces herself, "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, too," Eva and Lysander chorus. Lorcan just nods shyly.

"Are you guys first years too?"

"Yup, three first years coming right up," Lysander laughs and Grace finds herself smiling. They are entertaining if nothing else.

"Do you… have a compartment yet?" she looks at them hopefully, because maybe they will sit with her. She doesn't expect Tim to do that, sitting with the little sister is not cool, after all, but she really doesn't want to sit by herself.

Eva shakes her head. "Nahh… do you? Can we sit with you?"

"Sure," she smiles, "It's right there."

"Awesome," Eva shoulders past one of her brothers on the way to the compartment and he stumbles forward into Grace. She thinks it's Lorcan, but she can't be sure anymore now that they've started moving.

"Sorry," the boy exclaims, reaching out to steady Grace before pulling back as if he was burned. She hears his brother snicker quietly. The boy blushes furiously.

She smiles at him. "It's fine." And then, after looking at him for a moment with her head tilted to the side, she asks. "Are you okay?"

He nods hurriedly and she smiles, relieved. "Come on. Let's get in the compartment." She takes his arm and pulls him inside.

The sight that unfolds in front of them as they enter is one Grace remembers fondly as the moment she knew that she could definitely like these people. Eva and the brother she thinks is probably Lysander are sitting next to each other, laughing loudly at who knows what. They stop hurriedly when Eva punches her brother's shoulder upon seeing the open door, but there's no malice behind it, no true anger. The other boy, she decides to call him Lorcan for now, at least in her head, sighs wearily but when she glances at him she sees the ghost of a smile on his face. No hard feelings then.

"What's so funny?" she asks with a smile of her own.

"Nothing," Lysander says quickly, before subsiding to another fit of giggles.

"Are you excited for Hogwarts?" Eva asks, grinning widely.

Grace nods and sits down opposite of her. "Yes! I can't wait to see it!"

"Me neither," Eva replies, elbowing Lysander lightly, but that just sets him off again.

"I want to see the ghosts," Grace says.

"I'm looking forward to the Great Hall," Lorcan adds softly.

"Library," Lysander gets out between bouts of laughter. Grace smiles. She understands that very well. Then they all turn to Eva.

The blonde girl grins, savoring the moment and lifts her chin. "I," she says, her voice is loud and bold, "want to ride the squid."

"Ride the squid?" Grace asks incredulous, "Is that even possible?"

"I will make it so," Eva says still in that voice. Then she flashes Grace a grin. "You can come along if you want."

"Umm… sure? Sounds interesting," Grace isn't quite sure how serious Eva is being but it does sound kind of interesting.

Eva looks at her for a long moment and Grace tries her best not to squirm.

"I like you," the blonde declares finally.

End note:

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